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6 Best Creative Writing Courses in Glasgow

Are you searching for the best creative writing courses in Glasgow? You have come to the right place. This is a guide to “all you need to know about creative writing”. Also, there are mentions of some of the best institutes where you can get creative writing courses in Glasgow. There’s a lot of demand for the course because there is a need for writers who can compel great stories.


List of best creative writing courses in Glasgow


Readers have increased throughout history and the way of writing has also changed a lot. From Shakespeare’s skit in history to commercial writing in this era, we have seen the change and are part of it. However, creative writing remains the same as it can be entertaining, persuasive, or simply informative.


What is Creative Writing? 

The word creative itself gives you the hint about what creative writing is all about. Creativity is creating something unique out of your imagination. The idea is original and that gives its uniqueness. When describing creative writing, is not your usual academic or journalism type of writing.

Creative writing contains scripts, poems, or even stories. Doesn’t necessarily have to be fiction, it can be non-fiction too. Have you read the famous Sherlock Holmes collection? Those are the best example of creative writing. The author solely uses his/her imagination to compel great stories.

Creative writing takes you into the zone where it makes you imagine what the author is describing. It could be an interesting murder story or a romantic poem for lovers. Creative writing has many branches to it, it doesn’t necessarily have to be an article. It could be short stories, poems, or video scripts.

Let us admit we all have been some type of creative writer in our life. It could be an essay that you wrote in third grade or writing a comedy story to share with your friends. All of them fall under the category of creative writing. An artist who knows how to express his art in the form of writing is a creative writer.

Artists do not need to be a painter but can also be a writer. Creative writing has to be engaging with the reader, make people wonder and imagine, and also include a lot of characters in the story and a unique style for the readers to understand your unique storytelling voice.

Creative writing is used for various purposes such as a form of entertainment, well-informative content, or can be a persuasive article. Creative writing has no limit, it can come in various forms as mentioned. The writing can be enhanced through daily practice in creative writing or taking up a course from a good institute.

Taking a course in this generation is much more beneficial as you get a certification. Which makes you a certified creative writer that adds a bonus to your portfolio. Being a skillful writer is so important due to the rise in competition. Nevertheless, creative writing courses give you insights into the writing industry.

How does the industry work? What additional skills to hone to become a creative writer? How can I become better at creative writing? or how do I land my first few clients? These are the problems we might face from the start. But by doing a course with an institute this process becomes easy and stress-free.

Moreover, you get to practice and experience the course. Also increases contacts and you meet a lot of people who are on the same journey as you.


The Purpose of Creative Writing

Creative writing indeed has a purpose of its own, it is greatly used to express strong emotions through the form of a story. The emotions contain a purpose maybe it is for readers to feel happier from within or a motivational story to inspire the readers.  The main purpose of creative writing is for making readers understand what you are truly saying.

Do you want them to take some action? Do you want them to enjoy and get lost in your stories? The purpose can be that. Mostly, creative writers use their imagination to craft perfect stories. To entertain the readers or make them understand the story plot and become a part of the story.

The purpose can also be to express feelings, solve a problem, explore new ideas, or argue against an idea.  Sometimes writers can have more than one purpose in a single piece of writing. What would be your purpose as a creative writer?


Benefits of Having a Career in Creative Writing

When learning about creative writing, you gain valuable skills. The skill becomes valuable as you tend to become better in communication, and enhances critical thinking as well as organizational skills. The main purpose of creative writing is to make your imagination come into reality.

After all, creativity starts from your imagination then you build up great stories from it. When it comes to choosing a career as a creative writer, you must possess the quality of imagining creatively. You must ask yourself these questions first, have I been a creative person since I was a kid?

How often do I like writing? These are the main components of becoming a creative writer. First, you have to love writing, and second, you must be able to use your imagination to write. Also, learn new words every day that way you can write better. You have to focus more on quality content rather than quantity in creative writing.

That is the way you can sustain for a long term in the path as a creative writer. Putting your focus on producing quality will get you more clients than expected. The great benefit of choosing your career as a creative writer is that you can utilize this skill to communicate or express your ideas in all aspects of your life.

As you practice writing, you become more in tune with your emotions. And that way you can reflect better on past and present experiences. When you learn to reflect you tend to learn more and grow. Indeed, you do not magically become a creative writer overnight. You need to be dedicated and put effort into practicing creative writing.


Here Are a Few Mentions of the Benefit That You Will Acquire From Creative Writing:

1. Enhances Your Imagination – You will be able to utilize your imagination for creating a perfect piece of work.

2. Increases Your Vocabulary – Writing creatively encourages you to expand your knowledge into knowing different words.

3. Better at Thinking – Creative writing makes your brain work into imagining better which will help enhance your writing skills.

4. Empathic Skill Development – You create characters, give them names and develop their character and those characters carry emotions. Which makes you develop empathy.

5. You Gain an I Can Do Better Attitude – This is because when you learn creative writing, you review other writers’ stories. You gain new knowledge plus your mentors will guide you in the process.


The good thing about learning creative writing is that you acquire the skillset. This means the skill set you have is forever yours and no one can take it away from you. You gain the knowledge and the ability to write creatively. Creative writing is for those who have a passion to write and loves to create new works of art. If you have been that person and want to develop your creative side. A career as a creative writer is a good choice for you. Even better if you take up a course and develop the skills.


The Best Creative Writing Courses in Glasgow: 



The institute offers a content writing master course where students can learn writing while sitting anywhere in the world. The great thing about the content writing master course is that it covers several writing styles such as creative writing, SEO writing, blog articles, and many more.

It is an online course which means you will have the flexibility of doing the course anywhere in the world. It is located in Delhi, India and the good thing is they guarantee internships to the students. They offer budget-friendly course and also saves time as their classes are well organized and held in a timely manner.


What Do They Cover in the Content Writing Course?

  • Guaranteed internship for 3 months
  • Lifetime support
  • Portfolio development
  • Write your blog in the Times of India
  • Creative writing
  • Copywriting
  • Legal writing
  • Technical writing
  • SEO writing



These are a few mentions as their syllabus is vast and you get a lot of opportunities during the 3 monthly courses. It is totally worth investing your money in the course if you are serious about your writing career. As IIM SKILLS help develop your portfolio which will be very useful for job-seeking or freelancing.


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2. City of Glasgow College

Location: 190 Cathedral St, Glasgow, UK

The college is one of the top technical and professional skill colleges in Scotland. You can say one of the best creative writing courses in Glasgow. It provides a wide range of programs. They also focus on providing creative writing courses to students.


What Do They Cover in the Program?

  • An introduction to the creative industry
  • Correction of creative text
  • Generate and pitch new ideas
  • Literature: enhance reading skills
  • Television script
  • Radio script
  • Media Writing
  • Short story writing
  • Freelance skills
  • Industry knowledge
  • Work on creative projects


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


This college offers some of the best creative writing courses in Glasgow. It is focused on teaching students by professional teaching staff. The course is taught with a mix of online as well as in-class learning. There will be a variety of presentations, quizzes, and discussions with your fellow mates.

This is a good choice for creative writing courses in Glasgow. This course will prepare you for great opportunities such as a job in journalism, scriptwriting, freelancing, and broadcasting. They have a lot of students who earned a reputation in the field through this program.


3. University of Glasgow

Location: Glasgow, UK

The creative writing courses in Glasgow have earned their reputations amongst school students to working professionals. The University of Glasgow has its reputation as it has made great students who are famous now. To name a few, Anne Donovan, Louise Welsh, and Rodge Glass.

Their course is very popular in Britain. They bring in guest speakers who would inspire and advise the students. The guest speakers are great poets, editors, publishers, and journalists.


What Do They Cover in the Program?


First semester

  • Experimentation and craft to creative writing
  • Publishing and Editing
  • Workshop for creative writing
  • Portfolio as a creative writer


Second semester

  • Editing and publishing
  • Creating a portfolio
  • Workshop for creative writing


The course helps with the development of regular writing habits by offering an engaging workshop and tutorial environment where writing abilities can be learned, explored, and improved. Glasgow is a city renowned for its culture, and the students are active in literary periodicals, radio, festivals, and events. This institute offers the best creative writing courses in Glasgow.


4. Glasgow Clyde College

Location: Hatfield DR, Glasgow, UK

The institute comes off as one of the leading providers of creative writing courses in Glasgow. The college offers over 500 full-time and part-time studies. And one of them is a creative writing program where students can choose to do full-time or part-time if they are working professionals. The core values of the institute are to be fair, value people, and passionate about what they offer to the students.


What Do They Cover in the Program?

  • Writing for news
  • Mobile and social media journalism
  • Editing and video recording
  • Feature writing
  • Laws and public affair
  • Production of podcasts


The students of Glasgow Clyde College are regular winners of the Scottish Student Journalism Awards and their work has been highlighted and recognized by the NCT’s Awards for Excellence. The college has a radio station where students can create their podcasts or feature radio shows. This makes them one of the leading creative writing courses in Glasgow.


5. University of Strathclyde Glasgow

Location: Richmon Street, Glasgow, UK

This is an award-winning institute that offers a wide range of creative writing courses in Glasgow. Their approach to creative writing courses is modern, friendly, and innovative. Because of the great reputation of the college, numerous students join the college. The course helps to develop a wide range of skills for the students.


What Do They Cover in the Program?

  • Research methods and techniques for essay writing
  • Advanced study of literature
  • Training in writing novels and poetry
  • Short story writing
  • Children’s Literature
  • Reading Poetry
  • Writing Short Fiction and Poetry
  • Dramatic Writing


These are just a few to mention as the course takes a maximum of four years to complete as it’s an in-depth learning. It is worth an investment if you are serious about your career as a creative writer. Due to the past achievements of former students, this institute ranks as one of the top creative writing courses in Glasgow.


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6. Creative Writing Ink

This particular institute is renowned and you can say it is one the best creative writing courses in Glasgow you can find online. The company is run by Olive O’Brien, who is a writer and a publisher. Olive holds a masters in journalism and has worked as a news reporter.

Not only that but has also published three children’s books and is a director of silver angel publishing. It is an independent book publishing house. She has also a writing community online and runs “the writing district”.


What Do They Cover in the Program?

  • Character building and story structure
  • Time and pace in short stories or novels
  • Flash fiction and editing
  • Emotion creation
  • Suspense and literary symbolism


Overall, it is a good course to get along with. As this institute offers online courses to students. Thus, making it a good find for the best creative writing courses in Glasgow. Which you can do by sitting in the comfort of your home. The total duration of the course is of six weeks. You can head onto their official website which contains an FAQ where your doubts will be cleared.


Frequently Asked Questions: 


1. Do I need any experience to pursue a creative writing course?

If you are a beginner, doing a course would be better as you will get to learn from scratch. You do not need any experience to pursue a creative writing course. All you need is a passion to write and think creatively. These are the main two things you need as a creative writer. Have you been that person who loves writing nonfiction stories? Or developing characters and writing beautiful poems are your hobbies?

Then doing a creative writing course will add a bonus to your writing skills. Depending on the types of institutes you get to learn different aspects of creative writing. The good thing about taking a course is you get to learn and make a portfolio for yourself. And that portfolio is going to land you into great opportunities. You might want to freelance or choose a brand you want to work with.


2. Will there be a lot of reading to do in the creative writing course?

Every writer needs to read as you get to learn a lot when you read. Not just the guided methods but reading from different authors will set a tone for your writing. Reading from different authors will let you grab their knowledge which will help you expand your knowledge. When you read more, you learn more. And when you learn more you can write better. You do need to read the course material that your course faculty will provide you. But other than that it is totally up to you how much reading you want to do. Remember reading is crucial but more crucial is to write creatively.


3. How much do the creative writing courses in Glasgow cost?

Different institutes have different price ranges depending on how much depth you want to learn. You will get a course at a minimum as well as a maximum. It all depends on the institutes. But is it worth your investment that creative writing is a great skill to have? To get the best offer you will have to research the different institutes and compare the pricing. And depending on your budget you can select the institute for yourself. You can even consider having online courses. Online courses can be a great option if you want to learn from the comfort of your home. Choose what is right for you that way you will enjoy learning.


4. What do you get to learn in the creative writing courses in Glasgow?

Writers get to learn a lot as it covers all the aspects of writing from fiction to non-fiction, poetry to scriptwriting. Moreover, you get to make a portfolio of your own and explore your way into creative writing. There are a lot of opportunities in this field as a creative writer. You can choose to work from the office as well as do freelancing. Isn’t that a great option to have?

With the creative writing course, you get a lot of opportunities as your contacts grow over time. You come in contact with so many who are just like you. That way you can grow yourself as a creative writer. Also a lifetime skill you will cherish throughout your life. It’s always an advantage to gain knowledge in something you will forever enjoy. Choose your passion as a profession. That way you will never regret it.


Key Takeaways

You must select the best institute while you pursue your creative writing course. All of the mentioned institutes in this article are well-known and are registered via a legal entity. Creative writing is one of the best careers you can have. There are immense opportunities in the field of creative writing. Becoming a creative writer is not easy as you need focus and dedication. But with the help of a course, you can excel in this field. You get the guidance and required knowledge to become successful.

We have been familiar with creative writing for ages. The amazing poems in books, beautiful novels, and scripts of famous plays are all part of creative writing. What was your favorite novel during those days? Doesn’t the writing style bring back the memory of something you have read? And you truly enjoyed it! Yes, all those were written by authors who used their imagination. Just your imagination alone can create a whole story in itself.

Taking up a course and learning creative writing gives you numerous advantages. First, it is your skill and you will hone it for the rest of your life. Secondly, you become better at communication. Third, it enhances your creativity level. These are a few benefits but overall it’s a bonus. If you do not want this as your main job. You can still have it as your side skill.

But the scope of creative writers is increasing so much. It remains a great career path to choose. Especially if you are the type of person who loves writing by using your imagination. Being a creative writer is your call. This guided article will help you select the best institutes. So, you can achieve the dream of becoming a writer.

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