Top 11 Data Analyst Courses With A Placement Guarantee

A data analyst analyses the data after looking into the collected raw data. After getting key insights, it is easy to identify a customer’s behavior. Thus, we can say data analysis is the future. Any big company which sells its product or services always uses data analysis tools to collect its customer’s data. You can expect a high salary package after completing data analytics courses. That is why you must choose institutes that provide data analyst courses with a placement guarantee, especially when you want job security as well as a high salary package in any multinational corporation. Let’s talk more about it.


List of best data analyst courses with a placement guarantee


What is Data Analysis & What Do They Actually Do?


In the data analytics process, we get insights from the data that help in taking a better decision. Here are the five processes for analyzing any data:


  1. First learners have to identify the data which should be analyzed.
  2. Then collect it.
  3. Then data is cleaned to make it eligible for analysis.
  4. Finally, analyze the data
  5. Get insights/results out of it.


This is the simplest thing that learners can understand when analyzing data. You can find different results through data types of analyses, it all depends on the type of result you want. Let’s discuss one by one:


Types of Data Analysis


With the help of data, you can always give any answer you want, it always depends on what type of question you want. Generally, there are four types of methods that are used to give the answers.


  1. Diagnostic Analysis

When something happens with the product or services of the company, diagnostics analysis is used. Take the example of any company. If suddenly the sale of a company increases then the data analyst tries to find the reasons behind it like why does this happen? This process is called diagnostic analysis.

By using this analysis, companies gain useful insights like why this thing has happened. Diagnostics analysis involves varieties of data analytics techniques to find this like data drilling & data mining. This field is quite interesting, and to understand it better, you must join any data analyst courses with a placement guarantee, where they also you a decent salary.


  1. Predictive Analysis

This type of data analysis is used to identify future outcomes based on historical data. Here, data scientists look into past data and decide the future outcomes. Take the example of amazon, considering amazon did very well in sales in 2021, now data scientists will use the 2021 data and by using statistical algorithms & machine learning techniques, they will try to find future outcomes.


  1. Prescriptive Analysis

Such types of analysis always look at future scenarios, but it needs a more technological approach. It used mathematical algorithms, AI & machine learning to look deeper into the data to know why and what is the future. Many learners are confused between prescriptive and predictive analysis as both can be used for future outcomes.

But the main difference between them is, it gives us more options and the exact potential result like what we or the company should do. On the other hand, the predictive analysis only gives the outcomes or say forecast but not the decision. It is up to us what we should do as we know the outcome.

Also, Prescriptive analytics can change its predictions if we put more data into it. For example, Artificial intelligence is the best example of prescriptive analysis. AI continuously learns as we put more data into it and then that information to make better decisions.

Also, in another point, predictive analytics can signal the management that they have to act, but prescriptive shows the way forward. By reading this, many would argue that why do we even need predictive analysis if we have the option of learning a prescriptive analysis method? See, both have different advantages and we cannot ignore one for the other.


  1. Descriptive Analysis

In this analysis, we use the process of historical & current data to make decisions by looking into the trends and relationships. It is one of the simplest forms of data analysis because it does dig the data deeper, just looking into the current data analytics trends. It is easy to access, and software like excel, google charts & tableau are used for this purpose.

So, as we already discussed the various types of analysis, most businesses use the last type (descriptive), only big corporations use other types of analysis as they are complicated to perform. If you are interested in making your career in this field then we will discuss some top institutes which provide the best data analyst courses with a placement guarantee.


Types of Jobs in the Data Analytics


There are different types of jobs you can pursue in the field of data science. Some of these are given below:


  • Data Analyst: They are responsible for organizing as well as gathering large amounts of data to draw their conclusion.
  • Data Scientist: While data analysts analyses the data, data scientists create the framework for analysis to happen.
  • Machine Learning Engineer: They create the algorithms that help the machine to learn new things effectively.
  • Business Intelligence Analysts: They focus on the data to improve the organization for both external as well as internal factors.
  • Logistics Analyst: They use data to optimize the supply chain process, from shipment to delivery.
  • Data Architect: They design the structures of an organization to organize, analyze and utilize data.
  • Business System Analyst: They also work like business intelligence analysts but the main difference is that they only improve the IT.
  • Marketing Analyst: They help companies to better understand their customers and their needs.


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Top Institutes for Data Analyst Courses With a Placement Guarantee


All these institutes are very reputed for their name and training. So, you can join any of them based on your location, fees, and everything. These are some of the premier institutes which provide data analyst courses with placement a guarantee. Now you can do the data analyst course of your choice. But if you want a remote course, then still don’t worry because they also provide online classes.


1. Analytix Labs


It is one of the top institutes which provides data analytics courses. It is also awarded the best institutes for its tutors providing job-oriented learning to all their students. One of the best things about them is they teach from the basics, so for example if you are a student who knows nothing about data analytics, then it’s the right choice for you.

They cover all the tools & technologies related to data visualization like R & Python language, Tableau, SQL, machine learning Predictive Modelling, etc. Following skills, you will learn after this course:


  • MIS Reporting analytics.
  • Statistical Analytics.
  • Predictive Modelling.
  • Data blending & manipulation.
  • Reporting Analytics etc.


 Total Fees for Them Are:


Fees Structure:

  1.  Data Science 360 – Rs. 38000.
  2.  Business Analytics 360 – Rs. 28000.


2. Jigsaw Academy 


It is one of the premier institutes for data scientists training in the country. Overall, they already trained 50000+ data scientists in different countries. They offer training in multiple technologies like big data, AI, data science, and even machine learning. Further, they also offer postgraduate courses in many fields. The expert trainers teach you the core concepts of the subject to make you skilled with advanced topics.

The courses here are of excellent quality and majorly focus on practical training, you can opt for their course to get real exposure to the working place. Their practical training approach makes the course even more appealing for freshers as well as working professionals. Anyone can enroll here to give a way to their career.


3. IMS Pro-school 


It is also one of the institutes with a physical presence in different cities of India like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Gurgaon, etc. They offer courses for multiple disciplines including postgraduate data analysis courses a with placement guarantee. After completing the course, you will get a certificate from ACCA, CIMA, NSDC, and others. With this they also give online access, so you can choose accordingly.


Fees Structure:

  • Get 300 Hrs. of live classes.
  • Get recorded sessions.
  • Project-based learning approach.
  • Course Fees (Weekend): INR 180,000.


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4. Edvancer


This institute offers training in many fields of computer science like data science, big data, and data analyst courses with a placement guarantee. Started by IIM, IIT alumni, it has trained almost 3000 people till now. They aim to train all learners who seek to develop their skills in data analytics. They also conduct various analytics hackathons and free webinars to guide their students. If we talk about data analytics only, then they offer two courses.


  1. Certified Data Analytics Specialist

Duration: 90 hours of learning including assignments & projects.

Fee: For online medium: 24,995 + GST & Self – Placed: 19995 + GST.


  1. Advanced-Data Analytics Specialist

If you apply for this course, then you will be certified by IIT Kanpur. Get to learn a lot of technologies like Data Visualisation, Python, Tableau, Statistical Modelling, R, SQL, etc.


Total Fees Structure:

Live Online: Rs.83,900 + GST.

Self – Places: Rs. 55,900 + GST.


5. Imarticus Learning


It is also an institute with a presence in multiple cities in India. They provide postgraduate-level courses in this field. The name of the course is “Post Graduate Program in Data Analytics & Machine learning”. One of the great advantages of this institute is the availability of courses for working professionals as well as freshers.


Total fees: INR 2,25,000/-.


6. Udacity


If you are hoping to make some progress in the field of data science then this course is also perfect for you. You will develop a good understanding of concepts after joining this course. Gain practical experience by working in different libraries of Python like Pandas, and Numpy, and you will gain a piece of comprehensive knowledge about data analytics as well.

The name of their course is an introduction to data analytics and is completely free. If you just have started your career in this field, then it can be helpful for you. Later you can join any paid course for yourself.


7. Careerfoundry (Introduction to Data Analytics)


If you are new to data analysis then it is a great place to start. Join online programs and you will master different concepts of a data analyst. After signing up for the course, you will get 15-minute access which is a demo of the class. You will understand many things after watching the demo class. Following are the course modules of their course:


  • Introduction to Data Analytics.
  • Data Cleaning.
  • Descriptive Statistics.
  • Data Visualisation.
  • Final test (option).


8. SimpliLearn


It is an online platform that provides data analyst courses with a placement guarantee. The name of the course is simple “data analyst”. Here they will teach you about data analysis through R, python, and even the basics of tableau software. The course is made in the collaboration with IBM.

They help you to analyze the basics of data analytics tools or techniques, also they will tell you about SQL databases and python to apply different types of statistics in the business. The course also provides a features masterclass from IBM experts. Here are some other features.


Fees: Rs. 54000 (inc. Taxes).

No Cost EMI Starts at ₹4500 per month.


Here find the courses in developing cities


9. Upgrade


They provide you with a data science course by the name “Executive Post Graduate Program in Data Science”. The course will be taught by one of the prominent data scientists of India so do not worry about the quality of the material. If you are an engineer, marketing professional, Domain expert, or IT-related then this course is right for you. Following skills, you will learn here: Predictive Analytics, Data visualization, Natural Language Processing, Machine learning, big data, etc.


Fees for Indian residents are INR 2,99,000 (Inclu. Taxes).

  • Starting at INR 6,736/month, but No Cost EMI options.
  • Total Duration of Course: 12 months.


10. Coursera


Coursera provides one of the best data analyst courses with a placement guarantee which gives an immersive understanding of all the processes used by the fresher data analyst in his career. Through this, you will learn many skills like data cleaning, analysis, and visualization.

If you want to understand how to clean & organize data effectively with proper analysis using R and Mysql then this course is perfect for you. The name of the course is “Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate”


Total Duration: 6 months/10h per week.

Total Fees: visit their site.


The Following Skills You Will Learn Here Are:

  • Spreadsheet
  • Decision Making.
  • Metadata.
  • SQL.
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Ethics.
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Visualisation (DataViz)
  • Questioning
  • Problem Solving
  • Data Collection
  • Sample Size Determination.


11. Great Learning 


They provide small-2 different courses regarding data analysis as well as data science. If you know nothing about this field and want a general understanding of different technologies like statistical analysis, Data visualization, Data Science, Tableau, Power BI, and many more then this course is a must for you.

So, these are some offline as well as online mediums from which you can get data analyst courses with a placement guarantee. All the courses are very well suitable for all kinds of professionals. The only thing you need to do is give the maximum time during the learning process. Many times students have other doubts as well which we will share in our next paragraph.


Questions Asked by Professionals, Students, and Freshers Regarding Data Analytics Field


Regarding this field, many have their doubts, some have problems related to money, while others have issues regarding the time or expertise they will get. If you read all the answers given below, then it will solve 95% of queries.


1. Which course is best for data analytics?

As we list all the top courses from the beginner to advanced level. You are going to learn everything related to data analytics, whether it is Mysql, Data Visualisation, Python, R, or Tableau. All these skills are important from the industry point of view. Also, their tutors have years of experience in the same field, so they know what is more valuable for the students. Now if you are still confused then consider some factors first like:

  • Do you want an online or offline course?
  • What is the overall cost of their course including taxes?
  • Can they provide recording sessions as well?

Clear all your doubts and queries then choose the best data analyst courses with a placement guarantee only.


2. Is data analysis a promising career?

Yes, it is a very promising career. The job outlook of data analytics is very positive because, in 2017 only, IBM predicted that the number of jobs for data professionals in the US alone was a surge from 364000 to 2720000 before the end of 2020. Also, companies are heavily investing in the data. The global market for big data analytics stood at 37.34 billion in 2018 and it is expected to grow by 12.3% from 2019 to 2027 according to the CAGR report, which means it will reach 105 billion dollars by the year 2027. With such a whooping, you can understand future trends. So, if you are concerned about the future then don’t, just focus on your skills.


3. What is a data analyst’s job salary?

The average data scientist’s salary in the Indian market is Rs 698,413. An entry-level person who has less than one year of experience can earn Rs500,000 per annum. In the United States, according to Glassdoor, the average salary for a data analyst is Rs 63,865.


4. Is data analysis hard?

The skills that are needed for data analytics are hard and highly technical, due to them sometimes this career seems more challenging than others. For example, there is a huge shortage of data professionals in the world market, so there is a high chance that you will land a good job easily. A higher in-demand career also comes with greater rewards and security. If you need any more help then join any beginner-level data analyst courses with a placement guarantee, so that you face fewer difficulties in the starting career.


5. What are the necessary skills required for a data analyst?

The necessary skill that you required to become a data analyst are:

  • SQL: Structured language used to communicate with the databases.
  • Statistical Programming: R and Python are used to do advanced analysis.
  • Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence: Get data analyst courses with a placement guarantee to understand it better.
  • Probability & Statistics: They refer to math which helps in collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data.
  • Data Management: Process of collecting, and storing data in such a way that makes it more cost-effective, secure, and also efficient.
  • Statistical Visualisation: Getting insights from the data is just one part of the data analysis process but telling a story from those insights to get a better decision is another part. That’s where data visualization comes from.
  • Econometrics: Use of data analysis field for seeing the future trends based on historical data. All these skills are used in the field of data analytics. To understand all these skills better you need data analyst courses with a placement guarantee for sure.


6. Am I a Good fit for a career as a Data Analyst?

Ask questions by yourself like:

  • Are you naturally curious about the data?
  • Do you have an analytical mindset & logical approach?
  • Do you have an interest in business strategy?
  • Do you have the ability to collaborate?
  • Can you recognize patterns easily?


With this, of course, internal motivation, as well as interest also matter. All these things help you to grow in the field. If you get high value in terms of money then also it will motivate you to study further. But first, you need to get data analyst courses with a placement guarantee.




Now, you can have any career for yourself. If you love data and want to work in one of these fields then first buy data analyst courses with a placement guarantee, then focus on the skills according to that particular industry. So, everything regarding the data analyst has been cleared here. Now if you are interested in buying the course then go through all the offline & online course websites, ask all your queries first then only choose a suitable course for yourself.