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6 Best Creative Writing Courses in Hyderabad

Looking for the best creative writing courses in Hyderabad? Don’t worry! we will guide you with this. But before knowing the best creative writing courses, let’s first know what creative writing is. Creative writing is one of the different or unique types of writing. Creative writing is a type that is written based on our imaginative thoughts. This type of writing goes beyond the normal type of literature. This type of writing helps the writers to get linked to their imaginative world by conceiving fresh ideas and imagining beyond the set standards. This type of writing includes fiction, non-fiction, poetry, drama, stories, etc. 


List of best creative writing courses in Hyderabad


Types of Creative Writing


Mainly creative writing can be classified into two categories that are Fictional & Non-Fictional. Now, here we have mentioned the different types of Fictional & Non-Fictional types of writing-




  • Novels – A novel is a relatively long work published as a book that consists of about 60,000 to 1,00,000 words. Although it can be less than 60,000 words as well or it can be beyond 1,00,000 words as well.
  • Short Stories – They are like short novels that consist of fewer words than novels ranging between 5,000 to 10,000  words.
  • Poetry – It is another form of literature that uses aesthetic language and is sometimes rhythmic as well. It does have a definite length as per the number of words.
  • Scripts, Plays, Screenplays – Screenplays are for the movies, Scripts are for the plays, TV series and Plays are for the stages.


Non – Fiction


  • Personal Essays – Personal essay is a real story told through a narrative framework. This can be interpreted as a recollection of different events with the narrator’s personal feelings wrapped in them.
  •  Memoirs – They are like a novel of personal essays. 
  • Autobiographies – Autobiography is a book written about their own on their life. In this book, they often put light on the particular events of their life.
  • Lyrical Essays – In this type of writing, conventional grammar and stylistic rules are broken to write about a concept, event, etc.


Scope of Creative Writing


To be a part of the creative writing industry, anyone does not need to fulfill any hard eligibility criterion, you just need a good command of the English language. Now, are you wondering what are the career opportunities for a creative writer? Don’t worry, let’s see the following career opportunities for a creative writer to pursue:-


  • Copywriters – They are usually engaged in the fields of marketing and advertising. Mainly the job of a copywriter is to create content according to their client’s specification and need.


  • Authors – The authors of fiction writing generally rely on their imagination capability to create a different unique storyline. There are various genres an author can choose to write as per his area of interest.


  • Script Writers – Script writers are the ones who enjoy building up different scenarios and noting down the scenery in the form of script. For them, the scope of creative writing in the world of television offers a considerable number of opportunities to prove their ability and skill.


  • GhostwritingA considerably good career option within the scope of creative writing would be Ghostwriting. Different political leaders and executives hire ghostwriters to edit their speeches, autobiographies, or different types of content. 


  • ColumnistWriting a column daily for a reputable magazine cover would be one of the best career opportunities one could pursue.

Criteria to Enroll in The Creative Writing Courses in Hyderabad


There are no specific criteria or eligibility required to enroll for the course. A creative writing course is a skill development course, so having basic knowledge about the skill will be very helpful in quick learning. It is a skill where you put your imagination into words and showcase your talent through different platforms like novels, skits, movies, etc. Good communication skill is the key to having a successful career in writing.


Knowing the fact that English is the most used and known language globally, so possessing communication skills in English is like the cherry on the cake for a successful writing career. A person who wants to take his passion in writing as a full-time career should be a good reader and should be updated with the current affairs so that he knows what’s trending in the market and what topic will fetch him good clients and business.


Even if it’s trending, a creative writer should know how to stand out by bringing unique concepts to the table to make his content strong to seek the attention of the maximum crowd. When these qualities you have, you require no other criteria to be a successful writer. So the most important eligibility to enroll for the course is a skill.


This course can be taken even if you are a housewife, a student, or a corporate employee. There is no age bar or gender bar to enrolling in this course. Simply, if you are passionate about writing and want to use this passion to earn a full-time career or a part-time career, you are eligible to enroll in this course.


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Effective Tips & Techniques to Build Your Creative Writing Skills:-


  • Read widely, research your topic thoroughly before giving a start, and learn from other writers.
  • Benefit from your imagination. For a creative writer, his imagination is his biggest weapon, use it wisely.
  • Focus on understanding, learning, and improving yourself as a writer at every point of your life.
  • Each passing day, develop or discover a new and unique style of writing that will distinguish your skills from your competitor’s skills.
  • Create your own space for creative writing and stick to your routine and commitments.
  • Know your audience’s tastes and preferences very well and make them your target audience.
  • Always give a strong start and end to your content that will stick to your audience your writing.
  • Always be updated with the current trend and still try to be unique with your content


Now, that you have a better understanding of creative writing, let’s look at the 5 best creative writing courses in Hyderabad that will help you to add an engaging skill to your resume:-




IIM SKILLS is a renowned organization that has been delivering many such professional courses to transform your skills into a source of income. The mission of IIM SKILLS is to provide world-class education that too at affordable prices through their live online and self-paced learning programs. 


The expert professional faculty of IIM SKILLS helps the learners to learn and gain in-depth knowledge of every topic. IIM SKILLS provides a lot of courses and the content writing course is one of them. This course is an ideal package for the one who is seeking to master a broad area of writing. The curriculum of this course covers in-depth creative writing as well.


Content Writing Course Syllabus


  • Introduction to Content Writing
  • Marketing Collaterals
  • Social Media Writing & Video Scripts
  • Creative Writing
  • SOP & Business Listing 
  • Legal Writing 
  • Technical Writing
  • SEO
  • Affiliate Marketing & Adsense
  • Freelance Content Writing
  • Resume Writing


Course Duration & Fees

The course duration is of 4 weeks of live classroom online classes and 3 Months of Guaranteed Internship (Optional). Overall this course is of 30 Hours of Training (16 hours of Lecturers + 14 hours of Internship sessions). The fee of the course is Rs. 14,900 + 18% GST.


Course Highlights

  • 3 months Guaranteed Internship
  • Launch your Content Writing agency 
  • Lifetime Support (Consulting & Technical)
  • Portfolio development for Job/Freelance
  • Publish your first E-Book on Google Books and other platforms
  • Write your Blogs for platforms like Times of India
  • Publish your first Press Release 
  • Free Tools worth 35000
  • Dedicated Placement cell
  • Certification from IIM SKILLS




  • The foremost reason to enroll in IIM SKILLS is that there will be no one-way communication but it will always be two-way communication.
  • After every class, an assignment will be given to the learners; this will make the program fun-loving and engaging.
  • IIM SKILLS do its best to justify the expectation of every child without being biased at all.
  • And, last but not least, the excellent expert faculty of the institute is always there for you and care for you.


Contact Details

Phone: – +91 9911839503

Email: – [email protected]

Website: – https://iimskills.com


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2. Web Training Academy


Web Training Academy is also one of the best Creative Writing Courses in Hyderabad. Web Training Academy always looks to create innovative training methods and programs to make the course useful in education life. The foremost aim of the Web Training Academy is to provide training to all learners in real-time standards and help them to know their true potential.


Web Training Academy offers a wide variety of courses to its learners and Content Writing is one of them which also covers the curriculum of Creative Writing. So, if you are looking for Creative Writing Courses in Hyderabad then definitely Web Training Academy is the one you can choose. Now, let’s see what the curriculum of the Creative Writing Course is.


Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to Content Writing
  • What to know before Writing
  • Blog Writing
  • Website Content Writing
  • Proposal Writing
  • Writing for Public Relations
  • Writing For Brochures
  • Project Work & Career Development


Course Duration & Fees

The total Duration of the Course is of 1 Month and the total Session Duration is 30 Hours. The fee for the full Course is Rs. 12,000.


Course Highlights

  • There are two modes (Classroom Training & Online Training) in which you can avail of the course at your convenience.


Why Web Training Academy?

  • The Academy is having a fabulous team with real-time experience in the corporate world.
  • The faculty has rich knowledge and train the students and professionals.
  • Web Training Academy is an expert in Training with Industry centric case studies.
  • The Web Training Academy’s Creative Writing Courses in Hyderabad provide you with the best course to be fair enough with your career choice.


Contact Details

Web Training Academy

Flat 104, Zore Complex, Punjagutta

Hyderabad, Telangana, India. Pin: 500082 

Phone: 9052425444 / 9676525444

Website – www.webtrainings.in


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3. The Knowledge Academy 


The Knowledge Academy is also one of the best Creative Writing Courses in Hyderabad with extensive experience in providing quality-based learning. The Knowledge Academy delivers training solutions to government agencies, corporate, multinational organizations, public sectors, and private individuals.


The Knowledge Academy delivers over 30,000 courses, in 1000+ locations, across 190 countries and the Creative Writing Course is one among them. So, if you are looking for the best Creative Writing Courses in Hyderabad then definitely The Knowledge Academy will be fair enough for your search. Now, let’s see what the curriculum of the Creative Writing Course is.


Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to Creative Writing
  • Challenges for Translation 
  • Composition & Creative Writing
  • Seven Processes of Creative Writing
  • Writing Fiction
  • Creative Non-Fiction
  • Basics of Writing Poetry
  • Performing Writing
  • Writing in the Academy & Community
  • Tips to Improve Creative Writing


Course Duration & Fees

The Duration of the course includes the Internship of 3 Months. The fee for the Course is Rs. 17700.


Course Highlights

  • Online Instructor-led – A Scheduled class with a Live Instructor & other Delegates.
  • Online Self-Paced – Expert Trainers are on hand to help you with everything.
  • In–House – This training gives a great opportunity to come together, bond, and discuss what may be limited in a standard classroom setting.
  • Classroom – Courses are available in classrooms.


Why The Knowledge Academy?

  • As mentioned above, The Knowledge Academy offers various types of modes for Course enrolment so as per your convenience and comfort you can opt for the right mode for you.
  • The Knowledge Academy has experts with 13 years of experience. They will guide you through every part of your subject.
  • They guarantee the courses at very affordable prices which is a plus point for all the learners who wish to study but could not bear the heavy amount of fees.
  • The Knowledge Academy’s Creative Writing Courses in Hyderabad will surely be a perfect choice for your creative writer career whom you can trust blindly for your excellent career.


Contact Details

Reflex, Cain Road, Bracknell,
RG12 1HL
Phone No.: 01344203999 




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4. Education & Career Times


Education & Career Times (ECT) aims to redefine the way knowledge is imparted in India. ECT provides you with regular feedback and assistance from their expert faculty to march ahead in your career with much confidence and spirit. ECT is having an experience of more than 11 years and right now is the only training organization recognized by the Government of India as a Start-up.


ECT offers several courses to their learners and Content Writing is one among those covering the curriculum of Creative Writing as well. Now, let’s see what is the curriculum of the Content Writing Course. 


Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to Content Writing
  • Boost your Vocabulary
  • Avoid Grammar Errors in your Writing
  • Learn Writing Tools, Tips & Techniques
  • Non-Fiction Creative Writing Skills
  • Learn Fiction Writing (Storytelling)
  • Master Business Writing Skills
  • Learn Technical Writing
  • Academic Writing Skills
  • Learn to Write some Specific commonly used Pieces of Content
  • Master Content Marketing
  • Monetize your Writing Skills
  • Publish your Book


Course Duration & Fees

The Duration of the Course is 13 Weeks. The entire course is divided into two parts – Classroom/Live Training (6 Weeks) & Internship & Live Projects (7 Weeks). The fee of the course is Rs. 12,712 + 18% GST.


Course Highlights

  • Total 3 Months Course
  • 32 Hours of Classroom/Live Online Training and 50 Hours of eLearning
  • Recognized by the Govt. Of India
  • 7 Assignments
  • Live & Interactive Sessions
  • Personalized Attention & Feedback
  • 1 Certification
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Work from Home Job Opportunities
  • Lifetime Support


Why Education & Career Times?

  • ECT has all the professional experienced instructors with rich knowledge of training.
  • ECT provides Classroom Training Programs as well as Online Live sessions, you can choose the medium as per your convenience and comfort.
  • They also provide free workshops on Entrepreneurship skills.


Contact Details

Education and Career Times

Digitalimpulse Online Private Limited

Admission Department


Mobile: +91-7827916060

Email: [email protected]


Training Centres:

Delhi: M-138, IIIrd Floor, Connaught Place, New Delhi – 110001

Noida: G-284, Ist Floor, Sector 63, Noida, UP – 201301


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5. Indian Institute of Digital Education IIDE


IIDE is the most famous and known learning institute for digital education which is headquartered in Andheri in Mumbai. They are known for the best online copywriting courses. IIDE has also won the award for the best institute for Digital Marketing by the World Education Congress. As the name of the institute, IIDE deals mostly with digital education courses.


They have industry specialised mentors to train their students. So undoubtedly, students learn from professionals who come with real-world experiences, which is why students learn more about practical knowledge than the theoretical part. They offer online courses, which is why their students can learn from any corner of the world.


The videos are shared with the students so that they can anytime revise their learnings through watching the videos.  The students will be given an authorized certificate after completing the course. Once you are passed out from IIDE, know that you will be hired by big companies like Amazon, Oneplus, Forbes, etc. So definitely you are assured of a promising career.


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6. Ace Web Academy


Ace Web Academy is especially known for its online courses. Being located in Hyderabad, Ace Web offers a wide range of courses worldwide digitally. They are among the best institutes in Hyderabad that offer creative writing courses. The duration of the creative writing course is 1 month with Ace Web Academy. They offer full support and guidance to their students through practical learning.


They offer the training with live faculty sessions from experts. They offer a very unique and customized training to their students. Not only the training but they also assure with the job assistance after completing the courses with them. Once students enroll in the courses with Ace Web Academy, they will be trained completely to shape their dream careers with full support and guidance from the experts.


Hence, these were the best Creative Writing Courses in Hyderabad which you all can look into and choose the one as per your convenience and comfort.



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Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Which are the best creative writing courses in Hyderabad?

All the above-mentioned courses are the best creative writing courses in Hyderabad and they are listed as the top courses. You can choose any of them to learn the updated skills.


Q2. What is the qualification or eligibility criterion for the creative writing course?

There is no such hard rule for the qualification and eligibility criterion for the creative writing course. To be a creative writer, you need to be a little creative and have an average command of English. From the above-mentioned best Creative Writing Courses in Hyderabad, you can choose the one you find suitable as per your guidelines.


Q3. Basically what does a creative writing course will include?

Most creative writing courses will include advice on how to write fiction, non–fiction, and poetry. So, if you want to opt for creative writing as your career then definitely you can choose any of the above-mentioned best creative writing courses.


Q4. What are some examples of Creative writing?

Here are some examples of Creative Writing:-

  • Novel Writing
  • Short Stories
  • Fiction Writing
  • Poetry
  • Lyrics of a Song
  • Plays
  • Script of a Movie or Play
  • Blogs




Creative Writing has a wide scope of growth only if you know how to use your creativity uniquely. There will be many institutes promising you to give the best training and support to grow, but you know the best ones for you to enroll in that meets your requirements. A creative writing course is a skill development course that will help you to use your skills in the best possible way. This means the basic criteria here required is the passion for your skill in learning and showcasing your talent using different platforms. With the right institutes, you will get proper guidance and support to enhance your skills and earn through your passion. Hence it is very important to choose the institute wisely. In the article above, we have shortlisted the top institutes for Creative writing courses in Hyderabad after our research and studies. We assure you the best learnings with the above institutes to shape your dream career in creative writing.

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