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Top 12 Data Analytics Courses in Delhi With Placements

With digitalization giving a new edge to our way of perceiving the world and addressing our problems, it has also opened a wide area of a career in its different aspects in which data analytics plays a crucial role. Occupying a large area of its impact, requirement, and application; the term ‘Data Analytics’ comes with much more than its mere definition. In this article, we are going to identify some of the best sources of knowledge in this particular field in the capital city of India i.e. top 12 data analytics courses in Delhi.

List of the best Data Analytics courses in Delhi

Data analytics is a process of evaluating, analyzing, assembling, transforming, and shaping raw data to extract useful final information for future benefit. Any set of information or facts is data. Without our knowledge, even our daily life has the word ‘data’ in action every time. So, it is past our calculation of how much advanced data is there in this data-driven world.

Since Delhi is such a popular metropolitan city, you can find various in-demand courses here:


Why Data Analytics?

The modern world is commonly regarded as the data-driven world and the word data is the center of the statement. Why so? The more we are inclined to have our personal or business presence all online, the more we are producing plus depending on data.

But big data or advanced data is not as simple as to be used directly. A lot of this data goes to waste each day just because of a lack of people working to simplify or analyze it to get it duly used. Because data extraction helps industries and businesses to get useful information that can help them improve their services and bring favorable outcomes, data scientists are paid quite well.

Data analysis needs skills and with the growth of internet usage, the data industry flourishes, ultimately needing people to work. So, looking forward to being a data analyst can be the best choice for your life. With the tremendous and mounting use of the internet plus technology in working; both the size and degree of data skyrockets, ultimately setting forth the demand for people analyzing it and giving results.

Being successful in capturing young minds to test their capabilities and monetize, the broad field of data analytics demands skill sets and hence needs such training programs to kickstart careers. Being addressed as the sexiest job of the 21st century, data scientists are genuinely in high demand. The scope of this skillset is evergreen and rewarding.

Foregoing this, below is the list of the top 11 data analytics courses in Delhi. And if you are the one looking up to data analytics as your dream career, then pay heed to this list covering the best data analytics courses in Delhi for you.

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Top 12 Data Analytics Courses in Delhi



One of the most recognized places to learn and acquire in-demand skills is IIM SKILLS. The institute is government-recognized and is the top choice for data analytics courses in Delhi. Till now, they have trained thousands of students around the globe through their professional courses in the digital and finance domains.

They have an extensive Data Analytics Course, which is a complete package of practical learning plus hands-on assignments, that plays a major role in the development of their students and their portfolios to get into the industry with ease. It is a 6-month live training program where all your doubts will be cleared and discussion will be on one so that you will get the best learning experience.


The 2 months of internship will also be given to the students during which different tasks will be assigned to them. In this way, everyone gets a clear understanding of each topic. This skill development course by IIM SKILLS has been curated with in-depth study, hence giving a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the course.

Course Name: Master Data Analytics Course

Course Fees: 49,900 Rs +GST

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Core Modules Covered:

Data Analytics Using Advanced Excel (9 Hours)
Data Analytics Using VBA (15 Hours)
Data Analytics Using SQL (39 Hours)
Data Analytics Using Power BI (24 Hours)
Data Analytics Using Python-1(10 Hours)
Data Analytics Using Python-2 (10 Hours)
Data Analytics Using Tableau (15 Hours)
R For Data Science (20 Hours)
Data Analytics Using Alteryx (18 Hours)


Tools Covered:

  • Excel
  • Power Bi
  • Python
  • Tableau
  • SQL
  • R

Key Feature:

  • The course is completely online and practical-oriented. At the end of the courses, you will be well aware of the data analytics tools and techniques.
  • The 2-month internship is included after the course, which is a great help for the students to build their skills and portfolio.
  • A number of important tools are included.
  • Lifetime access is given to the updated sessions through the (LMS)  learning management system.
  • Round-the-clock support is available.
  • The Master Certification is provided upon completion of the course.

Contact Details:

Phone: +91 9580 740 740

Email: [email protected]

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2. Imarticus Learning Delhi

Headquartered in Delhi, Imarticus Learning is a well-established institute having specialization in the fields of data analytics, data science, and finance. Since 2012, the institute has helped 30,000+ aspirants in achieving rewarding careers.

The institute provides a well-designed and extensive post-graduation degree in the subject of data analytics and is one of the most reliable data analytics courses in Delhi. A detailed list of the content of the course is below.

Course Name: Postgraduate program in Data Analytics and Machine learning

Mode of Learning:  Both classroom and online

The program claims to teach from the basics of data analytics making their students have a proper grip in one go. Best suited for fresh graduates.

What You Will Learn:

  1. 3 main pillars of data analytics (Data, analysis, and, action)
  2. Mapping and modeling
  3. Data acquisition
  4. Data acquisition tools
  5. Basics of Excel
  6. Securing data
  7. Analysis
  8. Analysis statistics
  9. Storing data
  10. Visualizing data
  11. Optimization of data
  12. R programming

Key Features of the Course:

  1. Job interview guaranteed
  2. Industry professionals designed course
  3. Placement opportunities
  4. Case studies
  5. Practical business project involvement

Contact: +91 8448 515861


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3. Excel R Delhi

Excel R is another trusted educational institute providing the best data analytics course in Delhi. The institute has great management with a wide spectrum of over 40 countries. There are a number of courses in Excel R in the data science field. Well-adept in the field for 10 years, the institute’s course structure is designed by keeping in mind the emerging needs of the industry and hence is a trusted training hub for aspirants. Let’s check out the course in detail.

Course Name: Data Analyst Certification Course Training

Mode of Teaching: Virtual live classes

Fee: 39999 INR

Length: 6 months

What You Will Learn: This detailed-oriented course ensures a tight grip on the subject.


  1. Statistics( business)
  2. excel from scratch to pro
  3. SQL language
  4. Tools like Tableau and Power BI for data extraction
  5. Basics of Python and R language
  6. Data mining
  7. Data management

For Details: Check out their website

Key Features of the Course:

  1. Monthly EMI option available
  2. Quality of pedagogy
  3. Self-paced learning option
  4. More than 50+ hands-on assignments
  5. Attend various industry webinars
  6. Get to work on 2 real projects
  7. Assistive placement cell
  8. Access to all the videos of the courseware for a lifetime
  9. Certification with additional cost

Contact:  1800- 212- 2120

Location: Many locations are approachable in Delhi( check out their website)

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4. Analytixlabs

Analytixlabs is one of the best institutes for data analytics courses in Delhi. The institute has in many courses under data science since 2011 and is a trusted training program in Delhi, Gurgaon, Bengaluru, and Noida. The faculty of the program is well experienced plus it offers globally credible certifications. Let’s check out the data analytics course.

Course Name:  Data visualization and analytics

Length: 120 hours

Fee: 1600 INR

Mode of Teaching: Self-paced, live online classes, e-learning

What You Will Learn:

  1. Excel from scratch
  2. Basic programming
  3. Basic statistics
  4. Dashboards
  5. SQL and RDBMS
  6. Data visualization
  7. Data analysis and manipulation using functions
  8. Intro to analytics and reporting


Key Features:

  1. Convenient learning
  2. Demo class
  3. Hands-on projects
  4. Self-study ( 60 hours)
  5. Real-time projects
  6. Bootcamps
  7. Doubt support team
  8. Preparation for interviews
  9. Build online profiles
  10. Certification including IBM certification

Contact: +91 9555219007, [email protected]


5. Jee Tech Academy

Jee Tech is a premium data science agency offering data analytics courses in Delhi. Python training, data science course, digital marketing course, ethical hacking, and artificial intelligence are its best-selling courses.

Jee Tech has been a highly trusted training provider since 2009 and has trained more than 33350+ alumni. The academy’s best course is data analytics or data science and next, let’s check out the course content.

Course Name:  Data Science

Mode of Teaching: Both offline and online

What You Will Learn:

  1. Introduction to basic statistics
  2. Probability
  3. R Programming language
  4. Data collection, analysis, mining
  5. Regressions
  6. Modeling
  7. Machine learning(separate module)
  8. Learn black box techniques
  9. Data analysis pro tips

Key Features:

  1. In-depth and extensive course
  2. Quite affordable fees
  3. Convenient class timings
  4. Training by industry experts with 9 years of experience
  5. Lab facility available
  6. Modern infrastructure
  7. Mock interviews for job-grabbing
  8. Monthly workshops
  9. Provides complete study material
  10. Backup videos of classes are available
  11. Assignments and case studies
  12. Internship opportunity
  13. Placement assistance
  14. Recognized course completion certificate

Contact: +91 9899894291, [email protected]

Location: Sector 6, Rohini, Delhi.


6. Madrid Software Training

It is a renowned educational institute offering the best data analytics courses in Delhi and other data science subjects. Since 2011, the institute has trained over 5000 professionals and is a leading training program in big data Hadoop, web development, and digital marketing. What’s in the data analytics course, let’s see.

Course Name: Data Analytics with R and Python

What You Will Learn:

  1. Concepts of python
  2. Basic analytics concepts
  3. Analytics pandas
  4. Matplotib
  5. Visualization of data
  6. Data manipulation
  7. Predictive analysis
  8. SQL programming
  9. Data cleaning and extraction
  10. Excel concepts
  11. Tableau
  12. Learn to use jupyter notebook


Key Features:

  1. Learn from industry experts
  2. Case studies
  3. Hands-on assignments
  4. Live projects training
  5. Recording of classes available
  6. Profile building
  7. 24-hour support team
  8. Certifications


7. IMS Proschool

Another good name in data analytics training institutes is IMS Proschool. It is a well-known educational institute providing many data science courses and PG diplomas as well. It has trained over 4000 aspirants and is ranked 4th best data science institute. Let’s check out the course content.

Course Name:  Data science/ business analytics

Mode of Teaching: Live online classes

Length: 6 months

Fee: 60,000 INR

What You Will Learn:

  1. Statistics and its various methods
  2. Data processing, analysis
  3. Visualization
  4. Functions
  5. Regressions
  6. Python
  7. BI
  8. Tableau
  9. SOL

Key Features:

  1. Teaching from junior to a higher level
  2. Use Proschool’s active hybrid technique
  3. Live instructor-led classes\skill development
  4. Deep learning
  5. Job grabbing
  6. Interview preparations
  7. Learn various programming languages
  8. Certification of the program with certifications from NSE+NSDC academy.


8. Learnbay

Learnbay is also a great online platform for learning data analytics and other data science subjects. It helps students in coding, software development and designing, and big data analysis. The platform also provides classroom training and coding camps. Learnbay also demands some prerequisites and offers 3 to 4 different data science courses, the list of which is below.


  1. Data structures and algorithms
  2. System design and pattern
  3. Competitive programming
  4. Data structure and algorithm using Python


Key Features:

  1. Extensive both in duration and knowledge
  2. Real-time projects
  3. Access to class recording(lifetime)
  4. Internship
  5. Personal Coaching
  6. Profile building
  7. High quality of teaching


Contact:  +91 8861279311


9. IVY Proschool

Another name on the list of best data analytics courses in Delhi is IVY Proschool. The institute has been a knowledge provider in the data science field for the past 5 years. One of its many courses is the Data Science and Big Data Analytics certification course which in-depth teaches aspirants to achieve their goals. Let’s check out more about the course.

Course Name: Data Science and Big Data Analytics certification course

Length:230 hours

Fee:  45,998 INR

What You Will Learn:

  1. Advanced Excel
  2. SQL and database management
  3. Tableau
  4. Statistics
  5. Modeling using R
  6. Analytics using python
  7. Brief Machine learning
  8. Understanding big data

Key Features:

  1. Work on various live projects
  2. Learn from industry experts
  3. Practice sessions
  4. Writing( pig query and hive query)
  5. Involve in industry projects in R

Contact: +91 7676882222

Location: Hauz Khas Delhi


10. Jigsaw Academy

Jigsaw is also a recognized education provider in data science. Its post-graduate diploma in Data Science/Analytics is the best course and is extensive as it covers many related topics of the subject like machine learning which is a plus point.

The institute provides efficient knowledge and helps build required skill sets. Unlike many others, it provides a data science course in Delhi with placement. Let’s check out the course.

Course Name: Postgraduate certification program in Data Science and machine learning.

Length:  6 months

Mode of Teaching: Online live classes

What You Will Learn:

  1. Data Scraping
  2. RDBMS methods
  3. AL, ML
  4. Jupyter notebook
  5. Tableau
  6. SQL
  7. TensorFlow
  8. Kesar

Key Features:

  1. Become job-ready
  2. Capstone projects
  3. Learn from experienced professionals
  4. Placement guaranteed
  5. Certification upon completion

Contact: +91 9019997000


11. Edvancer

Edvancer is a great computer software training institute in Delhi to step into a data analytics course. Various courses in data science are provided by the institute and have also earned good reviews. The institute has an association with IIT Kanpur and thus ensures experienced and effective teaching by industry professionals. So, let’s check out the course.

Course Name:  Advanced certification in Data Analytics

Length:  180 hours

Mode of Teaching: Live online and self-paced


Live– 83,900 INR

Self-paced– 55,900 INR

What You Will Learn:

  1. Data Analytics
  2. Data modeling
  3. Data cleansing
  4. Statistics
  5. R programming
  6. Python
  7. Data visualization
  8. SQL
  9. Tableau

Key Features:

  1. Top-notch teaching faculty of IIT Kanpur
  2. 100% placement assurance
  3. Scholarship post-course completion
  4. Hands-on assignments
  5. 7 real industry projects
  6. Access to online course content(lifetime)
  7. Easy installments on fee
  8. Certification by IIT Kanpur

Contact: +91 8080928948, [email protected]


12. Simplilearn

Simplilearn is an online education provider in data analytics and other aspects of the digital sphere. The program provides a data analyst course in collaboration with IBM and Perdue University making sure the pedagogy from experts. What is the course, let’s see.

Course Name: Postgraduate program in Data Analytics

Mode of Teaching: Online


What You Will Learn:

  1. Data Analytics
  2. Statistics
  3. Excel
  4. Data visualization
  5. R and python
  6. Tableau
  7. Regressions(linear and logistic)
  8. Using kmeans
  9. Pro learning

Key Features:

  1. Online live classes
  2. Bootcamps
  3. Job assuring
  4. Use various tools
  5. 15 real data projects
  6. Recognized certification


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which is the best data analyst course in Delhi NCR?

Ans. All the above-mentioned courses are the best data analytics courses in Delhi. Analytixlabs and Jeetech Academy can be the best picks, but every course quality depends on its curriculum, so that must be considered.

Q2. How lucrative is a career in data analytics?

Ans. Today’s data-driven world is all about data. Past our reasoning, a huge amount of big data is produced daily most of which goes unmodelled and analyzed. Data science opens a large vacancy for data analysts. Hence, a career in data analytics is ever booming.

Q3. What is the role of a data analyst?

Ans. Analyzing, modeling, shaping, assembling, cleansing, and, extracting useful information from a set of raw data using various programming techniques and tools is the main role of a data analyst.

Q4. Do data analysts need to qualify for any further tests after certification?

Ans. The answer is yes. To get a job as a data analyst, one needs to clear the required procedures of whichever company he/she applies to. As data analysis is a big responsibility, your abilities are tested before any placement.

In Conclusion:

To conclude, data analytics courses in Delhi or other big cities are in demand because data science is a very vast and ever-rewarding field of profession as the modern world is inclined towards having an online presence in almost every aspect of working or personal life.

Data analytics and more related fields have successfully placed thousands of aspirants and yet leave behind a large vacancy. It is a high-paying yet classy job of the decade and given it is not a cinch requires specific training and experience to outdo here. So, considering proper data analytics courses in Delhi can help you excel.

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