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Top 5 Data Analytics Courses In Mangalore With Placements

Have you ever wondered how you get exact information after searching for anything on Google or any other search engine? How do big companies make decisions to change something in their product or service or launch a new product or service? How does the world of data work? Well, this is all Data analytics. Data analytics is a process in which data from various sources is collected, then analyzed, and transformed into valuable information. If you are looking for the best data analytics courses in Mangalore then you must read this article.



Before we begin with the list of top 5 Data Analytics Courses In Mangalore let us understand data analytics first.


What is Data Analytics?

The process of analyzing, transforming, and organizing raw data to discover useful information, conclude, and support decision-making is called data analytics. It involves various techniques such as statistical analysis, mining of data, and use of machine learning, to unravel insights and trends.


Who are Data Analysts & What do they Do?

Data Analysts gather information, analyze that, do some market research, and then transform that information into valuable assets that are later used by the company in decision-making. Data Analysts help companies make maximum profit by providing them with valuable information about market trends and insights. 

In short, Data Analysts are experts who help companies analyze trends and act accordingly.

Some Data related Things that Data Analysts do:

  • Gathering Data – Data Analysts research the market and collect the data. This includes conducting various surveys, tracking the characteristics of visitors on the company’s websites or social media handles, and buying data sets from various data collectors and data collection specialists.
  • Cleaning Data– The raw data collected by data analysts may contain some percentage of duplicity, errors, or outliers. Cleaning the data is therefore important and it is done by maintaining the data quality in a spreadsheet or through a programming language. It is done so that the data would be perfect for the company and the interpretations won’t stand out as wrong.
  • Modeling Data – Modeling of data means creating and designing the structures of a database. It includes the decision of what type of data to store, collect, and establish, how the categories of data are related to each other, how to work through it and how should it appear as a final result.
  • Interpreting Data – There is one more thing that data analysts do which is Interpreting the data. Data interpretation involves finding the relevant patterns if any, or finding the trends and insights in data that can help the receiver answer the question at hand.
  • Presenting Data– Presenting the data is a final and utmost important task. Communicating the results of the findings is an important part of data analysis. It can be presented by creating visualizations like charts and graphs, writing reports, and presenting information to interested parties.

Do you know what tool data analysts use to do all of the relevant tasks? how does data analysis work? If you want to gain deep knowledge, about the same, then you can check the link below. It would help you understand it better.

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Why Data Analytics Course in Mangalore?

Mangalore, known for better quality of life, has so many job opportunities. Not only does it have serene beaches but it has a clean environment too which is appealing for one who likes a slower pace of life. Mangalore has a low cost of living compared to Bangalore and other metropolitan cities. So, if you are going to study here then it will surely be beneficial for you in every aspect. This place is also good for nature lovers and has good tourism too. 


Who Should Do Data Analytics Courses in Mangalore:?

Any Graduates/Postgraduates, or the ones who are still in college but have a basic understanding, can do this course. 


Top 5 Data Analyst Courses in Mangalore With Job Placements



If you want to learn data analytics courses in Mangalore from a reputed Government of India-recognized institute, then IIM Skills is the perfect platform.  This data Analyst course provided by IIM Skills is the top data analyst course in Mangalore.

IIM Skills provides you with lifetime access to training materials, special tools, and session recordings. For quality education, IIM Skills is considered as best option so a data analyst course in Mangalore from IIM Skills is worth it.

This platform provides you with learning every concept of Data Analyst, and you will surely master it with the help of practical training and real-time assignments. IIM Skills also helps you build your portfolio.


The Details Of Their Data Analytics Courses in Mangalore Are Further Discussed:

Course Details:

Name:  Data Analytics Course

Duration: 6 Months Of Training + 2 Months Internship (optional)

EMI: Interest Free

Certification: Yes

Fees: INR- 49900 + Taxes

Mode of study: Online

This online Data Analytics courses in Mangalore provides flexibility in terms of time and location. That means you can do this course from anywhere and at the time which is suitable for you. The course syllabus is designed in a way to teach you each concept in detail, which leaves no space for any doubt.



Course Curriculum Covered In Their Data Analytics Courses in Mangalore:

  • Module 1: Advance Excel

In this module, you will learn the advanced concepts of Excel and how is data analyzed using advanced Excel. In this module, you will learn the basic contents of the course, why Data Analyst is required, and what to expect from the course. You will also learn about the relevant exams, assignments, support desk, and other such things.

  • Module 2: Visual Basic Application (VBA)

In this Module, you will learn visual basic applications in detail. You will know how VBA works with Excel, key components of programming language, programming constructs in VBA, functions and procedures in VBA, objects and memory management in VBA, error handling, and communicating with your user. In this learning, you will also know the outcome of the course. Real-time projects will make the learning more interesting and effective.  

  • Module 3: SQL

This module covers the basic RDBMS concepts, utilizing the objects explorer, data-based object creation, data manipulation, accessing data from multiple tables using SELECT, how to optimize the work, etc.

  • Module 4: SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

In this module, you will be acknowledged with the basics of SSRS, you will also learn how to create parameters, and visualization using SSRS, you will also understand what visualization is, etc.

  • Module 5: SQL Server Integration Services

This module covers the basic concepts of SSIS. In this module, you will understand packages, how to create packages to integrate, and how packages are created using SSIS. 

  • Module 6: Power BI

Introduction to the power BI is covered in this module. You will learn data preparation and modeling, data analysis expression (DAX), and report development.

  • Module 7: Data Analytics using Python 

This module covers an introduction to basic statistics. Not only you will learn this but also learn to use it practically. You will also learn an introduction to mathematical foundations, Analytics and data science, and Python essentials.

As computer language is essential to understand the data better this module also covers operations with numerical phyton, cleansing data with phyton, introduction to Pandas, an overview of pandas, data analysis using phyton, data visualization with phyton statistical methods, and hypothesis testing.

  • Module 8: Alteryx, Tableau, and Data Science

In this module, you will learn the concepts of Alteryx, the SELECT tool to rename the fields and change the data type, understand the user environment and Alteryx settings, and learn to filter, process, blend, and join the data from various sources. You will also know about data cleansing, input values, and random samples.

You will be acknowledged with data handling and summaries of tableau, reports development, importing and exporting the data, data analysis, data manipulation, data science, database, data visualization, linear regression, and statistics. the market changes. You will learn such things in this module.

  • Why choose IIM Skills for Data Analytics Courses in Mangalore:

IIM Skills is one of the best and leading institutes of today’s times. As we all know this world is of skilled persons, and skills are so necessary to get a good job, IIM Skills helps in providing up-to-date knowledge with practical training which will help you to get a good job. IIM Skills is a perfect environment for you to grow, here you will learn and make yourself job-ready.

The Investment Banking course in Poland provided by this institute is highly in demand due to its quality.  This institute in Poland provides you with each kind of support, which will make your learning easy opt for this course and make your career in Investment Banking and learn while enjoying. 


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Have A Look at These Data Analytics Courses in the Rest of India:


2. 360DiGiTMG

360DiGiTMG is another leading institute that provides the best Data Analytics courses in Mangalore. This institute guarantees quality Education and excellence in terms of course material and tools provided. With customized training programs, this institute is another good choice for students pursuing Data Analyst courses in Mangalore. This institute provides both online and offline classes along with placement assistance after completing the course successfully.  

This institute is a good choice, for a Data Analyst course in Mangalore. The course provided by this institute covers some modules for good knowledge of the students and skill development. The course is designed in a student-friendly manner and in such a way that anyone even those who have a basic knowledge about the field can do the course. If you want to make a career in Data Analyst, then you can pursue this Data Analyst course in Mangalore.

  • Course Name: Data Analyst
  • Course Duration: 6 months
  • Course Fee: N/A
  • Certification: 5+ Certificates 


3. Simplilearn

Simplilearn is a popular provider of Data Analytics courses in Mangalore. This institute in Mangalore provides customized learning programs suitable to your needs, that cover the updated syllabus and techniques in the era of Data Analyzing. 

You will not only learn course material but this Data Analyst course in Mangalore gives you projects and tasks too which make learning more fun and effective. This institute covers the updated syllabus and practically and effectively teaches students.

This institute focuses on developing your knowledge, clearing your concepts, and providing you with up-to-date material. Internship assistance is also given under this course, and this Data Analyst course in Mangalore also gives you good opportunities to make your knowledge effective and job-driven.

  • Course Name: Data Analyst Course
  • Course Duration: 6 &11 Months
  • Internship: Depends on Course Duration 
  • Course Fee: Different fees for Different duration
  • Certification: 10+ Certificates

This institute was set up in 2010. This Data Analyst course in Mangalore provided by this institute is available in both offline and online mode. The main objective of the institute as mentioned by them is, not only to offer training but also to offer valuable and high-quality services such as building portfolios, placements, etc.

Modules Covered In Their Data Analytics Courses in Mangalore:

  • Data Analytics
  • Supervised Learning
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Data Analysis using Python and R
  • Data Visualization
  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • Linear and logistic regression
  • Statistical analysis using Excel
  • Clustering using K-means

Simplilearn set its roots in 2010 and since then this institute has tried its best to establish itself as a market leader in education and Data Analysis. This institute has skilled thousands of students and professionals.

This Data Analyst course in Mangalore provided by this institute has helped various students and professionals in establishing their good careers. This institute not only provides theoretical knowledge but also provides individualized attention at every stage of the upskilling journey, through a practical approach and nicely designed online courses, or corporate training.

The boot camp facility provided by this institute is widely appreciated and has helped thousands of learners. This boot camp facility also focuses on your other skills which are necessary to get a decent job.

When you enrol in the boot camp program, you will be able to listen to mindedly and effectively formed lectures and insights created by individuals and professionals with extensive expertise in the Data Analysis field.

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4. Madrid Software

 This Data Analyst Institute in Mangalore provides a specialized learning of Data Analyst course in Mangalore. This institute covers every relevant topic that you need to know. The Data Analyst course in Mangalore provided by this institute will fill you with all the important skill sets that you need for a prospective and leading career in Data Analysis. 

Relevance: As this institute provides practical training, it makes learning more efficient and effective. The course is taught by professionals with 10 years of teaching experience. By doing this course you will gain good knowledge and the Data Analyst course in Mangalore provided by this institute also makes you ready for the actual, real-life work. This institute is known for its quality education and teaches you with real-world examples. This institute encourages you to have doubts and have a discussion on the same with questions and arguments.

This Institute of Data Analyst course in Mangalore trains students practically and helps them improve their skills and knowledge in the field of Data Analysis. This institute also helps students to earn income while doing this course. 

  • Course Name: Data Analyst Master Course
  • Course Duration: 6 Months & 1 Year
  • Internship: Depends on Course Duration 
  • Course Fee: Different fees for Different duration
  • Certification: 10+ Certificates

Modules Covered In Their Data Analytics Courses in Mangalore:

  • Python Concepts
  • Analytics Pandas Concept
  • Analytics by Num-pay Concepts
  • Matplotlib Concepts
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Cleaning Techniques
  • Text Analytics
  • My SQL
  • Techniques for Data Manipulation
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Case studies


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5. Codingninjas

Codingninjas is one of the most trusted online Data Analyst courses in Mangalore. When technology just sat at its roots in the online industry, this institute was established, that is in the earliest days of the online era. This Data Analyst course provider at Mangalore Institute focuses on providing quality education in the field of Data Analysis, and learning programs with a practical approach that makes anyone eligible for a job.

Codingninjas provides a good Data Analyst course with placement support and helps the students gain the required set of knowledge and skills to cope with the current competition. The students of this course can achieve the specified Data science objectives for the benefit of corporations and individuals. 

By doing this Data Analyst course in Mangalore, you will gain so many skills which will help you reshape your career properly. With a 100% job placement guarantee and career growth program, you will learn a lot in this course.

  • Course Name: Data Analyst Course
  • Course Duration: 6 & 11 Months
  • Internship: Depends on Course Duration 
  • Course Fee: Different fees for Different duration

Modules Covered In Their Data Analytics Courses in Mangalore:

  • Introduction to Data Analytics
  • Data Analytics with Excel
  • Structured Query Language
  • Python
  • Statistics
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Machine Learning
  • Interview Preparation and Resume Edits

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Scope of Data Analyst After Completing The data Analytics Courses In Mangalore

As the demand for a Data Analyst is increasing daily, its scope is expanding daily, and many institutes are providing this course with worldwide knowledge of Data Science.

  • Job Opportunities – The scope of Data Analyst courses in Mangalore is increasing every single day, and because of this, so many job opportunities are generated daily. 



Q. Who can do the Data Analyst course in Mangalore?

The basic knowledge that is required in the Data Analyst course is a basic understanding of data, trends, why data analyzing is important, what can be done with data, and the importance of high-quality data. Only a basic understanding of how these things work is sufficient, but even if you are fresher doesn’t know any of those, but you are ready to devote yourself, then you surely will gain knowledge.

Q. Is Mangalore a good place to study a Data Analyst course?

Data Analysis has become one of the most necessary skills in the world of data and the market, for most companies nowadays. As this course has a wide reach and almost everywhere there is a requirement for data analysis, now every other institute is teaching this course, so you as a learner can learn this anywhere in the world. Mangalore is continuously emerging as a job-oriented sector, so yes, you can do a Data Analyst course in Mangalore which is a good place to study. 

Q. Is Data Analysis a good career option?

Yes, the demand for data analysis is increasing, and with an increase in demand, you can make a decent career in the Data Science world. So yes, the Data Analyst course in Mangalore is a good career option.

Q. Is the Data Analyst Course in Mangalore an Easy Course?

Yes, the Data Analyst course is an easy course to do. This course only requires a basic understanding of the data and commitment. Anyone can do this course if they have a basic knowledge and a strong desire to do this course. 

 Q. Which is the best Data Analyst course with a good career guarantee?

IIM SKILLS is the best and most widely enrolled Data Analyst course in Mangalore. IIM Skills is known for providing quality education and it is one of the finest Data Analyst courses in Mangalore with placement opportunities. 

 Q. Why Data Analyst?

This is an important question which is asked widely. Data analysis is a competitive field that demands a good commitment and time. If provided the same, then one can achieve so much in this field and make a good demanding career.

 Q. How data is useful for companies?  

Data Analysts’ companies mine data and get useful information from it which they use later in making strategies, understanding the market insights and trends, and developing products and services accordingly. 


IIM Skills is the best place to do data analytics courses In Mangalore. Data Analysis courses are a great start for a career that will make you job-ready and accelerate your career growth. 






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