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Top 5 Data Analytics Courses in Pune With Placements

Data analysis is a term that is used constantly in our day-to-day functioning and has become synonymous with our routine decision-making process. It is the most relatable example of data analysis as the way we evaluate what has happened in the past and what the results are expected if we make that decision. This process simply put is a way to analyze the past or the future and make a decision based on the analysis. If you want to become a professional data analyst, check here the best data analytics courses in Pune.

List of best data analytics courses in Pune

Many organizations, individuals, and experts approach data analysis in several ways. It is a process of cleaning, processing, and filtering raw data to extract relevant and actionable information to aid businesses in making informed decisions. Today, companies are leveraging the benefits of data that is available beyond the comprehensible limit of mankind.

Data analysis can help personalize customer interactions and experience, it can help predict the future health needs of a given population or an individual. It can determine the next big hit for an entertainment company to reap the benefits of viewership.

The possibilities of data analytics are immense, as the World Economic Forum Future of Jobs Report 2020 listed data analytics and scientists as the top emerging jobs, followed closely by AI and machine learning specialists.

In this article, you will learn more about the data analysis process, different types of data analysis, and the most sought-after courses that will give a jump start to your career in data analytics. Data analytics courses in Pune are in demand because of the rapid growth prospects and applications across industries.

Other Courses That Could Be of Interest in Pune


Pune – A City of Rich Cultural Heritage

Pune has earned the reputation of being a prestigious educational destination. It is home to many reputed schools, colleges, and universities. In recent years, Pune has become the hub for Information technology, automotive, and engineering companies opening their branches to tap into the pool of talent available.

The city is also known for its cultural and historical events such as classical music, theatre, sports, and literature. It has also earned the reputation of the eighth fastest-growing smart city by the Ministry of Urban Development. It is also the second largest city in Maharashtra and plays an instrumental role in driving the traffic of economic growth towards the state.

The surge of MNCs in the city has also led to increased employment opportunities for the youth passing out from the numerous educational institutions and universities.  Some of the best data analytics courses In Pune are listed below.

How Does Data Analysis Work?

Data analysis analytics in Pune uses different data analytics tools to process and calibrate data and analyze the relationship, interdependence, or correlation between different sets of data, in order to identify a pattern and make predictions for companies and businesses. Tedious and demanding as it may appear data analytics is an extremely engaging process and one that helps make many backends and frontline operations consumer-friendly and error-free.

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Data Analysis Consists of the Following Phases as Steps to Acquire Results:

  • Data requirement gathering – establishing the purpose for collecting data and analyzing it.
  • Data Collection – after the requirements have been established, it’s time to collect data based on it.
  • Data cleaning – often the data collected has some duplications, white spaces, and errors. Therefore it’s imperative to clean the data of these errors.
  • Data Analysis – After the data has been collected, cleaned, and processed it’s ready to be manipulated or analyzed using different tools.
  • Data interpretation – the above steps are done to reach a stage to communicate the data in a common format like tables and charts.
  • Data visualization – the data so represented is then checked for unknown facts and trends by comparing and observing various datasets.

A data analyst works with all kinds of data and has a analyze them to see how they can be applied in the real world. Some of the popular and effective data analysis methods used in data analytics courses in Pune are:

  • Descriptive analysis – This type of analysis helps summarize chunks of quantitative data that can be presented through statistics. It answers a vital question – what happened in a particular area/department? For example – this analysis can be used to look at the distribution of sales across all the employees and average sales per employee.


  • Diagnostic analysis – This type of analysis goes to the roots of the ‘what’. It examines the reasons for a particular set of data received. For example – if a hospital witnesses an unusual influx of patients with similar symptoms. Analyzing the data will clarify the culprit as an ‘infectious agent’, responsible for people falling sick, and answer the ‘why’ of the data.


  • Predictive analysis – Both the analyses discussed above were based on past data and helped identify a pattern. Predictive analysis as the name suggests helps to form projections about the future. For example – if a company sees sales go high in some particular months, the data will help predict when such high points can be expected in the coming months.


  • Prescriptive analysis – This type of analysis is usually the last step in the ladder, as it uses the analysis done by the three types of data above and makes projections about the company to make its strategy for the future. For example – the data derived from above says some months are high sales therefore they are the point of leverage, but what can be some new growth opportunities that can be planted in the slower sales months?


Top Skills in Demand in the World of Data Analytics Courses in Pune Are:

1. SQL – It is also known as the structured query language and is sometimes transcribed as See-Quel in certain cases. It is a mainstream technology used for working with a relational database. Inserting, searching, deleting, and updating records stored in the relational database requires an analyst to be well-versed in this skill.

2. Statistical programming languages – Being able to use a programming language like Python or R, which allows a data analyst to clean, analyze, and visualize large data sets more efficiently than Excel. Although both languages were designed for analytics, Python is a simpler and easier language to learn than R. Both are great languages to learn especially if you intend to become a data analyst.

3. Machine Learning – It is one of the latest additions to the programming language and is designed to make future projections more accurate. It is a skill that focuses on building algorithms to identify patterns in big data sets, the more data a machine learning algorithm processes the more efficiently it performs. This process gives a competitive edge to any data analyst, who can later branch out to become a data scientist.

4. Probability and Statistics – Although statistics and probability are mathematical terms, these are the tools used by data analysts for collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting data. The stronger the foundation in these two tools the better a data analyst is able to analyze and interpret data, avoid logical errors and make accurate predictions for businesses.

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5. Power BI – It is a collective of a number of software applications and connections that help transform data from numerous sources to logical, graphical, and engaging results. Power BI makes it simple to integrate the data from multiple sources to visualize and understand what is important as well as share the feedback with concerned people. The benefit of using this tool is that works in both real-time as well as cloud-based data applications.

6. Tableau – Tableau is an advanced analytics program that was developed to help data analytics to analyze issues by using the given information and help companies get the most productive solutions from the given data. It helps in creating graphs like data visualization, tableau uses relational data, different data packages, public cloud services, and worksheets. Tableau has been voted as one of the best BI software in recent years of its use.

7. Advanced Excel – Excel is a great way to acquire, analyze, and present data in a manner that has ease of access and is visually appealing as well. Advanced Excel differentiates itself in use as it requires proficiency in Power Query, column styles, databases, and layout choices to handle large amounts of data efficiently. Corporations are able to process large chunks of data and also do away with any other advanced software tool, only by using advanced Excel.

8. Econometrics – A business analyst keen to work in the financial sector needs to know econometrics as it creates linkages between historical data with future financial trends, by using statistics and mathematical data models.

How to Become The Best Data Analyst?

Data analysts create an impact with their financial analysis and other technical skills for an organization and help them make informed decisions. Harnessing these skills is crucial to ensure a successful and long stint as a data analyst with the help of the following tips:

  1. Choosing the right institute/platform to learn from is the first and most crucial step.
  2. Working each day on the skills/tools taught will help sharpen your understanding of the.
  3. Procure and work with real data sets.
  4. Being with industry people and joining an online data community to work on real-time data.
  5. Use as you learn and build your skill set.

Staying abreast of the new trends in data analytics will help you get hired for the job, even though you would still be a fresher in the field.

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Top 5 Data Analytics Courses in Pune


Rank #1. Data Analysis Courses in Pune


There are a number of institutions providing data analytics courses in Pune, but when considering the best one, IIM SKILLS always comes at the top. They have a variety of courses that have transformed the professional lives of many.

One of their highly rewarded courses is data analytics. The course is 6 months of training with 2 months of internship during which the industry leaders, who are the trainers at IIM SKILLS, make you grasp each topic in depth with practical assignments.

The assignments are included in the course which boosts the productivity of students. Their delivery team is very supportive which allows the students to reach them and solve their doubts. If the doubts are not cleared, they schedule a Zoom meeting to make it even easier.


Comes to their Data Analytics Course, which covers a number of core subjects of data analytics. The entire program is completely tool-driven. Their interactive classes make you work on the different tools so that you get hands-on experience and will be aware of the latest trends.

IIM SKILLS is a brand now and they are worth it! Many big brands thank IIM SKILLS for giving them valuable employees. Anyone who is keen to make their career bright should enroll in the IIM SKILLS data analytics course.


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Core Modules Covered in Data Analytics Course

Data Analytics Using Advanced Excel (9 Hours)
Data Analytics Using VBA (15 Hours)
Data Analytics Using SQL (39 Hours)
Data Analytics Using Power BI (24 Hours)
Data Analytics Using Python-1(10 Hours)
Data Analytics Using Python-2 (10 Hours)
Data Analytics Using Tableau (15 Hours)
R For Data Science (20 Hours)
Data Analytics Using Alteryx (18 Hours)

Tools Covered:

  • SQL
  • R

Key Features:

  • The practical sessions are a plus point for the students who are in Surge to learn practically while working on different projects and tools.
  • They provide two months of internship which is an icing on the cake for students. It enables them to get practical exposure and build their portfolios.
  • A variety of tools are covered in the course.
  • Master certification is provided to the students after the course completion.
  • They have a dedicated placement cell which helps the students get placed with good packages.

Contact Details:

Phone: +91 9580 740 740

Email: [email protected]


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Rank #2. Data Analysis Courses in Pune

2. Excelr

There has been a surge of people posting comments and feedback on micro-blogging sites evaluating various products and services as well as sharing thoughts on an hourly basis, and demand for data processing and analyzing has greatly increased. The institute that offers data analytics courses in Pune boosts 60+ case studies and assignments for students to work on.

There is no dearth of projects that the internet offers such as predicting loan defaulters, flight delays, weather analysis, cost predictions, etc. having industry experts as trainers and the value and worth of the trainees get greatly increased in the job market upon graduating from the institute.

As the premier institute offering data analytics courses in Pune, Excelr has come to be known for its comprehensive modules taught in collaboration with IBM. The course is open for anyone willing to learn data analytics and also:

  • Any graduates from the commerce, science, or arts stream.
  • Management professionals working at any level of the organization.
  • Executives working in BPO and KPO domains.
  • Professionals from any field with a sound understanding of logical and analytical skills.
  • Finance and accounting professionals.

The data analytics courses in Pune from Execlr offer real-time data projects to work on during the course and 60 case studies/assignments to ensure hands-on experience. The trainers are experts from the industry, with experience spanning a decade or more.

The Topics Covered in the Course Are:

  • Business Statistics
  • Excel – basic to advance
  • MySQL
  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • SAS
  • R basics
  • Python

Cost of the Course – ₹39999

Duration of the Course – 6 months (live online classes)


Rank #3. Data Analysis Courses in Pune

3. Simplilearn

The data analytics courses in Pune offered by Simplilearn are conducted in collaboration with Purdue University which equips the incumbents with the right skills and some sessions are conducted by IBM for technical enhancement.

There are 14 Data analytics projects and 3 capstone domains from the industry datasets as well hackathons by IBM that students get to upskill their understanding.

The program is developed with the intention of helping you develop expertise in data extraction and blending, regression analysis, forecasting, and advanced statistics. You also get to learn how to visualize, organize data, and design dashboards based on Power BI and Tableau programs.

Highlights of the course also include basic concepts of mathematics and how they can be applied to data analysis. Modules covered in the course are:

  • Introduction to data analytics course.
  • Business Analytics with Excel.
  • Programming basics and data analytics with Python.
  • Tableau Training
  • Data Analyst Capstone


Students have the option to upskill to the Master’s Program and get awarded a certificate of completion. The methodology and practices give you expertise in Data analytics through live projects and data through cloud lab to work as a bonafide data analyst.

Apart from the modules listed above, Simplilearn also provides a job assistance program to give resume-building assistance, career mentoring, and interview preparation sessions with experts and career fairs to interact to assess the job market and scout for viable options.

Duration of the Course – 8 months

Cost of the Course – ₹ 55,000 (live online boot camp)

Professional certificate program in Data Analytics – ₹ 2, 12,000


Rank #4. Data Analysis Courses in Pune

4. Seven Meter

This institute realized that data analysis is a skill not relegated to IT professionals but a 21st-century skill that is required for business expansion and product development in any sector and accordingly marketed its data analytics courses in Pune.

The course is designed to understand and use SQL databases, the language of R and Python to help generate data visualization, and how to apply data and predictive analytics within a company environment.

The course is open for graduates from any field, B.E./B.tech graduates, any postgraduates, and working professionals who want to upskill their knowledge and gain a competitive edge. The course has been designed with the following modules:

  • Introduction and Writing Basic SQL
  • Power BI
  • Data Analysis Expressions (DAE)
  • Data visualization
  • Custom Visualizations
  • Power BI integration page and administration
  • Tableau
  • Working with Metadata
  • Advanced Excel

The institute offers customized training to individuals as per their needs and learning capacities which includes beginners to advanced levels. Henceforth, the duration of the course varies from 90 hours to 110 hours with real-time projects, with the option to attend classes both online and offline modes.

Duration of the Course – 9 months

Cost of the Course ₹ 59,000


Rank #5. Data Analysis Courses in Pune

5. Great Learning

The institute has designed its data analytics courses in Pune keeping the working professionals in mind. The learning format is online with industry experts as mentors and guides, there are hands-on projects that enable the students to work with real-life projects to be industry-ready upon graduation.

Faculty teaching at Great Lakes is from Universities like Stanford, UT Austin, and ITI to give a universal appeal and deeper insights into international trends. There are program managers who track every student’s learning and provide scaffolding during the course.


Also, a dedicated job board to provide resumes and interview, assistance to students with the help of industry experts. The students are trained in the following modules:

  • Python
  • Data Mining
  • Tableau
  • Machine learning
  • SQL
  • Predictive Modelling
  • Advanced and basic Excel

The course does not require prior coding knowledge. It offers a flexible learning mode and allows the student to finish the course in 11 months through online classes. There are 13000 and counting hiring partners that collaborate with Great Learning Institute for hiring their students and earn up to 30 lakh p.a. as an average salary package.  Some of the international MNCs hire from the pool of talent from their Data analytics courses in Pune.

Duration of the Course – 11 months

Cost of the Course – ₹ 75,000



1. What is data analysis?

All the information that we see around us is data-driven from market research leading to the advertisement, and sales figures to company expenses, and logistics. This information or data needs analyses based on which companies make informed decisions leading to maximizing profits and more market share of their products or services. This is done through data analysis.

2. Why is Data analysis important?

Data analysis mainly aims to simplify the influx of data and make it more tangible for organizations to use for future projections. It also holds value for past decisions to be evaluated for investment and profitability. Data analysis makes the management in any organization visualize data easily and base decisions on it.

3. Do data analytics courses in Pune provide interview assistance and campus placements?

Most data analytics courses in Pune have placement cells that help candidates prepare for the interview process, guidance for resume preparation, and conduct campus drives for companies to scout for the right talent.

4. Is data analysis a difficult course for any non-finance individual?

Data analysis is a course that makes use of basic mathematics and does not require a candidate to be proficient in mathematics or statistical calculations. Non-commerce background does not prove to be a hindrance for anyone planning to learn data analysis.


Data analysis is an extremely relevant and much-in-demand course for companies and businesses that want to provide customer-centric products or services. The data so analyzed has tremendous potential to give each direction for funds and resources of a company. It makes other departments make decisions and present forecasts for the company’s goods in the market. Data analysis also plays a vital role in understanding a consumer’s taste and changing preferences to modify existing and introduce new products for ease of use.

The comprehensive list of institutes on data analytics courses in Pune is only an attempt to put together this information that can be comprehended easily and has ease of access. The institutes mentioned above are not as per their ranking, also the data provided in terms of the cost of a course is subject to change. Therefore, it will be a good idea to go through the institute’s website for the commencement dates and exact cost of the course.

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