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IIM Skills GST Course Review- An Deep-seated View

Reviews are intrinsic to making a rational decision for a purchase. In that light, here in this article, we provide you with a rooted IIM Skills GST Course Review. This review takes a dig at the ins and outs of this particular course, giving you ample room to make an informed decision. Trust us, by the end of this review; you will have a clear sight of whether to buy this course or not!


IIM Skills GST Course Review


GST, or Goods and Services Tax created abuzz since the talks about it clouded the nation, and the clamor only turned up with the implementation of GST in India. But look on the brighter side, the introduction of GST opened up a plethora of new avenues. It soon became a new-age skill and an incredible source of employment for many. 


If this is a significant career option for you, then let’s explore the world of GST before moving on to the IIM Skills GST Course Review. 


Let’s just get started!


What is GST? 


Expanding the abbreviation GST, it stands for Goods and Services Tax. This expansion gives a fair idea that GST is related to the tax imposed on the purchase of goods and services. It pretty much sums up the crux of GST. 


In other words, GST stands for the unified taxation system in India that applies to the domestic purchase of all goods and services in India. Breaking away from the shackles of indirect and direct taxes with amplitude of names, GST comes strong as an integrated tax. 


Being a citizen of India, you must be aware that there were varied taxes, namely VAT, service tax, luxury tax, road tax, etc in the former taxation system of India. The inherent problem with this taxation was the overlapping of the taxes that resulted in an increased burden on the end-user. 


On the contrary, non-discriminatory GST applies to all at the same level, leaving no room for tax theft. Moreover, the customers get to claim GST returns. 


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An Overview: IIM Skills


IIM Skills is a leading ed-tech company that is popular among the masses for its career upliftment and skill development courses. Headquartered in New Delhi, IIM Skills is well-renowned pan India and extends its scope to over 35 countries. 


Being a dominant online course provider, the institute provides the perfect destination to begin a new career or even career advancements. The best part about the courses at IIM Skills is they are comprehensively designed taking into account people from all walks of life. That means irrespective of your background as a graduate, college dropout, housemaker, retired officer, or working professional, you can learn and grow at this institute. 


To bridge the gap between the soaring industry requirements and skilled working professionals, IIM Skills offers various in-demand courses. These courses come out from prevalent domains such as marketing, writing, finance, taxation, and business. 


All of these courses are industry-aligned with a special focus to make you job-ready as soon as you finish up the course. That is to say, the courses are highly job-oriented and arm you with the intricacies of the industry requirements. 


We will have a look at the course offering at IIM Skills in the next section; before we jump onto our IIM Skills GST Course Review. 


Courses Offered by IIM Skills Institute


The top-rated institute for online learning, IIM Skills is the hotspot for umpteen in-demand courses. These courses include:


Other popular professional courses offered by IIM Skills:

Content Writing Course

Technical Writing Course

Digital Marketing Course

Advanced SEO Course

GST Certification Course


Apart from these well-liked courses, IIM Skills is an exclusive CAT Coaching provider for aspiring MBA candidates. 

All of these professional courses and coaching are online-format via Zoom sessions. Anyone can assess and learn from anywhere at any time. 

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GST Course by IIM Skills


Course Name: GST Practitioner Certification Course

Course Duration: 1-month course

Course Fees: INR 9900 + GST


The online GST Certification Course at IIM Skills is a mastery-level course that has a well-defined curriculum. Beginning with the fundamentals of the GST industry, it plunges deep into the advanced concepts of GST. 


The best part about the course is the perfect blend of theory and practical concepts. Learn and practice at an equal pace to become a refined GST Practitioner. 16 hours of self-study lectures, practical assignments, and weekly assessments form the heart of the program. 


Now, let us have a close look at the course modules:

Origin of GST and its impact on businesses

GST Structure and Framework

GST Registration

GST Invoicing

GST Returns Filing

Composition Scheme Under GST

Reverse Charge Mechanism

E-way Bill Under GST

Input Tax Credit & GST Payments


With 24*7 Support, you get an extensive working knowledge of GST invoicing tools and software. Among other things, learners get free ebooks on GST for self-study. Upon successful completion of the course and examination, aspirants are awarded Master Certifications from IIM Skills. They are living proof of your learning development and you can attach them to your resume to flaunt to prospective clients and employers. 



Before we get to the IIM Skills GST Course Review, find out if the GST course is a precise fit for you. 


Who can Do this GST Course?


Anyone with a strong grit to acquire the concepts of GST can take up this particular course, however ideally this is meant for:


Students and Graduates: People with a commerce background, or most specifically degrees in B.com, BBA, BA, M.com, banking, law, finance, etc, can jump in for this course. Apart from that, CS and CA graduates can also develop their skills with this course. 

Existing Finance Professionals: Working professionals who want to upskill themselves or are seeking a career switch from finance to tax department can enroll in this course. 

Working Accountants: Working professionals who want to uplift their career with the knowledge acquisition of the latest taxation system must be willing to join this course. 

Business People: Head people from business fields like business heads, CEO, CFO, SMEs, and tax and finance directors can make their way up with the GST course. 

Start-ups owners: Those who want to set up their own agency or start-up can definitely get a head start with this course. 


IIM Skills GST Course free demo invite


Distinguishing Features of GST Certification Course:


In this section, we will count on the striking features of this GST program which add up to the positiveness of the IIM Skills GST Course Review. These attributes provide you with the true reasons why you must consider this course as a top priority:


Self-paced Learning: 

The busy lives of the modern world don’t give you an ample amount of time to learn and manage college studies or office work together. Hence, the option of self-paced learning is in your best interest to learn when you feel the most productive for skill acquisition. 


Exceptional Mentors as Guiding Forces:

IIM Skills expert mentors with a wealth of experience provide you with an immersive learning experience. Inducing a 360-degree learning approach, they update you with all the aspects of GST in-depth. At the same time, you learn through case studies and hands-on training. 


Refined Learning Methodologies:

Employing the researched and effective teaching methodologies, the mentors ensure you understand the depth of each and every concept. For ease of comprehension, they break down complex concepts into understandable chunks of knowledge. 


Try Before You Buy:

IIM Skills gives you a free demo to have a trial of mentors and their teaching methodologies at IIM Skills. You can attend this FREE demo before you make up your mind to add this product to your cart and hop onto a lifelong learning journey. This is definitely a thumbs up for the IIM Skills GST Course Review. 


Interactive Learning:

Unlike many other institutes that offer pre-recorded lecture sessions, the IIM Skills GST Course is purely live and interactive. You can interact with your mentors and peers to understand each topic before moving on to the next one. 


Instant Doubt Clearance:

Another prominent feature is instant doubt clearance. As a part of the interactive sessions, you can pose your doubts to get instant answers and acquire a clear conception. Even after the session, if you have any doubts, you can mail the same to your mentors and team. They are always willing to iron out all your doubts. 


Skill Development:

Barely theoretical knowledge is insufficient to land you any good jobs. Employers and HRs look for practical skills to consider you as an ideal fit for any job. IIM Skills GST Course arm you with the requisite skills to make you GST-ready and shine in the eyes of employers. 


Comprehensive Curriculum:

Apparently, courseware forms the heart of any good course. The GST course curriculum is sculpted by expert professionals who have years of experience in the field. Keeping in mind the latest developments in the GST domain, the curriculum is constantly updated and regulated. 


Tools and Software:

Learning the relevant tools and software is a wonderful means to simplify and speed up any process. In contemporary times, one can’t imagine doing all the manual work by themselves. At IIM Skills, the mentors help you discern the role and usefulness of the most relevant tools to streamline your work process. 


Practical Application:

The online GST program at IIM Skills puts up equal focus on theory and practical application. With the hands-on training, you get to learn the functionality of GST-related activities and compliances. This practical learning further helps you land into the real-world market with ease. 


Master Certifications:

Once you are done with the course completion and examination, you receive a master certification from IIM Skills. A shareable certificate is a must-add to your LinkedIn profile and resume. It will help you get clients and lucrative job offers to make your way toward a promising career.


Free Career Counselling:

Career decisions are usually the tough ones, and you might yearn for expert guidance to guide you along the right path. IIM Skills team offers you career counseling from experts at absolutely no cost. You can enjoy this free benefit to make a rational decision about your career slope. 


Pocket-friendly Pricing:

The main highlight is the pricing of the course. You get to learn A to Z of GST concepts without getting a hole in your pocket. The pricing is absolutely pocket friendly, and the benefits are highly appealing for such a low price the course. 


LMS Support:

User-friendly LMS or Learning Management System support lets you access the resource materials, free ebooks, and session recordings all at once place. All you have to do is simply log in and all the course-related items are just a click away. 


Session Backup:

Unforeseen circumstances and predicaments are unavoidable at times. But, that won’t be a reason for your gap in learning as IIM Skills provide free backup session recordings. You can watch, and re-watch the session and ask your doubts regarding the same to your mentors. Such relief isn’t it!


Lifetime Access:

With this instrumental lifetime access trait, you can visit and re-learn your fundamentals to keep your knowledge in check. Even if you forget a piece or two, you can come back and remind yourself. Moreover, you also get access to updated knowledge all through this LMS. 


Money-back Guarantee:

After the first session, if you feel reluctant to continue with the course, you can claim 100% money back. That surely is a brazen move by IIM Skills, yet highly effective for the learners who can make the best out of their money. 


Provisions for Coveted Internships:

IIM Skills do have special provisions for Internship options ( 3-months) with the institute and other reputed firms. However, only candidates who qualify for the interview are eligible to relish the benefits of the internship program. It further adds plus points to the IIM Skills GST Course Review. 


IIM Skills Trusted Brand Partner Firms


IIM Skills brand partners


Alumna Review


Glorifying the institute and its efficient methodologies, look at what these alumnae have to say about IIM Skills:


Meenakshi Jha, designated as Finance Executive at India Bulls from Kolkata says:


GST course review by Meenakshi


Divya Sharma, designated as Finance Executive at Barclays India Pvt. Ltd. from Bangalore says:


GST course review by Divya


Deepanshu from Delhi founded DWebXpert says the following about the IIM Skills GST Course Review:


GST course review by Deepanshu


Each and every one of the alumnae of IIM Skills institute has only got something positive to say about the institute. Clearly, this validates the prevalence of the IIM Skills GST Course Review. 


The Final Call: IIM Skills GST Course Review


Coming over to the most-awaited section of fact-finding about the IIM Skills GST Course Review, let us bring forth the final verdict on this course. With all the striking features of the course program, undeniably, IIM Skills ticks all the boxes of the best GST Course. 


For both students as well as working professionals, the course is highly beneficial as bestows the flexibility of batches. You can opt for a weekday or weekend batch at your convenience. 


The short-term course contributes immense benefits to make you GST-ready in no time. Whether you want to set the bedrock for a GST Practitioner career or develop your skills for career upliftment, both can equally benefit from this program. 


Interactive sessions, session backups, handy LMS, unparalleled faculty, and exhaustive curriculum- all make it the best place to study GST. A wealth of exposure to practical assignments, case studies, and weekly assessments keeps a check on your learning curve. All making it a worthwhile course with enormous blessings. 


On a concluding note, the reviews by alumna, stellar facilities, and features make IIM Skills GST Course Review a big success. It is an absolute choice for anyone wanting to pursue a GST course.

Scope of GST In India 


Since the stern obligation of GST law came into effect on 1st July 2017, the demand for finance and tax experts with GST knowledge soared. As per reports, there was a 60% rise in demand for finance professionals in the year 2017. 


With all that, it is evident that the scope of GST as a career in India is massive. Almost every sector manufacturing, finance, banking, commerce, logistics, retail requires finance experts, tax consultants, tax advisors, and finance executives. Its scope extends to every other sector because every business or company comes under the unified GST law of India. 


In order to fill the wide gap in the requirement of skilled GST practitioners, there are chances of a 20-25% salary hike. Moreover, the top finance firms EY, PWC. KPMG and Deloitte have around 25,000 experts dealing in GST. 


Career Options after GST Course


The GST course unfurls a world of opportunities for people to explore varied job profiles and fields. Some of the topmost coveted job profiles are listed below:

  • GST Practitioners
  • Accountant or E-accountant
  • Finance or Account head
  • Internal Audit GST Executive
  • Finance Manager
  • Tax consultants


Not to overlook, finance executives and managers who validate themselves with the improved cognizance of GST are far more inclined to be promoted to high authority jobs. Undoubtedly, there is a widespread window for growth and upliftment. 


FAQs related to the IIM Skills GST Course Review


Q1. Which course is best for GST?

IIM Skills is the best course to learn GST and its related compliances at a pocket-friendly price. Covering all the aspects of GST, the curriculum is expertly curated as per the industry standards by the experts. 

Highly proficient mentors combined with state-of-the-art teaching methodologies make this course a masterpiece. Lifetime validity, career counseling, resume, and interview preparation tips are among other things that give this course a significant score above other institutes. 


Q2. What is the salary of a GST practitioner?

The average salary of a GST Practitioner accountant is INR 2.3 lakhs per annum for employees with less than 1 year of experience to 7 years of experience. 

The salary packet here depends on varied factors such as the type of company, location, skills, experience, etc. As you gain experience, the salary is expected to increase gradually. 


Q3. Is GST practitioner a good career?

With the rising demand for skilled GST Practitioners by companies- both big and small, GST practitioner is a great career choice! There are ample growth opportunities and options to choose from. One can choose to join a top-notch MNC or lay the grounds for their own GST agency. 

Moreover, GST skills enrich your chances of a hike in salary up to 15-20%. With experience, it is expected to grow more. 


Closing Down the IIM Skills GST Course Review!


GST has come up as a flourishing field over the years. Anyone who wants to build up a career in finance, taxation, or auditory must seek a worthwhile GST Course to upgrade their skills. 


We hope this IIM Skills GST Course Review acted as an eye-opener to help you make informed and timely discretion for your career. We highly recommend you go and enroll for a FREE DEMO to check if GST is an ideal course option for you and if IIM Skills is the precise choice of institute to bring you closer to your dream. 


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Go ahead, enroll for a free demo and begin your journey toward a promising career in GST taxation. 

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