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Top 7 Creative Writing Courses in Ireland With Certificates

Creative writing is a type of writing in which the writer’s thoughts are used to create a character, plot, specific message, or emotion. This type of writing does not have any rigid form, style, or structure, and the writer has the freedom to write on any subject matter to express his or her thoughts. This writing skill is developed through creative writing courses in Ireland, which is one of the best countries in the world to provide world-class education. They provide it for students of different levels, like diplomas, bachelor’s degrees, and master’s degrees.


List of best creative writing courses in Ireland


The genre of creative writing belongs to poems, fiction (novels, short stories), scripts, and screenplays. Writers use creative writing skills to express human experiences and emotions in an imaginative way.


Styles or Genres of Creative Writing

Genre is the classification of a piece of literature based on its content, form, and style as applied to different forms of writing. The most important genre types are briefed in the following paragraphs.



Poetry is a type of literary genre that plays one of the major roles, and its foundations are based on rhythm and meter. It uses figurative language to beautify the writing through similes, metaphors, and imagery. Poems are also classified as structured, which means haiku and sonnets. On the other side, it is also written unstructured, which is called free verse, and the narrative forms are called prose poems.



This is a type of writing that may be fiction or non-fiction and is played in front of an audience. It conveys the story through dialogue and screenplay. Short storytelling and ten-minute plays, movie scripts, or any written stage production involve characters, movement, and action, and it leaves much to the reader’s imagination.



Fiction is a type of literary form that is written based on the imagination of its writers. Even if they base the story or characters on true events, the written work will be the result of their imagination. This type of writing is imaginative in nature, so the writer has the freedom to express anything.



Non-fiction is a type of genre in literature that is based on real and true facts; there is little scope for imagination, but the writer’s opinions, experiences, and views can be presented. The use of figurative language is very rare in fictional writing. Non-fiction writing can be cultural criticism, book reviews, memoirs, and personal essays.



This is written in simple sentences without much figurative language or any other style. The sentences are formed into paragraphs. This style of writing is a blend of both fiction and nonfiction.


What is the Overview of Creative Writing Courses in Ireland?

The course covers all aspects of written communication, which is non-academic and technical, but one’s imagination is brought out in the form of words. The institute’s certificate, diploma, undergraduate, and master’s programs are very useful courses for developing expressive qualities to present different types of written forms and advancing skills and competencies in written communications and academic research. In this digital age, there is a scope for artistic and intellectual skills, and creative writing courses play a vital role in enhancing expressive writing abilities.


Creative Writing Courses in Ireland

Ireland is a wonderful place with beautiful landscapes around it, and it is one of the well-known places for quality and world-class education. The graduates from the universities of Ireland attract employers worldwide. Educational institutions provide quality learning with promising career options.

There are institutes, colleges, and universities in Ireland that provide a wide variety of creative writing courses at different levels, from beginner-level certificate courses to master’s degrees in creative writing. This course is popular in Ireland as it attracts jobs from top employers and is absolutely skill-based work.


Ireland’s Top Seven Creative Writing Courses



This is one of the leading and most prestigious online course providers that aims to provide world-class education at an affordable rate to students, professionals, and entrepreneurs all over the world. The courses are focused on skill development and are most relevant to current industrial needs.

They have trained more than 15,000 learners in about 35 countries worldwide. The programs of this institution are ranked #1 by the top education blog sites, including coursedekho, careers360, advisoruncle, and so on. This is a popular institute that provides Content Writing Course online in Ireland.


Course Aims:

  • Develop more confidence as a writer.
  • Learn the differences between the traditional style of writing and writing for the web.
  • An insight into different types of content
  • The significance of research and the methods of research are learned.
  • The importance of headlines and how to form them
  • Make your own website using web development.
  • Keyword research and its tools
  • About SEO and SEO-related content
  • enhances writing skills and prepares for employability


Entry requirements: Learners with good English proficiency in writing are eligible for the course.

Course Duration: The duration of the course is 330 hours, which includes 16 hours of lectures and 14 hours of internship sessions.


Course Content:

  • Basics of content writing
  • Creative writing
  • Digital content (blogs, articles)
  • Copywriting
  • Social media writing
  • Legal writing
  • Business listing
  • Technical writing
  • Resume writing
  • Affiliate marketing



Course Highlights:

  • The course covers a 3-month internship.
  • A lifetime of consulting and technical support was provided.
  • Development of a portfolio for a job or freelance
  • Learners will publish their first e-book on Kindle or Google Books.
  • Blog writing for the Indian Times
  • Publication of the first press release on the online news portal
  • Certification from IIM SKILLS and preparation for HubSpot content marketing certification (USA)


Course Fee: The course fee is 175 euros.


2. Maynooth University, National University of Ireland

This is a certification course that provides learners with knowledge of fiction and non-fiction writing. Students have the opportunity to learn and write alongside professional writers in order to improve their writing skills and prepare them for publication and marketing.

Further, peer assessment through student interaction and guidance from industry experts for their work helps them improve and develop editing and critiquing skills, which are key skills in creative writing.


Course Aims

  • Learners will improve on creative writing.
  • A systematic method of writing
  • Improve on assessing your own and others’ work.
  • knowledge and understanding of the publishing and marketing field


Entry Requirements:

The age limit for students should be 21 years because the course focuses on the adult style of learning. The participants are involved in group learning, group practice, peer assessment, and learning from others’ experiences. Language skills should be sufficient to attain good scores in assessments.


Course Duration:

This is a 100-hour course that takes approximately one year to complete part-time. Students attend a workshop- or tutorial-model class for three hours a week, where the tutors facilitate their learning.


Course Content

Module 1: Creative Non-fiction Writing Methods

Module 2: Awareness regarding the publishing industry

Module 3: Fundamentals of Short Story

Module 4: Fundamentals of Writing a Novel


Course Highlights:

  • Students publish their work in different types of literary media.
  • Confidence to make their writing self-published and get publishing deals
  • The main feature of this course is that students’ work gets critiqued and work-shopped by experts in the field.


This university is one of the best places to study creative writing courses in Ireland, and there are also degree courses provided for students at an advanced level of learning.


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3. The Open College

This college was set up in 2014, and it has become one of the affiliated and approved private colleges by the government for providing distance education programs. It has more than 60 staff members to train the students, and they are trained and made success in their learning. This is one of the best colleges in Ireland offering creative writing courses for those who prefer to study from home.


Course Aims:

  • This course aims at improving writing skills, particularly in fiction, and also makes students publish their works.
  • Students improve their creative voice through this creative writing course.
  • Students improve their range of writing, like the opening section of the novel and writing short stories—at least two complete stories.
  • The fundamentals of writing novels and short stories are learned through the course.
  • The process of publication in Ireland is also taught through the course.
  • Students will be able to publish their own works.


Entry Requirements:

  • A Level 4 certificate on a relevant subject is a must.
  • Relevant work experience of at least three years is required.
  • RPR: Recognition of Prior Learning should be fulfilled before entry.
  • Language proficiency in English is the most important requirement.
  • Students should be proficient in reading, drafting, preparing, and understanding information on a variety of topics, which include quantitative information.
  • Students should have basic IT skills to access the necessary equipment to manage an online program.
  • Students should be capable of learning through their own efforts.



Assessment is done through projects and assignments.


Course duration:

The course duration is eight weeks, and a student can start at any time of the year that is convenient.


Course Content:

Unit 1: Writing Skills

  • develop research ideas
  • using a variety of sources
  • producing a variety of written pieces
  • grammar for writing, an understanding of showing in writing and not telling
  • skills of constructive self-criticism and providing critical analysis
  • revising and editing skills.

Unit 2: Characterization

  • Produce different characters.
  • Making characters that are real, like
  • Words and actions are used to express feelings and emotions.
  • Creating dialogues
  • Understanding the purpose of character
  • Determining the history of the character

Unit 3: Structure and Plot Development

  • Learn the possibilities for plotting a story.
  • Learn to perceive different viewpoints.
  • Show different means of telling the same story.
  • Flashback and forward ideas
  • Creating curiosity in readers

Unit 4: Setting and Atmosphere

  • Effective use of language
  • Learn how to use real locations for fiction.
  • selection of special costumes
  • Learn to use specific tones in the language.
  • Learn to use different genres.

Unit 5: Getting Published

  • Understanding the process of publishing in Ireland and abroad
  • Learn how to source a variety of agents and publishers.
  • Learn to present work as per the industry’s needs.
  • Understanding the role of publisher and agent
  • preparing and submitting work for publication and competition
  • Discover how to publish your own work.


Course Highlights:

  • Students who successfully complete the course will be awarded a QQI Level 5 certificate in creative writing.
  • Classes are conducted by well-qualified tutors and are accredited by QQI.
  • In Ireland, creative writing courses are taught in open colleges via distance learning.


Course Fee:

The course fee is €314. This amount covers all assessments, documents, lectures, certifications, and all related expenses of the course.


Recommended Reads:


4.  Killester College

This is a center for learning creative writing courses for beginners that provide quality education. In 2011, this college received the Excellence Award. The learning is focused on the educational requirements of the community. The classes are more student-centered and friendly.


Course Aims:

  • Develop writing skills, particularly in fiction and non-fiction.
  • Improve elements of writing fiction and non-fiction
  • Prepare to edit and publish one’s own work.


Entry Requirements:

This is a basic-level course and there is no specific requirement to do the course. Anyone with an interest in writing, beginners, and who aspire to become a writer can join the course.


Course Duration:

This is a 10-week evening class.


Course Content:

  • Different aspects of writing
  • Plot
  • Characterization
  • Writing style
  • Researching the project
  • Dialogue writing
  • Do’s and don’ts in approaching editors
  • Do’s and don’ts in publishing


Course Highlights:

  • Interactive classes
  • Exercises based on the tutors class
  • No homework or tough exercises
  • Good quality notes


Course Fee:

The course fee is €.90.


5. Teesside University:

This university focuses on developing the knowledge of students to be successful socially, culturally, and economically. The education provided by them involves more research, engagement, and technological innovations, This University is ideal for someone who wants to do advanced creative writing courses in Ireland online.


Course Aims:

  • It deepens creativity and generates ideas
  • Students do project-based learning
  • Develop marketing and publishing skills
  • Develop professional skills
  • Gains knowledge of generating self-ideas to their writing


Entry Requirements:

An undergraduate degree with the specification of cognate discipline or any related field is required.


Course Duration:

This course is for 2 years and is available only part-time and online.


Course Content:

  • Core skills and techniques of creative writing
  • Creative writing project
  • Skills to become a professional writer
  • Develop self-creativity to write
  • Gain knowledge of specifications


Course Highlights:

  • Students can study at any time there is flexibility in timing to learn.
  • Teaching tutors are creative writers
  • Wide career routes in editing, publishing, marketing, and media like television, journalism, and the internet.
  • Focus on developing a professional plan


Course Fee: The course fee is € 642 for every 30 credits.


6. Udemy

This is a global destination for online learning which connects people all over the world through knowledge. It is a very big course provider with over 54 million learners and about 75 + instructors providing more than 204 thousand courses. This online platform is considered one of the best creative writing courses in Ireland.


Course Aims:

  • Create your own work
  • Learn about writing techniques, literary devices, and writing skills
  • Become a confident and successful writer
  • Opportunities to publish, podcasts, and create a professional creative writing portfolio
  • Learn about four types of genre
  • Learn the skills of writing
  • Study a variety of writing concepts
  • Assess both advantages and shortcomings of writing projects
  • Create samples of writing styles learned


Entry Requirements:

It is a beginner level so just willingness to write is the most important requirement.


Course Duration:

The duration of the course is 12 hours with 6 sections and 162 lectures.


Course Content:

  • Elements of fictional writing
  • Poetry -poetic concepts
  • Drama -practice visualization of the story
  • Non-fiction -vignette writing, plot diagram
  • Creating a digital portfolio


Course Highlights:

  • It includes 43 video lessons
  • 37 online review quizzes on major concepts of writing
  • For every lesson graphics, notes, assignments, sheets, and outside resources are provided
  • Full lifetime access to the course
  • Accessibility on mobile and TV
  • Certificate upon completion of the course


Course Fee:

The course fee is €11.99.


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7. Henry Harvin:

Henry Harvin is one of the global ed-tech companies which provide quality training for a variety of writing courses. It is very popularly quoted as an online university with 200 + courses for upskilling and reskilling. The creative writing courses of this institute are ranked number one by BestCourseNews.com.


Course Aims:

  • Learners become skilled writers
  • Understand the concepts of four types of writing
  • Learn to apply the techniques of creative writing
  • Learn a variety of writing concepts to apply it to your own work
  • Handle strengths and weaknesses of writing projects


Entry Requirements:

Anyone with a basic understanding of the language can enroll,


Course Duration:

This is 24 hours training course that includes 8 hours of training assignments and 16 hours of live sessions.


Course Content:

Module 1: Creative writing initiatives

Module2: learn literary techniques and elements and figurative language to create a literary piece

Module 3: Learn to perfect the narrative form and perfect the writing to develop creative stories

Module 4: Learn the concepts of Fiction writing

Module 5: Learn the techniques of script writing in the form of dialogues

Module 6: Understand the form, rhythm, style, and literary devices


Course Highlights:

  • Free access to creative writing tools worth 20 thousand
  • Paid internship
  • Certification recognized by the government after the completion of the course
  • 100% placement guarantee upon completion of the course
  • Access to E-learning with assessments, video content, tools, and techniques
  • Regular boot camps for 12 months
  • Free access to henry hackathons
  • Students completing certified creative writing course gets one-year gold membership at Henry Harvin writing academy


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. What are the prerequisites of creative writing courses in Ireland?

The beginner level does not have many requirements but they are expected to have proficiency in language and a passion for writing. Further, mature students above the age of 18 are mostly a requirement in certain institutes because the course involves conversation and learning from others’ experiences and views. However, advanced-level of creative writing courses in Ireland require to have high proficiency in language and some certifications. The requirements are not the same it differs depending on the institute.


2. How long does it take to learn creative writing courses in Ireland?

It depends because certificate courses take only 10 -12 weeks while diploma and degree courses take a year or two or three years to complete the entire course. Further, the short-term courses are mostly dependent on students’ interests because some courses are only student-oriented they can learn at their own pace.


3. Do studying creative writing courses in Ireland help to find more job opportunities?

Creative writing skill is the most active skill which makes one versatile in writing with different styles. There are many organizations and employers who require professionals to perform any kind of writing particularly in the fields like publishing agencies, marketing, and advertising agencies.


4. What is the difference between studying an English literature course and a creative writing course?

Learners in English literature courses come across different styles of writing and they understand them through analysis and interpretation. They also learn existing literature. Whereas in creative writing courses learners produce literature through their writing.


5. Is it difficult to learn creative writing courses in Ireland for non-English graduates?

It depends on one’s own interest in writing because the way of writing what was learned in school is different. In creative writing, the learners should come up with their own ideas and use the genres typical of creative writing and through intensive writing practice, they have to cultivate the skill of writing. It is a challenge for people who have no background in writing.



To sum up, the article discussed the best and standard institutions offering both online and in-class training for creative writing courses in Ireland from beginner-level to advanced master-level degree programs. Those with the skills and interest in writing can choose the course according to their level of learning to develop creative writing skills.

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