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IIM SKILLS vs Data Trained Data Analytics Course Review

The analytical industry is rapidly emerging within every major sector of the economy. Today data is considered a significant factor in driving business concern towards achieving their desired business objectives or target goals. Data analytics now appears as one of the renowned and highly monetary rewarding career professions which many individuals aspire to pursue. From fresher graduates, enthusiasts and working professionals desiring to start or build their successful careers within the analytics industry. This article will guide every curious individual on how to start a career in the domain of data analytics. In this article, we are going to establish an extensive as well as in-depth comparative analysis between IIM SKILLS & Data Trained data analysts course. The article will explore every necessary information regarding data analytics offered by both prominent online education-providing ed-tech companies. You are welcome to join us in this transformative journey through which we are going to explore relevant topics of comparison such as course eligibility, syllabus, admission process, fee structure, certification and more.

IIM SKILLS vs Data Trained Data Analytics Course

Table of Content

  • IIM SKILLS Data Analytics Course
  • Data Trained Data Analytics Course
  • IIM SKILLS vs Data Trained Data Analytics Course: Course Eligibility
  • IIM SKILLS vs Data Trained Data Analytics Course: Course Syllabus
  • IIM SKILLS vs Data Trained Data Analytics Course: Course Highlights
  • IIM SKILLS vs Data Trained Data Analytics Course: Course Duration / Mode of Study
  • IIM SKILLS vs Data Trained Data Analytics Course: Course Certification
  • IIM SKILLS vs Data Trained Data Analytics Course: Admission Process & Course Fees
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently Asked Questions

IIM SKILLS Data Analytics Course

Trained more than 18,500+ course participants including graduate freshers, working professionals and enthusiasts ranked under the top ten data analytics courses providing online institute is IIM SKILLS. IIM SKILLS was established in 2015 after the foundation of a successful educational blog offering trending as well as most demanding along with career-building courses in various subjects, including marketing, writing, finance and analytics. Their data analytics master course is extensively designed and masterfully curated by a team of expert professionals according to an industry-based curriculum structure. Individuals after pursuing the IIM SKILLS data analytics master course become trained in various types of data-driven analytical skills or knowledge which help them to secure high-paying jobs within the analytics industry and working professionals are eligible to achieve career advancement opportunities along with a minim 15% hike in the salary package. 

Data Trained Data Analytics Course

Data Trained renowned ed-tech institute is also listed among the top ten data analytics courses providing online education platforms globally. The data-trained education was established in 2012 with a vision of providing quality professional education along with access to key knowledge, tools and inspiration for every interstate individual and enthusiast. Data Trained offers multiple types of data analytics or data science courses to all individuals and in this article, we are going to discuss one of the famous data-trained data analytics courses which is the PG Program in Data Analytics. The course is designed under the observation or guidance of experienced industry professionals and also taught by faculty of expert trainers. After completing this data analytics course program participants become job-ready and dedicate their 100% to excel in the analytics industry. Apart from data analytics courses, data training also provides professional education across multiple quality programs in emerging technologies with practical training such as machine learning, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data, digital marketing and more.    

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IIM SKILLS vs Data Trained Data Analytics Course: Course Eligibility

As we know that every course has its specific eligibility criteria set which is defined by the course-providing institute or platform. The eligibility requirement is necessary because it enunciates the essential or required pre-requisitive which should carefully consider by every individual prior to registering in any course. In this section of the article, we are going to look into the comparative analysis of eligibility criteria between IIM SKILLS vs Data Trained data analytics course. Below I mentioned detailed as well as comprehensive information regarding the eligibility criteria for both data analytics courses.

Eligibility Criteria: Data Analytics Master Course, IIM SKILLS

  • Interested candidates must have completed their basic education (10+2).
  • Candidates who completed their graduation or in their final year of graduation are also eligible to apply for the course.
  • There is no compulsory specialization required in graduation. However, candidates who have pursued subjects related to computer science, information technology, and mathematics have more advantages in starting their career in the field of data analytics. 
  • Working professionals who desire to upgrade their knowledge and want to switch careers in data analytics can also apply.
  • Basic knowledge of the computer & tech world.

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Eligibility Criteria: PG Program in Data Analytics, Data Trained

  • Candidates should be 18 years old to register themselves in PG Program in Data Analytics.
  • Candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree in any discipline from an accredited institute.
  • Candidate Should be Proficient in spoken and written English as the course structure is delivered in an English language format. 

IIM SKILLS vs Data Trained Data Analytics Course: Course Syllabus

While discussing a thorough comparative analysis between IIM SKILLS & Data Trained data analytics course, let us now explore the most important aspect: the course syllabus of both data analytics courses which is required to study by every interested individual before deciding which platform or online institute they want to take admission and start studying. Let us now study or analyze the important topic of comprehensive course syllabus structure.

Curriculum Structure: Data Analytics Master Course, IIM SKILLS

The curriculum structure or course syllabus of the data analytics master course offered by IIM SKILLS is divided into nine different types of modules which are discussed below,  

Module 1: Data Analytics Leveraging Advance Excel ( 9 hours)

  • Introduction to Data Handling
  • Understanding Data Visualization in Excel
  • Concept of Data Manipulation
  • Introduction to Data Analysis & Reporting
  • Dashboards Overview
  • Creating Dashboards in Excel

Module 2: Data Analytics Using VBA ( 15 hours)

  • Introduction to Visual Basic Analysis
  • Understanding the Components of Programing Language
  • Working on Visual Basic Analysis
  • Programming Construction in VBA
  • Understanding Functions & Procedures in Visual Basic Analysis
  • Concept of Object & Memory Management

Module 3: Data Analytics Leveraging SQL ( 39 hours )

  • Introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • Concept of Relation Database Management System (RDBMS)
  • Understanding Data-Based Objects Creation
  • Introduction to Data Manipulation in SQL
  • SQL Server Reporting Services
  • SQL Server Integration Services

Module 4: Data Analytics with Power BI ( 24 hours )

  • Introduction to Power BI
  • Power BI & Functions
  • Concept of Data Preparation
  • Understanding Data Modeling
  • Learning Adding & Removing Columns or Rows
  • Introduction to Data Analysis Expression
  • Understanding the Development of Reports through Power BI

Module 5: Data Analytics with Python-1 ( 10 hours )

  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Introduction to Mathematical Foundations
  • Understanding Analytics & Data Science
  • Introduction to Python Essentials
  • Concept of Numerical Python
  • Understanding Pandas
  • Learning Cleansing Data with Python

Module 6: Data Analytics with Python-2 ( 10 hours )

  • Introduction to Data Analysis Using Python
  • Understanding Basic Visualisation Tools
  • Data Visualization With Python
  • Introduction to Advanced Visualisation Tools
  • Concept of Statistical Methods
  • Learning Hypothesis Testing

Module 7: Data Analytics Using Tableau ( 15 hours )

  • Introduction to Tableau
  • Understanding Data Handling
  • Building Advanced Report
  • Concept of Table Calculations

Module 8: R for Data Science ( 20 hours )

  • Introduction to Data Importing & Exporting
  • Understanding Data Analysis
  • Concept of Data Visualization with R
  • Data Manipulation with R
  • Understanding Regression Models
  • Testing of Statistical Methods

Module 9: Data Analytics Using Alteryx ( 18 hours )

  • Introduction to Alteryx
  • Fundamental of Alteryx
  • Understanding Alteryx Settings
  • Concept of Alteryx Designer Interface

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Curriculum Structure: PG Program in Data Analytics, Data Trained

The syllabus structure or comprehensive curriculum of the Data Trained PG Program in Data Analytics is categorized into four extensively designed course modules. Each module is curated according to the current trends in data analytics requirements. Let’s see and study the syllabus in detail.

Module 1: The Foundations

This module holds two major foundational level courses which are essentially required to study and understand deeply by course participants before exploring other course modules.

  • Introduction to Python 
  • Use of Python in Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)
  • Discovering, Understanding & Learning Python Functions
  • Learning how to use NumPy, Pandas and Visualization Tools
  • Concept of Data Structure
  • Introduction to Applied Statistics
  • Study of Descriptive Statistics
  • Understanding Inferential Statistics
  • Concept of Probability
  • Understanding Conditional Probability
  • Using Python for Hypothesis Testing 

Module 2: Machine Learning 

This module covers the study of significant as well as important parts of machine learning.

  • Introduction to Machine Learning (ML)
  • Fundamentals of Machine Learning 
  • Understanding Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Introduction to Classification of Regression
  • Concept of Linear & Logistic Regression
  • Understanding Simple & Multiple Regression
  • Introduction to K-NN Classification Machine Learning Algorithm
  • Machine Learning Techniques – Support Vector Machine
  • Concept of Decision Trees
  • Understanding Hierarchical & K-means Clustering
  • Introduction to Principal Component Analysis

Module 3: Advanced Excel

This module helps course participants learn or understand comprehensive knowledge including theoretical & practical of advanced Excel. Here are listed some of the major topics that will be covered in this module.  

  • Introduction to Excel
  • Learning How to Use Excel in Data Analytics
  • Understanding Basic Formulas
  • Introduction to Excel Functions
  • Learning How to Use Various Types of Excel Functions
  • Concept of the LOOKUP function
  • Understanding Date & Financial Functions
  • Learning Concept of Pivot Tables
  • Introduction to Sparkline
  • Concept of Macro Functions + Codings
  • Understanding Custom Formatting & Filters
  • Introduction to Macro_PPT & Macro_Basic

Module 4: Tableau

This module covers the thorough study of data analytics tools called Tableau.

  • Introduction to Tableau
  • Understanding Various Types of Data
  • Concept of Data Handling
  • Learning How to Build Advanced Reports & Maps
  • Understanding Table Calculation & Modification
  • Introduction to Data Blending
  • Learning How to Build Interactive Dashboards

IIM SKILLS vs Data Trained Data Analytics Course: Course Highlights

Today candidates are not only interested in any course-providing institute or online platform that provides traditional methods of teaching which are usually based on theoretical learning. Individuals search for those types of institutes which offer multiple types of course highlights and major perks alongside teaching. These highlights or perks are of many types that can differ from institute to institute and are provided to every course participant. In this section of the article, we are going to explore various types of highlights offered by IIM SKILLS & Data Trained with their comprehensively designed top-ranked data analytics course. I recommend to all individuals or future course participants to perform a comparative analysis on the perks and benefits of both data analytic courses and decide which suits you favourably. 

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IIM SKILLS Data Analytics Master Course Highlights

  • Participants are taught by faculty of industry expert professionals
  • Participants are able to lifetime access various types of resources, recordings and lectures on their learning portal 
  • The program is totally organised and delivered on data-driven tools
  • Participants have to work on 7+ live projects/ 10+ case studies 
  • Practical training is offered in the form of a 2-month non-paid internship which helps in obtaining industry exposure 
  • 24*7 support available to course participants
  • IIM SKILLS also offer an interview guarantee and job assistance support  
  • 100% if not satisfied

Data Trained PG Program in Data Analytics Course Highlights

  • Course participants taught and learned under the guidance of industry-experienced trainers 
  • Participants can get one-on-one with expert industry mentors
  • 100+ live sessions offered to course participants 
  • Instant solutions to course-related doubts are provided
  • Interactive learning program with 350+ hours of hd video lectures
  • Participants are able to track their performance with practical tests
  • Participants have the opportunity to receive training in 15+ types of tools & software
  • Data Trained provides support in resume feedback and interview preparation
  • 100% placement guarantee after completion of the course
  • Participants also get faculty built-in apps
  • Resume building & interview preparation
  • IIMjobs pro membership
  • LinkedIn profile optimization

IIM SKILLS vs Data Trained Data Analytics Course: Course Duration / Mode of Study

Let us now find out the duration and study mode of both IIM SKILLS & Data Trained data analytics courses separately. The below-mentioned table holds as well as carries all of the important information regarding the duration of both data analytics courses along with their mode of study. 

IIM SKILLSData Trained
Name of the course: Data Analytics Master CourseName of the course: PG Program in Data Analytics 
Course Duration: The course is designed for the 6-month program with 160+ hours of lectures and 100+ hours of assignments.Course Duration: The course is designed for the 8-month program (20-22 hours a week) with 360+ hours of learning and 100+ hours of live sessions.
Time of Class: 10:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. every Saturday and Sunday.Time of Class: Decided by the institute according to the registered batch and participants will know class timing after admission.
Mode of Study/Class: Live OnlineMode of Study/Class: Live Online

IIM SKILLS vs Data Trained Data Analytics Course: Course Certification

The certificate after successful completion of the course holds a significant value which enunciates that a specific individual has successfully completed this & that course from a specific institute. Obtaining certification helps participants in entering or starting into their desired industry as confident experts. In this section of the article, we are going to discover what types of certificates are rewarded by IIM SKILLS & Data Trained to every course participant after completing their data analytics course.     

Certification: Data Analytics Master Course, IIM SKILLS

IIM SKILLS offered industry recognized as well as government of India authorised under MSME certificates to every course participant after successfully completing the data analytics master course within the course duration. Their certificate holds immense value on a global level.

Certification: PG Program in Data Analytics, Data Trained 

Participants after successfully and efficiently completing the Data Trained: PG program in the data analytics course are eligible to get rewarded with two globally recognized world-class certificates which help them in portraying their skills in the industry.

  • Course Completion Certificate by Data Trained Education 
  • Project Completion Certificate by Data Trained Education

IIM SKILLS vs Data Trained Data Analytics Course: Admission Process & Course Fees

The admission process along with the fee structure are considered significant criteria that individuals must understand before. This section of the article will help and guide you to comprehensively understand the admission process and fee structure of both IIM SKILLS & Data Trained data analytics course. 

Admission Process of Data Analytics Master Course by IIM SKILLS

To taking admission to the IIM SKILLS data analytics master course, candidates are advised to fulfil above stated eligibility requirement and visit the IIM SKILLS website for online registration or contact them by phone number and email at +91 9580740740, [email protected]

 IIM SKILLS – Data Analytics Master Course Fee Structure: INR 49,900 + Taxes

Admission Process of PG Program in Data Analytics Course by Data Trained

The admission process in PG Program in data analytics at data-trained education is categorised into several steps which are mentioned below.

Step-1: Candidates will have to fill quest form on their website which is analysed by counsellors who will contact them accordingly.

Step-2: The admission committee will review every candidate’s profile and if any candidate gets shortlisted then they will receive a confirmation call or email which confirms their admission in the course.

Step-3: Shortlisted candidates are advised to block their seat with INR 10,000 & start their course journey.

Data Trained – PG Program in Data Analytics Course Fee Structure: INR 70,000+ GST & No Cost EMI options are also available. 


Data analytics is a high-monetary rewarding as well a successful career-building field which is emerging gradually by inviting many interested individuals to start their career in the analytics industry. Today many individuals including fresher graduates and working professionals are desiring to start their careers in the field of data analytics. This article herby presents a thorough comparative analysis between IIM SKILLS vs Data Trained data analytic course to guide every individual who is searching and looking for an authentic learning platform or institute in order to pursue an industry-based data analytics course for starting a career as a data analyst or related professional.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Data Analytics?

Data Analytics is a comprehensive process in which large amounts of data volumes are collected from a variety of different sources and channels in order to extract meaningful insights from it to help business organisations, companies, industries and corporations in discovering data-driven trends or patterns in the market. In simple terms, data analytics is a technological advancement tool which is leveraged for data cleaning, data analysis, data management, data visualisation and data reporting to support concerning parties in streamlining their business operations along with developing business strategies and establishing informed data-driven decisions to achieve organisational as well as objectives.

Q. Is building a career in data analytics a high-paying career option?

Yes, building a career in the field of data analytics is considered a high-paying or rewarding career option available. Because of digitalisation business organisations and companies are collecting uncountable data volumes which directly increases the demand for skilled or expert data analytics professionals in the industry. An enter-level data analyst or related professional start their earring from INR 3,00,000 to INR 7,00,000 per annum which totally depends upon their level of knowledge and skills. Individuals who have work experience in data-related domains and after pursuing a data analytics course they can able to secure an annual salary package of around INR 10,00,00 or above.    

Q. How many types of jobs i can secure after completing a data analytics course?

Individuals after successfully completing an authentic data analytics course from a recognised institute or online learning platform are eligible to secure multiple types of jobs as well as career professionals in the industry of data analytics across various sectors including finance, healthcare, hospitality, technology and more. These individuals are eligible to secure profiles like data analyst, data scientist, research associate, equity research analyst, business analyst and various job positions according to their level of qualification and desire.

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