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Top 10 Financial Modeling Courses in Melbourne

There are countless courses available both online and offline in Melbourne for one to choose from. Hence, it can be a daunting task to pick the right ones and narrow them down to suit your requirements. It is also critical to conduct thorough research on the course that you have chosen. A financial modeling course is one such course that is suitable for anyone looking to kickstart a career in finance. This course covers a vast spectrum of financial topics. Not only for freshers, but this course is also relevant for start-up owners, stock market analysts, and for anyone interested in learning the latest trends in the financial industry. In this article, you will read about the best financial modeling courses available in Melbourne.


List of best financial modeling courses in Melbourne


Financial modeling is the process of creating a mathematical model to represent a financial situation. Financial models are used to make decisions about how to invest money, how to price products, and how to manage risk. It is a fundamental tool necessary for someone who comes from a finance and commerce background.


This course will immensely help people who are looking to build a career in finance, sales, and marketing domains as well. You will gather valuable insights about building a financial model. If you are someone who is starting your own business, would this course help? The answer is Yes.


It would help you in making financial decisions and projections. Even for analyzing the stock market, to review and predict a company’s past and future performance, knowledge of financial modeling is paramount. 


A Career in Financial Modeling


The financial modeling course is open to anyone who wants to learn how to create a mathematical model to represent a financial situation. Professionals and even freshers who had finished financial modeling courses in Melbourne are in high demand. It is one of the most sought-after careers.


After completing this course, the candidate can search for jobs in different industries. He/She has a wide range of choices such as equity research companies, finance companies, and government to non-profit organizations.


Let’s Find Out About the Roles and Responsibilities for the Most-sought Out Jobs After Completing Financial Modeling Courses in Melbourne.


Investment bankers are short of hands and hence are on the lookout for specialists in this field. They are in dire need of the position of investment banking analysts who are well-versed in networking and communication. You will be responsible for designing solutions in terms of investment in the financial market. Investment analysts make calculated moves to ensure their clients stay profitable and their financial goals are met.


Another important role is equity research analysts or associates. They play a vital role to formulate the specific financial model in a detailed manner. These analysts have an in-depth knowledge of the latest economics and finances. Private equity associates extensively use models to make pivotal business commitments.


They depend on analysts to help in modeling which will decide the company’s future. You get to make financial analyses for your company in a more accurate manner with the help of this course. Higher up the order, candidates qualify for the position of directors and managers with experience.


The responsibility of this position is to conduct a thorough research about the profit and loss of the company, long-term financial planning, and investment options as well.


Let’s Find Out How Much Salary Someone Receives Completing the Financial Modeling Courses in Melbourne. 


Some industries that hire candidates readily are financial research firms, institutions, investment banks, and start-up companies. Such financial professionals receive fair compensation. They are well-paid depending on their level of experience and exposure in the finance world. Even freshers are well-paid once they are done with the course.


Salaries are significantly higher for graduates at an average of AU$100,000. Freshers are paid anywhere between $72,000-$84,000. After a few years down the road, the midlevel analyst gets paid anywhere between $100,000-$125,000. However, the pay can vary widely depending on the person’s experience and education. 


Several factors determine the salary range. Some of them have education, previous work experience, location, and the size of the company. Other technical factors that play a crucial role are understanding intricate financial data, innovative and advanced mathematical problem-solving skills, precise financial forecasts, and using software to prepare financial models.


A bonus to move up the ladder faster would be a person who has brilliant communication skills to bring in new business and retain existing customers, being proactive and extremely creative in their ideas.


Certifications in Financial Modeling


There are many different financial courses one can enroll in. After completing the course, you are certified to work in the financial world. You will find short-term courses and long-term courses for finance. There are also simple courses for people who come from a non-financial background.


These courses are specifically designed for mid-level managers who have no education based on finance. Such certification talks about accounts and money in simple terms with real-life examples and case studies. This way you will get hands-on knowledge that helps to tackle and negate any financial problems in your company.


Read on to Find the List of Various Certifications Available


  • Financial Risk Manager (FRM) Certification is a course mainly for professionals and costs about $1500.
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certification as the name suggests is suitable for candidates who are in the business sector. They are accountable for the company’s auditing, accounting, and regulation process. The fee structure is slightly higher and the course is longer too. But this course is planned exclusively for people who are interested in a career in financial audits.
  • Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) certification focuses on areas of asset management, risk management, hedge funds, etc. It is one of the top certification courses that people go for. To stay ahead of the herd in terms of private investments.
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP) certification is again befitting for anyone eager to move forward in financial planning. It is good for wealth management and the private banking sectors.


There are many other types of certifications related to financial modeling courses in Melbourne. Some of them are financial risk managers (FRM) who manage the company’s financial risk factors and Financial modeling and valuation analyst (FMVA). 


Though these certified courses look attractive, they may have some drawbacks. Some of these certifications are a bit expensive and it also has a base pass mark to clear the exams. To conclude the course, you will also have to dedicate a few months or even up to a year.


Now that you have learned in detail about the basics, scope, career options, and certification in this field, let’s find out the top institutes offering the best financial modeling courses in Melbourne.


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is always a synonym to finance and management courses. For a vast and comprehensive financial modeling program, IIM Skills gives you this three-month course. It is a flexible program that can be accommodated by anyone from freshers to experts. It is an online course with numerous facilities. With some of the best faculties in the industry, lifetime quality access to materials, and 24*7 support, IIM Skill is a destination for studying Financial Modeling Courses in Melbourne.


There Are Many Modules Each of Which Needs a Few Hours to Complete. These Six Modules Involve:

  • Module 1: Basic and Advanced Excel
  • Module 2: Accounting Concepts and Financial Statements
  • Module 3: Ratio Analysis
  • Module 4: Basics of Financial Modeling
  • Module 5: Different Types of Financial Models
  • Module 6: Business Valuation


There are batches available for working professionals who would prefer weekend classes, and for the rest, weekday classes are available. After the completion of the course, you will receive a certificate. The course they provide is a pack of knowledge and skills that every beginner and professional needs to establish a footstep in the finance sector. Their student’s friendly teaching approach is one of the reasons they rank top as whoever takes the course ends up gaining so much confidence and real-world experience.


If you want to excel in various techniques for making profitable business decisions, must consider the highly sought-after Financial Modeling Courses in Australia


Other Courses by IIM Skills

GST Certification Course

BAT Course


2. The University of Sydne


It is one of the prestigious institutes in Australia providing a complete guide that is simple and robust. The goal is to help professionals achieve better understanding and develop confidence while constructing financial models. This is a flexible off-campus course and has its preloaded with a runtime of 60 hours.


You can learn at your own pace through online mode. You can finish this course within 120 days. This course costs about 900$. By the end of this program, you will be well-versed in the fundamentals of financial modeling which is much needed for advancing in your career. Some of the topics covered in this course are foundations of financial modeling, quality checks, making a financial statement, and analyzing profit and loss. 


IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course free demo invite


3. University of Queensland


Another fabulous institute to establish your career is the University of Queensland. Getting admission to this prestigious university is a dream come true for any learner. Let’s learn more about their financial modeling courses in Melbourne. The University offers an undergraduate course for students who are enthusiastic about getting into the finance field.


This is a practical guide covering all the nuances of financial modeling. This semester course teaches in detail about corporate and personal valuation, optimization, value-at-risk, and other financial modeling techniques. The basic computer tools that will be required are MS Excel and Python though prior coding knowledge is not compulsory.


The students will be using these tools to create financial models that will be mandatory in real-life situations. In the first half of the course, the students will be focused to learn the basics practically. Whereas the second half of the course is to focus on quantitative and learn the different techniques using software language. It is a well-curated course study with top-class faculties. Queensland University gives free access to its students to all python related software.


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4. JPA


JPA is a renowned tag for financial modeling courses in Melbourne. This is mainly for professionals who want to enhance their existing finance knowledge. It is also relevant to anybody who would like to stay updated in the market. It is a short two-day course that explores the latest options as to how financial models can be effectively used by clients and companies.  It is ideally designed for a person who can handle MS Excel and is familiar with finance and accounting.


Some of the Topics Covered in This Two-day Course:

  • Financial model setup
  • Escalation
  • Learning about debts and corporate taxes
  • Capital depreciation and expenditure
  • Introduction to different valuation methodologies


At JPA, the training is given by world-class coaches who come with many years of teaching skills. All the methodology used is easy to understand and manage even for a fresher. Real-life scenarios and cases are studied and possible financial solutions are discussed. After the course, one will be capable of presenting the best financial remedy for your client.   


5. Plum Solutions


Plum Solutions has the ideal training for you if you are seeking a brief course on financial modeling. You can attend their classes online or as an in-house program too. Many students, as well as professionals, opt for Plum Solutions due to this flexible option. They have framed different levels of course so that it suits one and all. Let us read more about these programs.


  • Financial Modeling for Non-financial Modelers: This one-day first one is a basic mode course including ‘Financial Modeling for Dummies’. The skill set required for taking up the basic level is Microsoft Excel. Using excel, you will learn to build your fundamental financial model.


  • Financial Modeling in Excel: This option is befitting for professionals who are expected to resolve issues in business through financial modeling. This one-day course is specifically designed for experts who are ready to widen their horizons by using advanced excel options. Through excel, they find practical remedies to identify problematic areas and the future of the company. 


  • Advanced Financial Modeling in Excel: A meticulously planned one-day workshop; this one is pertinent for finance experts who are already in the financial world. It will teach you to tweak your existing model with the latest methodologies using Excel. If you are proficient in building financial models for your company, you can further make improvements to gain better success.


You can do all three courses in a package or choose any one depending on your requirement. If you are in and around Brisbane, Sydney, or Melbourne, you can also choose to do it part online and part offline. 


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6. Access Analytic


Another renowned institute to study financial modeling courses in Melbourne is Access Analytic. All programs in Access Analytic are short and can be completed in 2-5 days. They offer financial modeling in excel training course in-house training with top-notch instructors which are interactive and practical. Live examples and case studies are used to depict real-life situations to improve your problem-solving capabilities. The facilitators have over 20 years of experience and can deliver online training competently.


The Core Focus of the Study Lies in the Following:

  • Overview of financial modeling
  • Financial forecasting and analysis
  • Financial decision-making and evaluation
  • Valuation tools and methodologies
  • Discounted cash flow
  • Ratios and key performance metrics
  • Financial modeling and forecasting in excel
  • Structuring the cash flow model
  • Debt and capital structuring
  • Scenario management


Though the training institute is located in Perth, their online training allows anyone from any part of the world to finish the course. If you are near Perth, you can take some time off for a few days and visit their campus to do their program. After finishing the training, you will cover financial modeling fundamentals and also advanced excel. 


There are specific areas to focus on while doing the workshop. Let us read on to find out about the expertise available in Access Analytic. Following are some of the key focuses of this financial model course.


  • Handling error
  • Ways to keep the financial models simple, consistent and flexible
  • Analyzing data to arrange it fittingly
  • Innovative techniques for expanding charts and their ranges
  • Extracting necessary data


Access analytic offers customized solutions for your models as well. Since all financial models are different and unique, they encourage students to bring their models to give suggestions and ideas to improvise.


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7. Financial Modeling Institute


FMI delivers a global program appropriate for all pros who want a quick pass on the latest happening in financial modeling. There are many levels which you choose from depending on your requirement.


  • FMI Foundations: As the name suggests, this 10-hour course is apt to build your basic knowledge and skills. This program focuses widely on asset management, equity research, corporate planning, and development. All these are imperative to make your journey in finance easier.


  •  Advanced Financial Modeler (AFM): Level 1- The sole accreditation that demonstrates mastery of this skill is provided by this exam. Major transactions and crucial business decisions, which are an essential component of financial modeling in business decision-making can be done through modelers.


  • Charter Financial Modeler (CFM): Level 2- This exam is the only accreditation based on actual financial modeling difficulties. This is a slightly higher-level course where the candidate would be expected to use Excel to solve grueling financial problems.


  • Master Financial Modelers (MFM): Level 3- MFM will distinguish the best of the best. Once you have attained AFM and CFM, you can easily choose the master course. 


Being the top-class financial modeler, you would contribute the right dose of leadership, education, and content along with expertise in giving financial models to your clients.  With so many options, AMI is your one-stop destination for doing financial modeling courses in Melbourne. 


IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course free demo invite


8. Pivotal 180


Pivotal 180 is a leading training institution that gives a realistic approach to business plans and their related financial models. In any type of business, predictions and forecasts play a key role. Being a professional in financial modeling, your clients will rely on you heavily to make financial decisions. You can do it on their campus, online, or as a combination of both. It is the easiest choice for any candidate who is waiting to do financial modeling courses in Melbourne.


Some of the Outcomes of This Course Would Be:

  • Modeling in project finance using best practices.
  • Making use of financial models to assess business choices.
  • To recognize and measure business risks, use scenarios, and sensitivity analysis.
  • Presenting findings to decision-makers in a professional manner.


Contact pivotal180 through their website


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9.  Mazars Financial Modeling


Mazar’s financial modeling is an internationally acclaimed training institute with over 40,000 staff across 90 countries. It is exclusively designed for executives and organizations to work efficiently in a structured approach. Though it comes in a standardized format, it is flexible to adapt to individual needs as well.


Some of the Uses of This Program Are:

  • Merger and Acquisitions (M&A): Working within Mazars, Financial Modeling’s parameters offer a quality benchmark that lessens the burden on analysts and gives professionals and decision-makers a more solid foundation for tactical and financial choices.
  • Project Finance: This helps all parties to have a transparent and flexible transaction using their model.
  • Corporate Strategy and Budgeting: For a successful financial model, the right combination of strategies and budgets is the need of the hour.
  • Investment Feasibility Analysis: Investment analysis is important at all stages for a company. At Mazars, you get the best valuation and exit analysis.
  • Regulatory Analysis and Valuations.


Contact Mazars for the best financial modeling courses in Melbourne.


10. Schweser’s Financial Modeling


One of the most sought-after training centers for studying financial modeling courses in Melbourne. Kaplan Schweser has partnered with The Marquee Group, giving an excellent mix of science and technicality. This engaging online course is suitable for all ages belonging to all financial experts and freshers.


At the end of the course, you will be confidently constructing financial models for your own company or in the company that you work for in a simple, effective, and realistic way. You will be presented with real case studies to observe, assay, and find solutions for it. You will receive enough practical and hands-on experience in all financial models. If you are planning to study financial modeling courses in Melbourne, have no doubts. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. How can I contact the institutions?

A: You can reach the website of the institutes mentioned and contact them directly.


Q2. Are all the financial modeling courses in online mode?

A: Most of the courses mentioned here offer online courses. In case of further clarifications, it’s best to get in touch with the respective institutions.


Q3. Can a fresher study any financial modeling courses in Melbourne?

A: Yes. Depending on your previous specialization and grades, it’s easy to get an admission.


Q4. Can I finish the course at home?

A: Since few institutions offer most of the courses through online and offline mode, you can learn in your comfort.

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    I am Patrick. Financial position is represented mathematically by a financial model. They stand in for a project, investment, portfolio, economic performance, or financial asset. Graphs and charts are frequently used in financial modelling to display data and finances. Financial modeling is frequently used by experts in fields connected to finance, such as investment banking, financial planning, financial analysis, commercial banking, or corporate development. Accountants, equities research analysts, investment bankers, and corporate development analysts are a few examples of specific occupations that regularly employ financial models. Learning financial modeling from financial modeling institute in Melbourne, hence would be beneficial to gain Entry- level jobs in finance and accounting sectors. With the list available, deciding is difficult. Attending a demo session would help take better decision. Thanks


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