Top 9 Recognized Online Creative Writing Courses

Creative Writing refers to professionally writing imaginary content, which displays the writer’s imaginative power and his capability to portray it in words. It also plays a big role in facilitating digital marketing, and because of this,  creative writing courses are gaining popularity today. Their requirements in the market have increased; hence, many institutions are providing online creative writing courses today. The most important and in-demand talent to have if you want to work in the creative industry is the ability to write. Let’s look at different institutions providing this course and also some other facts regarding this.


List of best online creative writing courses


Why Creative Writing is Becoming Important?


Creative writing is a very special skill for one to possess. It allows a person to present his imagination with a perfect blend of words. It is a must for writers who write fictional content. It helps them to present their feelings and emotions to the masses. In recent years, as digital marketing is increasing, so is the demand for creative writers increasing.


Creativity has become the key to marketing and the one who excels in this surely achieves great heights. With the rise in market competition, companies look forward to people with varied interests, who can provide them with many services. A person having varied interests in different subjects is given priority by the big corporate houses.


So, a person must have a diversified portfolio, which provides them priority in seeking jobs. Experience in a profession as a content writer is one of the most crucial elements that may help someone improve their career score. There is always something new to learn as time goes on.


Those who are passionate about writing and want to work in the creative business might choose a career in content writing. Attending a recognized creative writing course is advised for greater control over opportunities, internships, placements, and more.


A Career in Creative Writing in India: –


As social media and other digital platforms are increasingly being used, there is a tremendous need for inventive authors on a global level. Creative writing offers a broad variety of career opportunities because it touches on many different writing genres. In many aspects, creative writing and modern jobs are closely interlinked.


Writing creative content is becoming increasingly prominent as a result of expanding digital marketing, opening up numerous work options. This covers a wide range of ground in the media and entertainment industries. For those with a passion for writing, the content writing sector has created a wealth of work prospects. The effectiveness of a format is not limited to one type.


The content writing industry is made up of a variety of formats. The focus is on high-quality information. You will have a successful job if you have excellent writing abilities and can sell the goods or services through your content online. There are several jobs available.


A person with a natural interest in writing and research would find content writing to be a rewarding job given the wide range of opportunities available in the current digital world. Additionally, you can benefit from work-from-home alternatives and work as a freelancer. Writing imaginatively is a talent that is necessary for writing scripts, screenplays, plays, video scripts, and other types of writing.


Many fields like journalism, author, copywriting, research writing, freelancing, blogging, and web content writing require creative writing skills. People from a variety of backgrounds can enroll in content writing courses, be they a housewife, working professionals, a student, retired people, a blogger, a businessperson, or digital marketers.


You can enlist without giving much consideration to whether you want to work in this industry or want to start a blog to make some additional money. The guidelines for creating a piece of content are evolving daily to meet market demands. One can maintain this job as long as they are capable of producing quality content and verbalizing their thoughts. The job of content creation itself is incredibly intriguing and encourages lifelong learning.


What Are the Skills You Acquire From a Creative Writing Course?


The Following List of Skills Can Be Learnt From a Creative Writing Course: –


  • Being able to narrate
  • Management of time
  • Editing and proofreading abilities
  • Creative thinking
  • Skills in technology, research, and presentation
  • Skills in marketing and problem-solving


An excellent piece of creative writing should be effectively organized and aligned to help the reader comprehend the plot. Writing creatively is all about using words to communicate one’s emotions and ideas. Creative writing incorporates a variety of concepts and approaches to make the tale more engaging in addition to just putting thoughts in words.


What Are the Benefits of Having Creative Writing Skills?


Your career may be built and expanded with the aid of creative writing courses. The most sought-after talent in a worker is professional writing, which is also seen as a plus. A skilled writer clarifies ideas, improves comprehension and explanation, and omits superfluous details.


Through regular writing exercises and demanding projects, this course assists you in honing your writing abilities and developing the ability to see and correct faults. The following are the key benefits of taking a creative writing course:


  • It boosts your imaginative power as you create new situations and characters. It pushes your thinking skills and your ability to come up with something unique always. It enhances your memory, creativity, and imagination—which is especially crucial in this digital age.


  • As it develops your writing and thinking process, it helps you to build confidence. You get a better opportunity to express your feelings, which allows you to feel more comfortable and confident.


  • It not only helps you to build your vocabulary but also allows you to enhance your writing mechanics. Once you get used to writing professionally, you would be able to find a flow in your content that will engage your readers.


  • It also develops your communication skills as you imagine situations and characters and then portray the same feelings and emotions in your writing. You imagine things and then communicate them to the readers with the same perception. Participating in these routine tasks develops your subconscious mind and aids in the gradual development of strong communication skills.


  • Several studies have revealed that expressive writing has yielded better mental and emotional health. As it helps you to think creatively, you can portray your negative feelings too, in a productive way in your writing. This can lower your anxiety and stress, and also help you to relax.


  • It also helps in sharpening your research ability as you research different topics and then portray them in your writings. Researching is the key factor of writing, without which you can’t expect a good carrier in writing. Research aids in data analysis, the removal of superfluous information, and data formatting to provide the material structure and completion. Research aids in presenting arguments and concepts.


  • A creative writing course gives you the knowledge to produce content in varieties of genres like advertisement, screenplay, fiction, and nonfiction and makes you edit the content and publish it online. Assignments for practical learnings.


Other Courses You might want to Check in India:


Popular Institutions Providing Online Creative Writing Courses:


After going through these aspects, one point is quite clear that creative writing courses have become important and their demands in the market are increasing. You may obtain a legitimate Content writer certification by enrolling in a recognized and reputable institution.


You may master the fundamentals of content writing over one to six months, becoming a qualified content writer who is prepared to enter the content market. So here we see some popular institutions providing online creative writing courses that help people to learn the craft of creative storytelling and content creation for conversion and many other purposes: –


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills provides one of the best online creative writing courses. It provides aspiring writers exceptional training, and after the completion of the course, there will be a three-month internship that includes writing blogs and articles and also an opportunity to publish your e-book. It provides a master’s certification in Content Writing which includes an in-depth module on creative writing, and also a content marketing certification from Hubspot.


Its Online Content Writing Course allows the learners to participate in the learning process from the comfort of their houses. It also assists you in developing a diversified portfolio. Its dedicated placement cell helps you to get content writing jobs easily and even helps you to start freelancing or a writing agency of your own. It also provides free tools which assist in writing.



2. Udemy


Udemy provides online creative writing courses on various topics. Aspirants can learn the topics that interest them most. They have a huge variety of courses on Udemy. It provides basic knowledge of writing content at reasonable prices. They provide quality training around the globe including a certificate of completion of the course. It provides lifetime access to the course. One can look for it if he wants specific writing knowledge.


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


3. FutureLearn


FutureLearn is yet another institution that provides online creative writing courses. It is jointly owned by The Open University and SEEK Ltd. It provides writing knowledge in the digital marketing aspect. Their trainers are very experienced in the marketing field. They provide content writing as well as marketing knowledge. It provides the learning matter from the top universities of the world. Ambitious aspirants can choose its courses if they want to excel in the niche.


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4. Coursera


Coursera is an institution providing online creative writing courses. It provides flexible learning courses, focusing mainly on providing strategies related to content marketing. It has a good collaboration with universities and companies that can provide jobs.


 It has a wide variety of courses under the creative writing course. It provides for filters of languages, partner universities, and levels (beginner, intermediate, or advanced) depending upon the user’s choice. Interested people can select its course for developing strategies for content marketing.


5. Online Idea Lab


Online Idea Lab provides writing courses at very reasonable prices. It has specialized training in digital marketing and many other courses. It provides short courses saving the learner’s time but also provides apt practical experiences to the learners. It also organizes boot camps and also has lifetime professional support for its students.


It also has a placement team that assists its students regarding job matters. Courses fees vary for online and classroom courses. Online classes are interactive and have a low student-to-teacher ratio. Classroom courses are an option for people residing in cities where the institutions’ centers are present. Aspirants can check their website for further details and take a demo class.


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The Indian Institute of E-commerce & Digital Marketing has its centers in Mumbai. Known for digital marketing courses, they also provide creative writing courses. A good learning experience is expected as digital marketing and creative writing are inter-linked here. It provides training by renowned experts and provides job assistance to its students. They have a limited number of students in a batch. Aspirants can look at its websites for further information on duration, cost, and so on.


7. Digital Academy 360


Digital Academy 360 provides many course options including online creative writing courses. It provides self-study materials to its students. It provides many case studies to analyze and many other assignments to perfect the skill of writing. It also organizes many online boot camps, webinars, and workshops. It provides certification courses not only from Digital Academy 360 but also from Hubspot. It also provides job assistance and quality trainers. Interested people can look at their website for further information.

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8. ECT


Education and Carrier Times is recognized by the Government of India. It provides creative writing courses and many other courses like personality development. It has its centers in Noida and Delhi but also trains online. It also provides placement assistance. They guide into how to publish a book and many other fascinating tips regarding writing. ECT also has a youtube channel with videos on creative writing.


9. Upgrade


The upgrade is one of India’s largest online higher education provider portals. It has collaborated with many top universities. It provides a creative writing course included with digital marketing. It has a top ranking. It also provides many other courses. You can visit its website for further information.


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


After Finishing Online Creative Writing Courses, How to Publish a Book?


You don’t have to experience the difficulties writers encountered a decade ago when attempting to publish their works traditionally through publishing and printing businesses. The world of today is progressively converting to digital media, and individuals enjoy reading on their devices at their convenience and comfort level at little to no expense. Through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, you can quickly publish your ebook globally and attract readers from all around the world.


Are Online Creative Writing Courses Financially Viable?


Writing creatively requires more than just imagination and creativity; it also needs professionalism to write effectively and originality to draw in readers. In-depth knowledge of writing techniques, market demands, and trends, a stronger portfolio for job opportunities and a freelancing career, real-world experience to deal with challenges at work, and strategies to connect with more readers and spread your words around the globe are all things you can learn in online creative courses. To improve in the writing profession, one should surely enroll in online creative writing courses since they have numerous advantages.


FAQs: –


Q1. What is the typical pay for online creative writers in India?

A mean salary of 3,00,000 rupees per annum is the norm for a creative writer in India. Around 200 rupees may be made each hour with little effort. But the payment ranges for various occupational roles. 


Q2. What academic disciplines are covered in creative writing courses?

Fiction writing, nonfiction, storytelling, Advanced blogging, creating convincing email copy, copywriting, eBook authoring, and article writing, among other things, are included in a creative writing course.


Q3. What obstacles do writers encounter in the Indian market?

The capability to generate fresh, unique ideas and find innovative ways to put them into execution is a must for creative writers. One may pursue a creative writing career, obtain professional training, get over these obstacles, and get employment prospects with a strong portfolio based on projects and published works with the aid of online creative writing courses in India.


Q4. What is the scope of freelancing in India?

There is a big need for freelance creative writers everywhere, not just in India. In the current environment, India’s digital market, driven by entrepreneurs, is flourishing and reaching new heights. Freelance creative writers have many options to work on numerous projects and make money to stay connected with new internet trends and start-ups.


Q5. What are the many genres of creative writing?

Depending on its word quantity, style, and goal, creative writing can be split into numerous categories. The broadest categories of creative writing include short tales or novels, poetries, diaries, screenplays, TV scripts, and so on.


Q6. What requirements must be satisfied before enrolling in a creative writing course?

There are no requirements for enrolling in a beginner-level course because content creation is a skill-based career. You should, however, possess a solid knowledge of the English language, including proper syntax, vocabulary, and writing strategies. moreover, be passionate about writing content. 


Conclusion: –


The market for content writers is expanding and is expected to last for a very long time to come. The underlying issue is creating high-quality content which also includes the marketing aspect. Before choosing any institution for learning the creative writing course, thoroughly review the key characteristics of each institute. Many go into great detail regarding the subject which may not interest you or are in not much demand. Try to avoid those institutions. On the other hand, an institution that combines content and marketing to provide you with the ability, that is in demand, is a great option to choose. I hope that this post will assist you in finding creative writing courses, as well as in solving any questions you may have concerning the subject. Nothing will stand in your way of success if you’re a dedicated writer who wants to pursue it as a career. Just keep at it until you master the necessary skill.