6 Best Business Analytics Courses in Wales

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6 Best Business Analytics Courses in Wales

Are you interested in making a career in business analytics? Then let us dig in and try to understand the basics of business analytics. In today’s digitized era, business analytics is used by every company and business for its day-to-day operation and planning to achieve its goal smoothly. To become a successful professional, it is indispensable to acquire the best skills, and to do so, we have curated a well-thought list of top business analytics courses in Wales. 


List of best business analytics courses in Wales


Top Business Analytics Courses in Wales 

Every company is required to work on raw business data in order to incorporate meaningful changes in their methodologies and functioning. This processing of data and numbers seems to be a simple task but I am sorry to tell you that it is not so. Special skills and technical knowledge are a must-have in order to succeed as a Business analyst.

Wales is a southwest country in the United Kingdom known for its beauty and is providing equal career opportunities to everyone. Business Analytics is a highly demanded and well-paid career option in wales. Let us start by understanding Business Analysts, why it is a good career choice, and which are the top Business Analysts Courses in Wales.


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What is Business Analytics?

Benefits Of Business Analytics

Top Business Analytics Courses in Wales

Career Prospects and Salary

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Business Analytics?

In simple terms, Business Analytics helps you grow your business and assist you in decision-making processes based on their research and study of data and figures. Data analysis, statistical models, and other quantitative techniques are used in business analytics (BA), to transform data to give you a meaningful result. Companies and businesses use these data mostly to:

  • Boost productivity and efficiency
  • Improve decision-making efficiency
  • To promote improved financial performance


What Does A Business Analyst Do?

  • Identifying and ranking the functional and technical needs of the organization.
  • Analyzing complex data using SQL and Excel.
  • Arranging and Presenting graphs, tables, and other data visualization factors
  • The development of financial models to assist with business choices
  • Knowing corporate objectives, plans, and requirements
  • Planning the architecture of an Enterprise
  • Predicting, allocating funds, and conducting financial and variance analysis


There Are 4 Main Methods of Business Analytics

  1.  Descriptive Analytics
  2.  Diagnostic Analytics
  3.  Predictive Analytics
  4.  Prescriptive Analytics


Descriptive Analytics: Using existing business intelligence tools to describe or summarise the data in order to better understand what is occurring or what has occurred.

Diagnostic Analytics: To ascertain what occurred and why and concentrate on prior performance. An analytical dashboard is frequently the end product of the analysis.

Predictive Analytics: Emphasizes employing statistical models and machine learning approaches to forecast the likely outcome in near future.

Prescriptive Analytics: It is a form of predictive analytics used to suggest one or more courses of action after data analysis.


Benefits of Business Analytics

Business Analytics course has many benefits, let’s have a look at them and understand why it is one of the highly demanded professions and why you must go for Business Analytics courses.


1. Apt Decision Making

Rather than making decisions based on just intuitions and experience, business analytics helps you to choose between different ideas and assist you in decision-making based on exact outcomes attained after working and comparing different data. Using data-driven decision-making to produce current insights and projections can help businesses perform better. They can then test multiple approaches and decide on the best course of action for the company’s long-term success.


2. Business Analytics helps you gauge your performance

Business operations and processes can be improved with the help of business analytics thereby improving and keeping a check on performance. You can measure achievements based on the derived insights and work accordingly for better results.


3. It keeps you knowledgeable of market trends so you may make more smart judgments that are well-informed.

With the aid of business analytics, it is possible to analyze current market trends and make wise strategic decisions. It is crucial to follow these trends in order to manage any profitable business and achieve success.


4. Better Customer Relationship

Companies can use analytics to learn more about their customers’ needs, wants, and pain points. Additionally, it enables a business to assess the public’s image of its brand, monitor the results of various marketing initiatives, and plan how to enhance its marketing approach in order to forge lasting and profitable client relationships.


5. Timeliness

Making decisions with ease and speed that produce exceptional results is made possible by having clear visibility into every aspect of the organization.


These are a few benefits we have mentioned here that you can easily attain once you pursue business Analytics Courses in Wales.


Responsibilities in Business Analytics

The primary duty of business analytics experts is to gather and evaluate data in order to affect the strategic choices that an organization makes. Among the projects, they might analyze are the following ones:

  • Using data patterns to find strategic possibilities;
  • Analyzing Possible Issues The Company May Have And Find Answers;
  • Budgeting And Business Forecasting;
  • Tracking The Development Of Commercial Projects;
  • Updating Higher Management On the Company’s Goals status;
  • Recognising KPI’s
  • Knowing The Reporting And Regulatory Needs.


Top Business Analytics Courses in Wales

Now I hope after reading this farm you must be clear about Business Analytics, its type, and its benefits. To become ahead of all in Business Analytics, it is very necessary to gain clarity on all concepts and learn all the tools which are being used. Let us move ahead with institutes providing Top Business Analytics Courses in Wales.


1. Swansea University

Since 1920, Swansea University has produced research of the highest caliber. They’ve worked with business and industry for a very long time, but today’s research has a much larger influence, affecting the health, prosperity, culture, and well-being of a global community.

Its research output has surpassed that of several bigger universities in recent years as a result of an unprecedented degree of achievement. Nonetheless, this has not affected the welcoming and carefree spirit that has traditionally defined the “Swansea experience.”

They anticipate growing into a genuinely worldwide institution as a 21st-century university, concentrating on important concerns, enhancing lives, and continuing to offer inspiring instruction all the while.


Course Name:  Management (Business Analytics), MSc


You will gain a complete grasp of how data is used in the corporate world through Swansea University’s MSc Management (Business Analytics), from the data that powers the internet to the logistics control of the world’s supply chains. The primary goal of this program is to get you ready for a profession in the “big data” era.


To provide you with a strong foundation in a variety of contemporary business principles, the curriculum includes key management concepts such as

  • Managing financial resources
  • Operations management
  • Human resource management
  • Marketing management
  • Also, you’ll study management in a connected world community.


  • Both classroom and online modes of classes are available.
  • World-class facilities and teachers to guide you throughout.
  • Continuous career guidance and support.


Course Duration: 

Msc- 1 year (full time)

Msc- 2 years(part-time)


Eligibility: Can be done by anyone with no prior management expertise


Modules Covered:

  1. Human Resource Management
  2. Strategy
  3. Data Mining
  4. Business Analytics
  5. Operations Management
  6. Managing Financial Resources


For complete modules, do check their website, some optional modules are also there.


Course Fee:

MSc (1 year) – £ 11,600  – for UK students

MSc (1 year) – £ 19,600 – for International Students

MSc (2 years) – £ 5,500 ( 1 year)  – for UK students

MSc (2 year) – £ 10,300( 1 year) – for International Students


This program also includes a compulsory Project or a dissertation


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2. Cardiff University

Cardiff University is one of Britain’s leading research universities which was founded in 1883. Here you Learn various in-demand techniques for handling “big data” and gain practical experience by working with datasets and challenges from the real world. Cardiff University offers one of the best Business Analytics courses in Wales.


Course Name: Data Science and Analytics (MSc)


Key Features:

  • Expertise faculty in many different disciplines are available
  • Project-based learning is included in this course using real-world information and issues.
  • A laptop will be provided to each student for the course period.
  • Get useful job experience through professional work placements and projects with top data science practitioners in the UK and overseas.


Course Duration: 1 Year (Full Time)


Course Eligibility:

  • Honors degree in relevant subjects like Mathematics, Science, or Engineering
  • Or a university-recognized qualification
  • IELTS with an overall score of 6.5
  • An academic or professional reference is needed along with the application form which should be duly signed by the respective authority.


Course Structure: It is a two staged program that is covered over a period of a year.


Core Module-

  • Applied Machine Learning
  • Computational Data Science
  • Foundations of Operational Research and Analytics
  • Foundations of Statistics and Data Science
  • Dissertation


Optional Modules- other than the above core modules there are 11 optional modules for one year.

Course Fee: £10,950

Fee for international students is £28,000 ( £ 2000 deposit)


Contact Details:

Phone: +44 (0)29 2087 4000


3. The University of South Wales

One of the most fascinating and aspirational universities in Britain is the University of South Wales (USW) offering you top Business analytics Courses in Wales. In order to meet identified needs and produce the best results for individual students and organizations, USW places engagement, cooperation, and partnership working at the center of what they do.

They accomplish this in partnership with businesses, industry, and the social economy. They conduct studies and innovate in partnership with businesses to address some of the most pressing global issues, such as security, sustainability, and the use of energy. If You are looking for the best Business Analytics courses in Wales then this is it.

USW is a career-focused institution that trains students to serve important sectors both today and in the future. Companies and USW collaborate closely to develop curricula that meet their future demands jointly. The enormous pipeline of graduates leaving USW and their partner universities each year gives them access to a competent and relevant workforce they can rely on.

Since nearly half of USW students come from areas in the bottom two quintiles of the Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation (WIMD), they have a strong track record for partnerships, expanding access, and student success. This is significantly higher than the average for higher education institutions in Wales and the UK.


Course Name: MSc Data Science


Practical classes and regular workshops are conducted in order to inculcate real-time experience


Course Duration:

Full-time- 1 year

Part-time- 2 years


Eligibility Criteria:

Graduates in any stream with a minimum 2nd class honors degree


Course Fee:

  • Full-time UK: £9250
  • Full-time International: £14700


Course Structure:

The course consists of 6 core modules which are divided into 2 groups


Group One: MSc Data Science

  • Applied statistics for data science
  • Data mining and statistical forecasting
  • Project management and research methodology


Group Two: MSc Data Science

  • Principles of Computing
  • Applied Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Big data engineering and applications


Course material is regularly reviewed so that changes can be made as per current standards and work requirements.


Contact Details:

UK Students: 03455 76 77 78

International & EU Students: 01443 654450

UK Students:[email protected]

International & EU Students:

[email protected] for undergraduate course inquiries

[email protected] for postgraduate course inquiries


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4. Bangor University

One of the top Business Analytics Courses in Wales is being provided by Bangor University. The field of data analytics is receiving a lot of attention internationally, and the demand for qualified data analytics graduates is expected to grow significantly in the coming years.

The demand for data analytics knowledge has increased at an astonishing rate recently (e.g. relating to big data, financial technology, and marketing). Employers in a variety of industries and enterprises are increasingly looking for candidates with postgraduate-level expertise in data analytics due to strong and ongoing trends in the ever-widening proliferation of data.

Their MSc program places a strong emphasis on employability and gives students the skills they need to be successful in a variety of prospective job sectors. Due to well-known strengths in the fields of banking, finance, investing, and marketing, the MSc Business Data Analytics program at Bangor Business School offers a distinctive offering.


Course Name: MSc in Business Data Analytics

Course mode:  Full-time and Part-time


Course Duration:

Full-time – 1-year

Part-time – 2 years


Course Syllabus:

The following modules are covered

  • Coding or programming
  • Data Science
  • Research Methodology
  • Statistical analysis
  • Financial technology
  • Predictive Analysis


Other than these topics, there are optional modules too, to provide you with expertise in Business Analytics and your interest area.


Check out their webpage for complete details about course fees for home and international students.


Contact Details:

Phone: 01248 351151

Email: [email protected]


5. The University of Manchester

It is very clear that the University of Manchester offers you the best Business Analytics courses in Wales considering this course is ranked 2nd in UK and 10th in the world in 2022. The goal of this university is to transform the lives of its students by sharing advanced knowledge and providing the best career and training facilities.


Course Name: Master of Science (MSc)- Business Analytics

Course Duration: 1 year, Full-time


Course Eligibility:

A First or Upper Second Class Honours degree in a quantitative discipline, such as mathematics, statistics, physics, engineering, computing, management science, or economics, from a UK university or the international equivalent.


Course Fee:

MSc (full-time)
UK students (per annum): £15,500
International, including EU, students (per annum): £31,000


Course Syllabus:

Course materials consist of

  • Fundamental theories and approaches
  • Analytical toolkit of data analytics
  • Decision science
  • Operational research and statistics


Mandatory Modules:

  • Risk, Performance, and Decision Analysis
  • Mathematical Programming and Optimisation
  • Data Analytics for Business Decision Making
  • Applied Statistics and Business Forecasting


Optional Modules

  • Global Operations Management
  • Strategic Supply Chain Management
  • Strategic Project Organising
  • Knowledge Management and Digital Strategy
  • Decision Behaviour, Analysis, and Support
  • Supply Chain Logistics Management


Contact Details:

+44 (0) 161 275 6303

[email protected]


6. The University of Essex

The University of Essex is focused on innovation through thinking differently and encouraging students to do so, and that is how they have achieved excellence in education.


Course Name: Business Analytics

Course Duration: 1 year


Eligibility Criteria:

A graduation degree or international equivalent in subjects like Science, Computer Science, Engineering, Economics, Accounting, and Statistics to name a few. IELTS 6.5 overall with a minimum component score of 5.5.


Course Content:

  • Statistics And Forecasting
  • Data Mining, Visual And Analytical Techniques
  • Global Supply Networks
  • Economic Theory
  • Business Management


Their optional modules give you a chance to specialize in different complementary business, management, and marketing subjects.


Course Fee:

Home students:  £13,650

International Students: £21,350


Contact Details:

Phone: +44 (0) 1206 873333



General – [email protected]

Undergraduate – [email protected]

Postgraduate – [email protected]


Career Prospects and Salary

Business Analytics opens up a wide range of career options for you to choose from and also gives you a handsome salary to keep you motivated. Demand for Business Analytics professionals is quite high in Wales. Some career options are


  • Digitalization and Business Analytics Intern
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Analytics Specialist
  • Data Architect
  • Analytics Manager
  • Data Analytics Scientist
  • Market Research Analytics
  • Chief Data Officer


Business analysts are essential for all firms to make defensible choices and foster expansion. Many employment options are available in the broad topic of business analytics. All that is needed from your end is to choose the best Business Analytics Course in Wales where you can also get hands-on practical training and real-time work experience.



The average salary after completing Business Analytic courses in Wales is  £ 33,426 per year.


Salaries as per different posts are:

  • senior business analyst — $86,050
  • business systems analyst — $70,155
  • business analyst — $69,785
  • business intelligence analyst — $69,639
  • junior business analyst — $51,009


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Is Business Analytics a Good Course?

Ans. There is no doubt that Business Analytics is a Good Course. Business Analytics courses in Wales offer you various opportunities and is has a tremendous growth opportunity with the right knowledge.


Q2. Who is eligible for Business Analytics Courses?

Ans. Business Analytics is a highly demanded course considering the vast opportunities it is providing. Any graduate with a maths, science, or commerce background can enroll for Business Analytics courses in Wales. Wales provides many work opportunities for Business Analytics Professionals, all you need is the right skills and interest for solving problems and working with data.


Q3. What should I opt for Business Analyst or Data Analyst?

Ans. If you have more of a business mindset, business analytics might be a better fit for you. Consider a career in data analysis if you are good at math and statistics and enjoy working with numbers. It is possible to start as a business analyst and transition into a career as a data analyst because many of the abilities are similar (or vice versa).


Q4. How much can I earn after completing Business Analyst Courses?

Ans. Business Analytics is one of the high-paying jobs in wales. The salary of a Business Analyst depends on your skill, location, and the number of years of experience. On average Business, Analysts can get anything between £35500 to £40000 per year.



Business Analytics Courses in Wales are one of the highly demanded courses. Tones of jobs from beginner level to experienced level are there all that is required from your end is to seek the industry-desired skills to attract the position you dream of. I am sure this list of Top Business Analytics Courses in Wales will be of some help to you and I hope this article might have helped you in gaining some clarity. All the best to you for your career. Thank You.

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