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Top 7 Digital Marketing Courses in Italy With Placements

The nature of marketing has been explored in many ways through the years, but digital marketing is voted the most prominent one by professionals. A fascinating and obvious approach owing to its acceptance worldwide, it developed into a dependable source for promoting commodities. Its growth emphasizes the need to guide this concept. This article lists some of the institutes teaching digital marketing courses in Italy that prepare individuals to present a product and/or a service in a positive light.


List of best digital marketing courses in Italy



The tide of the digital era began around the 1980s and has swept the world leaving no stone unturned when it comes to engaging every individual. The internet is a core part of digitization and the rapid advancements witnessed in these few decades can be attributed to it. 

Marketing, a concept that is even older than terms like digitization and the internet was quick to adapt to these changes. Digital Marketing was born when different electronic mediums were used for entertainment, advertisements snuck into programs displayed on these mediums, and steered people towards products and services. While these did the job very well, the internet was a lucrative resource that commanded the attention of marketers.  


Thus, Along with Radio and Tv Advertising, a Variety of Avenues Were Explored for Digital Marketing, Such as: 



Advertisements (ads) that are showcased on television were the only means of video marketing back then but there are other options now such as billboards, theatres, smartphones, etc. The ads and promotional activities are designed keeping in mind the audience in each different platform for easier access. 



It is primarily used for personal or official communication, but email marketing is as old as the inception of the digital era. From offers and sales to product launches and upgrades, electronic mail gives marketers a chance to give a brief glimpse of products and services to the target consumers. 



Another form of advertising on the internet that websites use is to increase viewers and generate income. Every time an ad visible on a website is clicked by a viewer it not only promotes the production of the advertiser but allows the website showing the ad to earn money. 


Social Media

These are applications and websites that are used by the masses for sharing and browsing entertaining content. Around 2006, marketers used a major networking site called Facebook to promote brands and use trending topics to engage social media users and encourage them to share posts and it has continued to be a reliable source for advertising. 



In this, viewers can see ads that are relevant to their recent online research words. This creates a step-by-step effect that grabs users’ attention and they inadvertently glance through the ads to look for their preferred products.  Pay-per-click can also be considered a part of contextual advertising. 



The small handphones that made everyone’s lives easier developed into mini-computers allowing access to many things on one device. First, it began with SMS (short message service) and phone calls as a means to promote campaigns and later spread to shopping applications, emails, videos, etc. 


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Setting up a website is easy but drawing viewer attention requires some work. SEO helps with this through reports that indicate the behavior of online users. Through this, a website can be tweaked which helps in getting noticed by search engines and increasing viewership.

Since these changes, there has been discoursing regarding the methods used to attract customers, and it is majorly agreed that digital marketing takes the largest piece of the cake. As witnessed in the above types, this leads to the scope for more avenues that are waiting to be developed.

An undetermined amount of time is spent online by potential customers which if marketers utilize it properly can yield fruitful results. With the latest technology software and tools, it can grow further.  In the modern landscape, learning this subject has proven to be beneficial for individuals and organizations.

It improved the quality of marketing in the digital space, benefiting the marketers and the audiences. There is much more to be understood about dealing with digital marketing and a detailed educative experience through digital marketing courses in Italy, will enable you to use the above avenues in the right manner. 

Reputed educators have molded this subject into curricula that will cover the salient features and empower you to apply this knowledge in the digital space. Beginning with digital marketing courses in Italy is a surefire way of gaining an understanding of promoting products and services effectively. 


Opportunities Available in Italy

The Republic of Italy is a high-ranking country in terms of trade, quality of life, healthcare, and education. As one of the largest exporters, it holds a prominent position in the political and economic forums. Also known for having a creative and innovative business, it is home to famous luxury brands that is one of the major contributors to the country’s GDP. 

Besides Infrastructure, manufacturing, etc. its culture is also world-renowned and boasts beautiful architecture. Tourists flock from different regions to marvel at the visual art and enjoy the delicious food. Despite having such a comfortable position, businesses in Italy need to continuously strive for global recognition and support.

The internet is the fastest way to reach customers, and the first step to showcasing the best level of delivery can be done online with a well-designed website or an engaging social media account. Many businesses are one step ahead and can provide immediate responses when it comes to quality however, there are still some entities struggling to rise and get noticed. 

In such cases, they need reliable marketing plans that will up their game in trade. A digital marketing expert, after gaining a certificate through digital marketing courses in Italy, with knowledge about the latest digital advertising avenues can be of help to these entities. Their unique methods coupled with the required tools can bring struggling businesses to the forefront.

  You can be a part of their growth process by learning digital marketing.  Digital marketing as a subject can be learned easily through many online sources, but having a certificate, diploma, or degree by registering in digital marketing courses in Italy from a reputed institute can prove to hirers that you possess the skills that can be useful for their growth.  


After Gaining the Certification, You Can Become a Freelancer, Set Up Your Own Marketing Agency, or Apply for Job Roles Such as:

  • Digital marketing executive
  • Social media content strategist
  • Brand engagement manager
  • Content marketing specialist
  • Digital communications manager
  • Marketing associate analyst, etc

Here Are Some of the Institutes That Offer Digital Marketing Courses in Italy to Help You in Establishing a Career in This Field:




IIM SKILLS began as an educational blog and developed into a leading professional online course provider in finance, writing, and marketing. The Master Digital marketing course is divided into sixteen topics each of which acknowledges the significance of using virtual means to gain favorable consumer response.

Besides the well-known channels for marketing, their digital marketing courses in Italy also focus on newer methods such as Inbound marketing, Online reputation management, etc. taught by experts in this field. The assignments and case studies will enhance your skills and prepare you to handle projects as you enter the real world of marketing.

After completing this course, you will gain multiple certifications from reputed organizations such as Google, Hubspot, etc. Before registering, you can take a demo session and understand the basic concepts. 



Duration: 5 months

Fees: 429.91 Euro + GST

Material: tools + 10 plus case studies + 15 plus live projects


Learning Benefits of Digital Marketing Course:

  • Ability to create social media presence for brands that people can engage with.
  • Using the process of web development to enhance your portfolio as a digital marketer.
  • Ability to design blogs keeping in view the latest guidelines to improve the ranking.


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2. UpGrad


It is one of the largest online tech companies having numerous courses in technology, management, law, etc. The advanced digital marketing and communication certification includes four modules ending with a project. There are options to choose from four other specializations each containing a separate project.

While the course modules itself cover the most recognized channels used for marketing, the specialization projects will give you a hands-on experience in terms of handling noteworthy tools.

The live video sessions of the digital marketing course will give you a chance to interact with experts and resolve your queries so that you can seamlessly learn different topics with ease. Along with certificates of completion, you will also receive badges that are shareable on sites like Linkedin and Naukri. 


Duration: 32-50 weeks

Fees: ₹ 1,09,045 (base program with 1 specialization)

Material: assignments + case studies + live projects + tools


Learning Benefits:

  • A better understanding of all types of marketing channels
  • Ability to use marketing metrics for measuring the performance of brand performance, customer reactions, etc. 
  • Using different social media marketing methods on popular websites and applications


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


3. Uplevel 


It is a professional training facility based in Italy, conducting a master’s program in hospitality, tourism, event, and marketing. The communication, social media, and digital marketing program is divided into thirteen topics. It includes interesting concepts such as neurolinguistic programming, guerilla advertising, experiential marketing, etc.

The 2020 decade had a rough start in the beginning but the future promises to be vast for many fields including digital marketing. This too is touched upon in a separate module. Communication is a key part of marketing and when armed with the right tools it gives way to more opportunities.

Through this course, you will learn the essentials of surviving as a digital marketer. Before enrolling in their digital marketing courses in Italy, you can book a video call or speak with the support staff and get more details which can help you decide whether you want a classroom or online education. 


Duration: 4 months

Fees: On inquiry

Material: tools 


Learning Benefits:

  • A better understanding of using visual and graphic art to make campaigns attractive
  • Ability to use different styles of communication for achieving marketing targets
  • Learning newer approaches such as tribal marketing, augmented reality, concept store, etc. for improving future campaigns


4. EDX


Founded by scientists at Harvard and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of technology), this global online platform provides courses in a variety of subjects. The Digital Marketing course can be found on this website under the categories of Bootcamp, executive education, and course.

The basics of digital marketing for all course conducted by SBI (State Bank of India) is covered in four modules. The key drivers of marketing in the virtual space are taught by instructors working in this organization. Since they have beginner-level digital marketing courses in Italy, anyone interested in this subject can watch the video lessons.

There are other institutions like Oxford, Yale, and the University of Maryland that have certificate courses in this subject, you can read through their details and prospectus to know more about their syllabus. 


Duration: 4 weeks

Fees: ₹ 12,153 verified track

Material: recorded video lessons + assignments


Learning Benefits:

  • Ability to scout prospects that can increase customer reach
  • A better understanding of search engines and their power to put your brand on the map
  • Learning the distinctions between different online channels and using various techniques of marketing on each one


5. Digital Scholar


A digital marketing institute located in Chennai, they conduct both live online and offline classes. They teach some of the most relevant points in digital marketing courses in Italy from the fundamentals to the more complex topics like Automation, Sales funnel. The tools used for understanding the target audience and ways to publish marketing content are also taught here.

Whether you are a freelancer or working as an employee, you can use the methods learned to successfully attract clients and conduct fruitful campaigns.

The live projects along with theory will increase your understanding of this subject. You can try the demo sessions and clarify your queries before registering. A skill upgradation through this course can help you become an expert in digital marketing. 


Duration: 4 months

Fees: ₹ 45,000 (base + 3 specializations)

Material: 40 plus tools 


Learning Benefits:

  • Ability to use tips and tricks for successful promotions on online platforms 
  • A better understanding of words can create appropriate responses from viewers
  • Ability to identify problems in marketing campaigns and improve them


Must have a look at the other best Courses


6. Simplilearn


It is a leading online trainer providing courses in subjects that help individuals thrive in the digital economy. You can find certificate courses in topics related to programming, marketing, business, etc. The digital marketing specialist master’s program includes seven courses with electives.

The third course teaches advanced web analytics which can be useful for collecting data from multiple sources and making better business decisions for marketing. Weightage is also given to strategizing, an important step before beginning digital marketing. In between the lessons, you can attempt quizzes to test your understanding.

There are also case studies that can be helpful examples when designing your ideas for marketing. Sessions with experts, using the latest tools, and working on projects in digital marketing courses in Italy will make you an all-rounder in this subject. 


Duration: On inquiry

Fees:  ₹ 64,200

Material: video lessons + quizzes + tools + projects


Learning Benefits:

  • A better understanding of analytics to help make business plans a reality
  • Ability to use tools for creating successful campaigns
  • Learning laws and rules of marketing that might save product promotions from future problems


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


7. Udemy


Founded in 2010, Udemy is an online platform that allows the building of courses by trainers and offers a variety of study subjects. “Digital Marketing: The ultimate guide to strategic marketing” provided by the oxford learning lab includes twenty sections containing fourteen topics, each covering an important aspect of selling a brand or a service productively.

The videos can be watched at your own pace with tricks and resources available for reference. The newest tool which is Google Analytics 4 has been added recently to this program which will be useful in checking the effectiveness of a website through reports. Learning these can make you a master in this subject and at the end of the digital marketing courses in Italy, you will gain a certificate proving it. 


Duration: 32.5 Hrs

Fees: ₹ 3,499

Material: 12 downloadable resources + 19 articles + video lessons


Learning Benefits:

  • Ability to use the newest marketing techniques for effective customer response
  • A better understanding of channels used in digital marketing
  • Ability to use different strategies depending on the type of commodities


As a subject that has generated interest for its ability to make an impact on the economy, it still holds relevance and is adapting to the current developments in the digital space. These digital marketing courses in Italy mentioned above have selected some of the existing and future topics in this subject to keep you updated and ready to face the marketing challenges.

Whether it is for personal enrichment or to gain a professional certification, learning the techniques of popularizing products and services can prove rewarding for yourself and profitable to your employer. So, sign up for the appropriate digital marketing courses in Italy that align with your expectations and get yourself a valuable experience.  




Q1. What is digital marketing?

It is a form of marketing where commodities are promoted and advertised using digital platforms. When the use of digital gadgets had become popular, businesses began using this popularity to showcase their products and services. At first, it was limited to radio, TV, digital billboards, SMSes, and phone calls but after discovering the scope of the internet the range of digital marketing spread to other sources such as:

  • SEO
  • Pay-per-click
  • Video
  • Social media
  • Influencer
  • Affiliate, etc. 

While considered an easy approach, it involves a variety of techniques to make a marketing campaign successful. An individual or an organization having expertise in identifying opportunities and converting them into widely recognized and income-generating promotional strategies is considered impressive.


Q2. How can I enroll in a digital marketing course?

From the list of institutions given above and from your research, you can select any of them for studying digital marketing courses. These institutions have websites and brochures giving a detailed breakdown of the modules or chapters covered in this subject. Before signing up, browse through them and enquire with the support team that handles course enrollments. 

Some of the institutions’ websites provide demo sessions, you could use that opportunity to interact with course instructors. They can give you valuable insights about this subject and guide you toward related topics. Every institute has different criteria for admitting candidates, checking their eligibility requirements will save you time.


Q3. Why is this subject important for my career?

A business selling a product or service must have an online presence for it to be recognized. Business owners understand this and are undertaking basic steps to become customer-friendly through online platforms. While this may set up their existence it takes added efforts for drawing people towards the commodities. This is where digital marketers come in, their value-added expertise could turn things around and generate increased revenue. You could also be a part of the revenue-generating industry by completing a digital marketing course, diploma, or degree and becoming the most sought individual by employers. 

There are various positions you could apply for such as:

  • Digital marketing specialist
  • SEO analyst
  • Digital content developer
  • Marketing communications manager
  • Project manager 
  • Product marketing manager, etc


Q4. What is the future of digital marketing?

The growing number of internet users indicates a positive upswing in retail purchases as well. The rising popularity of certain themes is infused with the brands to make a combination of attractive offers. Keeping this pace and continuing the growth requires innovative methods in marketing. The future is no longer filled with uncertainties as technological advancements have paved the way for improvement in almost every aspect of an industry existing in the economy. Digital marketing too gets its fair share of benefits in the forms of:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Virtual Reality
  • Social Commerce
  • Programmatic advertising
  • Omnichannel marketing, etc. 



Digital Marketing is quite a challenging and in-demand career these days. Many institutes assure to offer the best digital marketing courses. But before you enroll with the best institutes you must check and review them so that it is worth your time and money invested. In the above article, we have shortlisted a few of the top best institutes for Digital Marketing Courses in Italy. Hope the information approves to be best in guiding and helping you to choose the best institute. Wish you happy learning!

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