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Digital Vidya Vs Digiperform Who is Better For A Digital Marketing Course?

The growing use of the internet brings many opportunities also besides the sale or purchase of commodities or services. In today’s time, everyone wants to earn what, that is beyond reach from different sources to live a better livelihood and for such people, Digital Marketing is the right course of action nowadays, as in talked about digital marketing many questions arise immediately, how and from where I start from? In this article, we will help you to find who is better between Digital Vidya & DigiPerform For learning Digital Marketing.

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Well, such a dilemma never helps one to take the correct decision, even though you had already searched the internet but, you are still very much there at the starting point. Keeping track of your dilemma I did some research on a few of the institutes who are providing good online courses on Digital Marketing as the need for digital marketing is increasing the business trends drastically one must choose the right to institute that not only gives you the best of the knowledge on digital marketing but also helps you in getting the job and makes your earnings comparatively better.


When a person is in a dilemma about choosing the right to institute for the searched course, it becomes very difficult for the one. For this, I took Digital Vidya and Digiperform institutes who give online courses for digital marketing.


Digital Vidya

One of the renowned institutes in Asia, that provides an online course on Digital Marketing through their experienced technical team comprised of 72 teaching professionals to develop one’s professional skills in the field of digital marketing at an economical price through 44 different modules which guide you through to become a digital marketing professional.


Since 2009 Digital Vidya is providing certification courses and over 60,000 + professional has undergone with the training classes in over 5800+ batches. Professional form branded organizations like Google, Cisco, eBay, Reliance, Toyota, CII, and 55+ countries have taken part. Digital Vidya is the official training partner of Google and Microsoft India NASSCOM, LinkedIn, Facebook, skills as the giant Global Social Media.


Digital Vidya participants after going through with the courses can be reached up to a skilled level wherein at least 50% of Marketing Professionals upgrade their skills, 75% of participants found themselves in the state of career shifting, 25% of them will be in the state of becoming a freelancer, and almost 15% of the participants will become the internet business promoters so as they can achieve the set higher goal by them.


Certified Digital Marketing Master programs or the CDMM helps you in comprehensively learning digital marketing.


Salient features

Course Name: Digital Marketing Course

Duration: 100 Hrs

Course fees: INR 58,882.00 ( inclusive of Tax)

Course Curriculum: The course is exhaustive based on 44 modules

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) [ 4 MODULES]

  1. Introduction to SEO and how the search work is done
  2. Web page development
  3. Schema Markup
  4. Measurement with Google Analytical


  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing) [ 5 MODULES ]

  1. Introduction to SEM and the case study
  2. Google AdWords
  3. Introduction to YouTube Marketing
  4. Introduction to Shopping campaign
  5. How to create Google display Network


  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) [ 5 MODULES]

  1. Introduction to Social Media Marketing
  2. Develop content for Facebook Marketing
  3. How Facebook Marketing Ads work
  4. Marketing on Instagram and LinkedIn and tool for Social Media Marketing
  5. Designing of perfect Social Media Marketing strategy


  • Email Marketing [ 3 MODULES]

  1. Constructive Email Content and its delivery rate
  2. Customers buying strategies
  3. Bring up the technology of email automation


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  • Inbound Marketing Technique [ 4 MODULES]

  1. Attracting the Leads and converting them into customers
  2. Conversion of prospects into Leads through effective Emails
  3. Conversion optimization to engaging customers
  4. Lifecycle emails and its working technique


  • Web Analytics[ 5 MODULES]

  1. Introduction to Web Analytics
  2. Introduction to Google Analytics
  3. Analysis of Content Performance
  4. Digital Analytics
  5. Platform Postulates


The other modules include:

  • Facebook Marketing in consortium with Facebook
  • Unified Digital Marketing plan
  • Associated Marketing
  • Arranging Media and it’s Buying
  • Becoming a Freelancer in Digital Marketing
  • Selling at Marketplace and  listing of E-commerce
  • Marketing Programs
  • Creating Infographics Resumes
  • Content Marketing in consortium with LinkedIn
  • Sourcing the Leads


Internship and Placements:  After the completion of the course the participants have to undergo the 3 months internship which is being taken up at 2 different stages. The experienced placement team guides the participants to choose the best company for them and assist them in the entire recruitment process.

IIM SKILLS Nepal Digital marketing course invite

1. Research-Based Blogging Internship (Digital Vidya)

  • Duration: 3 months
  • Pre-requisite: CDMM course completes
  • Eligibility: Good written communication skills


2.Social Media Internship (NASSCOM)

  • Duration: 3 months
  • Pre-requisite: Social Media Marketing course completes
  • Eligibility: Everyone is eligible


Case study Assignments:  Digital Vidya designed 60 hours of a case study program, all the gathered information helps in profound and interesting assignments for the Digital Marketing Course. The in-depth research work is not available in any other Digital Marketing Course.


SEO Case Study:  “ICICI Bank”, with a duration of 20 hours.

Learning outcomes

  1. Improves the ranking for your websites and blogs, this helps in attaining competency.
  2. Indexing of your content in the search engines regularly.
  3. Helps in identifying which page of websites is responding well, and which page requires improvements.
  4. Research helps in short-listing keywords that help in making your content searchable.


Familiarization with tools

  1. Google Analytical
  2. Google keyword planner
  3. Search Console


SEM Case Study: “Carwale”, with a duration of 4 hours

Learning outcomes

  1. Helps to effectively use a search engine marketing campaign by hitting the applicable individuals.
  2. Setting up an appropriate budget for your campaigns to make the best use of it.
  3. Analyzing campaign performance and conversion tracking.


Familiarization with the Tools

  1. Google AdWords
  2. Google Keyword Planner


Social Media Marketing Case Study: “Cadbury Dairy Milk”, with a duration of 20 hours

Learning outcomes

  1. Gets a rewarding social media marketing campaign by generating perfect ideas.
  2. Special events are organized for your social media marketing campaign to attract the maximum number of audiences.
  3. Recognizing the best way to gain user-generated content.
  4. Picking up the correct mode of social media channels for your campaign to achieve the best possible result through minimum efforts.


Email Marketing Case Study: “ Microsoft”, with a duration of  8 hours

Learning outcomes

  1. Promotional emails can be generated through appealing content.
  2. Segmentize users based on interest and demographics.
  3. Generate importance for your product so as the leads can be converted into customers.


Familiarization with the Tools

  1. MailChimp


Inbound Marketing Case Study: “Myntra”, with a duration of 8 hours

Learning outcomes

  1. The bird’s-eye view helps Inbound Marketing to generate strategies adopted by big brands.
  2. Preparing the next level of Inbound Marketing plans for your business.
  3. Developing appealing pages for specific individuals so they can visit your website.
  4. Blueprint


Familiarization with the Tools

  1. Unboune.com Landing page builder


Web Analytical Case Study: “Puma”, with a duration of 4 hours

Learning outcomes

  1. Finding the technique to make your website a conversion tool to ensure sales.
  2. Trace out the geographical aspects of where website traffic is passing by.
  3. Examine the interplay of your website visitors.
  4. Test the advancement and updating of your website to deliver the best experience.


Familiarization with the Tools

  1. Google Analytics



 Digital Vidya is providing free digital marketing tools worth Rs. 72k+  

As digital marketing requires much wide range of tools in a digital marketing course. Digital Vidya partnered with these companies to provide such costly tools to their participants completely free of cost so as one need not buy these tools and participants not asked to pay any extra penny besides the regular course fees. The durations for these free tools are available from a few weeks to a few months to each participant.


  1. Hosting Server Space: Server space for the start-ups joining the course worth Rs. 35,000.00, provided on the Industry leading the cloud-based hosting.
  2. SEO Tools: To maximize the website SEO traffics SEO tools subscription worth Rs. 11,500.00 available to all the participants.
  3. Tools for Social Listing: To view the conversation regarding any brand on social media, a social listing tool worth Rs. 40,000.00 is also available for the participants.
  4. WordPress Themes: To create a website on WordPress mega themes WordPress worth Rs.6,000.00 is also given to the participants.
  5. SEM Tools: To analyze, manage, and to improve the campaign SEM tools worth Rs. 6,500.00 available to all the participants.
  6.   Landing Page Creator: worth Rs. 1,270.00, tools help in creating hassle-free landing web pages for your websites.   
  7. Push Notifications Tool: worth Rs. 6,500.00, the Browser Push Notification tool helps to increase maximum conversion from the leads.
  8. AHREFS Tools: A backlink and keyword tool that helps in developing research competition and dominating the niche worth Rs. 12,000.00 is also accessible to the participants.

Digital Vidya Alumni’s Reviews

1.Rahil Joshi, Digital Marketing Freelancer: Digital Vidya the best institute gets 10/10 without any reason, the course is designed in such a way that it explores the Full Stack of Online Marketer in you. With its 6 core channels of Digital Marketing and 15 specializations enhancing one’s skills. I switched my career in engineering to Digital Marketing Freelancer after completing my CDMM course of Digital Vidya. I am very much thankful to all the faculty members who trained me at Digital Vidya during the course.


2.Shilpi Shah, Social Media Marketer at Fuzia: I feel proud to be alumni of Digital Vidya as it brings a whole new change in me after doing the CDMM course. This. This is the best decision of my life that I took. The course modules are very well designed and also covered by the experienced and dedicated trained faculties of Digital Vidya, I was a house maker, but after doing this course right now I am working as a Social Media Marketer with Fuzia. I never thought of social media marketing be so interesting than be it fun.



Co-founders Manu Jolly and Vaibhav Vats started the company on a digital platform in the year 2014 with short-term skills training programs for the job’s seekers, professional, and the ones who want to build up their digital skills, with 36 teaching centers across India in 14 different states helping out to those who want to be the digitally skilled professionals.


Digiperform with its unique feature of the Hybrid classroom teaching technique brings out a great approach of learning in which the student can not only have the classroom study but can also study through DOLMS ( Digiperform Online Learning Management System). Over 13500 students have got jobs in renowned companies like Airtel, Microsoft, ICICI Bank, Adobe, Wunderman, and many more. Digiperform provides 2 different Digital Marketing course for the 360o of development for the Industrial freshers also 2 short-term digital skill certification programs.


Digital Career Courses

  • AACDM ( Advanced Annual Certificate Program in Digital Marketing) Eligibility 10+2. Duration: 11 months
  • PGPDM ( Post-Graduate Program in Digital Marketing ) Eligibility  Graduate or Equivalent. Duration: 6 months


Digital Skill Certification Courses ( short-term)

  • dCCDM


Digiperform Certified Comprehensive Digital Marketer

  1. Total duration: 245 Hrs
  2. Classroom duration: 123 Hrs


3 Level Program

  • dACDMC
  • Digiperform Advanced Certified Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Total duration: 321 Hrs
  • Classroom duration: 163 Hrs


5 Level Program

  • Digital Marketing Essential [ 12 MODULES]
  1. Introduction to Online Marketing
  2. Planning Digital Marketing Operations
  3. Designing Digital Banner
  4. Publishing of eBooks
  5. Planning Video Creations
  6. How to do YouTube Marketing?
  7. Generating Online Leads
  8. Email Marketing
  9. How to build your Website?
  10. Traffic Reporting & Web Analytical
  11. Inbound Marketing Technique
  12. Web Content Writing


  • Social Media Marketing ( Specialization 1)

  1. Introduction to Social Media Marketing
  2. Strategy for Social Media Marketing
  3. Marketing Facebook Business
  4. Marketing Instagram Business
  5. Marketing Twitter Business
  6. Marketing LinkedIn
  7. Marketing Quora
  8. SM Tools & Online Reputation Management


  • Online Advertisements ( Specialization 2)

  1. Foundation for Online Advertisements
  2. Google Ads
  3. Bing Ads
  4. Facebook Ads
  5. Recall Ads & Remarketing
  6. Strategy on Advanced Facebook Advertising
  7. Advertising LinkedIn
  8. Advertising Twitter
  9. Buying Online Traffic
  10. Strategy for Online Media Buying


  • SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) [ Specialization 3 ]

  1. Introduction to SEO
  2. Html for SEO and Basic Excel
  3. Research & Keyword Planning
  4. SEO Content Writing
  5. Optimizing SEO Page creation, it’s a Live Exercise
  6. Off-Page SEO and Link Analysis
  7. Webmaster Tools
  8. Mobile, Local, & International SEO
  9. Besides these modules, there are 2 mastery sections also.


  • Sales Optimization [ 6 MODULES]

  1. Advanced Google Analytics & Tag Manager
  2. Persuasion Science for Customer
  3. Marketing Automation
  4. Marketing on Multi-Touch
  5. Conversion Rate Optimization
  6. Growth Hacking


  1. Online Earnings [ 5 MODULES]

  2. Influencer Marketing & Personal Branding
  3. Earning as Affiliate Marketer
  4. Earnings with Blogging
  5. Digital Marketing Freelancer
  6. Ecommerce Marketing


  • Preparation for Digital Marketing Interview

In this module preparation for an interview is done by guiding them on how to prepare the great CV, creating a customized cover letter and mock interview. The course fees for the short-term certification course is INR 67,499.00 (inclusive of Tax)


Internship and Placements: The Digiperform send their participants to different-different companies for the internship so as they get a live experience about the work, for this, their interns will get a stipend from INR 6K to INR 15K per month which will later be absorbed by the same industry, or even sometimes the interns will be asked to join the industry during the internship.


The team at Digiperform supports its participants in getting the best live experienced internships in the industry but also supports them in getting the right job in the industry as per the perspectives.


  1. Sohail Sayed: Joined as a Social Media intern with Valueleaf Services Pvt. Ltd.
  2. Madhuri S: Working as a Digital Marketing Executive with Limra Softech India Pvt. Ltd. With a salary of 1.92k per annum.
  3. Rinku Tulsiani: Working as a Digital Marketing Executive with DQMS ELS Ltd.
  4. Mohd. Salman: Joined as a 3 months intern with Inovexic at a  monthly stipend of Rs. 12k per month.
  5. Yash Arora: Joined 3 months internship on Search Engine Optimization with Codec Networks.
  6. Palav Raj: Joined 3 months internship on Search Engine Optimization with Codec Networks.
  7. Rahul Bansal: working as a Digital Marketing Executive with FSC Pvt. Ltd. At a salary of 2.40k per annum
  8. Nihal d Giri: working as a Digital Marketing Executive with Chromozones Network Pvt. Ltd. At a salary of 2.40k per annum.
  9. Amlan Bora: working as a Digital Marketing Executive with Chromozones Network Pvt. Ltd. At a salary of 18k per month.
  10. Chetan Srivatsa: working as an Analyst in Digital Marketing with CogniCX IT Solutions

IIM SKILLS Nepal Digital marketing course invite

Digiperform Alumni’s Reviews

  1. Divya Jain: Digiperform faculties are extremely helpful & courteous.
  2. Tanvi Bhambri: Learning Management System of Digiperform is the best platform to do the digital marketing course.
  3. Faisal Rehman: Digiperform has created a benchmark for Digital Marketing.
  4. Manoj Khatana: I gain a wonderful experience at Digiperform while doing my digital marketing course.
  5. Chawang R: Digiperform with its best quality experienced and trained faculties supporting us in getting the best knowledge regarding the Digital Marketing course, even their internship and the placement wings are also remarkable they not even help you in 3 months live internship but latterly helps you in getting the jobs in the industry.


Comparison between Digital Vidya and Digiperform for Digital Marketing Course

Well, as we know that the world of digital marketing is growing very drastically and if you want to be a skilled professional in the field of digital marketing then I know that you are stuck, and even consulted your friends besides searching on the internet regarding the digital marketing course.


You might have also searched for how come it helps you not in your livelihood but also to become a skilled professional in digital marketing. There are n-numbers of institutes available today who are not even providing classroom-based courses but also giving online training to their participants. They provide training through different-different ways of Learning Management Systems so the student will get their course support 24*7 on the internet.


In this aspect, I did some research work on two renowned institutes in India that are providing digital marketing courses and their individuals are uplisted in a defined manner so as you can make the right choice for the institute and also make use of their faculties experience to enhance your skills.


Conclusive Suggestion

As the digital world is grooming so is the Digital Marketing field,  there is a very huge opportunity in the marketing world as the large scale of branding and promoting of business is required to attract the large numbers of audience towards the business through different modes of media.


Multiple career choices option gives an enormous advantage in the Digital Marketing career. The scope of Digital Marketing has drastically changed the approach of business doings and generated over 8 lakhs job for Digital Marketing world-wide.


The Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi is also emphasizing more on digital India campaigns generating many more job opportunities for the youth to a large extent. Digital Marketing comes up with a high-profile paying job in today’s time.


To become a skilled Digital Marketing professional, one must select the best institutes that provide the best of training and give a wide exposure to your ability for this they give free demo classes also so as you can justify your choice and also the selected institute. Fees structure varies from institute to institute hence it is feasible to set your goal first and then choose your institute.

From the information obtained about the two institutes, it can be said that both offer high-quality training in digital modules. Go through the curriculum carefully, and select the course that is more suited to your preference. If you are interested in learning online modules, check out the top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in India.

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