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10 Best Data Analytics Certifications With Placements

Is data analysis something that interests you? Have trouble gathering, organizing, and using data to improve your business? Fortunately, you’re not the only one. It is increasingly important for professionals today to understand how to use data effectively to remain competitive in today’s job market. Learn data analytics skills to become a data analyst in the fast-growing field of data science. You need proper training and certification in the data analytics field. This article will discuss the best data analytics certifications and what they can do for your future career. Also, this article gives you some insights on how to choose the proper accreditation for you.


List of best data analytics certifications


How Does Data Analytics Work?


Data analytics involves finding patterns and trends and making conclusions on the information they have based on the data sets. Businesses can optimize their performance, be more efficient, maximize profits, or make more strategic decisions with the help of data analytics. Automating data analytics techniques and processes has led to the development of mechanical methods and algorithms used over raw data.


There Are Four Different Approaches to Analyzing Data, Including:


Descriptive Data Analytics: A business intelligence (BI) tool or dashboard cannot exist without descriptive analytics, the reporting backbone. The following is a description of what has happened over a particular period.

Example: Do you see an increase in the number of views? Have this month’s sales been more robust than last month’s?


Diagnostic Data Analytics: A more in-depth explanation of why something has occurred is provided here. A bit of hypothesizing and more diverse data inputs are involved here.

Example: Were beer sales affected by the weather? Have sales been affected by the recent promotional campaign?


Predictive Data Analytics: This explains the probable outcome shortly.

Example: During the last hot summer, what happened to sales? What number of weather models can predict this year’s hot summer?


Prescriptive Data Analytics: Prescriptive explains how to proceed with the available data, i.e., the action plan.

Example: Our brewery should add an evening shift and rent an additional tank if the likelihood of a hot summer is above 58%, as measured by these five weather models.


Data analysts use spreadsheets, Data mining programs, visualization tools, or open-source languages to manipulate the most data.


Is Data Analytics a Good Career?


Yes, data analytics is the best career option today, and the demand will only rise in the future. Approximately 70% of employers in the U.S. will favor resumes that have data skills in the future. In addition, you’ll almost certainly start with a high salary and earn a reliable six-figure income throughout your career.


To develop data analysis skills, you need to learn about data analytics and earn a certificate to make your resume stand out. You should obtain the best data analytics certifications to enhance your career and to outstand in the job market. It is essential to have attractive skills for employers to land a job in data analysis. A Certified Data Analyst should possess a broad range of skills.  So, which skills do you need to upgrade? Master data analytics with the below-mentioned skills,


  • Microsoft Excel
  • Machine Learning
  • SQL Databases
  • Statistics and Mathematics
  • Programming Languages, Python and R
  • Database Query Languages
  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Mining and Cleaning
  • Analytical and Creative Thinking
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Regression Analysis


Future Scope of Data Analytics in India


Data should not become obsolete if companies are to remain competitive. Large amounts of data must be constantly updated, aware of, and understood to accomplish this. For an organization to stay competitive, professionals with advanced analytics expertise are crucial to adjusting its business model.


There are numerous sectors where data analytics is used in India.

  • They include banking, healthcare, policing, e-commerce, telecommunications, energy, risk management, and fraud detection.
  • Data analysts have many job openings at companies like JPMorgan Chase, Ernst & Young, Microsoft, Wipro, Accenture, Adobe, Flipkart, Vodafone, AIG, and Deloitte.
  • With the government’s drive towards digitization and establishing new data centers, India’s data analytics industry will reach US$118.7 billion by 2026.
  • Over 11 million new jobs will be created in the data analytics industry by 2026.
  • Also, the investments in machine learning and AI are set to increase by 33.49% in just a year in 2022.
  • As well as creating significant job opportunities and improving lifestyles, the Indian data analytics part will likely contribute to meaningful growth in the Indian Industry.
  • In the future, the Indian analytics business is expected to become disruptive in the form of a paradigm shift.


Data Analyst’s Salary in India


Almost everywhere in the world, Data Analysts are in high demand and earn the highest salaries compared to other professionals. In India, starting salaries for data analysts are not fixed. The pay is decided and negotiated based on several factors like experience, skills, location, and industry.


  • Data Analysts receive the following average pay, based on experience, according to PayScale:
  • For an entry-level position with one year of experience, you could earn ₹3,56,363 per year.
  • A salary of ₹5,20,000 per year is offered to those with 1 to 4 years of experience.
  • The mid-career salary is approximately ₹8,50,000 a year for those with 5–9 years of experience.
  • The salary range for experienced candidates (more than ten years of experience) is between ₹9,94,031 and ₹14,00,000.


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How Does a Data Analytics Certification Help You?


Obtaining a data analytics certification can help your career growth in many ways. Some of them are,

  • You can land highly in-demand roles with the best data analytics certifications.
  • You can be eligible for multiple domains with the certificate.
  • Compared to college degrees and on-the-job training, obtaining a certification requires less investment.
  • Holding a certificate can show your passion & self-motivation.
  • It can help increase your salary and defines your credibility.
  • Additionally, certification gives you access to the latest industry trends.


Top 10 Best Data Analytics Certifications


Certification in data analysis is a digital badge that proves your knowledge and expertise. It is near impossible, even for major companies, to find a traditional-trained data analyst who can use many new data analytics tools and methodologies for businesses. Certified data analysts have the knowledge and skills to use modern analytics techniques and demonstrate proficiency.


Additionally, independent certificate programs offer training in current skills that can be applied to the latest solutions offered by corporations, non-profits, or educational institutions. Before going for any of the best data analytics certifications, you should know the differences between a certificate and a diploma. Both sound the same, but there is a significant difference between them.


  • Having a Data Analytics certification means you’ve passed a specialized exam in analyzing data and can effectively perform a given job.
  • Having a Data Analytics Certificate does not mean you are skilled in Data Analytics; it simply indicates that you have received education in the area.


Master data analytics technology and work with the most prominent companies by doing any of these best data analytics certifications.


1. Data Analyst Associate Certification: Microsoft


One of the most significant certifications you can earn to become a Certified Data Analyst is the Data Analyst Associate Certification from Microsoft. Its primary focus is making the company’s data assets more valuable through Power BI (data analytics tool). This course teaches the skills for cleaning and transforming data and designing and building scalable data models. Associate Analysts can prepare data patterns, model them, and analyze them using Power BI. Database developers, database analysts, and business intelligence analysts may also benefit from this course.


Cost: An instructor-led paid version is available, or you can access all the learning materials online for free. Multi languages are available for the certification exam, which costs $165.


Eligibility Criteria

  • No specific and formal requirements are needed.
  • Gaining knowledge or experience in designing and developing extensible data models is recommended.
  • Also, it is better to have some certifications or knowledge in Microsoft and SQL, like MCSA (Microsoft Certified System Administrator), BI reporting, or SQL 2016.


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2. Azure Data Scientist Associate Certification: Microsoft


Data scientists and machine learning professionals seeking subject matter expertise (SME) on Microsoft Azure may apply for the Azure Data Scientist Associate certification from Microsoft. A significant part of this certification learning will be developing and implementing a suitable data science environment to support Azure applications.


The main goal of this certification is to train prediction algorithms with data and experiment with it. Machine learning models are also managed, optimized, and deployed in production under your supervision.


Cost: Microsoft offers this certification in free and paid versions. The standard examination cost of $165 is required to appear for the exam.


Eligibility Criteria

  • No formal prerequisites are required to do this certification.
  • But, having data science-related domain knowledge can help you learn faster and better.


3. Data Analytics Certification from Google


This is one of the best data analytics certifications for a complete beginner or person without prior experience in this data analysis domain. Simply saying, this certification would be an excellent choice for a fresher. You will learn all about the world of data analytics from scratch through a curriculum tailored by Google.


You will learn how to use tools like SQL, R, Tableau, and more to develop all the mandatory skills for Data Analytics. Once you have cleared the assessments, you will be ready to apply for an entry-level position as a Certified Data Analyst. You can avail of this certificate and be job ready in less than six months. And all these can happen without investing a single rupee from your pocket.


Cost: You can learn through both free and paid versions. For paid version, it costs you about $14 per month.


Eligibility Criteria

As said earlier, this certification doesn’t require any prerequisites. A fresher or a person looking for a career change into Data Analytics can do this certification.


4. Associate Data Analyst Certification: Cloudera


Cloudera certification will be one of the best data analytics certifications for system architects, data analysts, developers, Business Intelligence professionals, and Databases administrators. In particular, the CCA Data Analyst certification is geared toward developers who want to differentiate themselves from their competition.


The Following Requirements Will Be Met After Receiving the Data Analysis Certification:

  • You can use Impala and Hive QL (Query Language) statements to analyze cluster data.
  • You can perform data extraction, transfer, and loading (ETL) processes that prepare data for query preparation.
  • Can create or alter structures in the meta store using DDL (Data Definition Language) statements.
  • You can become a proficient data structuring professional after earning this certification.


Cost: This certification costs $295. You can learn and earn this certification through online mode.


Eligibility Criteria

  • This certification requires some basic knowledge or understanding of Linux command lines.
  • Additionally, you can learn faster if you know the fundamentals of SQL language.


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5. Associate Certified Analytics Professional


Would you be interested in working as an entry-level analytics professional who lacks experience but has a comprehensive knowledge of the field and high expectations? ACAP, or Associate Certified Analytics Professional, is something you need to check out if you are interested in data analytics. As a result of your associate CAP certification, you will be able to:


  • Obtain in-depth theoretical knowledge of data analytics and related technologies, at least at the master’s level.
  • Adheres to the analytics code of ethics.
  • Have a strong understanding of data analytics.


This Certification Covers Seven Areas of an Analytics Process. They Are,

  1. Framing Business Problems
  2. Framing Analytics Problems
  3. Data
  4. Selection of Methodology
  5. Model Building
  6. Deployment and
  7. Management of Lifecycle.


The INFORMS foundation offers this certification.


Cost: It costs $300 for all members and $200 for INFORMS members.


Eligibility Criteria

A Master’s degree is one of the main requirements for this course. (MA/MS in a related field or domain).


6. Certified Analytics Professional


The Certified Analytics Professional certification is among the most popular and best data analytics certifications. It is the best choice if you have previous data analysis experience and are searching for advanced certification. You’ll stand out from the crowd by passing this rigorous CAP test.


The designation addresses various data areas, such as regression prescriptive and predictive analytics, job task analysis, pattern recognition, and data visualization. CAP certifications must be renewed with PDUs (Professional Development Units) every three years. Based on computer-based testing, this data analytics certification is available worldwide.


To begin, you must submit a CAP application. After that, the panel reviews it. Taking the exam will only be possible after your application has been accepted. Professionals who practice analytics can earn a CAP portable credential.


Cost: $695 for all, $350 for Associate CAP-certified candidates, and $495 for INFORMS members.


Eligibility Criteria

  • An individual has a bachelor’s degree with five years of professional experience or
  • Individuals have a master’s degree with three years of professional experience.


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7. Data Science Professional Certification from IBM


Getting started with data analytics will be easier with the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate. With this certification, you’ll learn how to think like a data scientist, learn the fundamentals of data science, and understand what data scientists will do daily in their work.


This course gives you hands-on experience using libraries and languages in a professional environment. Data sets will be imported and cleaned as part of your work, followed by data analysis and visualization. You must evaluate machine learning and models using Python to publish project reports.


This is, Again, One of the Best Data Analytics Certifications Since This Covers the Following Nine Concepts Entirely,

  • How does Data Science work?
  • Tools used in Data Science
  • Data Science Methodology
  • Data Science-based Python Projects
  • SQL and Databases for Data Science along with Python
  • Data analysis techniques using Python
  • Data Visualization techniques with Python
  • Python-based Machine Learning.


As you learn through each course, you develop more data analytics skills and techniques. You can create a portfolio additionally that will demonstrate your ability to deal with complex project details and your proficiency in creating data science projects. The course certificate will be accompanied by a digital badge from IBM recognizing your expertise in data science.


Cost: This course is offered for free on Coursera. You must register with Coursera by paying $39 per month to obtain certification.


Eligibility Criteria

  • No specific prerequisite is needed for this certification.
  • Candidates having a bachelor’s degree


8. Open Certified Data Scientist


The Open Group Certified Data Scientist (Open CDS) certification is designed for Data Scientists with the skills and abilities to assess business data effectively. Written tests and training courses are not included in Open CDS. Interested candidates are evaluated on their skills by writing applications and conducting peer interviews.


There Are Three Steps To Getting An Open CDS Certification:

  • Step One: Each candidate must acquire four to five Milestone Badges (four for Levels 1 and 3 and five for Level 2) from the Open Group.
  • Step Two: The candidate must complete the Employment Application Form, stating their years of experience.
  • Step Three: The candidate must attend a board interview.


After passing all three levels, you will be certified as an Open Data Scientist.


Cost: $400 for the first level, $500 for the second level, and $550 for the third one. In total, it costs $1450 as a training fee. To earn and maintain digital badges, there are some fees.


Eligibility Criteria

  • This certification does not require any specific prerequisites.
  • Candidates have a bachelor’s degree.


9. Professional Data Scientist Associate Certificate: EMC


A certificate in EMC Proved Professional Data Scientist Associate (EMCDSA) provides hands-on and foundational training for participants in big data analytics. This certification doesn’t require any previous experience with tech, data science, or programming languages.


EMCDSA is an online certificate program offered by Dell Education that teaches you the fundamentals of data analytics and data science. As well as communicating data-driven insights within a business environment, it discusses the role of data scientists in corporate and their part in business decisions.


Cost: $5000 for instructor-based led and $600 for video classes.


Eligibility Criteria

  • Bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer science, telecommunications, electronics, or electrical engineering.
  • An understanding of quantitative concepts is essential.
  • Have experience using scripting languages like Java, Perl, or Python.
  • Know how to use SQL.


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10. Data Analytics Certification: Springboard


In the Springboard Data Analytics Certification, critical thinkers are developed into problem-solvers for data analytics over six months under the mentorship of an experienced professional. In addition to learning valuable and marketable skills, this program comes with a job guarantee. This makes Springboard one of the best data analytics certifications among others.


There Are Five Areas of Focus in This Program:

  • Defining structured thinking
  • Identifying and analyzing business problems
  • Using SQL to connect data
  • Using Python to visualize data
  • Analyzing and communicating your findings


The next step is to create an end-to-end analysis of an industry data set in collaboration with your mentor. After that, you’ll compile your findings into a presentation deck. You will get an analytical mindset after earning this certification.


Cost: @10,140; the payment can be divided into convenient installments.


Eligibility Criteria

  • There are no specified requirements.
  • Having a fundamental knowledge of programming languages can help you learn faster.
  • Experience in relevant domains is an added advantage.


Tips To Choose The Right Data Analyst Course For You.


After reading the above ten best data analytics certifications and related courses, you may have a query, how can I choose the right one for me? Listed below are some tips for selecting a data analytics course for you.


  1. Focus on the area of data analytics where you want to specialize.
  2. Be honest with yourself about your current skill level.
  3. Make sure your budget is in line with your needs.
  4. Make sure you have enough time and mental space before proceeding.




Q) Who can take the data analyst course?

Candidates for the data analyst position need a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university with a minimum of 50% marks in Information Technology, Computer Science, Math, or Statistics.


Q) Can the best data analytics certifications listed help you get a job?

Yes, indeed, you can get a job by getting the best data analytics certifications. Competitors find that you can beat them on a specific skill level. Additionally, certificates help you develop valuable skills that demonstrate what you claim on your resume.


Q) Is it possible to become a data analyst without a degree?

Yes. Getting hired as a data analyst doesn’t always require a degree. Employers are looking for data analysts with the necessary skills. Make your portfolio shine if you lack a degree.


Q) Where do I begin with data analytics?

Below-mentioned five steps can take to become a data analyst:

  1. Learn the fundamentals of data analytics.
  2. Get hands-on experience in data analytics by working on projects.
  3. Visualize your data and learn how to present it.
  4. Create a portfolio of your work as a Data Analyst.
  5. Get a job as a data analyst by applying to relevant positions.




After reading this article, you can learn about all the best data analytics certifications. Certification in data analytics will enable you to showcase your expertise in a credible and marketable manner. In growing a career in data science, obtaining the best data analytics certifications should be one of your top priorities. You can increase your marketability with many credentials. Ensure that your certificate matches your professional and budgetary needs. Data analytics certification, a positive attitude, and relevant experience can help you succeed in your career and life. Happy Studying!

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