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Digital Vidya or Simplilearn Who is Better For Digital Marketing (Updated)

Digital Vidya or SimpliLearn Who is Better For Your Digital Marketing Course?


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Digital Marketing Course is the best course for a new generation. Digital marketing course brings the revolution for internet marketing. Using the internet is quite common today, everyone is having hand-full of electronic gadgets as either mobile, tablets, or laptops and busy in searching or playing or even found using different apps for chatting or sharing something with others. These things bring many opportunities for the business for the professionals.


This thing brings many more opportunities in the digital world for professionals to achieve their desired result, but for that, a professional must have the perfect knowledge of the latest technology and be fully skilled to handle the pressures.


Keeping oneself updated about the latest technologies and their use is required by every professional nowadays. Especially in Marketing, because business expansions are most needed by every business person to generate more revenue and reach the maximum number of customers.


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Why do we need Digital Marketing?

This is the question for which everyone wants to know the answer. It is very difficult to survive, continuing with traditional marketing in today’s competitive time where technology plays a very vital role in the business’s growth.


Digital Marketing helps a business get a better reach up to the vast range of customers by approaching them through different stages like bringing the business online, preparing marketing strategies and creating content, doing Ad campaigns, etc. It helps the business to generate more revenue, all these tasks can be fulfilled with the help of expert Digital Marketing professionals.


How and from where one should do Digital Marketing Course?

There are an n-number of institutes currently providing campus-based or online classes for digital marketing courses having tie-ups with many universities and designed their course on digital marketing accordingly as per today’s requirements. Some of them are upGrad, Digiperform, AIMA, NIIT Digital Marketing, among others. I took Digital Vidya and SimpliLearn for analyzing their course curriculum for comparative study.



Digital Vidya

Today Digital Vidya is the #1 institute in Asia, trained more than 38,000+ professionals (including CXOs) and entrepreneurs from different brands like Nokia, Google, eBay, Reliance, Cisco, MakeMyTrip, SAP, Citibank, CNBC, etc. Since 2009, through different branches running in over 55+ countries, trained through 3800+ training batches.


Digital Vidya is guiding the professionals in many fields of specialization required globally in today’s world to achieve the desired goals. Digital Vidya is offering many certifications programs starting from Digital Marketing Course to Certification Courses in Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Cyber Security Course, Web Analytics Certification Course, Data Science Course, and many more.


Digital Vidya joins hands with world-known brands and becomes an official training partner with Google and Microsoft. Besides this Digital Vidya also partnered with global social media big brands like Facebook, LinkedIn, NASSCOM, and Vskills.


Digital Vidya introduces its Certified Digital Marketing Course in 2013 and since then guided the professionals in enhancing their hidden skills with the supports of  72 trained faculty members.


Why go for Digital Marketing Course?

Digital Marketing has become a necessity for today’s time for professionals to upgrade their skills as several jobs are awaiting in the industries, in many fields like Marketing, Public Relations, Branding and HR

The reason for which the people are going for the digital marketing courses

  • Marketing Professionals: 50% of the professionals are doing to upgrade their skills
  • Professional with different Roles: 75% are doing to upgrade their skills, switching of jobs, or even 25% of them for Freelancing
  • Entrepreneurs and Business owners: 15% doing for the business promotions and Agency managements
  • Digital Marketing Professionals: enhancing their skill for career growth
  • Scholar & Students: students and scholars searching for jobs or becoming a freelancer


Certified Digital Marketing Master Programs-CDMM:

In today’s time, the marketing world is the hot piece of cake generating job opportunities for everyone taking up from scholars to professionals, for which they must be technically skilled in all aspects of the marketing world.

Digital Vidya designed its Digital Marketing course, keeping in mind the marketing world and also by professionals.

The Center Locations for Digital Marketing Course:

Digital Vidya is running its digital marketing courses through classroom lectures at

  • Mumbai
  • Kolkata
  • Pune
  • Bangalore
  • Hyderabad
  • Delhi
  • Chennai


Key features

Course Title: Certified Digital Marketing Master Programs or CDMM
Course Highlights
  • Duration: 150 hours of classroom & online sessions
  • Certifications: 15+ industry certifications
  • Placements: 100% placement supports
  • Learning Center: updated content for lifetime support
Course fees: INR 49,900.00 + 18% GST
Course Curriculum:

The digital marketing course explores various techniques of digital marketing through 44 different modules, and every module is covered weekly so the course can be covered in a stipulated time snap.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 4 modules
  1. Foundations of  SEO and its working terminology
  2. Web Page development
  3. Markup Schema
  4. Estimating by Google Analytical


  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)  5 MODULES

  1. Foundation of SEM and its case study
  2. Google AdWords
  3. Fundaments of YouTube Marketing
  4. Smart display campaigns for Shopping Ads
  5. Developing Google Display Network


  • Social Media Marketing 5 MODULES

  1. Introduction to Social Media Marketing
  2. Facebook Marketing
  3. Facebook Marketing Ads and it’s working
  4. Instagram Marketing
  5. LinkedIn Marketing
  6. Social Media Marketing tools
  7. Planning and designing the perfect Social Media Marketing


  • Email Marketing 3 Modules

  1. Writing effective content
  2. Plan to convert leads into customers
  3. Email automation


5. Inbound Marketing Techniques of 4 MODULES

  1. The concept of the funnel marketing
  2. Writing effective emails for the relevant audience
  3. Use of automation tools like HubSpot, Push Engage, and landing builder
  4. Strategies for analyzing the campaigns and tactical improvements


  • Web Analytical 5 MODULES
  1. Fundamentals of  Web Analytics
  2. Google Analytics
  3. Google Tag Manager


  • Facebook Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Associated Marketing
  • Purchasing and organizing Media
  • Digital Marketing Freelancer
  • Generating marketing campaigns for sales
  • E-Commerce Listing
  • Organized Marketing
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Scheming Infographics Resumes
  • Content Marketing in association with LinkedIn
  • Originating Source Leads

Internship and Placements:

Digital Vidya provides 100% job assistance to the participants after the completion of 3 months internship program, which is being conducted in 2 different categories. The Digital Vidya experienced placement team members help the participants in the selection process and also help them in choosing the correct company.

  1. Research-Based Blogging Internship Associated with Digital Vidya

  • Period : 3 months
  • Requirement: CDMM course completes
  • Eligibility: Excellent communication skills ( writing & spoken)

2 . Social Media Internship Associated with NASSCOM

  • Period: 3 months
  • Requirement: Social Media Marketing course completes
  • Eligibility: Everyone is eligible

Case study Assignments:

The 60 hours of the case study program has been designed keeping in mind the assembled data that encourages participants, who are interested in the Digital Marketing Course. The detailed research work is uniquely designed and only available with Digital Vidya’s CDMM course.

SEO Case Study:  “ICICI Bank” 20 hours.

Learning outcomes
  1. Website and blogs, ranking Improvement, for attaining competency
  2. Content indexing regularly over the search engine
  3. Analyzing web page performance and improving as per requirement
  4. Keyword shortlisting becomes easy, which makes content searchable
  • Google Analytical
  • Google keyword planner
  • Google Search Console

SEM Case Study: “Carwale”, 4 hours

Learning outcomes
  1. Effectively using the search engine for the marketing campaign to reach the right customers
  2. Preparing an appropriate budget for marketing campaigns
  3. Identifying campaign performance and following the conversion rate.
  • Google AdWords
  • Google Keyword Planner

Case Study in Social Media Marketing: “Cadbury Dairy Milk”, 20 hours

Learning outcomes
  1. Generating social media marketing campaigns
  2. Organize your social media marketing campaign for bringing the maximum number of audiences.
  3. Effective user-generated content.
  4. Choosing the correct social media channels for your campaign to achieve the desired result with minimum effort.

Email Marketing Case Study: “Microsoft”, 8 hours

Learning outcomes
  1. Appealing content for generating promotional emails
  2. Interest and demographic-based users
  3. Converting leads into customers by explaining your brand importance
  • MailChimp

Inbound Marketing Case Study: “Myntra”, 8 hours

Learning outcomes
  1. Keeping a close watch on the policies adopted by big brands helps in generating Inbound Marketing strategies
  2. Developing the next level of Inbound Marketing strategies for your business.
  3. Attracting individuals to your website through appealing pages
  4. Outlines
  • Unbounce.com Landing page builder


Web Analytical Case Study: “Puma”, 4 hours

Learning outcomes
  1. For maximizing sale develops the website as a conversion tool
  2. Follow-up the path of your websites from which your traffic is passing
  3. Evaluate the teamwork for your website visitors
  4. Examine the development and update the website to carry the best experience
  • Google Analytics


 Free Digital Marketing tools worth Rs. 72k+ during the course 

To enhance the quality we require many marketing tools in the digital marketing field for which Digital Vidya partnered with such companies so as the participants will use these tools during the digital marketing course paying no extra amount besides the regular course fee. The tools are available to the participants from a few weeks to a few months’ time duration.

  1. Hosting Server Space: cloud-based hosting is provided to the participant for the start-ups joining the course worth Rs. 35,000.00
  2. SEO Tools: To escalate websites SEO traffics SEO tool worth Rs.11,500.00 is provided to all participants
  1. Tools for Social Listing: Keeping watch on any brand a social media listing tools worth Rs.40,000 also provided to all participants
  2. WordPress Themes: To make the website attractive, one requires different themes for this WordPress Mega theme worth Rs. 6,000.00 are also provided to the participants
  3. SEM Tools: To do the survey, control, and enhance the campaign SEM tools worth Rs. 6,500.00 are also provided to all the participants.
  4.  Landing Page Creator: This tool helps in developing smooth landing pages for the websites, worth Rs. 1,270.00, also available to all participants 
  5. Push Notifications Tool: This tool is worth Rs. 6,500.00, helps in the conversion of leads
  6. AHREFS Tools: This tool helps in creating backlinks and keywords worth Rs. 12,000.00 is also available to the participants.

 Alumni’s Reviews

  1. Rahil Joshi, Freelancer Digital Marketing:

    Digital Vidya has designed the best course for digital marketing that covers every single point that is essential for one’s exploration. I appreciate this for which I rank #1, it supports me in switching my job profile from being an engineer to freelancer digital marketing after I did my CDMM course from Digital Vidya, for this, I am very much thankful to all the dedicated faculty members of Digital Vidya for exploring my concepts quite comprehensively.

  2. Shilpi Shah, Social Media Marketer, Fuzia:

    It’s a pleasure to be alumni of Digital Vidya that brings a whole new change in me after completing my CDMM course. The course modules are very well designed and covered systematically so everyone will get complete exploration. The faculty members are also well trained and experienced that guide me through very smoothly during the entire course and support me in clearing all my doubts during the online sessions. I think this is the best decision of my life that I took.



Simplilearn Institute

Simplilearn is the world’s number 1 institute, providing many courses on-campus classes or online classes. Simplilearn in collaboration with the Purdue University of USA ranked #109 globally has designed the digital marketing course keeping in mind the need of today’s marketing industry.

Simplilearn designed a digital marketing course that helps the participants in achieving their desired goals. We started our journey by writing blogs, idea sharing for project management, and assisting in information to the aspirants.

Simplilearn trained more than 2,00,000+ scholars and professionals through different online courses across the world through 150+ countries based centres.

Simplilearn with a world-class digital marketing course curriculum and well-trained faculty members trained over 2,00,000 + participants.


Purdue University, USA

Purdue University has ranked #6 best research and innovative university in the United States of America by U.S. News & World Report, full dedication towards the research and discovery information, the Purdue University provides transformation education for all.

Key Attributes of the Program

  • Simplilearn and Purdue University Post-Graduate Program Certification
  • Alumni Association membership of Purdue
  • Classes conducted by the experienced faculties of Purdue University
  • 200+ hours of Applied Learning classes
  • 40+ hours of self-paced learning course content
  • 100% Job Assistance with IIMJobs (India only)
  • The apogee and authentic projects
  • OMCP Certification

How to apply for the Post-Graduate Program in Digital Marketing

To become a part of the Post-Graduate Program in Digital Marketing, an applicant has to fulfil the required norms.

Eligibility Norms

An applicant must fulfil the first 2 norms to confirm the seat

  • Minimum of 2 years of working experience
  • Graduate degree in any discipline
  • Working background, experience marketing or non-marketing

Application Procedure

The application passes through 3 different stages

  1. Stage 1: An applicant has to apply for admission, defining briefly to the admission counsellors about your interest and eligibility for the Post-Graduate Program in Digital Marketing.
  2. Stage 2: The panel of admission counsellors will go through and review the application submitted and check applicant qualification and interest for the program.
  3. Stage 3: An offer is made to the qualified applicants for admission that can be accepted by depositing the course fee.

Course Title: Post-Graduate Program in Digital Marketing

Course Curriculum

  • Digital Marketing And Advanced SEO
    • Introduction to Digital Marketing
    • Customer’s Lifecycle
    • Marketing Automation
    • Digital Marketing Future
  • Search Engine Optimization-SEO
    • Initiation to SEO and its working method
    • How SEO types help in Keyword Research
    • SEO Tools and Local SEO
  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization
    • Website Management and its optimization
    • Off-Page SEO
    • Planning a new website
    • Analytics and Management
    • Next Learning path
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
    • Pay-Per-Click Initiation and Search Psychology
    • Searching Ads and Choosing Keywords
    • Out stretching selected Audience
    • Buying the Channel
    • Positioning and computing Marketing Goals
    • Ways suitable for PPC into Digital Strategies
    • Reporting and Tracking PPC
  • Advanced PPC
    • Keyword Research and Ads compelling
    • Advanced Ads characteristics
    • Extending Ads Testing
    • Campaign differently, it’s budgeting and reaches
    • Reaching customers from Audience lists
    • Display Ads format
    • Setting Objectives and Measuring
    • Auction and Acknowledgement
    • Fundamentals of Quality Score, and it’s working
    • PPC Strategies
    • Generating and Leading your account
    • Autonetics and other divergent Tools
  •  Web Analytics
    • Establishing Digital Analytics and Organizational Maturity
    • Segmentation
    • Digital Analytics and its managerial outlooks
    • Marketing Management
    • Key Performance Indexing
    • Digital Analytics Stack
    • Quiz
  • Advanced Web Analytics
    • Business Perspective
    • Fundamentals of Data Analysis
    • Managing Analytics and Audience Acquisition and Behaviour
    • Advocacy
    • Ethics and Privacy
  • Social Media Marketing
    • Introduction with faculty
    • Establishment of Social Media
    • Social Media planning and its strategies
    • Channel Management for Social Media
    • Measuring Social Media and Reporting
    • Social Advertising
  • Advanced Social Media Marketing
    • Sustainable structure for Social Media Planning
    • Connecting Social Media through Content Marketing
    • Visual Social Media
    • Selling Social Media
    • Social Media Computation
  • Brand Management 
    • Brand Management and doing Brand Marketing in Digital Epoch
    • Brand strategies
    • The Digital Consumer
    • Funnel
    • Insights and Brand Analytics
    • Brand Management

Digital Marketing Acme Projects

The Digital Marketing Acme projects open the door to opportunities by implementing the skills and concepts learned during the Post-Graduate Program in Digital Marketing.

This can be achieved through a dedicated mentor session in which a participant will learn to solve the real-world, industry-range case studies.

Elective Course

  • Advanced Email Marketing

Under this, the participants will learn the techniques of creating advanced marketing strategies and developing effective advertising campaigns for promoting the products, services, brands awareness

  • Advanced Content Marketing

Learn the expertise of content marketing and various features of planning and executing content marketing planning for developing impressive content with perfection.

  • Advanced Mobile Marketing

Mastering expertise in using mobile marketing communication by advertising, responsive designs, integrated social media marketing, etc.

Program End Result

Completion of the Post-Graduate Program in Digital Marketing results in

  • Acknowledge the strategies behind Digital Marketing with its pros and cons
  • Procuring and capturing data collections and examining the techniques getting and apprehending data collections and analyzing techniques previously posses by marketing professionals
  • Obtaining awareness about the structure and perspective when calculating customer’s  digital actions
  • Accessing and selecting the right Web Analytical Tools and its Techniques
  • Plan and manage budgets for Digital Marketing

Period: 6 months [5-10 hours/week]

Fee: INR 1,18,000 (Inclusive Tax)


  • Social Studio
  • Facebook Blueprint
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • MOZ
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Data Studio
  • Twitter
  • Bing Ads
  • SE Ranking
  • YouTube Advertising
  • Uber suggests
  • YouTube Analytics
  • Majestic
  • semrush
  • SpyFu
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google Ad Manager
  • Qlik
  • Linkedin

Alumni Review

Shilpa Singh, Director Proteck Electronics Trading LLC

Simplilearn is the best institute that helps me in exploring my Sales and Marketing skills comprehensively. Its trained and experienced faculty members are truly the best that helps me to explore my knowledge and clear my doubts during the online classes. I recommended my friends to do the Post-Graduate Program in Digital Marketing at this institute.

Mia Schucks, Brand Manager

I completed my Post-Graduate Program in Digital Marketing from Simplilearn and its online classes are very well organized and fully informative that helping me in enhancing my skills.


Comparison between Digital Vidya and Simplilearn Digital Marketing Course

The growing world of Digital Marketing has changed the way of purchasing products and services. As per the digital marketing intelligence, the global digital marketing size increased by 17.6% in 2020 compared to 2019. This growth brings more opportunities in the digital marketing world for scholars and for professionals, and even for those who want to switch their job profiles as well.

For this, one must be hand-full in technical skills in digital marketing, which one can do from many institutes providing the latest digital marketing course solely or in collaboration with the renowned universities in the world.

Digital Vidya and Simplilearn are also very renowned and known names in education, providing Digital Marketing Certification Programs designed as per today’s needs. Through their best Learning Management System programs, the participants will get 24*7 online support for the course content. The fee structure of Simplilearn is on a higher node comparative to the Digital Vidya.


Conclusive Suggestion

Everyone wants a job either as a scholar or as a professional seeking new jobs or want promotions or switching job profile, the Digital World changes the marketing trend and also created many job opportunities around the world, for which one must be technically sound in Digital Marketing and must know the use of marketing tools for which they have to go through for digital marketing course. There are so many institutes providing digital marketing courses on-campus classroom studies or online classes.

Such institutes offer demo classes for the future participants to experience the institute and also the faculty staff, which lately supports participants in choosing the right institute for their Digital Marketing Course. Hence, it is advisable that take demo classes and also go through with the course fee structure before selecting the institute.

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