Arts is also known as the Humanities stream, it is a popular and diversified option for pupils. This stream is ideal for students who have a strong theoretical bent and are interested in courses such as history, geography, political science, psychology, sociology, and languages. The humanities course was traditionally regarded to be appropriate for students who were below average in their academics and were not very smart. This is an incorrect assumption, as well as an improper technique of selecting for streams. So in this article, I will share with you guys the Top 11 Courses after Humanities stream in Delhi.


List of the best courses after humanities stream in Delhi


There are a lot of opportunities after completion of 12th in Humanities. Applicants can apply for a variety of professional and general courses in subjects such as arts, law, history, politics, psychology, sociology, and others. Courses at various levels, such as Certificate, Diploma, and Post-Graduate Diploma, are available.


Many people have these misconceptions that humanitarian subject has less scope for the future and hence most of the parents forced students to opt for MBBS, IIT, engineering, and so on. But the system has Changed, And humanitarian is Way ahead as there are a variety of options to pick from BA to Master, LLB to Journalism, UPSC to CDS, and even MBA.


Courses in the humanities cover a wide range of topics. Many people have started taking the Humanities stream because they are interested in the subject, not because they have run out of other options. Students can pursue Bachelor’s degrees in Humanities after finishing 12th grade, and later a master’s in its field. A Ph.D. holder might work as a lecturer or professor in their relevant field. There are positions available in areas such as banking, government ministries, legal companies, Government employees, Writer, Teachers, and many more.


You might want to check out popular certification course options:


 Here is the list of Top 11 Courses after Humanities stream in Delhi:

  •      Bachelor In Arts
  •      Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication 
  •      BA. LLB
  •      BA in Arts (Fine/ Visual/ Performing)     Bachelor Of Hotel Management
  •      B.Sc in Hospitality & Travel
  •     B.Lib.I.Sc
  •     Bachelor of Mass Media 
  •     BBA
  •     BA in Animation
  •     Bachelor in Computer Applications
  •     Bachelor of social work 


1. BA (Bachelor of Arts)


BA is a popular undergraduate course after Humanities stream in Delhi. The programs offer students to study a variety of disciplines such as English, Sociology, Philosophy, Environmental science, Political Science, Economics, History, and many more. The duration of the course holds for 3Years with the range fees of 7k to 20k per semester. 


Some of the top Institute for BA courses after Humanities stream in Delhi:

  • · St Stephens College (DU)
  • · Hansraj College, (DU)
  • · Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College
  • · Shivaji College (DU)
  • · Hindu College(DU)


2. Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication:


BJMM is an undergraduate course that prepares students for careers in the media, such as newspapers, television, radio, the internet, and Magazines. The course also helps to educate students on the numerous technologies, equipment, and software used in the media industry.

The duration, of course, is 3years and the course fees can range up to 70k to 10Lakh depending on the institute.


Here are some of the top Institute for Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication courses after Humanities stream in Delhi.:

  •    Indian Institute of Mass Communication
  • · National Institute of Mass Communication
  • · Jamia Millia Islamia 
  • · Jagran Institute of Management & Mass Communication 
  • · Amity School of Communication


3. BA LLB (Bachelor of Arts):


BA LLB is a five-year integrated LLB program open to applicants who have completed 12th grade. The majority of law schools use a semester system, which divides a five-year study into ten semesters. The course Duration is 3years and the average fees can range between 1 to 15 lakh.


Here are some of the top Institute for BA. LLB courses after Humanities stream in Delhi:

  • · National Law University
  • · Trinity Institute of Professional Studies
  • · University School of Law & Legal Studies
  • · Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies
  • · Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Management Studies


4. The Bachelor of Fine Arts:


BA Fine Arts is a three-year program with six semesters. Examination (10+2) with a minimum of 50% aggregate from a recognized university or board is required for Bachelor of Fine Arts candidacy. The duration, of course, is 3years with fees of 10k to 1lakh.


Here are some of the top Institute for BA in Arts (Fine/ Visual/ Performing) courses after Humanities stream in Delhi:

· Ramjas College (DU)

· Hindu College (DU)

· Daulat Ram College (DU)

· Miranda House (DU)


5. Bachelor of Arts in hotel management:


Bachelor of arts in hotel management is a four-year undergraduate degree whose goal is to prepare students to work in areas such as catering production, food service, housekeeping, and front-office operations (such as reception).

Rather than teaching these talents, an individual is given a favorable understanding of conventional practices that are needed in the functional domains of food production. A candidate must possess a minimum qualification of 10+2 for this course. The fees range between 1-5 lakh depending on the institute.


Here are some of the Top Institute for Hotel management courses after Humanities stream in Delhi:

  • · International Institute of Hotel Management 
  • · UEI Global Rohini
  • · Jamia Millia Islamia University
  • · Jamia Hamdard University
  • · Maharshi Dayanand University 


6. Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Travel :


Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Travel is a three-year program. It focuses on leisure and provides students with leadership abilities, operational skills, and new information in the travel and hospitality industries. Management, marketing, hospitality and travel, hotel management, customer service management, and tourism are among the subjects covered by the degree program. The fees for this course can range up to 10k to 1lakh.


Here are some of the top Institute for BSc in Hospitality & Travel courses after Humanities stream in Delhi:

  • · Indira Gandhi National Open University
  • · Institute of Hotel Management
  • · International Institute of Health Management Research
  • · Jamia Hamdard


7. BLibISc (Bachelor of Library and Information Science):


BLibISc is a one-year library science undergraduate program. Students in the BLibISc programs learn about many facets of library science, such as information management, maintenance, and preservation, as well as information technology. The fees can range between 5k to 50k.


Here is the top Institute that provides B.Lib.I.Sc courses after Humanities stream in Delhi.

  • · Gurukul Institute of Management and Technology
  • · Vinayaka Institution of Management and Technology
  • · University of Delhi [DU]
  • · MDU Rohtak – Maharshi Dayanand University
  • · Shyam Institute of Management and Technology 


8. BBA (Bachelor of Business administration):


 In India, BBA is the most popular course among young people. It is regarded as the foundation for those who are interested in pursuing a career in the business field. An art student can also pursue this course as it is not mandatory to be from Commerce or Science background. Students learn mainly about Marketing, sales, finance, and education, which are typically included in this course. The course fees can range up to 50k to 2lakh.


Some of the Top institute in Delhi that provides BBA course are :

  • · Netaji Subhas University of Technology
  • · Rishihood University
  • · Indian Institute of Art and Design
  • · Amity University Online, Noida
  • · NIIT University 


9. Bachelor in Animation:


Bachelor in Animation is a degree in animation and visual effects is a career-oriented professional education in the field of animation and visual effects. Many Bachelor’s Degree in the subject of animation is available in India. Typically, such programs combine animation with other related topic of study, such as animation and graphic design, animation and visual effects, animation and digital filmmaking, animation and pre-production work, and so on. The course holds for 3years with a fee of 10k -5Lakh. 


Here are some of the institute that provides BA in Animation courses after Humanities stream in Delhi:

  • · Management and Design Academy 
  • · Oxford Software Institute
  • · WLC College India
  • · DQ School of Visual Arts


10. Bachelor of Computer Applications:


Bachelor of computer applications is a three-year undergraduate degree program that focuses on computer application and software development fundamentals. A Bachelor of computer application is equivalent to a BTech in Computer Science or IT(Information Technology). The course helps the students in establishing a solid academic foundation for a future career in Computer Applications.


Database management systems, operating systems, software engineering, web technologies, and languages like C++, HTML, Java, and others are all covered in the BCA programs. BCA costs often vary from INR 37,500 to INR 5 lakh. The minimum and most significant qualifying criteria for BCA are 45 percent in Class 12 or equivalent examinations, which are observed by all colleges. There are no topic constraints when it comes to seeking a BCA.


Some of the Institute that provides BCA courses after Humanities stream in Delhi are:

  • · Jamia Hamdard
  • · Jawaharlal Nehru University 
  • · Delhi University – [DU]
  • · Institute of Management Studies 
  • · Jamia Millia Islamia University


11. Bachelor of social work (BSW): 


Bachelor of Social Work is an undergraduate professional degree in social work. A BSW program typically lasts three years, with candidates having to successfully finish the programs within a maximum of six years. The average course fee is 7k to 20K per annum.


Here is the top institute that provides these courses after Humanities stream in Delhi:

  • · TSL Institute
  • · VIPS Group of Institution
  • · Delhi Degree College 
  • · Indira Gandhi National Open University 


•Certificate Courses after Humanities stream in Delhi.


There are also short-term online certification courses after Humanities stream in Delhi. which are offered by numerous online institutes such as IIM Skills, Udemy, Coursera, Edx, and others. Aside from that, Humanities Courses can be pursued at various levels depending on their usefulness. The most fundamental need for anyone interested in this vocation is that they have to complete 10+2 from a recognized school or institution and in some institutes, there might not be any barrier/requirements.



The certificate Courses can last for a day to a year depending on the institute and course.


•Diploma Courses after Humanities stream in Delhi:


A diploma is used to determine if you are eligible to enroll in a lateral course of your choosing. Many students pursue diplomas for a variety of reasons. After finishing their 12th grade, students can enroll in diploma courses if they obtain a minimum score of 50% on their final entrance test.


Here is the list of diploma courses for Humanities In Delhi:

  •  Diploma in interior designing
  • •Diploma in public relations
  • •Diploma in Retail Management
  • •Diploma in event management
  • •Diploma in 3D Animation


Frequently Asked Questions:


 • Can Arts students Join Indian Navy after the 12th?

Ans. No! Unfortunately, art students are not eligible to join the Indian Navy after the 12th. Applicants must hold Physics, chemistry, and maths to become eligible for the Indian Navy after 12th. However, art students are eligible for the Indian Army through the NDA examination.


• Is Humanities Good for IAS?

Ans. So, if you are a UPSC aspirant then Humanities (Arts) will undoubtedly provide you an advantage. It includes the greatest range of subjects that may be studied further and also serves as a solid foundation for CSE.


• Can arts students get a job in a bank?

Ans. Yes absolutely, arts Students are eligible for the IBPS PO exam which is conducted every year. A graduation degree in any discipline from a comprehended university is required to apply for the exam.



Students must first choose their preferred professional path and then choose the best course for them. In today’s work environment, a bachelor’s degree in Humanities is far more valuable than it was a few decades ago.

So, after thorough consultation and counseling, enroll for the appropriate Humanities course in Delhi. As there are a wide variety of courses to choose from after 12th Humanities. All of these courses are career-oriented, and students in the humanities will have a wide range of options to pursue after completing their courses. Students who major from the Arts stream are noted for their acute analytical abilities, and they have the opportunity to study and pursue a wide range of high-paying professional opportunities such as IAS, IPS, IFS, Journalist, Freelancer, Writers, Military, Lecturer And many more.