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Top 6 Digital Marketing Courses in Manchester With Placements

Here in this article, we have compiled a list of top offline and online digital marketing courses in Manchester for you. We’ve got your back. A staggering number of jobs are available in Manchester right now! This is undeniably the best time to master digital marketing and get into the field. Digital marketing roles have grown in popularity because organizations recognize the necessity, potential, and benefits of digital marketing.


List of best digital marketing courses in Manchester


Every business wants a digital marketing specialist to oversee its marketing efforts. However, when it comes to digital marketing professions, there are several options available. We recognize that you have a variety of digital marketing occupations to select from, which can make a choice tough and complicated. The best part is that the digital marketing sector is continually expanding, so even if your dream job doesn’t exist now, it may be in the future!


Top Digital Marketing Careers With a Promising Future


Digital Marketing Manager: A digital marketing manager’s role is to plan and execute a brand’s entire online presence. They advertise a company’s products or services via all digital marketing channels to generate sales while keeping expenses low. A digital marketing manager’s key responsibilities include overseeing the sales team and reporting to the company’s leadership.

Digital marketing managers are also responsible for overall campaign planning and management and bringing together diverse components of digital marketing to ensure their efficiency and success. Digital Marketing courses in Manchester guide you to become a most wanted Digital Marketing manager.


Social Media Marketing: Social media networks’ prominence is not going away anytime soon. But why would a job in social media marketing spark your interest? This might be your ideal digital marketing profession if you appreciate being up-to-date on the latest news, trends, and technology online and joining fresh social media platforms before they become popular.

As a social media manager, you must comprehend every facet of your brand’s social media presence. Because marketing is so important, you’ll need to be timely and relevant. It’s a two-way street, so you must always put the customer first.


Email Marketing: As an email marketer, you’ll need to create conversion-optimized newsletters and funnels that target the right people at the right time. You’ll be in charge of raising open rates while decreasing bounce rates! You’ll become familiar with audience segmentation, email templates, and email marketing funnels.

You must determine whether you incline to these things and whether a job in email marketing is a suitable fit for you. If you enjoy converting customers and brand awareness into sales, you may become a very successful email marketer!


Content Marketing: Content marketing promotes high-quality content through internet platforms. This may be done using blog posts, videos, social media material, email newsletters, and other similar methods. As a content marketer, your duty would be to generate excellent material and promote it through appropriate channels to maintain and attract an audience and grow website traffic.

You will be responsible for several activities as a content marketer, including blog management, drip marketing, copywriting, public relations, guest blogging, and video development.


1. Master Digital Marketing Course – IIM SKILLS


The IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Master Course is structured to provide extensive hands-on experience. After every online digital marketing class, you will be given hands-on tasks in web development, SEO, social media marketing, and email marketing. Before the next live session, all participants are asked to submit weekly assignments to the trainers, which the trainer will examine.


A Few of the Modules Include in The Digital Marketing Course:

Web Development: WordPress is the topic of your first lesson for the Online Digital Marketing course. Then, as your first-week task, you’ll create a website using WordPress. Every month, WordPress users create over 70 million new articles and 77 million new comments.

Social Media Marketing: Participants will create social media presences such as Facebook Pages, LinkedIn Profiles, and Twitter accounts. In this project, you will grasp social media marketing tools and discover how to establish social media network aggregation, branding strategies, and customer acquisition.

Micro Video Marketing: Discover how to launch your first video campaign. In this assignment, you will create your own YouTube Studio and submit your first video marketing campaign. Learn video marketing by developing video content, managing tools, and managing infographics for your video marketing platform.



Affiliate Marketing: You’ll learn about affiliate marketing in this assignment. The participant will join many affiliate programs worldwide to earn their maiden $100 in the program itself. They’ll teach you about affiliate payment setup, Paypal connectivity, and affiliate marketing documentation.

Email Marketing: If done correctly, email marketing can be the most efficient digital marketing medium for engaging with your audience. Throughout your email marketing assignment, you will conduct a live email marketing campaign utilizing Mailchimp, Mailgun, and other platforms.


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2. M Training


M Training has offices in Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, and Birmingham. Individuals can take professional courses in these locations, and organizations can have in-house training anywhere in the UK. Most of their courses are online, using software designed for engaging instructor-led classes with real-time questions and answers.

M Training has received five stars from industry leaders in marketing, management, design, and communications for its one-day and two-day digital marketing training. They provide one of the top Digital Marketing courses in Manchester. These courses are offered as private courses, which are great for parties of three or more attendees or when you want the course content to be tailored to your unique needs.

Almost all of their marketing courses are available as scheduled public courses in Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, and online. These courses are limited to six participants to ensure everyone receives personalized attention during the training. They also offer three months of online assistance following the training.


A Few of Their Flagship Digital Marketing Courses in Manchester Are:

Introduction to Marketing Course: This 1-day course increases your marketing abilities and teaches you how to utilize marketing more successfully. It will provide you with practical skills and an understanding of many facets of marketing that you can take away and apply in your own organization.

You will learn how to develop your marketing plan, set goals, define your brand and brand values, find the best marketing channels, analyze your performance, and more.


Copywriting Course: In this 1-day copywriting course, you will learn how to write quality content that is targeted to your audience to engage the reader and motivate them to take action, whether on a website, social media, packaging, or elsewhere. It will provide you with theoretical understanding and practical abilities in many elements of copywriting that you can take away and use to your own requirements.

You will learn how to analyze and target your audience, organize your communications, produce short messages with calls to action, and establish your voice.


Marketing Communications Course: This course is offered privately, and the trainers will evaluate your company to discover important prospects, define goals, and recommend on-and off-line tactics and channels you can use to advertise your company. During the training course, instructors will collaborate to establish a marketing communications action plan and strategy.

This training course is delivered in the form of a workshop or consultancy. The trainers will review and assess your existing marketing operations to discover strategies to improve your marketing success.


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3. Social Media Training Courses in Manchester – SocialB


Social media marketing might sometimes feel intimidating, like a Facebook-shaped Mammoth hovering over your online presence, but these Digital Marketing courses in Manchester can teach you the skills and strategies you need to tame such a colossal beast. Industry experts will provide the resources and confidence you need to build, implement, and manage an effective social plan to help your business and increase your online audience.

Their vast course offerings encompass everything you’ll need to know, from small company training to sophisticated social media workshops, so they’ll be able to assist you no matter your skill level or objectives. SocialB partners with the Guardian brand to provide social media seminars in London.

Their highly skilled social media educators provide quarterly training courses for beginners and advanced users. SocialB works with UK and international businesses to provide your company and brand with digital marketing opportunities.

They’ll help you develop a digital strategy for a new website, including SEO, sponsored search, and social media management. Explore their online and in-person courses covering the current trends and best practices your company requires to prosper online. They provide training to both domestic and foreign clients.


Bespoke Digital Marketing Online Training: SocialB’s unique online marketing training may be customized to your training delivery requirements, whether recorded, live, or bitesize. Their skilled staff employs a learning outcome pyramid and course design to guarantee that your training achieves the required results.

The given information will always be the most recent version, with relevant and fascinating practical examples throughout. Knowledgeable instructors will be there to answer any questions your crew may have, and they will be pleased to lead you through concrete exercises on screen in real time. They have extensive experience giving training all around the world and deliver one of the best Digital Marketing courses in Manchester.


Social Media Masterclass: This hands-on online training is delivered every Tuesday and Thursday for three weeks to provide you with the knowledge and skills to build and execute successful social media campaigns, regardless of whether your organization is B2B, B2C, public sector, not-for-profit, an alliance, or anything in between!

The information in this session was handpicked by digital marketing specialists based on first-hand experience planning and implementing social media campaigns for national and multinational organizations. These Digital Marketing courses in Manchester offer the best in the industry.


Winning On the Digital Shelf This Christmas Free Webinar: With Holiday shopping looking a little unusual this year, now is the time to make preparations if you are a CPG, FMCG, retailer, or business that sells to consumers. People will turn to the internet as they are less likely to visit the high street. Are you prepared? Some individuals want to buy everything in one spot, while others desire and want inspiration.

Experts will discuss their top suggestions for preparing for Christmas and recruiting and converting businesses. This live, free online course is for businesses already selling directly on their website and/or through marketplaces but are not experiencing an ROI or trying to enhance their return for the holiday season.


4. Social Media Marketing Training in Manchester – SMT


This course will look at how Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube function, how different industries utilize them, and how each channel may be used to its best potential in this course. This Manchester course will show you how to utilize tools to plan, manage, and optimize strategic social media campaigns.

Their Digital Marketing courses in Manchester have provided social media training classes to Manchester company owners, marketers, and communications professionals for over nine years. They’ve given over 400 courses and seminars to the beautiful people of Manchester over the previous decade.

The trainers are all experts in delivering genuine social media marketing and coaching, which means they are immersed in social media marketing daily. At the Prolific North Awards, the team received Best Agency in 2019 and Best Integrated Campaign in 2019.

So, look no further if you want to study the fundamentals, expand your knowledge, or learn about the most recent social media marketing theory and practice breakthroughs. Their Digital Marketing courses in Manchester are worth your time and money. Because social media marketing is done online, all social media lessons have interactive elements—so where is the best location to practice?

Of course, online. Each course will feature multiple breakout sessions to allow participants to apply what they’ve learned and witnessed into practice. This is because doing something is the easiest way to learn.


Benefits of the social media marketing course: This social media training will walk you through how to maximize your social media activity for your company or brand. They’ll provide case studies of successful efforts and those that failed because learning from the errors of others is the greatest way to improve.

The objective is to retain your brand’s outstanding reputation by presenting the appropriate professional picture on social media. You’ll learn how to remain up to speed on the newest social media advancements and get the most bang for your buck when spending your time and cash on social media.


You’ll Learn To:

  • Develop a social media marketing strategy for your organization.
  • Set marketing goals, evaluate success, and calculate ROI.
  • Use industry-proven frameworks to plan your social media initiatives.
  • Use the proper mediums to interact with your audiences with confidence.
  • Plan your content schedule around the demands and motivations of your audience.
  • Use tactics and tools to track your social media success.


Find here the ther best course options


5. MSc in Digital Marketing – Manchester Metropolitan University


Their part-time Digital Marketing courses in Manchester will provide you with a solid foundation of marketing concepts. From there, they’ll show you how to use these strategies in the digital environment to create strong and engaging campaigns.

You will learn how to create complicated digital strategies and use digital marketing and social media tools. They will assist you in developing a digital transformation mindset that will allow you to make a significant difference in your workplace.


Digital Marketing Courses in Manchester:

The rise of Digital Marketing courses in Manchester has transformed marketing, resulting in an explosion of possibilities across the sector. This course helps you to seize that opportunity, putting you at the forefront of change rather than merely keeping up with it.

It is intended for professionals, with highly flexible online learning that allows for lots of time for family life or business responsibilities. It combines experienced instruction and high-quality academic coaching with insight from working professionals to ensure you graduate with the knowledge and skills you’ll need to flourish in various digital positions.


Prime features:

Convenient study—the part-time structure of this course allows you to continue working while completing your assignments. The Business School is triply recognized, with accreditation from EQUIS, AACSB, and AMBA, putting us among the greatest business schools in the world.


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6. MSC/PGDIP/PGCERT in Digital Marketing – University of Salford


Their Digital Marketing courses in Manchester are heavily industry-focused, culminating in a term of work experience. You can pick between a paid placement for 9-12 months or a 3–6-month Industry Collaboration Project. You will put what you’ve learned into practice, whichever path you take.

Internationally recognized professionals from the Salford Business School will teach you. You will learn about the issues organizations confront in a dynamic and competitive global economy and the role that digital marketing plays in resolving these challenges.

You will also examine related ethical concerns, sustainable development challenges, and how digital marketing may help with a larger commitment to social justice. Finally, you will learn how to create, manage, and implement a digital marketing strategy to support a corporate strategy.


You’ll Learn in Digital Marketing Courses in Manchester How To:

  • Investigate digital marketing methods that are focused on marketing data and analytics.
  • Learn to think critically about customer behavior.
  • Improve your essential competencies in social media targeting and communication methods.
  • Examine integrated marketing communications in the twenty-first-century marketplace.
  • Put your knowledge into action by participating in a funded industry placement or the Industry Collaboration Project.


The course is conducted in four intensive study sessions. You learn a single module for six weeks for each block. Each week, six hours of instruction are provided (currently, three hours of face-to-face instruction and three hours of online lectures).

You will also attend seminars to help you prepare for your Industry Collaboration Project or Paid Industry Placement (depending on your choice). During this period, you will also conduct an independent study on your own time, with online assistance from the University of Salford’s virtual learning environment, Blackboard.


Why choose Salford Business School:

  • Salford is a city dedicated to transforming lives through digital technology.
  • They have strong industry ties with digital and marketing firms in the thriving Greater Manchester business community.
  • Learning in the real world with the diverse and innovative Collaboration Project.
  • There are many start dates to accommodate your life priorities.
  • Our majestic campus is just minutes from Manchester City Centre.
  • Concentrate on the twenty-first century’s digital, ethical, and long-term commercial concerns.




1. What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing, commonly known as online marketing, is companies’ marketing via the internet and other types of digital communication to interact with a target audience. This includes multimedia messaging as a marketing channel, social media, email, and web-based advertising. Essentially, digital marketing is any marketing effort that utilizes digital communication.


2. Is the UK better for learning Digital Marketing?

The United Kingdom is a popular study destination for those interested in studying or learning Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing is flourishing in the UK, with several career opportunities for Digital Marketing graduates. The average pay for Digital Marketing graduates in the United Kingdom is Euro 37,500.


3. Is Digital Marketing in demand in the UK?

Digital marketing courses in the UK are in high demand because they provide students with a high-quality education. Talented students from all over the world pursue digital marketing institutions in the United Kingdom to learn distinct cultural perspectives on modern digital issues. Some of the top colleges in the UK offer top-tier digital marketing degrees.

Because of its cutting-edge marketing strategies, the United Kingdom is a great site for digital marketing. To stay up with the countless new developments, all UK institutions regularly update the curriculum for this degree. Examining shifting digital trends that have a good chance of standing the test of time is what motivates students to study digital marketing in the UK.


4. Does Digital Marketing pay well?

Today, the need for aspiring digital marketers is constantly expanding in India to the point that it is one of the top-paying positions in the country. With a rise in demand, the number of people pursuing this career path and hoping to land a job with one of the top firms employing digital marketing in India is also growing. Professionals must stand out from the crowd and win their ideal job with so many individuals in the sector. The industry is swamped with bright digital marketing specialists vying for all sorts of digital marketing employment.



Manchester has a sizable student population. As a result, students are catered to wherever they go in the city and neighboring areas. Great food is everywhere and cheap, with street markets and eccentric cafés springing up all over the city and lots of student discounts to sample all the cuisines Manchester offers.

So, why wait? The specialized Digital Marketing courses in Manchester, such as a master’s degree in digital marketing from Manchester, will provide you with the practical skills, strategies, and information that will make you valuable to employers and assist you in catering to the market’s rising demands today. Digital Marketing courses in Manchester might be the right next step in your writing career.

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