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IIM SKILLS vs CFI Financial Modeling Course – Which is The Best Program

Are you a finance enthusiast interested in taking up a financial course? In this write-up, we are going to cover the IIM SKILLS vs CFI  Financial Modeling course and help you determine which one will be ideally suited to you. For startups to plan their business growth, the development of a financial model is crucial. For large organizations, a financial model serves as the foundation for long-term planning, expansion, development, cost planning, etc. Given this, there is an unprecedented demand for courses on efficient financial modeling. Many institutions are offering Financial Modeling courses to meet the rising need and generate trained employees.

IIM SKILLS vs CFI Financial Modeling Course

The two best Financial Modeling courses currently offered on the market, IIM SKILLS and Corporate Finance Institute (CFI),  will be compared in this article. In addition to delivering professional training, IIM SKILLS and CFI both are well-recognized. Therefore, choosing which institute provides a better Financial Modeling course may leave you confused. In this post, we will provide you with a detailed analysis of both publications, including all the key points. You may choose the one that best meets your needs based on this analysis. Before going deep into the comparative analysis let us have some basic idea about Financial Modeling.

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What is Financial Modeling?

Building an abstract representation of a financial situation in the real world is done via financial modeling. The model provides a summary of a company’s assets or investment performance.

Business decision-making and financial analysis employ financial modeling. Businesses may use financial models internally to decide on acquisitions, capital raising, asset sales, budgeting and forecasting, capital allocation, and other things. Investment banking, equities research, accountancy, and other financial vocations all involve financial modeling.

Project finance models, pricing models, integrated financial statement models, merger models, leveraged buyout (LBO) models, and initial public offering models are only a few examples of the many different kinds of financial models. Financial analysts must know how to choose the best type of model for their goal and scope because different financial models perform different functions.

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IIM SKILLS vs CFI Financial Modeling Course



The best professional courses are offered by IIM SKILLS – the top online educational technology institute in India, to help you redefine your career and make the best choices based on your preferences. Through a combination of theory and practicals, these professional courses cover everything from the most basic to the most complex subjects.

With excellent professional courses that help you develop your competence, strengthen your current abilities, and excel in your working life, IIM SKILLS enables you to accomplish your aspirations. These courses are both career- and industry-relevant. The curriculum is carefully thought out to assist students to advance their skills and receive the greatest training.


Your passions can be discovered with the assistance of professional courses. To transform your passion into a fruitful and valuable profession, you will work to improve your skill set. The list of courses, offered by IIM SKILLS are –


Financial Modeling Course – An Overview

The detailed Financial Modeling Course is the best way to motivate you to develop your financial modeling abilities. It starts you off on the right foot in terms of learning how to build financial models and concentrates on growing your skills. By integrating technical financial skills with soft skills in an ideal way, you can become financially literate and be prepared for the job after the course. With the insider knowledge of the market provided by this career-focused course, you will be able to give your best shot.


Course Modules

The Financial Modeling course curriculum is provided by IIM SKILLS to assist students in locating market-level roles while following the requirements of the finance industry, this program may be safely regarded as the best financial modeling course. The modules are –

  1. Basic Excel and Advanced Excel
  2. Accounting Concepts and Financial Statements
  3. Ratio Analysis
  4. Financial Modeling – Basics
  5. Financial Modeling – Types
  6. Business Valuation

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Course Objectives

  • To train candidates to develop orderly, stable, and dynamic financial models to prepare them for financial analysis that results in sound judgments.
  • To equip you with the knowledge and expertise necessary to succeed in the global standard financial markets, and conduct business valuations effectively.
  • To produce valuation reports that will give you the self-assurance you need to design the layout of a financial model from scratch.
  • Since Excel is a fundamental part of creating Financial models, the tool-driven instruction provides you with rigorous experience with Excel at all levels, from beginner to advanced.
  • to gain the skills and abilities you need to succeed in the global standard financial markets.

Special Features of this course –

  1. Specialized Faculty

The instructors are among the best in the educational field and have years of expertise to provide you with the most thorough instruction in the many professional courses. They don’t only provide knowledge; they also offer practical advice on how to increase productivity and advance your career.

  1. Recorded Sessions

The best thing about upgrading your skills at IIM SKILLS is that, regardless of the Financial Modeling course, they offer class recordings of each session.

This means that you get access to all of the class recordings even if you miss a class or are unable to attend the sessions due to unforeseen reasons. Additionally, you can always refer back to these class recordings for solutions if you run into any problems while revising a chapter.  IIM Skills rejects employing outdated teaching methods and favors student-centered ways to facilitate real learning.

  1. Customized learning experience

You can address your issues during mentoring sessions at IM SKILLS where you will receive personal attention. The team members and mentors make every effort to ensure that you understand each chapter.

You will gain a thorough understanding of the components that make up the professional course syllabus thanks to these mentorship sessions. They will assist you in determining your professional strengths and limitations so you may improve.

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  1. Lifetime access to a Learning Management System (LMS)

The learning management system is very user-friendly and serves as a 24/7 archive for all course materials and session recordings. To help you to grasp the skills necessary for the many professional courses, this LMS collects all of the lecture recordings, case studies, and practical assignments in one location. Access to this learning management system is free for life.


Moreover, the LMS is updated frequently, and its material is amended to reflect changes in the online world. The course material is revised to reflect the most recent trends so that you always have access to the most recent information.

  1. Interactive Live Classes

The course’s approach was developed with the idea that each student is unique, with a variety of educational and professional experiences. The demanding but efficient training procedure is guaranteed by interactive live training. These interactive online classes support teamwork and thinking. Mentors and students have lots of interactions. In addition, these virtual classrooms offer a stimulating learning environment and immediate answers to any questions or confusion.

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  1. Course Assignments

To build confidence and carry out difficult business activities with ease, it is crucial to hone your skills through sufficient practical project practice. This is why the Financial Modeling course by IIM SKILLS includes many practical assignments so that students can understand all the challenging topics and chapters, that are covered.

A good deal of time is allotted to these practical assignments. You gain a comprehensive understanding of how to apply everything you have studied in the course to the real world.

  1. International Certifications

Once you have finished the course, you can work with clients all around the world because IIM Skills’ certifications are widely recognized. You get a Master’s Certification once you complete the course and achieve 50% or more on the test.

  1. Placement Assistance

You will receive all the post-course support and placement advice from IIM SKILLS. They provide targeted soft skills training courses that boost your self-assurance when attending interviews. You develop into a model professional who can breeze through interviews. They help you get ready for both your CV and the interview so you can ace it and land your ideal job.

In conclusion, the Financial Modeling course from IIM SKILLS is hugely successful because of all the reasons, discussed above. With an 87% success ratio and an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 – even the facts and figures explicitly point out the effectiveness of this course. And in case you feel this course did not match your requirements, their 100% money-back policy will ensure your investment never turns into a loss.


Course Fees: INR 39,900 + Taxes

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Corporate Finance Institute (CFI)

A broad skill set and expertise are necessary for today’s financial professionals and prospective professionals. When it comes to teaching you about corporate finance, investment banking, corporate development, FP&A, treasury, business intelligence, and accounting in the real world, CFI picks up exactly where business school finishes.

CFI, established in 2016, is the world’s biggest and best-known platform for finance training, certification, and skill development. It offers the top resource for finance professionals worldwide, including productivity tools, certification, and online training for financial modeling, valuation, lending, securities, capital markets, data science, business intelligence, cryptocurrencies, and more. This is made possible by top instructors, creative curriculum designers, and proprietary technology.

Financial Modeling Course

CFI assists practicing and prospective finance professionals in achieving their professional objectives as one of the leading providers of online finance certification programs. Professional instructors with years of expertise teaching financial modeling at major financial institutions created each one of our courses.

The Financial Modeling training integrates theory and practice to develop practical abilities. You may learn in your spare time and expand your skill set whenever and wherever you like because all programs are online and self-paced.

They provide a huge range of financial modeling courses that span from basic to quite complex models. You can learn how to create LBO, M&A, and typical three-statement financial prediction models.

Additionally, you can learn how to create models for certain sectors, including, but not limited to, mining, real estate, startups, renewable energy projects, and ESG. Both aspiring analysts and seasoned finance professionals can improve their financial modeling abilities while racking up CPE credits. You can develop your profession by applying courses to the several certifications offered by CFI.

Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA)

The FMVA® Certification Program from CFI will teach you the fundamental skills needed to carry out an effective financial analysis. You will study the most effective model structures to inspire confidence in the decision-making stakeholders.

The Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst FMVA® certification can assist you in developing your financial modeling abilities, streamlining the budgeting and forecasting process, or raising your competency levels in all areas of accounting and finance. It offers all the knowledge, abilities, and methods necessary to develop into a top-tier financial expert.


On average, it takes 4-6 months, to finish this Certification which includes 31 courses. Let us have a look at how this program works.

Program Overview

Step 1: Prep Course

This consists of 7 optional courses to learn or revise the fundamentals –

  • Accounting Fundamentals
  • Capital IQ Fundamentals
  • Corporate Finance Fundamentals
  • Excel Fundamentals
  • Macabacus Fundamentals
  • Reading Financial Statements

Step 2: Core Course

This consists of 11 courses that focus on building a strong foundation in Financial Modeling and Valuation –

  • Accounting Principles and Standards
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Building 3 Statement Financial Modeling
  • Business Valuation Modeling Part I
  • Business Valuation Modeling Part II
  • Dashboards & Data Visualisation
  • Financial Analysis Fundamentals
  • FP&A Monthly Cash Flow Forecast Model
  • Powerpoint & Pitchbooks
  • Professional Ethics
  • Scenario & Sensitivity Analysis in Excel

Step 3: You have to choose a minimum of 3 electives out of 12 advanced topics

  • Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions
  • Corporate & Business Strategy
  • Excel VBA for Finance
  • Leveraged Buyout LBO Modeling
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Modeling
  • Mining Financial Model & Valuation
  • Operational Modeling
  • Presentation of Financial Information
  • Real Estate Financial Modeling
  • Renewable Energy – Solar Financial Modeling
  • Startup/e-Commerce Financial Model & Valuation
  • The Amazon Case Study

Step 4: Final Assessment

To receive your program certification, you must pass the FMVA® final exam after completing the necessary courses with a minimum score of 70%.

Step 5: Get Certified

You will be given a blockchain digital certificate with your new credentials once the course is finished. A physical certificate can also be ordered and delivered right to your home.

Course Objectives

  • Apply a methodical strategy to financial modeling.
  • List the characteristics of effective financial models.
  • Create a DCF business valuation model with two stages.
  • Create a model for monthly FP&A cash flow forecasting.
  • Create a financial model to evaluate the activities of a business.
  • Create a model for mergers and acquisitions
  • Create a model for leveraged buyouts (LBOs)
  • Construct a financial model for real estate
  • Create a business startup model.
  • Create a financial model for mining
  • build a financial model for renewable energy


Rounding up, the FMVA course offered by CFI is extremely detailed. Furthermore, The Better Business Bureau (BBB), CPA Institutions in Canada, and the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) in the US all accredit all of the courses. For CPA charter holders, the majority of courses are eligible for validated CPE credits. Quizzes, final exams, and video tutorials are all part of the courses, making them interactive, interesting, and extremely effective.

The course starts at Rs 40,000 approximately


A Comparative Study of IIM SKILLS vs CFI Financial Modeling Course

Both institutions provide detailed courses that go over every important aspect of financial modeling. The trainers are energetic and entertaining and are experts in their disciplines.

CFI has vast scope and influence. With more than 1 million enrolled students and 100 + courses, CFI has grown from strength to strength, since its inception in the year 2016. IIM SKILLS, on the other hand, has taught over 35,000 candidates to date and boasts an incredible 87 percent growth rate. Both the institutions record such staggering growth because of their exceptional service, provided to the students.

The distinctive quality of IIM SKILLS is their carefully created courseware, which thoroughly incorporates all essential elements of financial modeling.

The one-on-one mentoring sessions offered by IIM SKILLS can assist students in developing the confidence they need to carry out assignments effectively. It inspires the students to determine their strengths and improve their deficiencies. Provided that you are honest in your attempts to upgrade your skills and work on your dream of landing that sought-after lucrative employment in financial modeling, the institute also offers placement assurance. Last but not least, the IIM SKILLS financial modeling course is thorough and reasonably priced.

CFI collaborates with skilled Wall Street trainers who have spent more than 20 years developing courses, models, templates, and case studies for new employees at major international investment banks and financial industry giants. Another notable feature of CFI is, that they provide one percent of the proceeds from each course and product they sell to organizations that promote international education.


FAQs on IIM SKILLS vs CFI Financial Modeling Course

  1. How do these two Financial Modeling courses differ from other courses available in the market?

Numerous accounts of people being able to advance their jobs are included in reviews from students who have completed Financial Modeling courses. The resources that are accessible to the students demonstrate a  track record of helping graduates make successful transitions into the careers of their aspirations. The curriculum is totally practical and simulates what it would be like to receive professional financial analyst training. In addition, a lot of knowledge via free career resources is provided. When it comes to providing with all the resources you need to forge a successful profession, both these courses stand out from competitors due to the special combination of all these components.

  1. Tell me about the Internship opportunity provided by IIM SKILLS.

All participants in the IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course will do a 2-month unpaid internship with one of their partner companies to gain practical business experience. The company where you will be an intern will award you with a Certificate of Completion.

  1. What are the employment opportunities available, after completing the Financial Modeling course?

Several profiles in the financial sector, are open, once you complete the Financial Modeling course. They are –

  • Business Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Investment Banker
  • Project Finance Offer
  • Equity Research Analyst
  • Corporate Developer
  • Merger & Acquisition Associate

Conclusion on IIM SKILLS vs CFI Financial Modeling Course

In the previous section, it was mentioned what made each institute unique. Which of the two financial modeling institutes you enroll in is entirely up to you. Regarding courses and institutes, each person has various priorities. Reviewing both curricula and consulting with the appropriate institution experts would be a good idea. You can decide once you get more information.

To gain a better grasp of the course and its components, it is advised to enroll in the Financial Modeling Course Demo Class offered by IIM SKILLS.

I sincerely hope that my comparison of the CFI and IIM Skills has aided you in selecting the program that will best further your career. Best of luck!

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