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Top 10 Content Writing Courses in Varanasi With Placements

Are you from Varanasi, the city of Ganga and want to sharpen your writing skills to claim your position in this cut-throat competition in the Digital space? No worry, we got you the best courses in town to get all the knowledge and information you need to ace the art, Here is the list of best content writing courses in Varanasi.


Content Writing Courses in Varanasi Advisor Uncle


Having said that there is no shortcut to success, to become a professional writer it can certainly take time to upgrade and sharpen your skills. It is vital to learn about what exactly content writing is about. What can you expect out of these courses and the scope, requirements, and merits?


We aim to clear any suspicions and confusion you have regarding it and make a clear crisp choice according to all the options available in Varanasi. But before getting into the depth we are entitled to learn what exactly all fuss about content writing is.


What is content writing?


Content writing is a means to share your ideas, expression, and thoughts through your writing and spread your views over with words to as many people as we could. Content writing is now a full-blown professional career and now laymen have started to be aware of this new blooming opportunity in digital space.


Content writing skills required you to use your ability and creativity to make high-quality content that can catch the audience’s eye and attention in more than one way. Content writing is considered to be an amalgamation of web marketing through articles and promotion or patronizing the product. It includes Researching, planning, structuring, writing, and doing necessary upgrades to the available content online.


Good content posted online can be a real eye-opener in this digital space where everything is now posted on the web and laymen are also following it like a fad. Content writing is a relatively naïve field as compared to digital marketing, but at this particular period, people have started to be aware of it.


Not many laymen saw this as a professional career but now they have started to pursue it as digital marketing is budding in all the fields. Because of the sudden hike in digital marketing, consumers are on the roll for online shopping and now they find it easy to shop being slouched on the couch from their abode.


Which is the sole reason the career of digital writing is now in the budding stage and not that crowded. Furthermore, it is now mandatory for any field to have an online presence to survive in this cut-throat competition. So, irrelevant to the field we came from it becomes vital to understand the concept of digital writing.


To follow the trend of online shopping, each field has to surrender to the tyrant of digital marketing to thrive in this era, it functions as a bridge between the commodities and their prospective interest so they can also explore their options and get their best fit according to their need.


Why it is important to learn content writing from professionals?


Content writing has been part of digital marketing for quite some time now, it has been turning the heads of the people. Laymen who wish to make this a stable career must know all about it. As it is mandatory for every field and career it becomes an important aspect to learn from the experts to get that precision and place in the already existing market.


By learning in-depth you get to know what kind of content we are supposed to write and how to achieve a certain target audience for our content. We can get all the relevant information about it on the internet but to get the nooks and crooks of the subject, we need a help of an expert who can guide us.


So, we can get all the opportunities and exposure we need before getting into this field. Furthermore, we can hand-on practice and expertise we need. Content writing is not a tough job, but it is a fabricated work of reaching, reading, and giving clients what they want.


It is now a professional field that requires many acquired skills such as knowing the audience they aim for or how to attract more and more people. SEO is another field incorporated with digital writing, which teaches us about keyword density and also how to optimize articles to get high numbers of readers.


Adaptively is also necessary to change into SEO trends to keep up with the changing digital era. There are many career options that one can follow in their content writing careers such as Web writer, Ghostwriter, Blog writer, Brand journalist, Technical writer, Social media writer, Email writer, Scriptwriter, and Advertisement and promo writer.


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How to become a content writer and thrive in digital marketing?


In this digital era, it has become mandatory to keep up with the constantly changing world. Now, laymen want to upgrade their knowledge while working or studying so they always keep learning from online platforms. Content writing is also one of the most demanding courses available to study online and due to this advanced age of technology, it already has proven its worth and scope for a most high-paying job and exciting work and freelance opportunities.


Furthermore, there are plenty of certifications master courses available in the digital market. All these courses are certified and reviews of each of them are also there for any feedback or queries. To be in writing, it is not necessary to be fond of books or having reading as a hobby, it might come in handy but it is not vital for pursuing it as a career option.


To be a good content writer, it takes more than skills but more keen observation of surroundings, passion to go research about writing and topics, and wanting to impart knowledge and information to audiences.


These online courses aid in helping you build your portfolio and will give you enough exposure to thrive in this naïve field, the well-planned structure of the curriculum will help you get through all the objectives of content writing step by step so we won’t miss any milestone that might come in your path towards becoming a good content writer.


It also provides tools and techniques which will assist you in how to conduct your articles and writing with proper visuals and styles. Most of these courses available on the net are paid but they come with their own merits, with paid or unpaid internships. In the internship period, you get to practice writing and even writing articles for partner companies which is very good practice for a content writing career.


As we established that content writing doesn’t need any pre-required skills, it can be acquired and due to evolution now we can have distance learning directly to our comfort. It could be a good opportunity to upgrade your career or even start fresh with enough information.


After surfing through the top best institutions for the content writing courses in Varanasi, you can find the best match to your need and start learning and growing toward the betterment of your career. There are many viable options available for content writing courses in Varanasi, as we all know one size does not suitable for all, one might explore different options to find their best fit and luckily in Varanasi, they are plenty of preferences to choose from.


So, to have a successful career in content writing we have to choose from the top ten institutions where you can get all the knowledge and information that can solve all our queries. Here, are the list of the best top ten Content writing courses in Varanasi at your disposal.


Top 10 Content Writing Courses in Varanasi


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is the most reputed institution in Varanasi, which is suitable for both amateur writers and professional writers to brush up their skills. It offers both theoretical and practical approaches to their curriculum and benefits the students. It offers teaching over online classes with flexible hours according to students so they can find it more approachable.


Course Name: Content Writing Master Course


Their key features include: 


  • Money-back guarantee
  • Weekly assignments
  • 24*7 available support
  • Lifetime access
  • Global placements and opportunities
  • Subject experts
  • Certifications


The Content Writing course includes


  • Introduction to content writing
  • Web-specific Learning
  • Content writing tools free for a lifetime
  • Business listing included
  • Keyword Research and Density
  • Freelance opportunities with the institution
  • User-friendly interface
  • Social media and email Marketing

Course fee – Rs 14900 + GST



Other Courses 


2. Coursera


Coursera is an online institution for distance learning, it includes the best of global and international colleges, universities, and institutions. It is an e-learning platform and also available in multi-languages and it is also included in some prestigious and reputed colleges so with a student id and users we can get extra discounts and free courses at our doorsteps. It has 200+ institutions and job opportunities and is the best platform to upgrade your skills during flexible hours.


Its key feature includes: 


  • Online Distance Learning
  • User-Friendly interface
  • Languages filters and options
  • Expert faculties and experts
  • Learning from best tutors
  • Flexible hours
  • Weekly tests and assignments
  • Certifications


3. Skills upgrader


Skills upgrader is one of the top ten institutes to offer content writing courses in Varanasi, this institute excels in the training of content writing and brushes up the skills of your career growth. It solely overlooks personal and individual career growth and helps to how to create a portfolio for your work.



Its key features include:


  • Live classroom training and queries
  • Online flexible hours for learning
  • Web interface
  • Hands-on approach learning
  • Weekly assignments
  • Lifetime support
  • Tools worth 40K free for a lifetime
  • Instant Master Certification


Syllabus Highlights:


  • Students-oriented syllabus and learning
  • Distance Learning
  • Four-week course (16 hours)
  • Basic of Content writing to advanced course
  • Introduction to web and email writing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Marketing


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4. Living Bridge


Students who already have some knowledge and seeking help in expertise the art of writing. They ensure to give the proper guidance and nudge in the right direction. They certainly bring the top of the line professional writers and experts who are willing to impart their knowledge. A living bridge is one of the institutes that thrive on their student’s success.


Its key features include:


  • Learning from top tutors
  • Workshops and weekly assignments
  • Specialized courses
  • Minimal and detailed curriculum
  • Certification
  • Lifetime support
  • Free tools


5. Newcent Training Academy


Newcent Academy is a private institution for learning content writing in Varanasi, which aid student to assist and pursue their career in content writing and for their further growth. It also provides distance learning so it doesn’t matter where you reside you can get the best of the study materials. They also have doubt-clearing sessions and all the classes online to your flexible hours and comfort.


Their key features include:


  • Skill-oriented Teaching
  • Distance learning classes
  • Flexible curriculum
  • Strategic Syllabus
  • Online classes


6. Udemy


One of the top ten e-learning platforms available for content writing courses in Varanasi. The course is designed for a hands-on approach with weekly assignments and scheduled tests to ensure students learn in the best interest.


Its key feature includes:


  • Easy navigations to the right path to your career growth
  • User-friendly interface
  • Free workshops and Demo classes
  • Paid tutorials
  • Understandable curriculum
  • Affordable fees
  • Specifications
  • Doubt sessions




The LEADS is a program founded in 2006 by a group of experts which solely focused on this new field of content writing in the digital space. The Leads Division is their content writing courses in Varanasi that aid students to explore their options in content writing careers and digital marketing.


Its key features include:


  • Online Research Center
  • Student-centric
  • Student-centric materials and approach
  • Online Growth center
  • Doubt sessions and flexible hours


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8. One India Training Academy


One India Training Academy is also a top institute for providing high-course materials and curriculum and helps the students to pursue their dream in content writing. Started with a tiny group of people now is leading a successful organization. It also offers apprenticeships for students which provides them with the opportunities of working in the field and getting exposure.


Its key feature includes:


  • In-depth study materials
  • One on one study sessions
  • Doubt sessions
  • Constructive criticism and approach
  • Result Driven
  • Expert faculties


9. Nest Soft


Nest soft is also a popular company that rules the content writing courses in Varanasi, it has been prevailing in this field for a while now.


Its key feature includes:


  • Lifelong free tools
  • Flexible hours for coaching
  • Doubt sessions
  • General sessions and SEO courses
  • Advanced courses available


10. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is also one of the leading institutes for content writing courses in Varanasi. It is very much known for teaching technical knowledge, which can surely assist the students to grab any golden opportunities to make their career fly.


Their key features include:


  • Interactive class content and lectures
  • Coaching from expert faculties
  • Support Assistance 24*7
  • Guaranteed Internships and Placements
  • Doubt sessions




1. What is the scope for content writing?

Content writing is a budding field as the digital world is ruling the space, content creation is a must. So, it is in very much demand because now everything is online.


2. What kind of career options is thereafter learning content writing courses in Varanasi?

There are many options available for content writing in India, such as blogging, SEO career, content manager, Technical writer, and many more.


3. What qualifications and additional skills are required to be a content writer?

Content writing is not associated particularly with any field. Nowadays it is useful for every field so no pre-requisite is required for it. Having said that, some knowledge of this field might come in handy when we are naïve in this field.


4. Can I learn content writing from Home?

There are many online courses available for content writing these days, there are also online tutorials available on the net and website. Furthermore, some institutes provide online free demo classes so we can decide whatever suits us best.


5. How do I practice content writing?

We can always start with writing for practice, we can start blogging which has proven to be the best practice and we can always rewrite the old content to brush up our writing skills.




To recapitulate, the concept of digital marketing is vast. To corroborate with the tyrant of social media it becomes necessary to jump into the world of the social era. Content writing courses in Varanasi is a way that same path, it has molded their way into every field and become a must. It has been making its lane into the industry of digital marketing and now it is in its budding stage. And that being said as we know the world is just a click away from the tip of our fingers, we can learn almost anything and everything from any nooks and corners of the world makes us more motivated to pursue any field we want to. So, it becomes vital to first surf through all the courses available so you can find content writing courses in Varanasi that are suitable for your need and fit.


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    I have been looking for a content marketing course in Varanasi for a while now, and comparing each course’s curriculum is really not easy hence procrastinating for over a month now. but now with this ready-made list, I am ready to start learning. I am yet to choose one course for me from the shortlisted Institute but this article is of great help to me. thank you.

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    Hello, I am interested in a content writing course from the shortlisted courses I would want to join IIM skills. Can you please lend me your contact number?

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    Hi, i am Pratham. I am a technician. I want to get enrolled to the content writing course offered by IIM skills. What are the procedures?

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      Go to the website all the information are there. iimskills.com

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    Hello, I am Nividha. I am a Housewife. I have done BSc Nursing. I want to take part-time job as Medical Writer. For this I want to take up a course that can enhance my writing skills. Will Content writing course help me enhance my writing skills ?


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