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Top 5 Business Accounting and Taxation Online Free Courses

Business Accounting and Taxation Online Free Courses are very focused and practical programs that aim to make the students ready and confident as industry’s accounting professionals. You should also make yourself adequate enough for this Course as it is the platform for those who are looking forward to having their careers in Finance stream. This has got two parts in it. As the name depicts, one part is business accounting and the second part is taxation.


List of best business accounting and taxation online free courses


Business Accounting:


Business Accounting is about keeping an eye on and making notes of all business-related operations, and according to them the financial documents are scrutinized, recorded, and analyzed at various points of time in the due processes. So it teaches us more about financial accounting structure and a company’s financial situation at any particular point in time.




It covers all critical components of the tax portion in relation to financial transactions and the related businesses. So GST, TDS, and Income tax are comprehensively covered. It imparts the fundamental to advanced knowledge of accounting, taxation, payroll policies, and also integral disciplines of economics.


You must have heard about the tax types GST, TDS, Income tax, and VAT to name a few yet most frequently used tax terms. Before getting into that, let us see the direct and indirect tax. Direct tax, as the name depicts, it is the tax that is paid by any individual or organization to the body that has levied on it.


Examples include when we pay property taxes or income tax, we directly pay it to the government itself. Indirect tax is levied on the goods and services which has to be borne or paid by the individual or the organization that buys the same. So, whatever taxes we pay as a means of any kind of transaction or dealing, come under the purview of any of these taxes.


Business accounting and taxes online free course is an adherent to all these tax forms and types. Let me take you through each of them to make you conversant.


  • Value Added Tax: 

It is a type of indirect tax. It is levied on all the goods and services for the value that has been added at each stage of the particular product or service. Every product goes through various stages and at each stage it further improves than the earlier. So, in that case, at each stage, the tax has to be imposed to provide it with an accurate value.


  • Goods and Service Tax:

This is an indirect tax, which is included in the final price of the product and paid by the consumers at the point of sale, which is passed to the government by the selling company.


  • TDS (Tax Deducted at Source):

This talks about a specific amount that will be deducted at the source or the origin of payment transactions like salary, rent, or any professional fee. So here, the individual who makes the payment to the other party deducts the required amount of tax and pays the rest. 


The sole reason for deducting at the source level is that the person(from whose account the amount gets deducted) has the liability or the obligation to pay a certain amount of his income to the central government.


The Eligibility to Apply for This Course or Who Are the People the Course is Made for?


Today’s time is for upskilling and equipping yourself with the most requisite skills that are in demand across the industries. Mere doing of graduation in commerce will not put you in a position to fetch the right job for you. For this, it is definitely required a hands-on professional program that will make you industry ready.


  • The course can be done by anyone with a commerce background or graduation in any field who want into this field
  • This also can be pursued by someone or anyone having 0-3 years of industry experience and who wants to have a specialized knowledge 
  • This can be taken up by anyone for varied purposes who want to sharpen and master their accounting skills


Even before your eligibility, if you are curious enough to know what is there inside the course, then you must try out the Business accounting and taxation online free course, which will be of much help.


Why Business Accounting and Taxation is Important for Any Serious and Aspiring Student or Professional?


Numbers play a very important role in any company’s day-to-day operation. So here comes the role of accounting. Accounting plays an indispensable role when it comes to tracking income, managing expenditure, and proving first-hand readily available information to the statutory body like government, investors and management as and when the requirements come up.


So it provides both a quantitative measure, analysis of the present and which further helps to protect the unforeseen future as well. Business accounting and taxation online free courses should be made use of for optimal benefit. Day in and day out you read this company has undergone a loss of X Mn amount and profit of Y Mn or so.


So how the company will have a track of the same if it does not follow a robust accounting system in place? On one hand, where accounting covers all aspects of any company in terms of its business operations, on the other hand, taxation helps it to analyze, develop, and to come up with the strategies that will help the companies to deal with their tax returns effectively.


Business accounting and Taxation are not only restricted to corporates, it is also applicable to individuals also. For individuals, their income or earned amount, expenses, profit, and loss of investments made, if made any charity, so basically that constitute a considerable portion of your earning. 


So it is going to help the students in not only honing their existing skillsets but also adding multiple practical angles in the newly developed ones and all of them are inevitable during their career. They must make use of the Business accounting and taxation free online course.


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How Business Accounting is Different in Unique Way Than Any Other Financial Courses Available in the Market?


To understand this let us first see how accounting is different than that from finance. Mostly finance and accounting are used interchangeably however that should not be the case. Finance in a broader aspect means how a company or an individual produces and uses capital which mainly comprises the activities like investing, lending, borrowing, budgeting, and forecasting.


Accounting includes collecting and keeping all the transactions and information in one place, preparing the reports, and devising ways to analyze them. So, as you can see here the information collected in the accounting department is used by the finance department to make decisions and solve complex problems.


Readily available and quite relatable Business accounting and taxation online free course comes in help all the time. If you will ask, is not there anything common between them? Yes, there are many actually. Both of them deal with revenue, expenses, assets, liabilities, and financial statements.


The main difference is that finance utilizes the numbers made in the accounts. If accounts take and look at the present, then finance is deriving the future from the past and present. Financial accounting is required mainly by the regulatory bodies like IFRS, and GAAP and has a set of accounting standards that need to be followed by the companies which ultimately are prepared by the appointed accountants.


So by now you must have got clarity about financial accounting. Now let us see business accounting. Business accounting is a more focused approach that is specifically targeted to meet the needs of the business itself rather than meeting any kind of external regulatory standards.


It mainly involves projections and modeling of the financial statements to take major business decisions for the company. Hence all the financial records are audited, evaluated, and analyzed here. You must have a fair idea and refer to the Business accounting and taxation online free course at your hands’ reach.


Why BAT Course is in So Much Demand in Today’s Market?


There are mainly 2- reasons for it. They are:

  • The syllabus that the students study during their regular studies does not align and cater to the needs that business actually needs. This creates a huge gap of the acquired versus required knowledge
  • Not only the fresher’s directly from the college but also the professionals with work experience of up to 3-4 years still don’t fit or exactly fulfill the business needs of the organizations. Here BAT course comes in handy providing them a thorough knowledge that fulfills the company’s needs and so also the candidates’ needs by providing them with a bright and challenging career ahead.


Give yourself a prior exposure by availing Business accounting and taxation online free course.


Opportunities Available Post Finishing This Course?


Every organization is intended to have a growth spree and the sole indicator for the same is its finance and accounts department. The modules covered in a BAT course are self-sufficient to adequate somebody conversant in dealing with the various nuances of finance and accounting aspects of any company.


There is ample scope and opportunities available for competent BAT-certified students as compared to commerce graduates. Analysis, budgeting, numbers, and making sense out of all of them lies the crux. Business accounting and taxation online free course will instill the requisite acumen inside you.


They can join as

  • Tax consultant
  • Account executive
  • Finance manager
  • Tax analyst
  • Tax Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Auditing assistant


BAT certification opens up the door to the world of Finance and accounting. You can take it as a substitute for CFA or CA equivalent as it is having short duration with a high operational and industry-focused practical-based syllabus. This course will not only make you industry ready but also it will make you self-sufficient to start your independent work as an entrepreneur.


The salary that you can expect to fetch after completing this course starts from 1.2 lakhs and can go to 10 lakhs or so depending on your ability to show how confident and strong you are on the knowledge ground. The business accounting and taxation online free course will make you conversant to deal with various career opportunities.


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What Are the Industries That Hire These Students?


The dominant industries that hire BAT-qualified students are banking, financial services, KPO, IT and BPO, etc. Apart from the ones listed above, these days other industries’ expansion and rapid growth have necessitated appointing skilled accounting and taxation professionals who can contribute significantly to their organization’s growth story and they are educational services, healthcare industry, and real estate to name a few and the list still goes on. Business accounting and taxation online free course provides fair and good depth to make anyone get industry ready.


Top 5- Institutes Providing Free BAT Courses Online:


1. Study.com:


The sole motive of this platform is to reduce the gap in acquiring the right academic skill for students. It is a hundred percent online platform that understands and caters to your specific needs and the most important part it is affordable. It will not be wrong to say that the courses are customized and personalized to fulfill and satisfy the individual need. Here the academic experts focus on accessible education filled with fun, engagement, participation, and usage of adequate technology and having less financial burden.


The Demanding Finance and Related Course That They Provide Areas Below:

  • Advances Financial Accounting Concepts and Terminologies
  • Derivative Instruments: Accounting & Finance Reporting
  • International Finance & Accounting
  • Financial Accounting: Skills Development & Training


Business accounting and taxation online free course should be availed to get first-hand knowledge.


2. Alison.com:


It is one of the biggest online platforms worldwide for providing free education and skill-based training. They are on the mission to make education accessible to anyone and everyone. They provide a range of short-term to diploma courses under the Finance and Accounting umbrella. 


From the Basics to the Advance Level, Some of the Flagship Courses Are Below:

  • Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
  • Fundamentals of Accounting
  • An overview of Corporate Finance
  • Diploma in International Finance
  • Diploma in Financial Accounting


All the above-mentioned courses will gear you up towards the Business accounting and taxation online free course.


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3. Coursera:


It has broken the barrier to accessing international universities. You will get all the opportunities and comfort to sit at your place and have access to renowned universities across the globe at a very minimal price which was a distant dream earlier. The uniqueness of Coursera is that here the courses come up as per the market demand.


Apart from providing courses and certificates from universities, it also has tie-ups with industries that too provide vocational and related courses. Its courses point towards the Business accounting and taxation online free course or which can be accommodated at a very nominal price.


The Most Demanding Finance Courses Are Below:    

  • Cost accounting
  • Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • Managerial Accounting Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Corporate Finance
  • Accounting, Business, and Society: The Multi-faceted Role of Accounting


4. Oxford Homestudy :


OHSC is a trusted and renowned global online learning institute. Their sole focus is on the quality of study with more flexibility and convenience which separates them from any other online institute. They provide basic to advance level courses at a quite affordable price range and with accredited certificates.


For Finance the Course Package Comes in Different Levels. The Courses Are :

  • Diploma in Accounting and Finance 
  • Certificate in Accounting and Finance 
  • Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Finance


All the above-mentioned and even other courses are available to come in different levels and they are quite like Business accounting and taxation online free course.


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5. Udemy:


Its model is mainly based on providing the requisite courses at various levels of the entrance from zero to affordable prices. There are courses for the continuation of learning and education, upskilling, training of on-demand skillsets, necessary skills for employability, leadership skill, and almost everything, you name it and you will have it.


The Most Demanding Courses in Finance Are Below:

  • Fundamentals of Business Accounting
  • The complete Financial Analyst course
  • Introduction to Finance, Accounting, Modeling, and Valuation
  • Accounting, Finance, and Banking- A Comprehensive Study
  • Corporate Finance


This can very well represent Business accounting and taxation course online free course and serve the very purpose to much extent. 




Q1. What is the scope of BAT course-related jobs outside India?

BAT course sets the standard and enables you to handle the latest accounting techniques and policies more confidently. Accounting standard varies from country to country across the globe however the basics of accounting and finance and related financial statement remain the same throughout. So when you understand them then invariably it becomes easier for you to grasp the standard used by the country. It will always give you an extra advantage over others competitively.


Q2. Can I take my BAT course along with my graduation?

The minimum requirement for pursuing the BAT course is graduation, so after completing the graduation only you can get started for the BAT course.


Q3. Can I get some exclusions from the paper on the BAT course, if I am not interested in some of them?

BAT course is prepared by the industry experts by keeping some goals in mind for which the quintessential things are added inside the syllabus. Hence they can not be modified or escaped or exempted.


Q4. Is there any internship requirement for this BAT course? How is it different from the Accounting course?

There is no internship that is required here. Earlier days accounting has evolved over the years to incorporate it into large organizations where the entries or data are recorded, analyzed, and interpreted for business growth opportunities.


Q5. How long does it take to clear the BAT course and get the certificate? What is the validity of that certificate?

It takes 3-6 months to complete the course in the institute depending on the timeline set by the particular institute. Post that you are eligible to write the test to get the certification of clearing the BAT course. Generally, there is no mention of the validity of the certificate written on it.

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