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Top 4 Digital Marketing Courses in Jordan With Placement

If you were looking for the best digital marketing courses in Jordan, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to cover everything about digital marketing. You will first understand and learn what exactly marketing is. Then you will learn why marketing is essential in our lives. Then you will land on Digital marketing. You will learn various digital marketing strategies, and explore the scope of digital marketing courses in Jordan. Let’s dig in!


List of best digital marketing courses in Jordan


What is Marketing?

Do you know what Apple is? Not the one that you eat, but the company Apple, INC the one which makes amazing iPhones, I pad, MacBooks, Air pods, and whatnot? We are 100% sure, that whether you belong to any part of the world, you be a rich businessman or the son of a farmer in some remote place in India, you must have at least seen one form of advertisement about Apple INC, you may have heard from somewhere, you may have watched Apple’s Advertisement on YouTube or your television, or maybe you might have seen Apple in some big banners and hoarding or a newspaper.

What are the things that make everyone know about Apple?  You may have never purchased a product from Apple yet, or you aspire to purchase, but what is the thing or process with which you know about Apple? This is called Marketing.

Now let’s say Apple still makes amazing technology, but they never advertise their product, would you be able to know that such technology even exists? Would you still be that crazy for Apple INC then? Certainly Not.

This is what marketing is all about. Marketing is about making people aware of a product or service and convincing them that it’s something they should consider buying. It’s like telling a story or presenting a persuasive argument to attract customers.

Marketing is a way of promoting and selling products or services. It involves understanding the needs and wants of customers and finding effective ways to satisfy those needs while achieving business goals.


Why Marketing is Essential?

Following are some key reasons why marketing is essential.


Creating Awareness: Marketing helps your business create awareness about its products or services. Without marketing people may not even know that your product exists. Marketing ensures that potential customers are aware of what a business offers.


Generating Demand: Marketing will help your business generate demand by showcasing the benefits and value of a product or service, it will create a desire among customers, making them more likely to consider purchasing.


Building Brand Identity: A brand is more than just a logo or a name, it represents the value, reputation, and unique qualities of a business. Marketing plays a crucial role in establishing and building a brand identity.


Expanding Customer Base: By identifying and targeting specific customer segments, marketing helps attract new customers who may have a genuine interest in the product or service. It will help your business reach a wider audience and tap into new markets, driving growth and increasing revenue.


Building Customer Relationships: Marketing is not only about acquiring new customers but also about building and nurturing relationships with existing customers. By staying connected through email marketing, social media, and other channels, businesses can engage with customers, provide personalized experiences, and encourage loyalty. Repeat customers are valuable as they often contribute to long-term success and positive word-of-mouth.


Staying competitive. In Today’s competitive business landscape, marketing is essential for your business to stay relevant and competitive. Effective marketing strategies will help your business understand your competitors, identify market trends, and help your business adapt to changing consumer needs. It will help your business to stay ahead of the competition and maintain a strong position in the market.


What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing in general has evolved a lot from Ancient Trade and barter to marketplaces and bazaars, to print advertising, to the industrial revolution and mass production to the mass media and broadcasting to digital marketing and the Internet age. Have you ever watched a reel on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, or tik tok?

Have you ever purchased something online from e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, or Myntra? If yes then have you ever noticed how these companies place banners on their website to promote their products? Have you ever noticed an advertisement in between reading a blog?

Have you ever noticed ads in between your favorite IPL match? Have you ever received an email promoting some products or services? What are these? These are nothing but different ways of digital marketing. Digital marketing is simply about using the internet and electronic devices to reach people and get them interested in something.

It’s a way for your business to show what you have and make it easy for your audience to find and learn about things that they like. So next time you see an ad or watch a funny video online, remember that it’s a part of digital marketing!


What Are Various Digital Marketing Strategies?

Following is a list of components of digital marketing that you can use.

  1. website: A website is a central hub where you will provide information about your business’s offerings. It will serve as a digital storefront and a platform for interaction with customers.
  2. Search Engine Optimization [SEO]: SEO involves optimizing websites and content to rank higher in search engine results. It will help your business be more visible to people searching for relevant keywords.
  3. Content Marketing: Content marketing focuses on creating and sharing valuable content, such as articles, blog posts, videos, or infographics, to attract and engage the target audience. It aims to provide helpful information, entertain, or solve problems, and build trust and brand awareness.
  4. Social media marketing: Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are used to reach and engage with the audience, you will create your business’s profiles, share content, interact with followers, and run targeted advertising campaigns, to increase brand visibility and engagement.
  5. Email marketing: email marketing will involve sending targeted emails to your subscribers who have expressed interest in your products or services. It’s a way to communicate directly with customers and share updates, promotions, or personalized offers.
  6. Pay-per-click Advertising (PPC): PPC Ads will allow your business to display targeted ads on the search engine results page or other websites. You will pay a fee only when someone clicks on your ads.
  7. influencer marketing: in influencer marketing, you will collaborate with popular individuals or social media influencers who have a large following. These influencers will promote your business’s product or service to their audience.
  8. Analytics and Tracking: Digital marketing relies on data and analytics tools to measure the effectiveness of campaigns. You will track metrics such as website traffic, conversion rates, social media engagement, or email open rates to evaluate performance and make informed decisions.


What is the Scope of Digital Marketing Courses in Jordan?

You must be aware that even in the year 2023, almost 37 % of the world’s population doesn’t have access to the internet today, though the rates are increasing, as technology expands and evolves more and more people engage and will continue to engage with digital platforms. This fact ensures that there will always be demand for digital marketers in the coming decades.

After pursuing any of the digital marketing courses in Jordan, the program will offer you a wide range of career opportunities, you can specialize in various areas such as Search Engine Optimization [SEO], Social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, data analysis, digital advertising, and more.


Some potential roles you may aspire for after completion of your program.

  • Digital marketing specialist/manager
  • Social media manager
  • SEO Specialist/ Consultant
  • Content Marketer/Manager
  • Email Marketing Specialist
  • Digital Advertising Specialist
  • Analytics Manager
  • E-commerce Specialist
  • Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Freelancer or Entrepreneur.


Digital Marketing Courses in Jordan


1. Master Digital Marketing Course- IIM SKILLS

IIM SKILLS is an online platform where you will find a range of courses and training programs in various fields, one such field is digital marketing. IIM SKILLS has a team of experienced instructors who are industry experts in their respective domains. While pursuing a course from IIM SKILLS, you will not only receive theoretical knowledge but also a wealth of knowledge and practical experience, which the instructor brings to the table.

You will also get practical assignments and hands-on projects, enabling you to apply your knowledge and develop practical skills. IIM SKILLS is known for its affordable pricing, making quality education accessible to a broader audience.

Whether you are a working professional looking to upskill or a student seeking to gain a competitive edge, IIM SKILLS is the perfect destination for you to Upskill yourself.


Master Digital Marketing Course by IIM SKILLS

It is a 5-month instructor-led, recognized by govt of India, online digital marketing course where you will learn various elements of digital marketing like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social media marketing, Content marketing, content writing, digital advertising, email marketing, and more.

You will get 60+ hours of live training, 120+ hours of assignments. You will have to work on 15+ live projects and 10+ case studies as a part of the program. You will also get a 2 month of paid internship where you will be provided a fixed stipend of 6000 rupees, and you will get access to tools worth 79000+ by IIM SKILLS.

At the end of the program, you will receive a master’s certificate from IIM SKILLS. They also prepare you for Google, Facebook, and HubSpot examinations.




  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Web Development at Word Press
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads)
  • Email Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Web analytics (Google Analytics)
  • Online Reputation Management (ORM)
  • E-commerce Marketing
  • Quora Marketing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Content Writing and Advanced Blogging
  • Media Buying and Planning
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Video Marketing (YouTube)
  • Marketing Automation
  • Digital Infographics Resume Creation.



The fee for the entire program is 29,900 Rupees plus 18% GST which equals 35,282 Rupees.


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


2. Digital Marketing Course Up Grad Campus:

In this section of Digital marketing courses in Jordan, you will learn about Up Grad, the digital marketing program they offer, its curriculum, and its fee structure.



Up Grad is an online platform for higher education that offers programs designed in partnership with top faculty and industry experts. These programs are rigorous and focus on providing skills that are relevant to the industry. By merging advanced technology, effective teaching methods, and comprehensive support services, UpGrad Creates a learning experience that is immersive and can be accessed at any time and from anywhere.


Digital Marketing Course Up Grad Campus:

It is a 5 month fully online program where you will get one-to-one live sessions with mentors. You will learn SEO, SEM, Social Media and Content Marketing, Branding, and Marketing Analytics, and you will get an opportunity to learn from expert marketing faculties from companies like Google, Ola, CRED, and Airtel, also this course includes AI integration which means you will be the first in the industry to learn about AI and how you will use it for your digital marketing work.

You will get to work with some of the tools like Buffer, clever Tap, Facebook Ads Manager, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Google Tag Manager, SEMrush


Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to the program
  • Fundamentals of marketing
  • Digital marketing channels and metrics
  • Case Study: Protinex.
  • Designing and Building a Web Presence
  • Blog Creation Project
  • Remarketing
  • Social media Marketing (SMM)
  • Case Study: Mauka Mauka Campaign
  • Case Study: Blink it
  • Social Media Marketing Live Project
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • SEO Live Project
  • Tools and Resources
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Case Study: Salesforce
  • SEM Live Project
  • Display Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Email Marketing Live Project
  • Content Marketing
  • Case Study: Uber
  • Tools and Resources
  • Integrated Marketing Strategy in the Digital World
  • Web Analytics
  • Web Analytics Live Project
  • How to be a Freelancer
  • Advanced Digital Marketing using Chat GPT
  • Interview Questions.



The Program Fee for the entire program is 35,000 Rupees plus GST 18% which equals 41,300 Rupees.


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3. Digital Marketing Course- SAE Institute Amman.

In this section of digital marketing courses in Jordan, you will explore the SAE institute based in Amman the capital city of Jordan, you will learn the digital marketing program that SAE offers, and its related details.


SAE- Society of Automotive Engineers.

Society of Automotive Engineers [SAE]- Amman- Jordan, SAE is a renowned educational institution that specializes in creative media programs. It offers industry-focused courses and degree programs. The institute is known for its state-of-the-art facilities and hands-on learning approach. The faculty at SAE comprises experienced professionals with industry expertise.


Digital marketing Course- SAE Institute Amman.

This digital marketing course is a 132-hour professional training program carefully designed for you to provide you with the knowledge and skills required to plan, implement, and report digital marketing campaigns that work.

This program will be conducted on 3 weekdays and the timing for the program will be 5 PM to 8 PM. The Faculties of SAE will take you from the basics of digital marketing all the way up to the advanced up-to-date topics.

SAE will also help you in digital media such as photography and video production, which will help you deliver and present your marketing messages in the best visual way possible.



  • Introduction to Digital Marketing  (9 hours)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Practitioner (12 hours)
  • Google Ads (18 hours)
  • Social Media (18 hours)
  • Email marketing (3 hours)
  • Analytics and Reporting (9 hours)
  • Graphic Design for Digital Marketing (27 hours)
  • Video Production for Digital Marketing (27 hours)


Fee’s structure.

These details are not available now, please refer to the admission team of SAE for the same.


4. Digital Marketing Course- The Knowledge Academy- Jordan.

In this section on digital marketing courses in Jordan, you will explore the knowledge academy based in Jordan, the world’s largest ed tech provider, you will learn about the digital marketing courses provided by the knowledge academy and its related details.

The Knowledge Academy

The Knowledge Academy is a globally recognized training and certification provider that offers a wide range of professional development courses across various industries. The knowledge academy has the capability to deliver over 30,000 courses in 1000+ locations, across 190 countries.

They have delivered training solutions to corporates, government agencies, public sectors, multinational organizations, and private individuals.


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


Digital marketing courses in Jordan the Knowledge Academy

The knowledge academy gives you three choices to pursue this course, you can choose to pursue this program in online self-paced mode, online instructor-led mode, or offline classroom mode.

In this program, you will acquire skills in planning, strategy, and testing for digital marketing. You will gain an understanding of social media, email marketing, SEO, and PPC, you will learn the challenges and principles of Customer Experience.

The digital marketing course by the knowledge academy always provides the best value for your money whether you take the online, self-paced, or classroom program.

They have an open challenge which states that if you find any institute providing the same content at the price they are offering, they will match the same price for you, that’s their confidence speaking.


Course Curriculum.

  • M1: Digital Marketing
  • M2: Planning, Strategy, and Testing
  • M3: Customer Experience and usability
  • M4: Mobile Marketing
  • M5: Content Strategy
  • M6: social media
  • M7: Email Marketing
  • M8: Search Engine Marketing: SEO and PPC Defined
  • M9: Integrating your Marketing Communication for Maximum ROI.


Fee’s Structure:

  • Online instructor-led: 895 Euros.
  • Online Self-paced:
    • 6 months Access: 199 Euros
    • 1-Year Access: 399 Euros


  • Classroom Program: 2995 Euros.


Some FAQs Regarding Digital Marketing Courses in Jordan Are Discussed in the Following:


1. What are the prerequisites for pursuing digital marketing courses in Jordan?

To pursue any of the digital marketing courses in Jordan, there are no specific prerequisites, however, you must have basic computer skills, you must have familiarity with the internet, and a little about social media, at least you must have used social media at some point in your life if you have a passion for marketing that will be advantageous. Some of the Advanced Courses may have specific requirements or recommended knowledge levels, you are advised to confirm from the respective institutions.


2. How much can I expect to make after pursuing one of the digital marketing courses in Jordan?

The salary you can expect to earn after completing one of the digital marketing courses in Jordan vary depending on several factors such as your portfolio, your level of experience, your job role, your industry, and the demand for digital marketing professionals in the market.

Entry-level positions: if you are starting your career in digital marketing, you can expect a salary range of around JOD 500 to 1000 per month.

Mid-level positions: with a few years of experience and specialized skills, you can expect to earn between JOD 1000 to JOD 2000 per month. This range can increase further depending on your expertise and the company you work for.

Senior-level positions: As you progress in your career and gain significant experience in digital marketing, you can earn salaries ranging from JOD 2,000 to JOD 4,000 Per month or more. Senior positions often come with additional responsibilities and higher earning potential.


3. Is Digital Marketing Tough?

Digital marketing is not tough to learn but yes, it is a very competitive field, and it is constantly evolving so you’re learning in the field of digital marketing never stops. It is a field where you must have a basic technical knowledge and must show some creativity, digital marketing involves crafting compelling content, designing engaging visuals, and communicating effectively with target audiences. With dedication, a willingness to learn, and a passion for the field, you can overcome the challenges and succeed in digital marketing.

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