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Top 6 Digital Marketing Courses in Slough With Placement

Digital marketing is the most advanced trend in marketing because today among the population of the world, the majority are internet users and it is seen people trust the internet to research something before they purchase, use, or avail the services, or for any purpose they look. This trend is most popular in high-tech cities of the world because of its immediate reach. This article deals with the digital marketing courses in slough, one of the important commercial centers for many businesses, both national and international in the urban area of greater London within the historic county of Buckinghamshire.


List of best digital marketing courses in Slough


What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing refers to the use of digital tools to advertise or market goods and services through online mediums. It uses social media, websites, Email, mobile apps, web-based advertising, text messaging, and search engines to promote and reach out the customers.

Digital marketing started gaining ground in business due to the advent of the internet. This field is wide, and it is not limited to the internet alone through computers but also apps on smartphones, mobile devices, and video games play a vital role to boost this idea of marketing 


Why Are Digital Marketing Courses in Slough Popular?

This new trend demands skilled professionals with the skills of marketing in business. In places like Slough where businesses grow at a rapid pace. Marketers help organizations mote, create awareness about their services, and products or just familiarize their brand and develop business more appealingly.

This is the reason why the digital marketing courses in Slough are more in demand which attracts more learners. As Slough is a business hub for world countries, the companies require more skilled digital marketing professionals. The digital marketing world seems to boom because it is cost-effective and has multiple strategies for global reach.


What Do the Digital Marketing Courses in Slough Cover

The digital marketing courses in Slough cover the current theory in marketing and its practical approach with hands-on experience. This course covers the important strategies of the digital marketing environment to achieve the goals of marketing. Further, social media and internet strategies are taught with updated information relevant to marketing.

The curriculum is tailored in some institutes as per the level of the learners’ background knowledge of Marketing. The course provides certification upon completion of the course which helps to recognize the professional skills of digital marketing in the workplace. 


What Are the Top Certifications of Digital Marketing

The knowledge and skill to exhibit are more important than any certificate still when it comes to formal job interview credit of the certifications matters. A few of them which are the most important are mentioned below.

  • Digital marketing certificate from LinkedIn
  • Digital marketing solution – PCM
  • Facebook blueprint certifications
  • Google Ads marketing certification
  • Certification from YouTube
  • Google Analytics certification
  • Google digital marketing and e-commerce certificate


Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Slough



IIM SKILLS is one of the reputed institutions offering online courses to learners all over the world. Therefore, the master course provided by this center is recognized as one of the best digital marketing courses in slough. All the programs of IIM SKILLS are ranked no. 1 by the top education blogs such as Advisoruncle, Course Report, Career360, and Coursedekho.


Duration:  5 months of comprehensive live training

Module: There are 40 digital marketing modules based on the given topics

  • Digital marketing basics
  • Word press – web development ideas
  • Fundamentals of SEO- search engine optimization and google ads
  • Different types of marketing –Email, inbound, social media, and integrated digital marketing strategies
  • Google Analytics
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Content writing and blogging basics and techniques  
  • Media buying, planning, and affiliate marketing
  • Video marketing and marketing automation
  • Digital infographics resume preparation


Highlights of the Digital Marketing Course:

  • Paid internship for two months
  • Certification with a letter of recommendation
  • Interview support
  • The digital marketing agency is launched
  • For career and business, personalized mentorship is given
  • The first blog is written for the Times of India
  • Podcast launching with apple, google, and Spotify
  • Affiliate marketing through a YouTube channel
  • Lifetime access to training material



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Requirements of the Course: Anyone with a strong interest to learn marketing skills can enroll and it is not mandatory to have any technical and marketing background to do these online digital marketing courses in Slough.


Course fee: £370


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2. CIM- Chartered Institute of Marketing

This is a great study center for marketing that provides a complete range of professional qualifications in digital marketing and is accredited by the European Marketing Federation. This comprises currently around 12,500 learners which are spread over 118 countries and every year 18,000 + assessments are taken by the learners.

Classes are provided by industrial experts to help learners to advance their careers. This is one of the reputed training centers providing digital marketing courses in Slough where there are different levels in the qualifications so one can choose it according to their requirements.


Duration:170 hrs per module


  • Foundations – Marketing Principles, Digital Fundamentals
  • Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing-Applied Marketing, Planning Campaigns, and digital marketing techniques
  • Diploma in professional digital Marketing – Marketing and digital strategy, Digital Optimisation of the digital customer service


Highlights of the Course:

  • Blend of both practical and academic understanding
  • Each module is career oriented 
  • Prepares for global competence
  • Flexible study options-face to face, online, blended learning


Requirements of the Course:

  • Foundations – freshers will get a good introduction to marketing 
  • Certificate -Marketing executives with experience to advance career
  • Diploma – professionals in a supervisory role like marketing managers or operational marketers


Course Fee: 

  • Foundations -£950 per module
  • Certificate –   £1835 per module
  • Diploma –      £2,030 per module


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3. E-careers

This is an Ed Tech institution started in the year 2011 that provides professional diplomas in digital marketing courses in Slough recognized by the industry and up-skilling solutions to professionals, individuals, and companies. They provide courses that are innovative to meet the need of the fast-changing world and their courses are effective, accessible, and affordable.

This eLearning course provides a self-paced learning atmosphere. The virtual classrooms are very effectively delivered by experts in the specific field. This institute trained about 613,000 of which over 4000 learners after training were directly placed.


Duration: Course access 6 months


  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Latest features of Google ads
  • Social media marketing
  • SEO-Search engine optimization
  • Fundamentals of Google Analytics 
  • PPC-Pay Per Click
  • Mobile marketing strategies
  • Email marketing strategies


Special Features of the Module:

  • New soft skills -the art of persuasion
  • Improved UX and content library support
  • New skills testing through practical interactive exercises
  • Includes all the latest digital platforms like ‘tik take
  • B2B marketing content learning
  • Includes future upgradation of the course


Highlights of the Course:

  • Online mode with a flexible schedule
  • Interest-free payments
  • Mock exams included
  • Includes 12-month DMI membership
  • Earn a globally recognized certificate
  • Placement assistance


Requirements of the course: This course is designed for any level of learners like fresher, professionals or managers, and entrepreneurs.  It will be customized depending on the background of the learner.

Course Fee: £895

This institute provides the best online digital marketing courses in Slough. It is a very good platform for learners to enhance and expand their knowledge while working.


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4. London Business School

This is one of the popular business schools and the best institution providing master digital marketing courses in slough which is located in London. They aim at empowering people of any background, nationality, and culture to enhance their careers to cope with the changing world. The course modules are designed to suit all levels.



  • full time – 3 months 
  • Online – 6-8 hrs. week



  • Introduction to social media and internet marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Fundamentals of SEO
  • Paid search marketing and selling on marketplaces
  • Digital marketing in B2B environments
  • Mobile app marketing
  • Social media marketing -listening and creating content
  • Sharing content and building advocacy
  • Personalization marketing and digital loyalty programs
  • Omnichannel marketing strategies


Highlights of the Course:

  • Flexible learning options
  • Case studies based on top brands like Starbucks, Lego, etc.
  • Weekly new content release
  • Peer learning
  • Engaged and immersive learning through video lectures and live classes online
  • Users can create a platform to connect and collaborate with peers and industry-specific experts


Who Can Take This Course:

  • Experienced traditional marketers
  • Non-Marketing leaders
  • Early-career marketers
  • Professionals from a non-marketing field


Course Fee: £2250

This institution is the right choice for anyone who is looking to do mastering digital marketing courses with a flexible time schedule.


5. Free Digital Marketing Course by Google

This is the free digital marketing course provided by google to those who look for basic digital marketing skill development. This free course has a certificate upon completion of the course accredited by the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and the open university. The modules are prepared by trainers of google with expert practical experience and with perfect real-life examples.


Duration of the Course: 40 hours

Module: 26 lessons

  • Digital/online opportunity – 2 lessons
  • Basics about online goals- 4 lessons
  • Fundamentals of Website – 6 lessons
  • Online business strategy – 5 lessons
  • SEO – search engine optimization basics – 5 lessons
  • Search engine basics – 6 lessons
  • Web page search basics – 3 lessons
  • SEM – introduction to search engine marketing – 4 lessons
  • Improve search engines and keywords match – 4lessons
  • Marketing – local directions – 2 lessons
  • SEO for local businesses – 3 lessons
  • Social media basics – 4 lessons
  • Long-term social media plan -4 lessons
  • Possibilities of mobile devices – 3 lessons
  • Content marketing – 6 lessons
  • Email marketing – 5 lessons
  • Deep dive into display advertising- 6 lessons
  • Online video strategy – 6 lessons
  • Web analytics and organic search – 6 lessons
  • Turn data into insights- 5 lessons
  • Strategies of Online shop, e-commerce for online sale – 5 lessons
  • International digital marketing – 7 lessons


Highlights of the course:

  • Learners can choose self-paced online learning
  • Standard video tutorial
  • Accessibility is unlimited
  • Accredited certificate 


Requirements of the Course: This course best suits beginner-level learners because the course covers all basic concepts relevant to digital marketing.

Course Fee: Google offers this as a free course, and it is not paid.


6. The Knowledge Academy

This is the well-established world’s leading training provider of more than 30,000+ courses in over 1000 +locations spread over 190+ countries. This institute has trained millions of learners which shows the international recognition and trust of the delegates.

They provide a wide variety of courses to companies small and big, top organizations, and private individuals in IT, management courses, Human resources courses, and digital marketing courses. The subject experts are selectively chosen to deliver classes, this is one of the high-quality institutes for digital marketing courses.


Mode of Training:

  • Inhouse training
  • Onsite training
  • Classroom training


Module – Digital Marketing Skills

  • Brand development and branding
  • Competitive research
  • Content Strategy
  • Search engine optimization and marketing
  • Data Analytics
  • Customer data security and privacy


Highlights of the Course:

  • Award-winning training material
  • Courses are guaranteed to run on the fixed date
  • Best price for the course in the market
  • Very well-experienced staff


Requirements of the Course: No mandatory requirements for the course but individual interest is more important. 


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7. London School of Digital Marketing

Duration: 30 hours


There are 9 modules

  • Digital marketing introduction
  • Search engine optimization
  • Pay per click
  • Fundamentals of digital display and video advertising
  • Social media marketing techniques
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Analytics
  • Strategy and planning


Highlights of the Course:

  • Work with real projects for real clients
  • Modular immersive learning
  • Exams 
  • Accreditation
  • Classes led by industry experts


Requirements of the Course: There are no specific requirements as there is a variety of courses designed for all levels from beginner to advanced.

Course Fee: £1,595.00


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


8. London Marketing Academy

This is a digital marketing academy that provides courses at an international level by certified trainers. They teach current strategies in the field of digital marketing. They are the providers of short courses on digital marketing. They deal with each concept in deep so in short courses easily you can understand the digital marketing techniques and concepts used in the present scenario.


Duration: This is an 8 hours course, 4 hours per day. 


  • Online marketing step-by-step course
  • SEO (search engine optimization) -to improve the web position in search engines
  • Marketing in search engines – in order to obtain a decent return on investment (ROI) strategies are taught to plan, implement and optimize marketing campaigns on search engines 
  • Marketing strategies through email -methods for planning, creating, implementing, and measuring marketing campaigns through email
  • Display marketing techniques to plan, organize and develop banner campaigns
  • Social media marketing – communication techniques through social media networks
  • Online partnership to understand the affiliate marketing promotion
  • Mobile marketing with the help of mobile devices for a marketing campaign
  • fundamentals of Web Analytics focus on understanding performance indicators, choosing measurement tools, analyzing reports to increase the performance
  • Online marketing strategy is taught to make and implement an online plan


Course Content:

  • Concepts of digital marketing
  • Methods to prepare a digital marketing plan
  • Methods to measure the existing or new business
  • Ideas to implement and conduct productive market research
  • Build and develop buyer personas
  • Competitor analysis usage and importance
  • Customer journey and customer value optimization
  • Fundamentals to generate awareness and  traffic
  • Automation and creation systems
  • Implementation of conversion rate optimization practices
  • Tools and techniques to analyze web pages. 


Highlights of the Course:

  • A limited number of participants
  • Live and online class options are available
  • A graduation certificate is provided upon completion of the course


Who Can Do This Course:

  • People who want to take a career of digital marketing
  • Entrepreneurs of the big and small business
  • Professional working in companies related to digital marketing


Course Fee

  • £300 online mode of learning
  • £500 in-class training


9. Pitman Training

This institute began in the year 1837 by Sir Isaac Pitman who invented shorthand. Since then this institute started growing by incorporating modern technologies in the courses they offer to suit today’s workplace. This is the best institute to study digital marketing courses in slough while in the current job.

This institute has different types of training – part-time adult courses, distance learning centers, courses, training seminars, diploma courses, and online training courses. Learners can select any mode of learning and the special feature of this center is it is a dedicated course provider of job-oriented courses. 


Duration: 350 hours/14 weeks of full-time study

Module: 9 key courses

  • Courses on social media platforms such as Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Specialized areas like pay-per-click, search engine optimization, digital display marketing, email marketing, and more
  • Ability to monitor, analyze and report the digital marketing
  • Strategy and planning of analytics
  • Quality formatting using the word. Excel and PowerPoint


Highlights of the Course:

  • Flexible schedule
  • Self-paced study options’
  • The start date of the course is flexible
  • Digital marketing professional certification from the digital marketing institute.


Requirements of the Course: Though there are no prerequisites for this course, it will be added advantage if someone has a basic understanding of marketing skills

Course fee: £600


10. Imperial College Business School

This college is a part of imperial college London which drives business into science and technology with its innovative idea of entrepreneurship. Those who are looking for the best digital marketing courses in Slough can opt for this because it covers content required for the current digital marketing world. There are varieties of courses provided by this college from undergraduate degrees to Ph.D. and the classes are well planned and taught by industrial experts. 


Duration: online /part-time 21 weeks


  • Customer behavior, segmentation, and journey mapping
  • Online mode – product positioning
  • Paid search
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Online advertising
  • Online customer engagement 1 & 2
  • Social media marketing paid and organic
  • Social media marketing platforms
  • Customer segmentation in big data
  • Artificial intelligence in digital marketing
  • Digital performance metrics
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Brand management in the digital world
  • Managing customer relationships
  • Frameworks for implementing digital marketing
  • Capstone project


Who Should Attend:

  • Early to mid-level marketing professionals
  • Job seekers and career switchers into digital marketing
  • Consultants aiming to strengthen their knowledge of digital skills


Highlights of the Course:

  • Devise powerful digital marketing strategies for brands\
  • In-depth knowledge of tools and techniques used in digital marketing
  • Hands-on activities
  • Personal support for career guidance

Course Fee: £3,995


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q1. What are the prerequisites for this course?

The certificate and diploma course does not have many requirements and eligibility criteria for the learners to do the course. But the advanced level degree and master’s degree courses on digital marketing require a basic marketing degree or experience in the field of marketing for professionals. 


Q2. Is it difficult to learn digital marketing courses?

It is not a difficult course it is a straightforward course to learn things, but the matter is that learning becomes successful only if it is applied effectively in the work. Practicing consistently the assigned work within the stipulated time will give the confidence and interest to explore more about the course.


Q3. Is it important to have coding knowledge?

Though having skill-based knowledge is an added advantage, it is not compulsory to have language and programming skills. 


Q4. How long it takes to complete digital marketing courses?

It depends on the institute some take 3 months and others take 6 months. Mostly the course progresses within 3 to 6 months if it is at beginner and intermediate levels. The advanced courses in bachelor’s, and master’s take years to complete because they go deep and cover all the topics relevant to marketing.


Q5. What is the career scope after the digital marketing courses?

There are different opportunities like SEO experts, social media marketers, band marketing experts, E-commerce specialists, and digital media managers. All these jobs are more in demand and attract high packages.



The article discussed the top both online and classroom-led digital marketing courses in slough provided by the top institutions to fetch a high paid job in this fast-growing sector. In short, if you have a passion for learning digital marketing, these are the best options to choose for doing an innovative course in the high-tech marketing field.

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