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Top 9 Data Analytics Courses in Chennai With Placement

Data analytics is one of the most sought-after career options of the 21st Century. Any company that requires data in their work needs a data analyst to analyze it. Because of its high demand and fewer people, who are actually skillful to carry out the job in the best way, data analytics provides a high package salary and excellent perks even at the entry level. Before we discuss the top 9 data analytics courses in Chennai, it’s important to understand what exactly is data analytics, what are the future scope of this job, its application in different industries, and the eligibility criteria for you to become a successful data analyst.

List of best data analytics courses in Chennai

What is Data Analytics?

Many companies generate a huge amount of data from different sources, in the form of log files, web servers, customer downloads, transactions, or queries-related data. Data analytics is the process of utilizing and examining those data, to find unseen trends, forecast and extract information, find correlations, derive value out of it, and make better and informed business decisions. It helps the company to grow faster and in the right direction.

There Are Various Benefits of Data Analytics in a Company

  1. Improvement in Decision making.
  2. Providing better Customer Services and building stronger relationships with the customer.
  3. Delivering Efficiency in the Operations of the company, saving money, and boosting production.
  4. Providing Effective results in marketing campaigns, resulting in engaging with the right customers and converting them into leads.

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Future Scope of Data Analytics

There is a high scope for Data Analytics in different industries across the globe. Data Analytics is considered a promising career path, with high salary and growth expectations. Certain industries which have a high demand for Data Analytics are:

  1. Financial Institutions, such as Investment Banks
  2. Government Sectors, in data collection, mining, and analysis.
  3. Information Technology, in understanding and examining data of customers to improve the technology and get better results.
  4. Insurance and Health Care Industry, to understand customer behavior patterns and health routines.



Qualification Criteria for Data Analyst

To start your career as a Data Analyst, the most basic qualification required is a bachelor’s degree. You can possess data analytics skills, without a degree as well, and possibly a job, but in order to get better opportunities, with a higher salary and professional network, having a degree is recommended.

You might not get a Bachelor’s Degree in Data Analyst at your University. In that case, you can major in other courses with overlapping skills.

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Few Degree Courses, that can typically help in learning Data Analytics :

  1. Data Science
  2. Computer Science
  3. Applied Mathematics and Statistics
  4. Finance and Economics

Take statistics, calculus, and linear algebra courses as well as some computer science courses that cover database and statistical software, regardless of the field in which you decide to pursue your degree. Since we have discussed data analytics in detail, its future scope, and qualification criteria. Now, we must look at the top 10 data analytics courses in Chennai to help you get the best exposure and learning of the subject.


Top 9 Data Analytics Courses in Chennai



The Data Analytics Course by IIM SKILLS is a 6 month of Live training program with a 2 month internship opportunity which has been opted for by thousands of students around the globe and are happily placed at big organizations.

IIM SKILLS is one of the big brands in the education industry and has made a number of professionals in different domains, data analysis is of course one of the professions among them.

The trainers there always stand at the forefront to make the students skilled, hence, they make the live sessions fun and interactive with assignments and projects included. A number of advanced tools are also taught during the course which make the analysis process efficient.


Along with the quality training they provide, the internship is also a game changer here that allows the students to implement their knowledge while practicing on live projects. Another excellent benefit you get is they are always present to assist their student.

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They have an excellent support panel that caters to all the queries and will get back to you as soon as possible with the solution. Not only this but they have a dedicated placement cell that promises a 100% interview schedule with big brands.

All they need is the student’s dedication and the rest is up to them. If you are genuinely looking for quality training and the best institute, IIM SKILLS is the place for you.

Course Fees: Rs 49,900 + GST

Data Analytics Course Syllabus

Data Analytics Using Advanced Excel (9 Hours)
Data Analytics Using VBA (15 Hours)
Data Analytics Using SQL (39 Hours)
Data Analytics Using Power BI (24 Hours)
Data Analytics Using Python-1(10 Hours)
Data Analytics Using Python-2 (10 Hours)
Data Analytics Using Tableau (15 Hours)
R For Data Science (20 Hours)
Data Analytics Using Alteryx (18 Hours)


Contact Details:

Customer Care No: +91 9580 740 740

Email: [email protected]

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2. ExcelR

ExcelR and Tech Conglomerate IBM, in collaboration, provide quality training to make their students grab opportunities for career growth. The Data Analyst Course has been designed to meet the needs of the market as well as individuals who want to develop a career in a tech field where coding is not the norm. Get certified by taking their top-notch IBM-powered Data Analyst Certification Course.

What Are Their Data Analytics Courses in Chennai Offer?

Technologies including,

  1. Excel
  2. Advanced Excel
  3. Tableau
  4. SQL
  5. Power BI
  6. Basics of R & Python, and more

These are covered in the Data Analyst Course. In addition to theory sessions, there are practical tasks and projects that assist you in putting the concepts you learn to use.

Why ExcelR?

  1. Industry Best Trainer.
  2. Tailored Course Curriculum: The course has been designed from basic to advanced levels to ensure that any fresher data science student can master the concept easily.
  3. Access to e-learning, if you miss any Live Classes and for revision purposes.
  4. Assignments: ExcelR provides 50+ assignments covering 100+ hours to practice the concepts. A dedicated SME team will help and guide you to complete the assignment.
  5. Work on Live Projects: This will help the students to get holistic real-time insights into the Data Science Projects.
  6. Post-Training Support.
  7. Placement Assistance.
  8. Peer Support.

Duration of the Course :

160 hours

Fees Structure of the Course :

Live Virtual Classroom: Rs. 39999/-

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3. Green Technologies

Green Technologies is a leading company in Chennai, known for its best training and placement assistance. With more than 10 years of experience, in providing training, consultancy, and development Solutions in the latest technologies in the IT Industry, and having Employees from MNCs as trainers to give real corporate exposure, Green Technologies provides one of the best Data Analytics courses in Chennai.

What Are Their Data Analytics Courses in Chennai Offer?

The course covers an in-depth curriculum on :

  1. Probability and Statistics
  2. SQL
  3. Data Analytics with R
  4. Data Analytics with Python
  5. Business Analysis with Excel
  6. Data Visualisation with Tableau
  7. Data Visualisation with Power BI

In addition to it, the course also provides a Capstone Project to help you apply the concepts practically and in placement preparation to help you get the job of your choice.

Why Green Technologies?

The Benefits and features that make Green Technologies one of the most preferred Data Analytics Courses in Chennai are :

  1. Expert-led training sessions
  2. Capstone Projects – 60 hours of Project
  3. First-hand Practical classes
  4. Lifetime Access
  5. 24 x 7 Expert Support & Access
  6. Certification and Job Assistance
  7. Adjustable Schedule

Duration of the Course :

Hands-On Training: 200+ Hrs

Projects For Hands-On Learning: 2 Live

Practical Assignments: 250 Hrs

Fees Structure of the Course :

Course Price at Rs. 10000/-


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4. Imarticus Learning

This Post Graduation Data Analytics and machine learning certification course in Chennai will be the passport that opens doors to a spectacular career for you in data analytics at some of the biggest A-list organizations, through hands-on projects, a unique capstone project, and an exciting hackathon towards the end of the course.

Eligibility: Graduates and Professionals (up to 5 years of experience) with a technical background.

What Do the Data Analysis Courses in Chennai Offer?

The Course will cover the curriculum with 4 major steps to give you the best experience in learning and industry-based exposure:

1. 360 – Degree Learning

  • 1. Experiential Learning: Learning by doing is encouraged using interesting projects and competitive hackathons.
  • 2. Flexibility: Recorded Video will help you to revise and strengthen your concepts anytime during the course and even after that.

2. Tech-enabled Learning

  • 1. LMS: A Learning Management System will help in revisiting the old important topics and prepare you for tests and quizzes.
  • 2. Smart Classroom: The classroom is designed to provide Classroom training and recorded live lectures.

3. Career Services

  • 1. Assured Placements: Special Sessions and insider tips will help you get your dream job in an Analytics Firm.
  • 2. Placement-Driven Hackathon: Hackathons will provide a competitive mindset to get better, and winners get better placement opportunities.

2. Industry Connect

  • 1. Industry Endorsed Curriculum: The curriculum is designed by industry experts to make you job-ready.
  • 2. Mentorship: Dedicated mentors will solve all your queries regarding academics and careers.

Why Imarticus?

  1. Rated as 4.8 out of 5 stars by more than 2000 learners.
  2. History of providing 1000+ placements.
  3. The average Package achieved after placement is 7 lakhs/annum and the highest package is 22.5 lakhs/annum.
  4. Gain Industry-relevant Certification from their partners: Convergytics, Kabbage, Infinite Analytics, and Fino.
  5. It is regarded as one of the Best Data Analytics Courses in Chennai.

Duration and Mode of the Course :

Live Classroom Session: 450+ hours

Fees Structure of the Course :

INR 225,000/- Onwards.


5. Simplilearn

With the assistance of the partnership between Simplilearn and IBM, students will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stand out in the fields of data analysis, artificial intelligence, data science, and other cutting-edge technologies. Students who want to pursue their career in data science would also find this course to be quite beneficial.

What Does the Course Offer?

The Simplilearn course has been designed to cover the syllabus in a way that any student who is interested in learning can begin their journey from basics to advanced level, step by step with the curriculum. It will cover topics in the latest technologies and tools like :

  1. Microsoft Excel
  2. NumPy
  3. Panda
  4. SciPy
  5. Power BI
  6. Python
  7. Tableau
  8. MySql

Why Simplilearn?

Out of the many reasons why Simplilearn is one of the top Data Analytics Courses in Chennai, a few of them are worth mentioning:

  1. Simplilearn is voted as the World’s #1 Online Bootcamp, with a rating of 4.5 stars at Switch Up and a 4.5 rating at Course Report.
  2. Top Notch Data Analytics Curriculum with integrated labs, designed and delivered for both freshers and working professionals.
  3. Live Interaction in live online classes by Industry experts is applicable, to make the learning personalized and get more exposure.
  4. You will get exposure and experience from IBM, in Live Masterclasses, Ask me Anything Sessions, and Hackathon from IBM.
  5. Capstone and more than 20 industry-relevant Data Analytics projects to guarantee thorough learning. Projects involving the financial, e-commerce, manufacturing, and technology sectors are covered.

Fees Structure of the Course :

Course Fees is Rs. 54000/- (incl. taxes)


6. Intellipaat’s

The data analytics courses in Chennai offered by Intellipaat in collaboration with CCE, and IIT Madras cover all the skills you’ll need to succeed as a Data Analyst. Additionally, their placement team will aid you in preparing for your job interview by conducting a number of practice interviews, helping you with your resume, etc.

What Do the Data Analysis Courses in Chennai Offer?

The Skills that you will learn from Intellipaat’s Data Analytics Courses in Chennai are :

  1. Excel
  2. Data wrangling with SQL
  3. Presto (SQL Interface)
  4. Intro to Data Science and Statistics
  5. Business Problem Solving across different domains
  6. Optimization techniques
  7. Predictive Modelling
  8. Time- Series Forecasting
  9. Feature Engineering
  10. Advanced Machine Learning Techniques
  11. Data Science Execution Strategy
  12. Business Case Studies
  13. Power BI
  14. Data Science Capstone Project


Why Intellipaat?

Key benefits and features of Intellipat are :

  1. 50+ Live sessions across 7 months
  2. 218 Hrs Self-paced Videos
  3. 200 Hrs Project & Exercises
  4. Learn from IIT Madras Faculty & Industry Practitioners
  5. One-on-one with Industry Mentors
  6. 3 Guaranteed Interviews by Intellipaat
  7. 24*7 Support
  8. No Cost EMI Option

Intellipaat is rated 4.7 out of 5 by Trustpilot, 4.7 out of 5 by sitejabber, 4.4 out of 5 by mouthshut.com.

Duration of the Course :

50+ hours of Live sessions across 7 months.

200+ Hours Project & Exercises.

Fees Structure of the Course :

Course fees are ₹85,044 (incl. taxes)

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7. Fita Academy

The FITA Academy’s Big Data Analytics Courses in Chennai combine classroom instruction with practical application to assist students in developing the professional skill sets required of a Data Analytics Engineer.

Data analytics experts with more than 8 years of expertise at FITA Academy improve the learning participants’ job chances by giving them instruction in skill sets that are relevant to the industry.

What Do the Data Analysis Courses in Chennai Offer?

  1. The Curriculum is crafted in a manner to cater to the industry requirements.
  2. The course is designed to acquire a comprehensive grasp of Statistical Inferences, Machine Learning, Data Visualisation, Clustering methods, Predictive Analysis, and Mathematical Modelling.
  3. Regular Wrap-up sessions of the previous Classes are given to strengthen the technical skill sets of the participants.

Why Fita Academy?

Key benefits and features of Fita Academy are :

  1. You will learn from experts who are passionate about imparting their knowledge to students. Get Direct Mentoring from the Experts.
  2. Get the opportunity to work on real-world projects that will enhance your experience.
  3. Become FITA Academy Certified. Additionally, equip yourself to clear global certifications. 72% of FITA Academy students show up for global certifications, and 100% are able to achieve them.
  4. Get the flexibility to attend classes, and learn at your own pace. You can choose the date and time for the class, and choose the batch – regular pace or fast track – as per your comfortability.
  5. Placement Support. Join forces and sign agreements with more than 1500 small and medium-sized businesses to help you take advantage of opportunities to advance your career.

Duration of the Course :

The Course duration is flexible depending on the Batch you opt for. There are different batches for students or working professionals.

Fees Structure of the Course :

The fees of the course depend on the batches.


8. BTree

Their data analytics courses in Chennai will teach you how to use the most recent analytics tools and methodologies, as well as SQL databases, Python and R programming, the art of data visualization, and how to use statistics and predictive analytics in a business setting.

Along with learning how to organize data and create dashboards, this online data analytics course will also teach you how to use Tableau and Power BI for data visualization. In addition to preparing you for Data Analyst interviews, they will also help you with the admissions process, counseling, live demo, evaluation, certification, interview, and placement support.

What Do the Data Analysis Courses in Chennai Offer?

The data analytics courses in Chennai curriculum covers the major tools and technologies :

  1. Excel: Basic to Advanced
  2. SQL
  3. Tableau
  4. Basics of R
  5. Basics of Python
  6. Power BI

Why BTree?

Key benefits and features of BTree are :

  1. Real-Time Experts as Trainers. You will get the opportunity to learn from current industry experts who are willing to impart their knowledge to other students.
  2. Live Project. BTree offers real-time project execution platforms with the best learning opportunities for students.
  3. Certifications. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a globally recognized certification and the best exposure in handling live tools and management in your projects.
  4. Flexibility. Providing a great learning atmosphere for the students with flexible modes like Classroom or Online Training with Fastrack mode.
  5. Placement Support. To support the students, BTree has protected partnerships with more than 1200+ top small and medium-sized businesses. once they’ve finished the course.
  6. Access to the course materials is free for life.

Feedback from the learner: BTree has a Google rating of 5 out of 5, a Sulekha rating of 5 out of 5, and a Justdial rating of 4.9 out of 5, by more than 15000 learners.

Duration of the Course :

85-hour instructor-led course.

Fees Structure of the Course :

The fees of the course depend on the batches.


9. Google

A professional degree from Google will help you get started in the rapidly expanding field of data analytics. Learn how to prepare and analyze data, employ essential tools for analysis, and produce visualizations that can help you make important business decisions.

What Do the Data Analysis Courses in Chennai Offer?

  1. Get a complete understanding of the procedures and methods a junior or associate data analyst employs on a daily basis.
  2. Learn key analytical skills
  3. Learn how to prepare and organize data for analysis, and how to use spreadsheets, SQL, and R programming to finish analysis and computations.
  4. Learn how to visualize data insights in dashboards, presentations, and popular visualization platforms.

Why Google Data Analytics Courses in Chennai?

  1. It has a rating of 4.8 out of 5, with more than 75000 students.
  2. Within six months of receiving their certificates, 75% of Google Professional Certificate graduates in the United States report an improvement in their career trajectory (e.g., a new job or career, promotion, or raise).
  3. 100% Self-Paced. Study at your own pace.
  4. Beginner Level. No prior experience is required.

Duration of the Course :

6 Months  (Under 10 hours of study a week)

Fees Structure of the Course :

Enroll for Free.


Frequently Asked Questions

1)  What Are The Career Opportunities For Data Analyst Professionals?

Data Analysts are the most important pillars for an organization to make crucial decisions for the business and profitability of the company. As the demand for the job is growing, companies are paying high salaries to Data Analyst Professionals. A few career roles that you can select out of many are :

  1. Business Analyst Consultant
  2. Business Analyst Manager
  3. Research Analyst
  4. Financial Analyst
  5. Operations Analyst
  6. Risk Analyst
  7. PMO
  8. Data Analyst in various industries, e.g. Banking, Healthcare, Retail, e-commerce, Marketing, Sales, HR, and finance.

2)  Is a Data Analyst Career Right for Me?

A career in data analytics enables you to employ a range of complex abilities to support general business operations. You’ll also need to have a strong sense of focus and drive because you’ll be asked to read through complex datasets on a daily basis. This may be an excellent career choice for you if you value independent work but also have the ability to give insights to a larger team to help it succeed.

Professionals in data analytics are skilled at obtaining crucial data, asking the right questions, and using strong business judgment to offer crucial insights. If you’re willing to become an expert in a variety of business software programs, including Microsoft Excel, Tableau, SQL, and others, then the profession of Data Analytics is right for you.

3)  How many years does it take to become a data analyst?

The length of a data analytics entry-level role (internship/junior) might range from six months to two years. To become a senior data analyst, one must advance for at least four years. Ultimately, though, how long it takes you to become a data analyst will rely on how much time you are prepared to invest in your education.

4)  What is the difference between Data Science and Data Analytics?

Data Analytics is included under the broader term of data science. Data science is an interdisciplinary field that combines machine learning, artificial intelligence, statistics, computer science, and information science. In order to discover patterns from large datasets and turn them into practical business strategies, it uses ideas from data mining, data inference, predictive modeling, and machine learning algorithms. On the other side, data analytics focuses primarily on statistics, mathematics, and statistical analysis.


Considering the high demand and scope of data analysts in the corporate and government sectors, enrolling in data analysis courses in Chennai will be highly beneficial for you. Check out the list of the best data analytics courses in Chennai, do thorough research, and start preparing for your bright future.

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