Financial Modeling Course in Kenya With Excel Training

Financial modeling is significant for diverse causes. We use it mainly in making decisions about mergers and acquisitions, planning and managing a company, increasing capital,  and making investment decisions.


Beyond helping these chief decisions, Excel modeling is also significant for job development for professionals in investment banking, private equity, equity research, corporate development, finance,  planning and analysis, and accounting.


It is especially required if you intend to build your career in these fields. Financial modeling is one of the most promising careers in the Financial domain. That’s why the article discusses the best financial modeling course in Kenya.


Financial modeling course in Kenya


Top Financial modeling Course in Kenya: 


  1. IIM Skills:


The top e-learning institute, IIM Skills, presents the most promising e-learning experience in skill development worldwide.  The course programs here enable you to rebuild your job with smart career counseling based on your choice.  Its organized teaching methods ensure that students acquire the required learning and understanding of different topics. The upskilling courses teach the most elementary to advanced concepts through a combination of theory and practicals. 


IIM Skills has performed meticulous analysis to create the skill development courses and confirm they make you career-ready.  Therefore the syllabus for all programs encourages learners to upskill in the best manner possible.  Moreover, these custom classes also support diverse groups like students, homemakers, fresh job seekers, professionals, and work-from-home professionals.


IIM Skills has readied more than 25,000 prospects through different course programs and walks the additional mile to help you with your resume and placements. The course programs train you equally for full-time roles and freelancing.  All these explain why IIM Skills is the best financial modeling course in Kenya. The following are the details of the course program by IIM Skills:  


Course Name: Financial Modeling Course

Duration: 3-4 months

Fee: KES 75054.10 /-

Distinctive Elements of the  Financial Modeling Course in Kenya by IIM Skills:


  • Interactive live online course
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Practical assignments
  • Hands-on learning
  • Dedicated placement cell
  • 100% interview guarantee
  • Tool based practical learning
  • Mentorship by top-level specialists
  • Community access to the alumni
  • Lifetime access to the LMS
  • LMS consists of live classes & recordings
  • 100% money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied
  • Accredited master certification from IIM Skills
  • 24×7 learning and technical support etc.


Tools Employed in This Financial Modeling Certification in Kenya:


  • Excel 
  • PowerPoint


Who should enroll in the financial modeling course by IIM Skills:


  • Graduates
  • Finance professionals
  • B.Tech graduates/ Engineers etc.


For further details regarding the Financial Modeling program by IIM Skills, you may contact the institute on: 


Phone Number: +91 9911839503

Email Id: [email protected]


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  1. Corporate Finance Institute:


Corporate Finance Institute offers study programs that enable learners to acquire the skill set for the job setting they are about to join. Professional-led courses, consistently revised video lectures, recommended case studies, and interactive exercises are a few main attractions of the institution. It also provides practical-based quizzes and simulations to evaluate your on-the-job preparedness. 


The institute possesses the most detailed online schooling library in finance, with 120+ finance study programs, including many lessons and several hours of video lectures. The following are course details of the financial modeling course in Kenya by the CFI:


Course Name: Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA)

Duration: 4-6 months

Fee: Not available

Elements That Make the Course an Excellent Financial Modeling Certification in Kenya:


  • 29 courses with over 1550 lectures
  • 170+ interactive activities
  • Guided simulations
  • Expert instructors for the best education experience
  • Monthly latest courses to revise learning
  • Blockchain certification to authenticate your skills
  • 500,000+ 5 star ratings


What Are the Skills the Course Program Develops in a Learner:  


  • Accounting
  • Excel
  • Finance
  • Financial Modeling
  • Valuation
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Presentation & Visuals
  • Strategy


To understand in detail the CFI Financial Modelling course in Kenya, you may reach the institute on:


Phone Number: 1-(800)-817-7539 

Email Address: [email protected]


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  1. KnowledgeHut:


KnowledgeHut enables professionals across industries and sectors to design more experience and bridge the skill gap for recognition and development in the multinational corporate world.  The institute provides high-value course programs via innovative and experimental methods. 


The Financial Modeling with Excel Training by the institute helps learners grasp essential financial modeling methods.   Their expert-led training guides you in using and exploring the Financial models with Excel.   Thus, you obtain hands-on training in effective Excel tools and strategies to handle large datasets of economic data.


On concluding the Financial Modeling with Excel training, you will receive a Course Completion Certification from Knowledge Hut.  The course details of this Financial Modeling course by the institute are as follows: 


Course Name: Financial Modeling with Excel 

Duration: Not available

Fee: Not available




  • Accounting Bootcamp
  • Financial Structure and Accounting
  • Extra Excel Applications


Training Highlights of the Financial Modeling Certificate in Sydney: 

  • Proficiently use  assumptions, time series, calculations, outputs, and checks

  • Discover the basic procedures for financial modeling  
  • Understand the main contrasts among the three rudimentary financial statements
  • 24 Hours of Live Instructor-Led Training
  • Tutoring by Recognized Industry Experts
  • Empirical Exercises for Better Retention of Concepts
  • Tips and  Techniques to Create Robust Financial Models
  • Master Excel Techniques with practical learning
  • Knowledge But Certificate on Course Completion


Who Should Register in the Excel Financial Modeling Training: 


  • Financial analysts
  • CFOs
  • Financial controllers
  • Analysts
  • Credit managers
  • Risk managers
  • Mergers, acquisitions, and buyout experts
  • Corporate finance staff
  • IT Graduates
  • Post Graduates
  • Post-Doctoral professionals
  • Professionals interested in a job in finance


Learning Results of the Financial Modeling on Excel Program:


  • Realize the proper approach for your financial modeling undertakings and acquire desired results.
  • Create a robust base and identify the influential distinctions among the three introductory financial statements.
  • Remember to employ Excel to form skeleton structure, table of content, calculations, and error check pages.
  • Specialize in functioning around model sensitivities and methods, what-if, breakeven, and payback calculation.
  • Obtain proficient tips on managing assets and liabilities to be experienced
  • in balance sheets.
  • Fulfill ratio analysis to study financial statements and support the management make futuristic decisions.


To learn additionally about  the Financial Modeling course by KnowledgeHut, you may contact the institute on: 


Phone Number: +91-84484-45027

Email Id: [email protected]


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    1. Kenya School of Monetary Studies (KSMS):


Kenya School of Monetary Studies was founded as a School of the Central Bank of Kenya and registered as a corporate entity in 1997.  Its primary mandate is to create capacity for the banking enterprise and help the Bank deliver on its central mandate of promoting a sound and well-functioning financial strategy.


The school started by delivering short-term management and skill development programs previously operated by the extinct College of Banking and Finance (CBF).  It has persisted in offering demand-driven short-term direction development course programs and sufficed in gaps for cutting-edge learning and education in long-term postgraduate programs custom-made for the financial sector.  The following are the course details of the financial modeling course in Kenya by KSMS:


Course Name: Executive Diploma in Financial Modelling

Duration: 3 Modules

Fee: Not available


Requirements for This Financial Modeling Course in Kenya:


  • Degree and working experience in the financial sector and affiliated institutions


Phone Number: +254 20 8646000

Email Id: [email protected]


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  1. Star College of Management: 


Star College of Management Studies began its functions in 2001 as a Professional Accountancy and Management Training Institution. The college is held and operated by professional Lecturers who are both academically and professionally trained in Accountancy and Management areas.


The overall aim of the college is to deliver accountancy and management education allowing its students to succeed in their assessments and enhance their efficiency at their suitable places of work. The college has experienced and respected Lectures whose loyalty and commitment make their students excel in quizzes.


This course intends to equip the trainees with knowledge, skills, and perspectives, helping them function efficiently in this technological, fa-paced information age.


Course Name: Financial Modeling in Excel Training

Duration: Not available

Fee: Not Available

Modules and Topics discussed:


Advanced Excel


  • Advanced formatting
  • Choose function as a lookup method
  • Combo Box for interactive scenarios
  • Dynamic Named Range
  • Modeling Loans
  • SUMPRODUCT() calculations
  • Calculating installments
  • Calculating loan balances
  • Converting flat rates to reducing balance rates
  • Converting reducing balance rates to flat rates


Advanced Excel for Financial modeler


  • Conditional Formatting
  • Data Analysis and Charting
  • Manipulating Pivot Charts
  • Data Validation
  • Advanced Formulas
  • Financial Formulas
  • PV and FV
  • NPV and IRR
  • Logical Formulas
  • IF Statements
  • Nested Ifs
  • Error handling using IFERROR
  • AND & OR Statements
  • Text Formulas
  • Lookup Formulas


Financial Modeling in Excel:


  • Terminal Value 
  • Terminal Growth Rates
  • Sensitivity Analysis using Data Tables
  • Relative valuation techniques
  • Drafting P&L, Cash flow statement, and Balance Sheet from scratch
  • Operating Leverage
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Financial Modeling GAAPs
  • Equity & Enterprise valuation process
  • Integrated  and Dynamic Financial Model design
  • DuPont Analysis
  • Discounted Cash Flows, Free Cash Flows to Equity, and Free Cash Flows to the Firm and Choosing logical premises on business drivers.
  • Circular references and iterative calculations
  • Cash flow for C-Suite performance appraisals
  • CAPM Model and The Discounting Rate


To know in-depth about the financial modeling course in Kenya, you may contact Star College of Management Studies on: 


Phone Number: +254 20 334 1697

Email: [email protected]


  1. Foscore Development Centre:


The mission of Foscore Development Centre is to deliver marked training experience, analysis, and innovation with a clear end goal to make pioneers in various fields. These fields include Engineering, Research, Technology, Enterprise Development, and Social skills to fit the needs of a busy world. Foscore Development Centre holds the vision to gain worldwide excellence in Training, Research, and Innovation for improvement.


The financial modeling course in Kenya by Foscore Development Centre develops the core theory presented in Principles of Finance by highlighting its functional application to strategic financial judgments and possible financial problems. The following are the course details:


Course Name: Financial Modeling and Valuation Course

Duration: 5 Days

Fee: USD 600

Who Should Attend This Financial Modeling Course by Foscore Development Centre:


  • Financial Analysis
  • Business Entrepreneurs
  • Accountants
  • Bookkeepers
  • Business managers
  • Investment officers
  • Managing directors


Objectives of the Financial Modeling Training Program:


  • Analyzing and comprehending an income statement
  • Exploring and understanding a balance sheet
  • Evaluating and learning a cash flow
  • Learning the use of financial modeling in financial reporting
  • Use of  Weighted Average Cost of Capital Use in financial modeling
  • Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) in Financial Modeling 


Modules and Topics Discussed in the Course Program:




  • Introduction to valuation
  • Comparable Company Analysis
  • Precedent Transactions Analysis
  • Discounted Cash Flow analysis
  • Weighted Average Cost of Capital 


Building an Integrated Cash Flow Model


  • Introduction to financial modeling
  • Modeling & projecting the financial statements
  • Analyzing & completing the model


For more inquiries regarding the financial modeling course in Kenya, you may contact Foscore Development Centre on: 


Phone Number: +254712260031

Email Id: [email protected]


  1. OpenCastLabs


OpenCastLabs is an associate of government and non-profit customers in offering professional services and technology solutions in the environment, infrastructure, health, human services, social programs, business processes, and telecommunications markets. The firm incorporates a passion for its job with industry expertise and creative analytics to create compelling results throughout the program life cycle, from research and study through execution and improvement.


OpenCastLabs Consulting offers e-Discovery, E-Governance software, Office 365 Integration, and Digital Transformation to corporates and organized bodies in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, etc. Their Financial Modeling with Microsoft Excel course program is a live online or in-person classroom program. The following are the course details: 


Course Name: Financial Modeling with Microsoft Excel training

Duration: 24 Hours

Fee: USD 300.00 or KES 32,000.00/-

Course Outline:


Introduction to Financial Modeling in Excel


  • Significant Excel functions employed in Financial modeling
  • Advanced range names, like formulas & naming conventions
  • Pivot Tables
  • Scenarios, data tables, and sensitivity
  • Best training guidelines & spreadsheet modeling criteria


Financial Modeling Overview


  • Modeling fundamentals
  • Steps in model building
  • Key concepts


Model Components


  • Capital budgeting & depreciation modeling
  • Debt modeling
  • Capital Structure
  • Ratio analysis
  • Tax considerations
  • Inflation
  • Reporting considerations: changing currencies, changing timescales, units


Specific Purpose Modeling


  • Company valuation & financial statement simulation
  • Project finance modeling
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Analysis
  • Divestiture


Advanced Modeling Applications


  • Multi-variable Monte Carlo Simulations
  • Advanced MapReduce
  • Introduction to VBA Macros: helpful functions & macros, and application of these to models
  • Advanced Charting techniques
  • Advance Excel Dashboards


To learn further about the financial modeling course in Kenya, you may contact OpenCastLabs on:


Phone Number: +254790706395

Email Id: [email protected]


  1. Strathmore University:


Strathmore University Institute of Mathematical Sciences was founded in 2010 and established in 2011. The declaration of SIMS is to lead and blend mathematical-based study in the University and start, promote and launch collaborative research with enterprises and different institutions of higher studies. These partnerships between the institute and other faculties and institutions intend to inspire research improvement and invention across the University.


SIMS at Strathmore University acknowledges this market and has designed a short experimental and hands-on course to instill in students the expertise to create robust financial models. The following are the course details:


Course Name: Financial Modelling for Informed Decision Making

Duration: 4 days 

Fee: KES 40,000/-

Course Objectives


  • To create and operate a financial model to make informed judgments for a new or existent business. These decisions include those on the Financing mix, Go no-go decisions and Investment appraisal.


Learning Outcomes of the Financial Modeling Course in Kenya:


  • Create the 3 Financial Statements founded on the given inputs: Cashflow Statement, Income Statement, and Balance Sheet
  • Create Financial Models consisting of Integrated Financial Statements
  • Review the financial model for suitability and correctness
  • Conduct basic Financial Analysis
  • Carry out Scenario Testing
  • Use proper tools and elements of MS Excel


Certification Details: 


  • A Certification of Completion awarded at the end of the program


Pre-requisites for the Course Program:  


  • None
  • However, participants should own a laptop with a functional MS Excel application installed and dependable internet access.


Who Should Take the Financial Modeling Course in Kenya:


  • This course enables investment, accounting, and finance professionals keen to design financial projections employing MS Excel in their industry and focus on management to create significant decisions.


For further inquiries on the course program, you may contact SIMS on: 


Phone Number: 0701 310 477

Email Id: [email protected]


    1. Indepth Research Institute:


Indepth Research Institute works with you in managing your resources to use opportunities so that you can achieve your purpose and discover your full potential. They make the capacity of people, procedures, and systems for corporate success and development and foster a thriving ecosystem. They do this with the help of Data Analytics, Training and development, Strategy and management solutions,  Digital innovation and Enterprise systems, and managing Experiential Tours.


The financial modeling course by Indepth Research Institute helps existent users of Excel or equivalent spreadsheet programs requiring to considerably improve their modeling and analytical skills, particularly in the disciplinary areas of Accounting, Finance, and Management & Procurement. It improves Excel modeling and analytical skills of Finance professionals for the prediction, analysis & representation of company & financial information. The following are the course details: 


Course Name: Basics of financial modeling using MS Excel Course

Duration: 10 Days

Fee: KES 150,000/-


Who Should Attend This Training Program:


  • This class is for analysts, portfolio managers, and financial officers seeking a more in-depth understanding of Valuation and the skills and understanding to make financial decisions confidently.


Course Objectives:


By the time you finish this IRES training program, you will learn to:


  • Create skilled charts in Microsoft Excel
  • Work with enormous amounts of data
  • Understand Accounting & Bookkeeping regulations
  • Build a business’s financial statements
  • Perform a Financial Statement Analysis
  • Understand the significance of timing in terms of income and cost recognition
  • Estimate liquidity, profitability, solvency, and growth ratios
  • Assess project feasibility
  • Calculate a full loan schedule
  • Comprehend the distinction between variable & fixed interest rates
  • Perform industry analysis
  • Understand what drives a business’s value
  • Analyze a business


Topics to Be Covered in the Course Program:


  • Financial Modeling
  • Financial modeling Functions
  • Modeling for financial & operational planning
  • Additional Analysis in Financial Modeling
  • Credit Perspective
  • Capital Structure Analysis


For further details on the course program, you may contact Indepth Research Institute on:


Phone Number: (+254) 715 077 817 or  (+254) 792 516 000 

Email Id: [email protected]


Frequently Asked Questions: 


  1. Which financial modeling course is best in Kenya?


The following are some of the best financial modeling courses in Kenya with excellent practical an Excel training:


  • Financial Modeling Course by IIM Skills
  • Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst by Corporate Finance Institute
  • Financial Modeling with Excel by Knowledge Hut


  1. What is the duration of the financial modeling course?


Mostly a financial modeling course will take around a month to finish. However, the duration also depends on the dedication and focus of the learner. 


    1. How complicated is financial Modelling if you want to learn it on your own?


Understanding financial modeling on your own requires more legwork. While there are free public tutorials on advanced Excel lessons and accounting words, you’ll generally have to conduct some digging yourself to find helpful videos or resources.  It is also complicated to develop skills systematically as you learn.


  1. Is financial Modelling a great career?


Financial Modeling is one of the finest job options in today’s vying employment market in Finance. Candidates usually think financial modeling courses to be the most demanding training program in Finance.


  1. Can I obtain a job after the financial modeling course?


Most of the career opportunities obtainable after the Financial Modeling course program are chiefly in Finance. A candidate can create a position in initiatives such as equity research institutions, Private Finance Companies, government, non-profit organizations,  etc.




Financial Modelling is a means for decision-making in business and non-profit institutions. Expert knowledge in the subject permits users to review the Financial importance of judgments beforehand and choose the most promising and robust methods. Users can also try methods and prevent the sensitivity of results to significant variables.


Investing in a financial modeling training program is worth your money and time. We expect the article instructed you on the leading financial modeling course in Kenya. Happy learning.

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    After 2 years break, I am thinking of coming back to work and think I would need some revision and a course that teaches these new skills. I want to enrol in a course that will help me have a better understanding of finance and investments. I have heard that financial modeling courses in kenya are in high demand in the market. What knowledge must I have before I can enrol in this course? What is the best institute for financial modeling course? I want to get back on track and start working as soon as possible.

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    Hi I have my own small business setup, recently launced. Previously, I’ve worked in a public corporation for ten years. The starting phase of a business is vital since it determines whether a business will survive or not. At every stage of the business, financial modelling is very essential. I want to pursue financial modelling so that I make better, more informed judgments. I have been searching for effective courses that may give me sufficient practical experience for this. From the lists of institutions offering financial modelling training in Kenya, IIM skills has better course features and advantages. Attending demo session would help me understand much better.


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