Top 9 Business Analytics Courses in Patna With Placements

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Top 9 Business Analytics Courses in Patna With Placements

With the global digital revolution, the demand for business analysis has increased manyfold in the last few years. This demand is only going to rise in the foreseeable future which makes pursuing a business analysis course one of the smartest moves at present and taking advantage of the sector’s varied job opportunities. Looking for business analytics courses in Patna but are confused about where to start? Don’t worry. We’ve created this detailed article to help you pick the best. But before going deeper, let’s understand certain basics of business analytics.


List of best business analytics courses in Patna


What is Business Analytics?  

Business analytics is the process of defining needs, solving business problems, and improving the overall services of an organization using data. Business analysis is conducted throughout the organization or within the periphery of a project with a methodical exploration of the organization’s data. Data visualization, predictive modeling, data management, data mining, and forecasting simulation are some of the processes used in business analytics.


Why Business Analyst as a Career?

Business analyst demand is growing with the rapid transformation of digital technology. The technological advancement enabled the massive generation of data, allowing organizations to make wise decisions regarding their business operations.

Better judgment helps in the exponential growth of an organization. Owing to this, skilled business analysts are increasing in varied business models. Business analysts help in expanding the business ecosystem of an organization using the organization’s existing and newly generated data.

Today, data has become an essential asset in every business, and accordingly, organizations are making huge investments in business analysis and setting up their analytics divisions.

This growth in business analysis is expected to catapult in the coming years as governments are pushing the rapid digitization and providing support for the establishment of new data centers. As per the data by India Brand Equity Foundation, the data analytics sector in India is expected to reach US$ 118.7 billion by 2026.


Best Places to Study Business Analytics Courses in Patna

Selecting the best business analytics course can be tiresome and confusing at times. The good news is, we have carved out the details about the business analytics courses in Patna. Here is the list of 9 top business analytics courses in Patna with certification and placement opportunities.


1. 360DigiTMG

This is one of the most prominent training institutes that offers specialized courses in multiple domains. It has a business analytics course, that aims to make the candidates business intelligence and an expert in data visualization.

The course name is Certificate Course in Business Analytics Training in Patna. This course has an advanced curriculum that includes every important module of business analytics.

  • Icebreaker
  • Hypothesis Testing and Simple Linear Regression
  • Multiple Linear Regression, Count Data, and Regression of Attributes
  • Data Mining Unsupervised and Supervised
  • Data Mining Supervised, Naïve Bayes, and Text Mining
  • Black Box Technique
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Introduction to Data Visualization through Basic Graphs and Tableau
  • Visual Analysis-in-depth
  • Calculations, Dashboards, World of maps, and Stories


To make the learning process flexible, 360DigiTMG provides this course in both classroom and online modes. Candidates can opt for any mode of learning at their convenience. In case, candidates fail to attend a class, they can anytime access the recorded session videos from Learning Management System.

The course will be spearheaded by expert mentors with years of experience in business analysis. These mentors will guide and assist candidates in completing their assignments on time. There are three capstone projects which the candidates will get to work on and attain thorough knowledge about business analysis.

The advanced course also comes with a job placement assistance program under which candidates will get assistance in designing their resume and LinkedIn profile. Moreover, the institute will also conduct mock interview sessions and forward candidates’ resumes to top-rated consultants.

Post placement in any firm, 360DigiTMG will provide technical guidance regarding the first project on the job. Upon course completion, the candidate will receive a course completion certificate. Furthermore, after the completion of the course, candidates will get an internship offer with INNODATATICS ltd.

This course by 360DigiTMG is a robust business analytics program owing to which it has been added to our list of 9 top business analytics courses in Patna.


Eligibility: A Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics/ Computer Science/ Data Science/ Statistics/ or Engineering Candidates who have completed ICWA, CA, MBA, and ACS are also eligible for this course.


Duration: 4 Months


2. Analytixlabs

AnalytixLabs is an acclaimed training institute that is known for its excellent training programs. Since its establishment in 2011, AnalytixLabs has made a strong mark in the field of training services. It has a variety of courses, crafted with the latest curriculums.

AnalytixLabs also offers a business analytics course, named Analytics Edge, designed for candidates with no prior knowledge of business analytics. The course has a flexible learning process where the candidate can take up this course either in the classroom, online or in self-paced eLearning mode.

The course curriculum will help candidates in getting hands-on practice in several analytics tools such as R, SQL, Excel-VBA, etc. The detailed course curriculum is mentioned below:


Building Blocks

  • Introduction to Bridge Course and Analytics Software’s Basic Excel
  • Basic Programming Elements
  • Introduction to Basic Statistics
  • RDBMS & SQL (Basics)
  • Introduction to Analytics & Data Science
  • Introduction to Mathematical Foundations


Data Analytics & Visualization with Excel

  • Quick Recap of Basics of Excel
  • Data manipulation using functions
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Data Visualization in Excel
  • Overview of Dashboards
  • Create dashboards in Excel
  • Business Dashboard Creation


Data Analytics with VBA (e-learning)

  • Introducing VBA
  • How VBA Works with Excel
  • Key Components of Programming language
  • A look at some commonly utilized code snippets
  • Programming constructs in VBA
  • Functions & Procedures in VBA
  • Objects & Memory Management in VBA
  • Error Handling
  • Controlling the accessibility of your code
  • Code Reusability – Adding components and references to your code
  • Communicating with Your Users


In addition to all of that, the curriculum also includes multiple assignments and capstone projects from different industries such as telecom, consumer electronics, sports, airlines, etc. This course will be led by expert instructors who will guide the candidates in understanding the concepts of business analysis in detail.

If candidates seek support for improvisation on project works, trainers will provide the required assistance. The main objective of this course is to make the candidates job ready. Accordingly, the institute has a dedicated team who will help in designing personalized CVs and online profiles. Furthermore, they will also conduct interview sessions and get the candidates’ job referrals.

After the completion of the course, candidates will receive an industry-recognized certificate from AnalytixLabs. This is a well-structured business analytics course that deserves a place in our list of 9 top business analytics courses in Patna.


Eligibility: Beginner candidates from different quantitative backgrounds (Finance, Maths, Engineering, Business Management)

Duration: 26 classes, 220 hours


Course Fees:

INR 30,000 Online Classes

INR 25,000 Offline Classes


3. Simplilearn

Founded in 2010, Simplilearn is one of the globally recognized certification training providers. It offers work-ready training to companies and individuals worldwide. Its training models include a wide range of premium courses. Simplilearn, in partnership with IBM, offers a Master’s Program in business analytics. The learning process of this program is aligned with the standards of IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis) BABOK V3.


The program comes with a premium curriculum that involves six courses.

  • Course 1

Certified Business Analysis Professional

  • Course 2

Tableau Training

  • Course 3

Data Analysis and Visualization with Python

  • Course 4

Mathematical Optimization for Business Problems

  • Course 5

Havard Business Publishing Case Studies


This master’s program will be conducted online by reputed trainers with years of experience in the business analysis field. Candidates will also get the opportunity to interact live with IBM professionals. The program aims to give proper industry exposure to the candidates, owing to which 14 capstone projects from three domains are included in this program.

This master’s program also has a job assistance provision under which candidates will create a job-oriented resume and get career mentoring sessions. Upon course completion, candidates will receive individual certificates for each course.

This program is comprehensively structured that will help the candidates to develop an in-depth understanding of business analytics. The program thoroughly deserved a place in our list of 9 top business analytics courses in Patna.


Eligibility: Undergraduate degree or a high school diploma

Course Fees: INR 54000 (No Cost EMI at INR 4500 / Month)


Check here the other best courses in Patna:


4. Intellipaat

Intellipaat is a reputed training institute that offers professional online certification courses. It has a pool of courses in multiple domains. Intellipaat also has an online business analytics course, designed by industry experts to help the candidates learn the concepts in detail.

This course comes with a flexible learning process where candidates can set the schedule at their convenience. The course curriculum will be authored by IIT, Madras faculty who follow a hands-on approach through real-time projects and exercises. Candidates will get a chance to work on 17+ projects to consolidate their learning.

These projects will allow the candidates to have a real-world experience in business analytics. Intellipaat has an extensive career service cell that deals with profile building and interview preparation. Candidates will have interactive sessions with the career services team for building a world-class resume, LinkedIn profiles, and how to attend job interviews.

Candidates will get placement opportunities once they move to the placement pool. One of the unique features of this course is the Intellipaat PeerChat through which candidates will interact with their peers across all batches, share job referrals, collaborate on projects, and interview experiences.

After course completion, candidates will receive a joint certification from Intellipaat and IIT Madras. With Intellipaat’s business analytics course, the possibilities are endless. Henceforth, this well-designed course has claimed a place in our list of 9 top business analytics courses in Patna.


Eligibility: No specific criteria are required

Course Fees: INR 29,013 (No cost EMI – INR 5000)



Founded in 2007, Skillogic is a leading professional training provider globally. It offers a wide range of premium courses across 30+ countries. Skillogic also has a business analytics course that introduces candidates to an integrated learning approach and helps them in becoming experts in business analytics.

The course name is Business Analytics Certification Course which can be pursued online, in self-learning, or in classroom mode. High-quality accredited trainers will conduct this course with a case study approach.

This way candidates will gain practical knowledge regarding the implementation of business analytics in real jobs. Moreover, candidates will get lifetime access to business analytics materials for practice. Under certification, candidates will receive International Association of Business Analytics Certification that will reflect their ability to generate actionable insights from business data.

This is another worthy business analytics course owing to which it grabbed a place in our list of 9 top business analytics courses in Patna.


Eligibility: At least 50% marks in equivalent or aggregate in Science or Computer Science from a recognized university.

Duration: 6-Day (2 hrs/day Online Training Program)

2-Day (Classroom Training Program)


Course Fees: INR 39,000 (Online)

INR 28,900 (Self Learning)

INR 44,900 (Classroom)


6. Edvancer

Edvancer is one of the top-rated institutions when it comes to imparting high-quality training. It has a wide variety of courses that caters to students and working professional from every of the world. Established in 2013, Edvancer has cemented its position in the market owing to its focused business analytics training services. The name of the course is Certified Business Analytics Professional which comes with a comprehensive curriculum.


  • Introduction to Analytics
  • Fundamentals of R
  • Basic Statistics in R
  • Data Cleaning & Visualization in R
  • Logistic Regression in R
  • Linear Regression in R
  • Segmentation for marketing analytics in R
  • Time series forecasting in R
  • Decision Trees in R
  • Random Forest and XGBoost in R
  • Solving actual business problems through analytics


Edvancer has experienced trainers from companies such as Accenture, Fractal, EY, etc. These trainers will conduct live online classes where candidates will have an interactive learning process. To make the curriculum more practical, Edvancer will allow candidates to work on five industry-related projects.

The trainers will help the candidates in completing the projects and provide timely feedback. Candidates will have 24×7 access to course content and all recorded materials. This way, candidates will develop basic data literacy and an analytic mindset.

This program is equipped with a placement assistance process, allowing candidates to design robust industry-related resumes. Candidates will receive notifications related to multiple job opportunities through email. Edvancer will forward the CVs to chosen company and once shortlisted, interviews will be scheduled.

Post the completion of the course, candidates will receive an industry-recognized certificate. The business analytics topic is covered in a detailed manner in this course which makes it a worthy entry into our list of 9 top business analytics courses in Patna.


Eligibility: Completed graduation or in the final year of graduation

Duration: 60 hours of live online classes on weekends (Live Online)

72 hours of online class-recorded videos (Self-Paced)

Course Fees: INR 29,990 + 18% GST (Live Online)

INR 22,990 + 18% GST (Self-Paced)


7. UpGrad

UpGrad is a popular online platform that provides a spectrum of courses. Since its establishment in 2015, UpGrad has made a staggering mark in the field of educational services and training programs. It has a Business Analytics Certification Program that is designed for analytics aspirants.

The program’s curriculum is prudently embedded with 3+ case studies and projects that will equip the candidates with skills to tackle complex business analysis. The program consists of three courses.

  • Course I: Business Problem Solving, Storytelling, and Insights
  • Course II: Exploratory Data Analysis and Statistics & Optimisation
  • Course III: Predictive Analysis


This program will be conducted through live sessions by industry experts. They will provide personalized sessions in small groups (of 10-12) and timely doubt resolutions to the candidates. The program has a provision of candidate support, provided 7 days a week, 24*7.

UpGrad offers excellent career support service that includes AI-powered profile building, a virtual hiring drive, access to UpGrad’s Job Opportunities portal, and connecting with the companies that are the best match for the candidate. Post-completion of the course, candidates will get a personalized certificate from UpGrad. The rigorous course curriculum makes it one of the top business analytics courses in Patna to pursue.


Eligibility: Diploma or Bachelor’s Graduate Degree with 50%

Duration: 3 months

Course Fees: INR 25,000


Suggested Read:


8. Udemy

Udemy is a well-known platform for online learning. It has a collection of 213K+ courses. This online platform is a suitable place to learn the basics of business analytics. Udemy has a business analytics course, named Fundamentals of Business Analysis that will help in understanding the core concepts of business analytics.

This course will also enable candidates to learn the art of gathering and presenting requirements from stakeholders. To have a practical learning approach, the course provides assignments to work on. Along with that, candidates will get access to downloadable resources. The curriculum of the course is an extended one with a lot of examples and case studies.


Business Analysis

  • Overview of Business Analysis
  • Overview of Requirements
  • Role of the Business Analyst



  • Who are they? And why do they matter?
  • The most common stakeholders: The project team, the front line, and the management
  • Handling Stakeholder Conflicts


Life Cycles

  • Systems Development Life Cycles
  • Project Life Cycles
  • Product Life Cycles
  • Requirement Life Cycles
  • Seventh Morning’s Requirements Development Life Cycle


Forming Requirements

  • Overview of Requirements
  • Attributes of Good Requirements
  • Types of Requirements
  • Requirement Sources
  • Gathering Requirements from Stakeholders
  • Common Requirements Documents


Transforming Requirements

  • Stakeholder Needs Analysis
  • Decomposition Analysis
  • Additive/Subtractive Analysis
  • Gap Analysis
  • Notations (BPMN & UML)
  • Flowcharts
  • Swim Lane Flowcharts
  • Entity-Relationship Diagrams
  • State-Transition Diagrams
  • Data Flow Diagrams
  • Use Case Modeling
  • Business Process Modeling


Finalizing Requirements

  • Presenting – 10 Tips
  • Presenting Requirements
  • Socializing Requirements & Gaining Acceptance
  • Prioritizing Requirements


Managing Requirements Assets

  • Change Control
  • Requirements Tools



After completion of the course, candidates will get a certification of completion. This business analytics course is one of the well-created courses owing to which it has grabbed a place in our list of 9 top business analytics courses in Patna.


Eligibility – Anyone with a willingness to learn business analysis

Duration – 6 hours of on-demand video

Course Fees – Course fee varies from INR 449 to INR 3499


9. Coursera

Coursera is another popular online marketplace for courses. Coursera partners with multiple organizations and universities to offer high-quality online courses to candidates globally. Its business analytics course is a beginner-level course designed to make the candidates understand the basics thoroughly.

The course name is Business Analytics Specialization. This is a fully online course where candidates will learn the concepts at their own pace and schedule. This specialization course will help the candidate to learn how business analysts predict, describe, and inform business decisions in areas such as finance, human resources, marketing, and operations.

This course will equip the candidates with the skills to tackle complex business analysis. Candidates will get a hands-on project where they will apply their skills to interpret a real-world data set. Upon course completion, candidates will get a certificate from Coursera.

This is another decent business analytics course, owing to which it grabbed a spot in our list of 9 top business analytics courses in Patna.


Eligibility – No prior experience is required.

Duration – 6 Months (3 hours/week)


Frequently Asked Questions About Business Analytics Courses in Patna


What is the salary of a business analyst?

As per the data by Glassdoor, the national average salary of a business analyst in India is INR 800000. However, every business analyst’s salary may vary depending on factors such as experience level, employer, and geographical location.


What are the career opportunities one can pursue after doing business analytics courses in Patna?

Pursuing a business analytics course will make candidates eligible for a wide range of job opportunities. Below mentioned are some of the career options candidates can opt for after completing a business analytics course.

  • Business Analyst
  • Analytics Consultant
  • Data Visualization Analyst
  • Statistical Analyst
  • MIS Analyst
  • Data Architect
  • Business Systems Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Business Process Improvement Manager.


Is programming skill necessary to become a business analyst?

To become a business analyst, having programming knowledge is not mandatory. However, to succeed as a business analyst, one must have robust analytical skills. Henceforth, having programming knowledge would be considered an advantage.



The massive digital transformation globally is increasing the need for a large amount of data. Today, data is used as an important element for giving businesses a critical edge over their competition and expanding the business exponentially. Accordingly, huge spending and efforts are taking place in the business analysis segment. However, due to a shortage of skillful business analytics, companies are facing issues in their decision-making process. Hence, it is the right time to pursue a course from our list of 9 top business analytics courses in Patna and leverage the job opportunities generated in the business analytics sector.

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