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Top 8 Creative Writing Courses in Galway With Placement

There is, of course, a lingering question in the minds of many individuals as to whether creative writing can be taught. In the last decade or so, the demand for Creative Writing as an important skill has increased exponentially in Ireland. Therefore, there is a definitive need for specific programs in Creative Writing. This article will help highlight the best Creative Writing Courses in Galway.


List of best creative writing courses in Galway


Creative writing is the art of imagination expressed on paper or print. It is an inborn skill, but it can be developed too if one has an interest in the subject. Creative writing is used in all forms of writing, so many students, upcoming authors, and professionals desire to learn this art to enhance their respective fields of work.

However, before looking into the different institutions offering creative writing courses in Galway, it is imperative to understand the important fundamentals of Creative Writing.


What is Creative Writing?

Creative writing is a type of writing that expresses the imagination and emotion of the author. It can be conveyed in the form of dialogue, drama, or through poetry.


What Are the Different Forms of Creative Writing?

Creative writing can be in the form of fiction or non-fiction. Fiction can include novels, short stories, or plays. Non-fiction includes creative biographical writing or an interesting memoir.


Why Is It Important To Learn Creative Writing?

Creative Writing is an important skill that helps build the brain’s function. Creative people have an excellent ability to have lasting relationships with themselves and with others. Creative writing also aids in increased thinking skills and helps to solve unexpected problems efficiently. Let us now see the 3 important reasons to learn Creative Writing:


Creative Writing helps to improve in expressing emotions effectively.

Learning to write creatively helps to improve the expression of emotions and increases better communication of the story or poem. Creative writing fosters self-expression and will result in better writing skills.


Increases Employment Opportunities

Good writing will land you a great job. Employers love good writing skills and will be impressed with your ability to write a memo efficiently.


Increased Thinking Abilities

Creative writing requires good imagination, so learning to write creatively will automatically increase your thinking capacity. Strong thinking skills are a great way to tell a good story.


Here are the 8 Best Creative Writing Courses in Galway:



IIM SKILLS is a world-recognized institution that offers online creative writing courses in Galway. After a decade of experience teaching numerous students online, IIM SKILLS has come a long way in earning an excellent reputation in the minds of many individuals. The institution began as an education blog and has grown into a successful creative writing training program.

IIM SKILLS are known for it non -complex teaching methods that help the student to understand every concept clearly. In addition, its mission of offering skill-based education for a nominal price has enabled many to become professionally efficient in creative writing.


What Do They Offer?

IIM SKILLS offers a Content Writing Master Course.


What Is The Duration Of The Course

The course is for four weeks duration. The classes are online and also include thirty hours of training.


Content Writing Course Structure

The course structure follows a comprehensive curriculum and includes various creative writing styles. It focuses on WordPress development and ways to write digital content. IIM SKILLS creative writing course guides a student to create their first blog, help publish an ebook, and gives guidance in SEO concepts too.



Why Should You Choose IIM SKILLS?

IIM SKILLS is a leader in Content Writing and has offered the best creative writing courses in Galway for many years. It provides excellent online training and gives freelance opportunities to students after completing the Course. In addition, a three-month internship program is open for its students. Hubspot and TOEL certifications are other added advantages to this program.


2. University Of Galway

The University of Galway is a reputed university and has been instrumental in shaping students into inspiring individuals for over one hundred and fifty years. Since its inception in 1845, the University of Galway has committed itself to provide the best education to its students. As a result, the University opened its iconic doors with just 68 students and grew to over 17000 students.


What Do They Offer?

The University of Galway offers a bachelor’s Degree In Arts specializing in English and Creative Writing.


Who Is Eligible For The Course?

Students need to have a Grade H5 as the minimum grade in at least two subjects. In addition, they need to get a score of 06/H7 on all the other subjects.


What Is The Course Duration?

The duration of the English and Creative Writing Bachelor Degree course is for four years.


Course Structure

The University of Galway offers one of the best creative writing courses in Galway. The Creative Writing Bachelor Degree is a  new course formulated to provide a unique experience for its students. As a result, it allows them to explore and reinvent themselves. The following are important features of the course.

  • Students will understand various types of writing styles during the course. In addition, tutors will help their students to remain motivated by encouraging them to follow their passion. 
  • Experience in All Levels of Creative Writing, including Playwriting, Fiction, Poetry, and Non-fiction.
  • Professional writers conduct classes regularly to foster better understanding in the minds of young students.


Why Should I Choose the University of Galway?

The University of Galway offers the best creative writing courses in Galway. The course is comprehensive, and students have an incredible chance to study from the best tutors in the country. In addition, the creative writing bachelor’s course systematically guides the student. Focusing on every student’s writing skills, the University of Galway gives the proper foundation for becoming a great writer.


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3. Martin Keaveney Creative Writing

Martin Keaveney Creative Writing conducts exclusive writing programs for all.  Martin Keaveney is a published author, teacher, and trainer. With a doctorate in Creative Writing, he has several books and papers to his credit. Martin regularly holds creative writing workshops for all types of writers. He aims to provide quality training to aspiring writers and encourage them to continue to become published authors and writers.


What Do They Offer?

Martin Keaveney Creative Writing courses are available for all levels of writers. In addition, anyone with a keen interest in writing can enroll in the following courses:


Beginner Writing CoursesThe short three-month course is designed for those looking to write a short novel or story. It is also for those who would like to be introduced to the world of creative writing. 

Intermediate Writing Courses – This course is for those who have done some writing before but cannot proceed further due to lack of motivation, understanding, writer’s block, etc. Martin will help you to explore many other works of fiction as well.

Single Project Course – This course is designed for those looking to work on a single project for a long duration. The student will be given feedback on sample projects and help to publish the book.

One-Year Creative writing course – Martin Keeveney offers a one-year creative writing course for all students who want to develop their portfolio and learn new advanced writing skills.


What is the course duration?

Both short-term courses will be for three months. The Long term courses will be for a year,


Course Structure

The beginner creative writing course will focus on introducing the students to different types of writing. It will give them insight into Science Fiction, Crime Stories, Horror, or Reality stories. With regular feedback and personal writing advice, this course will help beginners explore their writing skills to become successful creative writers.

The Intermediate writing program focuses mainly on budding writers looking for inspiration to continue and help in the publication of their projects. Martin will provide expert advice during the course and train them to write and finish the book.

The long-term courses will include personal feedback sessions with Martin. Then, the students can choose and work on projects that they are interested in. 


Why Should You Choose Martin Keavney?

Martin Keavney Creative Writing course offers the best creative courses in Galway. It is designed exclusively for freelance writers looking to improve their writing skills with the help of an accomplished author and writer. With numerous accolades under his name, Martin Keavney is a name to reckon with if you desire to become a good writer.

Many students have given excellent reviews and are impressed with his teaching skills and believe he is a professional who loves to guide and motivate individuals into successful authors, bloggers, and creative writers.


4. CreativeWriting Ink

Creative Writing  Ink is the brainchild of best-selling children’s book author and publisher Olive’O Brien. It aims to provide the best innovative training and services to every student, aspiring author, and business owner who approaches them.

By offering top-class creative writing courses in Galway, Creative Ink Writing has assisted many individuals in improving and strengthening their writing skills. Moreover, Olive has designed and developed simple techniques in her teaching methodology, which has helped her students become successful writers quickly. 


What Do They Offer?

Creative Writing Historical Fiction Course

Creative Writing Crime Fiction Course

Creative Writing Beginner Course

Creative Writing Intermediate Course

Creative Writing Advanced Course

Creative Writing Poetry Course


What Is The Duration Of The Course?

All courses will be for a six-week duration.


Course Structure

The Historical Fiction writing class will include the introduction and basics of historical fiction. It will then move to the building of historical characters and help to create a good background for the story. It will cover historical dialogue writing techniques too.

The Crime Fiction Writing Class will cover the basics, creation, and designing of crime stories. It will include the character creation of the Hero and the villain. It will also teach the basis for crafting the perfect suspense for the story. The Creative writing course for beginners helps understand the nuances of writing.

The intermediate and advanced creative writing courses will include writing techniques for modern and experienced writers. It will consist of sessions on publishing a book as well.


Why Should You Choose Creative Writing Ink?

Creative Writing Ink is the perfect course for all levels of writers. Every course has unique modules that will help students develop writing skills efficiently. With over five different types of writing courses, Creative Writing Ink has the best creative writing courses in Galway. Aspiring writers, authors, bloggers, etc., will benefit by enrolling in any Creative Ink Writing Agency courses.


Must Check:


5. Irish Writers Centre

Irish Writers Centre is a unique organization that lends a helping hand to new writers. Founded in 1991, the Irish Writers Centre focuses on its online and offline training and workshops. The goal is to develop writers belonging to all levels. By encouraging and cultivating writers from all walks of life, they have set a high standard for themselves.

Creative Writing skills are primarily inborn; however, there is a definite need for development and scope for growth. Thus, begins the noble work of the Irish Writers Centre. Herein the institution introduces several creative writing workshops for upcoming writers. By enrolling in the course, students will have a firm understanding of creative writing.


What Do They Offer?

Beginner Level weekend online creative writing course

Intermediate Level  creative writing course on writing comedy

Intermediate-level creative writing course on originality

Beginner Level creative writing course on fiction and poetry

Intermediate-level novel writing techniques


What is the Duration Of The Course

All courses in Irish Writers Centre are for six to ten weeks.


Course Structure

  • The beginner writing course on weekends covers the basics of creative writing and helps writers from non-English speaking backgrounds.
  • The Intermediate course on writing comedy will cover techniques of character building and writing a story in a naturally funny manner.
  • The Intermediate course on rewriting from original material covers various approaches to writing preexisting work without plagiarism.
  • All courses are exclusively designed to help new writers work on a particular niche and help build their skills as professionals.


Why Should You Choose Irish Writers Centre?

The Irish Writers Center describes itself as a center for upcoming writers in all of Ireland and offers best creative marketing courses in Galway. With rich resources from established writers and authors, Irish Writers Centre is a perfect place for new writers to learn, publish, and market their work.

Contemporary writers have opportunities for development with the help of professionals. Furthermore, the Irish writers centre offers its members exclusive discounts and offers on all their writing courses.


6. Curtis Brown Creative

The Curtis Brown Creative is a creative writing agency in London. As the only creative writing institution affiliated with a major literary agency, CBC has a high reputation among many writers in the country. In addition, it offers the best creative writing courses in Galway. The teaching methodology followed by CBC is both practical and realistic.

The trainers are full-fledged novelists having many published books. They have a reputation for building budding authors into a best-selling professional novelist. The Curtis Brown Creative agency is always eager to find good talent and develop them into the best writers. They aim to help build the writer into a strong and confident individual.


What Do They Offer?

CBC consistently updates its writing programs, and new writers can choose any program that would work for them.

Writing Bootcamp – A fast 30-day program

5- Week Programs with different authors

One-Day Programs with published authors

Six Month courses to write a novel – conducted by different authors

4 Week creative writing course for beginners and intermediate writers.


What Is The Duration Of The Course?

CBC provides different short-term creative writing courses online. The duration of each of the courses will be between 3 months to Six months.


Why Should I Choose Curtis Brown Creative?

CBC brings together established authors having good authority in the subject. The programs are exclusive, and are considered the best creative writing courses in Galway.  The tutors get a rich experience writing and publishing novels.

Learning from literary geniuses is an excellent advantage for new and upcoming writers. CBC does not make empty unrealistic promises, but the guidance given during the course of the program will help one develop professionally as a successful author.


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7. Teesside University

Teesside University is a Top educational institution in the United Kingdom to offer the best creative writing courses in Galway. It has been consistently ranked high in the Time Higher Education University Rankings. The University focuses mainly on providing the best educational program for the new generation of learners.

With an innovative and creative approach to teaching, Teesside University is an excellent place to learn creative writing from some of the best tutors in the United Kingdom.


What Do They Offer?

Teesside University offers part-time online MA in Creative Writing. 


Course Structure

The course is conducted through on-demand videos. Therefore students can access the material according to their schedule. They are taught the basic skills required for creative writing. In addition, the course will have a creative writing project to understand how to become a professional writer. Furthermore, the writing modules will also specialize in poetry, prose, and fiction.


Why Should you choose Teesside University?

Teesside University is a highly-ranked university offering online creative writing courses in Galway. The online course will help a student to develop extended writing opportunities. The course is highly flexible as they can pursue from any part of the world. With a master’s degree, a student will have immense scope in the world of writing and will be able to get a great chance to explore the best opportunities available to them.


8. Faber Academy

Faber Academy is a premier institution for learning creative writing. Since its inception in 2008, many of its students have become successful writers. Their alums include Nobel prize and booker prize winners. By offering the best creative writing courses in Galway, Faber Academy is now considered an established publishing house in the United Kingdom.


What Do They Offer?

Faber Academy offers over fifty courses in creative writing. From short-term 5-day workshops to comprehensive 12-week courses, they have creative writing courses that will suit everyone.


What is the Duration Of The Course

All creative writing courses offered by Faber Academy are short-term courses. The classes are usually conducted online for a period of one to five days. However, some courses are for two to three-month duration.


Course Structure

The course has exclusive modules on novel writing, poetry, and crime writing. Aspiring writers can choose a course that will work for them. Faber Academy has Non Fiction writing modules too. Each course is either a comprehensive three-month module or a short-term workshop. The trainers are published novelists with in-depth knowledge of writing and publishing.


Why Should I Choose Faber Academy?

Faber Academy is the best place for writers to learn about different types of writing. Faber Academy is a much sought-after institution to learn creative writing courses in Galway, with a high success rate in transforming many amateur writers into published authors.

Their motto is to teach creative writing to as many aspirants as possible and make them best-selling authors. With high-quality teaching modules and excellent tutoring by famous authors, Faber Academy has all the right constituents for a great writing institution.




What Do you Learn in a Creative writing course?

In a creative writing course, one will learn the correct usage of grammar, punctuation, and language understanding. You will be taught the correct vocabulary usage and improve on synonyms and antonyms. Furthermore, students can also learn techniques for problem-solving, ways to get ideas for a story, and develop overall creative writing styles. Your work will be graded, and feedback will be given regularly.


What Are the advantages of getting a creative writing course?

A creative writing course helps improve the English language and the ability to understand it better. It will help one to communicate better. In addition to improving communication skills, you will find your writing skills have enhanced as well. The ability to engage with your readers with added confidence is some of the other advantages of a creative writing course. The course will give an edge over others with respect to increased career opportunities.


Is creative writing easy or hard?

Creative writing does not come easy. A creative writer must strive hard to get the right story and make it interesting for the reader. Researching is one aspect, but imagining a story right from the characters and dialogues can be pretty nerve-wracking. Many creative writers have practiced long and hard before they have succeeded in getting the right story.


What skills do you need for creative writing?

Creative writing needs the power of imagination. Without an active imagination, one cannot bring a character to life. It also needs effective communication and the ability to express emotion through words. Another important aspect of creative writing is patience. 


What are creative writing courses like?

Creative Writing classes are fun and engaging. The experience is enlightening as you will create a fictional world filled with characters you have imagined.


Our Takeaway

Creative Writing Courses are a great advantage for those looking to adapt real-life stories into interesting fictional ones. It also aids many creative thinkers in choosing a career that they would love. Therefore, when you choose from the above-mentioned Creative writing courses, you will realize that it  will give you a clear understanding of the art of communicating a story. Creative writing courses will open opportunities to work with established authors, which in turn will assist you in becoming a successful writer that many would love and admire.

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