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Top 6 Digital Marketing Courses in Ranchi With Placement

The Covid pandemic forced all our interactions, expenses, and work to be handled from home. This enabled a meteoric rise in traffic for online websites like Amazon, Zoom, and Google Meet, which raked in tons of profit by augmenting their online user experience and cementing their position as replacements for offline alternatives. Zoom, for example, saw a quadrupling of its revenue in 2020, compared to 2021, and one of the major reasons for this gargantuan rise in digital marketing. Now, as a Ranchi citizen, you might ask ‘What are the best digital marketing courses in Ranchi?’ but before that…


List of best digital marketing courses in Ranchi


What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a multi-faceted field that can be summed up with the well-known marketing dictum ‘connecting with a prospective customer in the right way and at the right time, with a dash of the online/digital on top.

The aforementioned makes for a good summary for a layman but can be misleading to learners of the trade, since the way of digital marketing is miles apart from traditional marketing, in its practices and the quantity of information, as well as the tools available to calibrate this information to aid you in accounting for the needs of your target audience.

Digital Marketing is the new kid in the block and is, in many ways, better and far more effective in assisting in building brand image, lead generation, and ensuring customer acquisition for companies today.

Moreover, for B2C companies, online social media platforms are gold mines because of their mass appeal among young audiences, reaching almost 95 percent presence of young adults in developed nations who say they receive news indirectly through online websites/apps rather than printed papers or magazines and are constantly on the internet.

The easiest way to capture this growing audience at the most nominal rates is through comprehensive digital marketing strategies like content marketing with videos and clips and search engine optimization, which boosts net traffic and helps you generate more sales for your business. 

Digital marketing possesses tremendous potential in an untapped digital market such as Ranchi. The recent promises made by the state government of Jharkhand present a great opportunity for you to take advantage of the growing internet user base and catapult yourself into a digital marketing job for the future.

Before we present the proper skills, you can gain through some of the digital marketing courses in Ranchi, here’s some information …


About Ranchi:

The city endowed with picturesque natural bounty, known popularly as the ‘City of Waterfalls & Lakes’, is a remarkable capital city of the state of Jharkhand, India. It is a dwelling for the industrious and optimistic people of the state and those who migrated from nearby localities, majorly known as a center for major industries, which is evident by the 6 industrial areas encircling its periphery.

This significance as an industry hub is due to its titanic repository of minerals and metals, accounting for 16 percent of the natural minerals of the country. Its astonishing potential for growth and development as a booming hub for trade and industry has not flown under the radar of private and government entities alike, which have started to invest in better technology and resource mobilization for the state at large. Now that you have gained some idea about Ranchi and why it is of some significance, let’s proceed to …


Skills Required for Digital Marketing:

If you are looking for a job in the digital world, you need soft skills as a solid foundation, especially for bagging the job of a marketing expert. Curiosity, tenacity, and good presentation skills with some good creative and design skills are a necessity in any good profession.

A good personality full of integrity, replete with humility and enthusiasm to improve adds to your charm as an aspiring digital marketer. Technically, keyword research and running campaigns are essential actions for your job.

All brand image creation and marketing on major platforms like Google and Instagram is run through either search engine optimization guidelines that allow you to rank higher and help in lead generation or through micromanaging of metrics like click-through rate.

A marketing professional should be fully aware of the industry practices and work to not only bring new clientele for the business but also aid in the maintenance and long-time retention of this client base. He/ She should also be highly sociable and cooperative because a marketing professional never stands alone but has to work with others, like content writers, and web designers, and manage the whole campaign.

An understanding of data analytics is crucial as handling tons of data from ads, social media traction, and other areas of digital marketing is not easy, much less churning out effective insights from the given bracket so, data science professionals/certificate holders tend to gain an edge over other applicants in most firms who wish to expand digitally. A proper data structure goes a long way.

Tools like Excel and Google Docs are especially important and go further, as you’ll soon come to know if you undertake any digital marketing courses in Ranchi but what’s even more important is that a marketing person should not only be a technical wizard but a visionary as well.

One who can calibrate a balance between the overall image and expression of a company’s social mission, and business expectations coupled with effective marketing campaigns to skyrocket product viability.

A keen vision for the future progress of a company is a salient characteristic of an ideal candidate, so if you believe you hold the potential to be one of the best and are a resident of Ranchi or its locality, here are a few digital marketing courses in Ranchi to give the proper lay of the land but before launching into them, here is the…


Scope of Digital Marketing:

A friendly piece of advice you’ll learn often is that before you jump into anything you must survey the prospects of a field. Passion alone may lead you down paths that have unstable economic security.

As an aspiring digital marketing professional, you need not fret because digital marketing has created a deep foothold in every industry and it is here to stay, simply because of its ease of entry, high reachability, incredible ROI, and the ability to reach an ever-growing mobile user base. 

As this field continues to grow leaps and bounds in recent years, Ashish Bhasin, CEO of Dentsu Aegis Network has said, “Digital Media is no longer a medium, but a way of doing business.” and that is turning out to be a veracious statement for India as demand for marketing professionals in India is easily more than 20 lakh today with clear trends of growth in this sector. The highest sought professionals were those who offered digital advertising, content creation, and strategy as their skills in India.

Globally, the combined duo increased search volume for digital marketing courses, and in turn, digital marketing courses in Ranchi and the rising number of digital users add a lot to the scope of the job of digital marketer and as such, corporations are now hiring for niche specific marketing professionals, such as SEO professionals, social media managers, and data analytics specialist, etc.

As per official statements by Goldman Sachs, the size of Digital Marketing will triple by 2025 to a gigantic valuation of $160 billion globally. So, if you wish to ride the rising beanstalk to a royal Victorian castle in the sky, we finally present the best digital marketing courses in Ranchi. 


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Best Digital Marketing Courses in Ranchi:


1. Master Digital Marketing Course By IIM SKILLS:

This course is a master-crafted learning opportunity, disguised as one of the high-rated digital marketing courses in Ranchi for anyone who wishes to find their footing in the field.

It offers an online course led by adroit instructors who provide 5-months of proper training predicated on industry standards with the help of their 40 modules, subsuming marketing content that is honed to fashion the best marketer out of you.

Offering 14 certifications in line with Google and other renowned companies, it never desists from its abundant features and adds a fixed stipend of 6000 for the duration of the internship. 



  • Authentic Certifications and Letters of Recommendation
  • Aid in Launching your Agency
  • Placement Facility 
  • Paid Internship with Real-Time Projects
  • Provides Lifetime Access to Resources
  • 120 hours of Hands-On Learning 


Pricing: 34,000 INR




  • WordPress Development
  • Video Campaigning & Marketing
  • Social Media Branding
  • Search Engine Marketing 
  • Email Marketing Strategies & Automation
  • Optimizing Off & On Page SEO
  • Content Writing Techniques
  • Program for Affiliate Marketing


In totality, the Master Digital Marketing Course by IIM SKILLS is a stellar course that offers a great way to build your portfolio, and a paid internship effectively cuts its cost in the process. It is a stellar addition to our recommendations for the best digital marketing courses in Ranchi.


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2. Digital Marketing Full Course Bundle by Reliable Soft Digital Marketing Academy:

This course by Reliable Soft promises to teach you the secrets of digital marketing in less than 60 days through multiple steps, aimed to secure you greater sales and traffic. With its grand offer of 10-course certifications and commitment to render easily actionable steps to ensure proper understanding, it’s a course with a great offering and adds real-life examples as frosting on the cake too.



  • Proper SEO and Digital Marketing Certification 
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee 
  • Easily Downloadable Study Material
  • An option between Video/Text Learning
  • Provides Free Access to Tools like SEMrush & Amazing Discounts
  • Learning Facebook & Instagram Tactics to Earn Money


Pricing: 11,000 INR (approximate)


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite



This course contains 10 courses, and the total modules range up to 240 in number. Some of them are as follows:

  • Campaign Structure (Facebook)
  • Landing Page Optimization for Firms
  • Technical Page Optimization
  • E-Commerce Keyword In-Depth Research
  • Running Ads and Campaigns
  • Pillar Pages and Creation of Topic Clusters
  • Social Media Marketing and Brand Marketing
  • And more…


In conclusion, the Digital marketing Full Course Bundle by Reliable Soft Digital Marketing Academy is a wonderful course that is cost-efficient and puts the C in comprehensive. Thus, it is one of the most useful digital marketing courses in Ranchi and certainly, a worthy addition to the repertoire and resume of a digital marketing aspirant.


3. How to Get Hired as a Digital Marketer Course with Nathan Gotch by SEMrush Academy:

The course is suited for professionals at the entry stage or those who wish to add a striking advantage to their repertoire by learning about digital marketing and proven processes. Mr. Gotch is a successful SEO professional who has launched thousands of students and professionals and crafted campaigns as well. Furthermore, this course also helps you land your first job if you are a complete beginner.



  • 90-day course to Increase your Income
  • Expert Instructor
  • Helps Pick Specialty
  • Ensures Top 25% Scoring among Marketing Professionals
  • Short and Time-saving course


Pricing: Not Described


  • Basics and Introduction
  • Digital Marketing and What it is About?
  • Picking a Digital Marketing Path
  • Step-by-Step Process for Turning into a Top 25% Marketing Professional
  • The trajectory of your Marketing Career
  • Becoming the Best for the Job


Culminating, this course is a short and sweet class with a successful professional in the field who divulges trade secrets and essential tips for your benefit in the mere course of 90-days. This one is a strong recommendation for digital marketing courses in Ranchi.


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4. Google Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Professional Certificate by Coursera

This Coursera learning experience offers you a way into a blooming career as a digital marketing professional. Lessons from this course will help you become a better marketer who understands the uses and significance of search and email. Furthermore, it educates on the proper monitoring of analytics and other metrics and measures, while presenting them in a meaningful and pleasing way.



  • Extremely Cost-Efficient
  • Beginner-Friendly
  • Online & Self-Placed
  • Lessons on Important Marketing Tools and Techniques
  • Learn and Receive Certification from Google


Pricing: 1200 to 600 INR/month


This course offers 7 courses in total, namely:

  • Basics of E-Commerce & Digital Marketing
  • Customer Engagement and Attraction
  • Likes To Lead: Importance of Customer Interaction
  • Email Marketing and Thinking Outside the Box
  • Marketing Analytics and Their Management 
  • Launching E-Commerce Stores
  • Developing Loyalty and Retention Online


Comprehensively, Google Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Professional Certificate is an extremely beginner-friendly course that prepares you for setting up your E-commerce stores and catapulting yourself as a professional into the world of digital marketing at nominal pricing. The combination of all these positive aspects elevates it in our minds as one of the best digital marketing courses.


5. Certified Digital Marketing Course in Chandigarh-BY-Chandigarh Institute of Internet Marketing:

It is a 3-month training program followed by a 6-month internship. It is a partnered course with brands like Google and Facebook, providing a total of 25-course certifications. The course is formulated by Surjeet Thakur, a master consultant & PPC expert who has trained thousands and worked with big corporations, making millions in revenue in the process. He provides 73+ modules, a practical hands-on approach with live working projects, and an assured internship with an untarnished record. 



  • Multiple Authentic Certificates and Partnerships
  • Real-time Projects
  • Guaranteed Internship
  • High-Level Assistance with Placement
  • Preparation for Job Interviews, Selection Processes, etc.
  • Financial Assistance through EMIs



  • Introducing Digital Marketing 
  • All about Websites
  • Optimizing Searches
  • Ads by Google
  • Marketing on Social Media Platforms
  • YouTube Workings
  • Lead Generation for Better Conversion
  • Creating Blogs and Vlogs
  • Learning Freelancing Tips & Tricks
  • Marketing Strategies for E-commerce stores
  • Through Affiliate Marketing and
  • Into Google AdSense


Although this course may seem another one among many run-of-the-mill digital marketing courses in Ranchi but believe with the sharp acumen of Mr. Surjeet Thakur and the stellar placement record as well as the real-working environment practice through projects sets it up as one of the best digital marketing courses.


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IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


6. Certification Program in Digital Marketing by UpGrad:

This course by UpGrad lends the best teachings to turn you into a master of the digital marketing space with their lessons on SEM, SEO, Content Marketing, etc. In addition to 100+hours of video content, 200 lessons, and more, for your perusal, this course provides one-to-one mentorship classes as well to turn you into the best professional possible. They also offer Internship Plus as an add-on to deliver some interview preparation as well as a fully-fledged internship and more exciting and useful content to develop your portfolio.



  • Official Certification
  • Live Coaching on a One-on-One Basis
  • Learn Soft Skills to Improve your Interviewing Skills
  • Develop a Proper Portfolio
  • Learn Field Essential Tools like Google Analytics, WordPress, etc.
  • Internship Plus Offer Gives 50% off


Pricing: 25,000 INR (EMI of 4200 INR)


  • Digital Landscape & Marketing
  • Digital Understanding of Channels – 1
  • Digital Understanding of Channels – 2
  • Integrated Analytics and Marketing Campaign Strategies


In conclusion, this course sits squarely in the middle bracket with a very personalized offering of 1 to 1 lecture and lessons. Combined with the soft skill learning it provides, the Internship Plus discounted offer, and its projects which can be used as portfolio content, here is one of the most majestically simple digital marketing courses in Ranchi.




Q1. What are the qualifications required for a proper digital marketing professional or for someone who wishes to pursue any of the above-mentioned digital marketing courses?

Most of the aforementioned courses and certificates recommended here are beginner-friendly and don’t require anything more than basic soft skills, however, applying for a proper job in the digital marketing space requires you to have completed your graduation from a recognized board and scored well in these courses. Courses or jobs may require some preliminary work experience as well so be sure to check with your future employer for certain criteria. 


Q2. What are some jobs I can apply for after completing these digital marketing courses?

You can apply for a plethora of jobs, but we would recommend you build a sound portfolio before partaking in any job. Nonetheless, here are some jobs you can apply for:

  • PPC Specialist
  • Data Analytics Marketer
  • Customer Support Executive
  • Social Media Designer/ Design Manager
  • SEO Specialist
  • E-Commerce Handler
  • Email Content Writing Specialist
  • Campaign Head

These are just some jobs you can apply for but, keep in mind that experience trumps your quality education so be keen on working in any marketing sphere you can. 


Q3. What should be the proper prerequisites of a good marketing course?

The proper prerequisites for any course in this space depend on its pricing and quality of service. We believe that any of the sub-categories of marketing should not be left behind and so we would recommend that in the course you look to choose, look for a comprehensive course that teaches you the basics and the advanced techniques of the digital marketing world. If you are looking for other courses more suitable to your taste, we would advise you to take a close look at our selection of the best digital courses in Ranchi and work accordingly.


Q4. Are the internships paid or free in your recommended digital marketing courses in Ranchi?

Most institutes offer free internships though there are paid internships galore in this industry, and definitely in IIM SKILLS digital marketing course. We would also advise searching for some on LinkedIn and Quora as a fledged-out portfolio and work experience go a long way in this field.



Concluding, we hope you find these 6 courses satisfactory for your intended purpose with digital marketing. Digital Marketing as a whole has a bright future as social media giants like Facebook and Instagram grow bigger and look for professionals who can handle their marketing campaigns and create brand images while they create the magic in the front with new ideas and products, giving some leeway to their creativity.

Possessing the ability to leverage this skill will only become more important and we hope you find some way into a digital marketing niche to draw in the big bucks after learning digital marketing in all its forms from the recommended digital marketing courses in Ranchi we have curated for you. We hope that they help you in your journey as a shining example of a working professional.

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