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Top 9 Prestigious Creative Writing Courses in India

Somewhere away from the dull and tedious world of conventional hard journalism and business writing, there lies the ingenious and inventive world of fascinating fiction. It is one place where imagination meets classic vocabulary to create magic. If you’re an avid reader and have a deep urge to learn one of the most refreshing skills in the industry, then you have hit the right spot. In this article, we will look at a list of the 9 best creative writing courses in India that not only give you knowledge about all the aspects of writing but also tremendous training to become the best with your craft.


List of best creative writing courses in India


What is Creative Writing?


Different from all the conventional forms of professional, academic, or technical writing, creative writing is a unique style of presenting one’s imagination creatively on a piece of paper. It is a complete piece of art and imagination that involves an out-of-the-box approach. Creative writing encompasses all the different genres of both fiction and non-fictional writing. All the different forms of creative writing involve poetry, narrative, drama, scriptwriting, memoirs, biography, autobiography, etc.


Importance of Creative Writing 


Creative Writing is a highly important skill in today’s ever-changing world. As we come across new experiences every day, it becomes important to have a nice skill in hand that could make the entire process of expressing your inner emotions very easy. One such highly useful skill is creative writing.


This extremely precious skill not just helps in preserving human emotions, but helps in enhancing the depth of one’s imaginative skills and vocabulary to create engaging content. As every emotion can be expressed through writing, it leads to emotional intelligence. It instills the quality of empathy and also gives wings to one’s imagination and problem-solving abilities.




Creative Writing courses in India provide some of the most inventive and creatively challenging careers in the industry for those interested in it. A degree in creative writing courses can help you improve your writing, research, and creative thinking skills. After taking one such course, candidates can go on to assume various job responsibilities as:


 Advertising Copywriter 


An Advertising Copywriter is in charge of developing and executing various creative advertising campaigns for their clients. They do this by utilizing their exceptional imaginative thinking and creative writing abilities. An advertising copywriter works in the creative department of an advertising or media agency. He/She creates headlines, slogans, catchphrases, and other body copy for print advertisements, social media, or web advertisements. Sometimes an advertising copywriter is also given the role of creating scripts for radio jingles or television commercials.


Editorial Assistant


An editorial assistant assists and supports the publication of printed or online materials such as books, journals, magazines, etc. at all stages. Performing a variety of different tasks, he/she assists the editorial staff with all the administrative and editorial tasks until publication. He organizes and researches projects under tight deadlines, and writes summaries. He is also responsible for editing manuscripts and supervising all the tasks related to the publication.


Magazine Journalist 


A magazine journalist conducts research and writes news articles for various publications. These publications include customer magazines in stores, supermarkets, and trade magazines, also known as business-to-business (B2B) magazines, etc. Magazine journalist spends most of their time researching, writing, and editing news stories for publication houses.




Anyone with imagination, research, and creative thinking abilities could become a professional writer. As a writer, one works to create a variety of fiction and nonfiction works such as children’s stories, novels, poetry, stage scripts, and web content. Nowadays, most writers work as freelancers, researching the market for relevant articles and blog topics. They write for their clients in their field of expertise.


Web Content Manager


After getting a degree in creative writing courses in India, one can easily go on to take the role of a web content manager. The role of a Web Content Manager is to manage all types of content on a specific website, including web pages, videos, blog posts, guest articles, social media, and so on. It is to ensure that all the quality content is nicely laid out for an excellent user experience.


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Following is the List of 9 Best Creative Writing Courses in India: 


1. IIM Skills


Admired by India’s most respected media conglomerate; The India Today Group, IIM Skills offer the best creative writing course in the industry. The Content Writing Master Course by IIM Skills is a 4-week live classroom course. It features 3 months of guaranteed internship, 30 hours of training (16 Hours Lectures + 14 Hours internship sessions), a dedicated placement cell, and myriad freelance opportunities.


In this course, candidates learn different styles of creative writing like blogs, articles, copywriting, eBooks, news articles, etc. Well-written e-books are given a chance to feature on such platforms as Kindle and Google Books. Candidates also get a chance to write their first blog for prestigious platforms such as The Times of India.


Content Writing Course Curriculum

  1. Introduction to Content Writing
  2. WordPress Web Development
  3. Digital content (Articles, Blogging, Web Pages)
  4. Copywriting
  5. Marketing Collaterals
  6. Email Writing
  7. Social Media Writing & Video Scripts
  8. Creative Writing
  9. SOP & Business Listing
  10. Legal Writing
  11. Technical Writing 101
  12. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  13. Content Marketing
  14. Affiliate Marketing & Ad sense
  15. Freelance Content Writing
  16. Resume Writing


Participants get a Certification from IIM SKILLS upon the successful completion of this course. It also prepares participants for the HubSpot Content Marketing Certification (USA).



Rs 14,900 + 18% GST



2. Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication  


Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication is a unit of the Sri Aurobindo Society. It is a multi-disciplinary mass communication and arts institute. It was founded in 2003 with a vision to shape generations of media professionals who think intuitively, creatively, and communicate properly.


With an excellent curriculum mixed with the goodness of both theory and practical exercises, SACAC offers various one-year to two-year postgraduate courses in Advertising & Public Relations, Audio Engineering & Music Production, Creative Documentary, and Professional Photography.


The creative writing courses in India by Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication are excellent. It is designed by expert writers to help participants explore all the different forms of writing and learn ways to sharpen their imaginative and creative writing skills. This course opens up a new world of prose, poetry, novels, short stories, non-fiction, journalistic articles, and experimental pieces, to the participants.


As every human mind conjures up images but only a creative mind weaves and marries new ideas and words, this course teaches one to get unique ideas, create fascinating plot lines and improve communication skills through various practical writing workshops.


Course Curriculum 

  • Discovering the joy of writing
  • Ways to tap the creative potential
  • Essentials of creative writing
  • Strategy and Style
  • How to get ideas
  • Developing an idea and making it into a story
  • Systematic plan to improve style and content
  • Firing your Imagination
  • Working with prompts
  • Stream of consciousness 
  • Different types of writing
  • Developing characters
  • Dealing with creativity
  • Building the mindset of a writer
  • The Art of Interviewing
  • Structuring your writing
  • Improving communication skills
  • Exploring different genres
  • Learning to listen better and use different senses
  • Feature Writing
  • Short Story
  • Fiction
  • Non-Fiction
  • Travel Writing
  •  Film criticism
  •  Writing for Media
  •  Writing tools and techniques
  •  Investigative and Interpretative writing
  •  Scripting for documentaries
  •  Editing
  •  Rewriting
  •  Pitching to publications



Online Course Fee Rs. 22000/- + Service Tax

Offline Course Fee Rs.25000/- + Service Tax


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3. Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design, and Technology – Bengaluru  


Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design, and Technology is a part of the branch campus of Manipal Academy of Higher Education in Bengaluru. It is recognized by the Government of India as an Institute of Eminence. It offers world-class infrastructure and a global network via many of its multi-disciplinary programs. It offers many courses in the field of art, design, media, business, technology, humanities, and law.


The creative writing courses in India by the institute are among the best courses for creative writing in the industry. It prepares you well for the job of a creative writer. It covers all the major topics of creative writing and gives you a choice to explore various genres within the department, as well as the ones outside the department, like film & animation, visual communication, etc.


The learning methodology is divided between the rigorous reading of valuable literature and critical theory along with practical assignments, projects, and collaborations to master the art of creative writing.


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4. Xavier Institute of Communications   


Xavier Institute of Communications is the curricula unit of St.Xaviers College, Autonomous. This institute is a professional media center that provides various courses and training in the field of media and communication. It holds its center at two locations; the St. Xavier’s College campus and the St. Xavier’s High School Campus, Mumbai.


The creative writing courses in India offered by the institute are some of the best courses in the field of creative writing in India. Taught by an expert herself; Himali Kothari, this course features a comprehensive study of all the essential elements of creative writing.


With its focus on training master writers, this course takes all the elements of a story, fiction, and non-fiction into account to create absolute masterpieces. The curriculum of the course is divided into 8 live classroom sessions which not only focus on extensive training but give valuable feedback as well.



Rs 8,000/- (incl.GST)


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5. The Himalayan Writing Retreat  


The Creative Writing courses in India by the Himalayan Writing Retreat are among the top best courses for learning the craft of creative writing. The course is led by Chet a Mahajan, a professional writing coach, who is a penguin-published author and also has many of his columns published in the Mint and Outlook magazine, amongst others.

In this creative writing course, you get the chance to dig deep into various aspects of creating a good book. You comprehensively explore all the critical elements of building a fascinating plot line, character sketch, and voice. You also learn the critical art of editing that refines the beauty of the initial draft and gives it a final edge.


You also get a chance to explore various tools for editing, writing better, and disciplining yourself as a creative writer. This course is taught among a group of 10 students to make it more personalized and rewarding. Every candidate is given equal attention to ensure the proper development of their creative and intuitive abilities.


Many other courses offered via both online and offline modes are Non-fiction Writing Course, Blog & Article Writing Course, and Short Story Writing Workshop.


Course Curriculum  

  • Aspects of good writing. Plot, Character, and Point of View
  • Description & Setting, Pace, Language & Editing
  • Writer’s block
  • Publishing options
  • Marketing your book.



Rs 32,000/-


6. Indira Gandhi National Open University  


Indira Gandhi National Open University is a Central Open Learning University located at Maidan Garhi, New Delhi, India. A central government initiative to ensure high quality of distance and open learning, IGNOU is known to offer excellent courses in various fields of education. The Diploma Program in Creative Writing in English (DCE) is one of the excellent creative writing courses in India.


Along with the understanding of all the necessary skills for creative writing, this course also provides the most crucial professional knowledge. All the skills gained through this course enable one to gain a practical edge in the highly competitive industry of creative writing. The complete curriculum of this course is designed to impart essential knowledge in progressive stages so that a learner can develop excellent creative skills.


This course includes training in all the most important creative writing forms, for instance: short stories, articles, scripts for TV/ Radio, poetry, etc. Along with an exhaustive curriculum, this course also features a writing project at the end. The candidate has to do a substantial amount of writing for this project, choosing from:


i) Novella – 20,000 words approximately

ii) 8-10 Features/Articles

iii) 8-10 Short Stories

iv) 12-15 Poetries of 14 lines each

v) Writing Scripts for Television or Radio

vi) Book review



Rs. 3,800


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7. British Council


The Creative Writing courses in India by British Council are highly in-demand courses. Their course offers the opportunity to learn a variety of creative writing techniques to improve the quality of your writing. This comprehensive course covers all the different dimensions of creative writing like plot, characters, dialogue, and setting.


The candidates learn all the modern forms of writing along with the traditional forms like travel blogging, writing reports, feature articles, screenwriting, and memoir writing. Lastly, the learners also explore the tools of writing fascinating poetry and children’s fiction as well.


Taught by highly experienced teachers and mentors, this course features live and interactive. It is the best course for all those energetic enthusiasts whose goal is only to become professional writers.


Course Curriculum  

  • Plot
  • Blogging
  • Characters and settings
  • Screenwriting
  • Writing dialogue
  • Children’s Fiction
  • Writing short stories
  • Memoirs
  • Poetry and poetic tools
  • Experimental writing
  • Travel writing
  • Getting published


Course Delivery   

The course will feature 36 hours of learning through online classes and 14 hours of interactive and peer-learning via an online interactive learning platform.



Rs 10,000/-


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8. Symbiosis center of distance learning   

Established in the year 2001, Symbiosis center of distance learning (SCDL) is a premier platform that imparts quality education in various fields. It offers various Post Graduate Diploma, Diploma, and Certificate courses across various industry sectors including Business Management, International Business, Information Technology, Banking and Finance, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, and Business and Corporate Law and Entrepreneurship Development.


The creative writing courses in India by SCDL are one of a kind. It incorporates all the qualities of some of the best courses for creative writing in the industry. It provides all the theoretical knowledge regarding all the different aspects of writing along with the training needed by fresh candidates to become professional writers.


This Diploma in creative writing in the English program enables one to nurture one’s aptitude for creative thinking. Through this course, candidates get a chance to become well acquainted with all the different genres of writing and thus get a chance to work in various fields like journalism, communication, media, advertising and public relations, corporate communications, professional writing, and publishing, etc.


Course Curriculum  


Semester 1

The Expressive Self

  1. Your Physical Self
  2. Your Thinking Self
  3. Your Feeling Self
  4. Your Aspirations
  5. Relating to your Family
  6. Relating to your Friends
  7. Responding to your Environment
  8. Responding to Issues and Concerns


Experiencing the Word

  1. Reliving and Recording Spoken Words
  2. Spoken Word Stories
  3. Living Stories
  4. The Interview
  5. From the News
  6. The Big Stories
  7. Visual Stimulants


Creative Lives

  1. The Travelling Story-Teller
  2. Restless Play
  3. Inside Magic
  4. On the Cutting Edge
  5. Tales from Beyond
  6. Reflecting the Times
  7. The Romance of Life


Semester II  

Sources of Creativity

  1. The Right Approach
  2. The Experience of Hearing
  3. The Experience of Touch
  4. Sight, Smell, and Taste Encounters
  5. The Magic of Dream and Memory
  6. Emotions and the Living Journal


Preparatory Practices

  1. Features of Language and Reading
  2. The Art of Reflective Reading
  3. Reading Fiction and Poetry
  4. Clarity in Writing
  5. Cohesion and Color
  6. The Language of Poetry
  7. Writing Dialogue


Introduction to Creative Forms of Writing  


  1. Qualities of Great Writing
  2. Walt Whitman (Lyrical Tradition)
  3. Aspects of Drama
  4. Short Fiction
  5. Fiction and Contemporary Indian Essay
  6. The Transcendental American Essay
  7. Understanding the process of how great Writers Relate to Their Art



Rs 35,000/-


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9. The Writers Bureau  


Established in the year 1989 to provide high-quality training in the field of creative writing, The Writers Bureau offers a variety of specialist writing courses as well as Comprehensive Creative Writing courses in India. The comprehensive creative writing course by The Writers Bureau is the best course for all beginners in the field of creative writing.


It teaches freshers everything needed to get started with the whole process of writing. Along with covering all the essential topics related to the theoretical approach of the subject, this course highly focuses on imparting practical knowledge to enable its students to create stories that sell.


All the beginners are highly advised to take this course and also earn while they learn. This course also comes with a full refund guarantee and a 15-day trial to make sure it is ideal for you.



Rs 44,400/-




1. What is a creative writing diploma?

A Diploma in creative writing is an extremely useful degree program in the field of creative writing. It provides all the needed understanding, skills, and professional knowledge in the tremendously challenging field of imaginative writing. It gives the candidates much-needed practical knowledge about all the difficulties on their way to becoming successful writers.


2. How do I start creative writing?  

One should be an avid reader to first get into the mesmerizing world of creative writing. One should practice writing every day, have a point of view, good vocabulary, and use literary devices. But, before everything, it is highly needed to know one’s audience and write for them.


3. Is it necessary to take creative writing courses in India?  

No, it is not necessary to do a course for Creative writing. You can give your craft a completely different edge just by writing a lot of creative assignments and getting people’s honest feedback.




Creative writing is one of the most challenging but inventive skills in the industry. It not only demands good writing abilities but also great emotional intelligence. In today’s world of increasing competition, one needs to hone all the previously learned skills with the edge of newer trends. We shared with you a list of the 10 best creative writing courses in India. All the aspiring writers should choose one among all the excellent training. This might strengthen their observation skills, give them new innovative ideas to write on, and lastly, give them the most needed guidance to deal with writer’s block.

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