Top 10 SEO Courses in Thane With Placement Assistance

Whenever someone wants any information, they search their queries on various search engines, and in an instant, all the relevant information appears at one’s fingertip. But have you ever wondered how search engines present such enormous data and rank those web pages? SEO plays a key role in determining a website’s ranking in SERP. If you are interested to know how SEO works and how you can implement them to rank better, this article is going to help you understand. In this article, we are going to learn about SEO courses in Thane.


List of best SEO courses in Thane


With the emergence of the term “Google it”, the search engine “Google” became so popular, and it is the one-click solution for everyone’s daily queries. According to statistics, Google gets 3.5 billion searches every day. And people don’t only search on google, there are many search engines like Yahoo!, Baidu, Bing,, DuckDuckGo, and many more.


Even though “Google” and “Search Engine” are kind of synonymous with each other as Google holds 92% of the global search engine market share, the other search engines still count. So for any search, search engines and search results are extremely important as people solely depend on those first few search result pages to acquire information for their needs. So let us have a better understanding of SEO first.,


What is SEO?


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a practice of improving a website’s visibility by increasing its qualitative and quantitative traffic to a website, a web page, or a piece of content from search results in search engines. The main aim of SEO is to achieve a higher rank for a website in SERP (Search Engine Results Page).


How Does SEO Work?


Google stores every data in its database and many factors regulate what content or web pages from the Index get displayed on a SERP. SEO depends on organic search results that are simply non-paid. The search results depend on some search engine algorithms and complex technicalities that determine the rankings of the web pages or any content. That’s how Google ranks the pages and presents relevant content that the users are looking for. The search algorithms that determine how the pages will be ranked are,


  • Query Meaning or Intent: It means what the users are looking for based on their intent and historical search and location search. Fetching those details Google figures out the true meaning of the query and shows relevant search results.


  • Keyword Research: With keyword research, Google can match the body content and headings of the page, and brings out the best results matching the search query.


  • Relevance: As discussed just now, after establishing the intent of the search query, Google draws out relevance in similar web pages and the same type of data.


  • Quality of the Content: Even though Google presents similar pages in SERP, the quality of the content is what makes a website rich in information.


  • Website Structure: After coming into SERP, a proper website can attract an audience with its well-maintained structure and content. It depends on page speed, a proper landing page, viewability and readability on various devices like mobile, tab, etc., user interface, URL structure, trustworthiness (HTTPS), and page demonstration as well.


  • HTML and Links: It is about backlinks, Internal linking, Inbound and Outbound links, and Meta description.


  • Location and Context: Location greatly determines search results. A web page depends on server location as well to get a good SEO rank. The context is related to region-based search algorithms.


  • Google’s E-A-T: Google gives certain guidelines that a high-quality page needs to possess.
  • E- expertise
  • A- authority
  • T- trustworthiness


Types of SEO


SEO has many key factors to determine the ranks. There are mainly three types of SEO that are highly followed.


1. On-Page SEO: It includes high-quality content with proper keywords, images, internal links, external links, metadata, and HTML tags. On-page SEO optimizes the quality and structure of the page.


2. Off-Page SEO: Off-page SEO is about getting other pages on the designated site with the help of backlinks, listings, and social media signals.


3. Technical SEO: It helps a website to improve its structure technically by improving bounce rate, maintaining a good page speed, increasing site security, and making the page mobile friendly and more accessible to all types of readers.


There Are Three Subtypes of SEO


1. Local SEO: Local SEO depends on location and region-specific search results. It can appear on Google maps and services.


2. Image SEO: A lot of people don’t only search for written content, image is also a part of the content that plays a huge role in Google Image search. The image-based websites follow certain technical strategies to rank the images on Google Image search.


3. Video SEO: Like image SEO, there is Video SEO as well. It follows YouTube SEO and determines the video rankings.


SEO Strategies and Implementation


For SEO ranking, people follow many practices and strategies. Some are ethical and some are unethical. People implement keyword stuffing and stacking links to get traffic quickly. It may help to rank up, but only for a short time. Google penalizes and blacklists such sites that follow “Black Hat SEO”. On the other hand “White Hat SEO” helps a site grow in a long-term way and build a better sustainable online business.


Skills You Need for SEO


If you don’t know the proper techniques and strategies to implement for SEO, you will fall behind in ranking in SERP. For better results, one must gain professional expertise in SEO techniques. The skills one must have for SEO are,


  • Critical Thinking and Analytical mindset to deduct and implement best practices.
  • Proper research to have detailed knowledge about the competition and market.
  • Writing Proficiency to create quality content.
  • Technical knowledge to build the websites better.
  • Adaptability to market trends and proper implementation.


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Why Do You Need An SEO Course?


Not everyone can implement SEO techniques without knowing the proper way to do it. The SEO courses provide proper guidance to acquire the correct techniques and strategies taught by expert mentors and help the learners to implement those practices in practical assignments and projects. The courses prepare the learners to face real-world challenges and equip them with out-of-box ideas.


Career in SEO


Like any other job, SEO has a vast area of opportunities. One can start at entry-level being an SEO Trainee and climb the ladder up to SEO director. The in-between roles one can choose and pick are the SEO Executive, Analyst, Team Leader, Project Manager, Manager, and Director. One can show their professional expertise in SEO in business development and management, link building, event building, digital marketing, Organic SEO, Social media marketing, YouTube SEO, Web Designing, and PPC Management.


SEO Courses in Thane


SEO is co-related to digital marketing and content writing techniques. SEO cannot exist without quality content and marketing strategies. One can partially learn SEO from digital marketing or content writing courses, but we would suggest you enroll yourself in an SEO course that completely focuses on SEO techniques. In this article, we are going to discuss both online and offline SEO courses in Thane. The offline courses are available in Thane itself or nearby areas in Mumbai.


First, we are going to discuss the online SEO courses available from anywhere in the world. These are the best SEO online courses available at present one can easily access them from Thane as well. But if anyone is specifically looking for SEO courses in Thane, we got it all covered in this article. Below mentioned are the best educational institutes that offer top SEO courses in Thane.


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is well-known for its Digital Marketing and Content Writing courses. Along with those courses, they exclusively provide a course on SEO named “Advanced Search Engine Optimization Course”. The duration of the course is 4 weeks which offers 16 hours of live lectures online.


The curriculum of the SEO Course is divided into 8 modules with one bonus module.  The fee for the course is INR 14,900. Along with the live training, the course comes with the opportunity of a paid internship of 8 weeks. In this, one gets hands-on training with 2 live projects along with practical assignments.


The course is completely based on practical learning, and weekly assessments are there to evaluate your learning growth. After the completion of the course, IIM Skills offers Master Certification recognized by MSME, which holds great value. IIM Skills doesn’t only help you to learn SEO, but also gives 100% placement support with a letter of recommendation, preparing you for the interview as well.


One will have lifetime access to the classes and 24*7 online technical support along with access to tools. The institute has the top faculty who trains the learners while putting the learnings and experiences that they have gained. This course is extremely beneficial for anyone looking for a rewarding career in the digital sector.



A huge number of alumni of the institute prove the worth of enrolling in their courses. It has been years since the institute remains at the top when it comes to the most practical online training with a plethora of benefits. The only agenda of the institute is to make the youth skilled with the updated latest trends of the working industry.


The students get benefits such as work on live projects, and full support to launch their agency, and the most compelling one is the paid internship. All these pros will assist you to add “professional” to your name. IIM Skills is the place where you will end up fulfilling all your expectations and living your dream career.


Before enrolling, you can also get an overview of the course with the free demo session. To book the demo class, you can reach their website. Once you take the demo of what they offer in the training, you will definitely go nowhere else as they cover a wide area in their course curriculum that makes the learner skilled and confident.


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IIDE is known as the Indian Institute of Digital Education. It is one of the leading institutions that offer a proper course in digital marketing, but if one wants to take a short course to learn SEO, this is a great choice. IIDE offers an Online SEO course with certification. Anyone with beginner-level knowledge can enroll in this course.


The curriculum of the course is divided into 6 modules which cover a wide area. It comes with both video lectures and live-online sessions with expert mentors with the facility of 1 on 1 mentoring session. The video lectures spanning 2 hours are self-paced. The live online sessions are of 10 hours. So the total duration of the course is 12 hours.


One can have access to the course for 30 days only. The course fee to enroll is INR 6,335. The course comes with practice tests and practical assignments to help you grow with SEO techniques. Industry-recognized accredited certification is available upon the completion of the course.


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


3. Coursera


The educational platform Coursera offers Search Engine Optimization Specialization Program by UC Davis. This course is self-paced and completely online. Anyone with beginner-level knowledge can enroll in this specialization course. The curriculum of the specialization program is divided into 5 courses.


You can choose any of the courses with specialization as all of them are of great value. It is one of the best places to learn the nuances of any subject from worldwide professionals. If you are looking for the best affordable courses, you must consider Coursera.


Course Duration: 5 Months


  • Introduction to Google SEO
  • Google SEO fundamentals
  • Optimizing a website for google search
  • Advanced content and social tactics to optimize SEO
  • Google SEO capstone project


The program comes with hands-on projects and graded programming assignments and practice quizzes. With access to recorded classes, course videos, and materials, one can learn at their own pace and learn at depth. A shareable certificate is offered after the completion of the course.


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4. Simplilearn


Simplilearn offers an SEO course named “Search Engine Optimization Training Course” which offers live online classes with a live interaction facility, instructed by experienced industry mentors. The curriculum of the course is divided into 13 lessons. This course offers 20+ real-life industry-based projects that give exposure to the working industry.


One can have lifetime access to the materials and learn at their own pace. There is a self-assessment with 3 simulation test papers. The cost of this course is INR 34,999. A Certification is available upon completion of the course. After the course, any interested learner can go for an online Bootcamp to learn further and stay in touch. The online Bootcamp costs INR 39,999 and has 90 days of access.


5. Udemy


Udemy offers many SEO courses that teach the fundamentals of SEO. The courses have different hours duration based on their curriculum. The fee of the courses vary as well from INR 450-4000 with offers now and then, Udemy offers are very popular. One can avail of courses at a very low cost and be efficient with practical learning.


“Complete SEO Training” with Top SEO Expert Peter Kent is one of the best SEO courses that Udemy offers. The original price of the course is INR 3,499. The duration of the course is 7 hours 58 minutes. The curriculum of the course is divided into 20 sections that comply with 158 lectures. The course gives lifetime access to its recorded videos and materials. A certificate is also provided once you complete the course.


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6. Digital Bizware


Digital Bizware is one of the oldest training institutes in Thane that offers one of the best SEO Courses in Thane. Guided by experienced mentors, the course provides practical learning. Enrolling in their course will be beneficial for you as they follow a practical training approach to make the learner well trained with practical implementations.


Course Curriculum is Divided Into 5 Lesson Plans.

  • SEO outline
  • Keywords research and analysis
  • On-page Optimization
  • Off-page Optimization
  • Algorithms


The course offers practical training and live projects to implement the lessons learned through the training. Digital Bizware offers assistance for interviews and placement. The course helps one to be self-employed and earn from their service and a Freelancer.





TDMC is a shortcut for The Digital Marketing Courses, a leader in the digital marketing training industry located in Thane. This institution offers one of the best detailed and well-curated SEO courses in Thane instructed by industry expert trainers. The curriculum of the course is divided into 12 modules. The course offers live projects that help learners gain practical knowledge and training. The course comes with a free internship of 3 months. TDMC provides 100% job placement assistance.



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8. Universal Computer Art


Universal Computer Art boasts the spirit of triumph through their leading classes in various arenas. UCA offers an “Advanced Search Engine Optimization certification course” which is one of the best SEO courses in Thane. The educational institution is located in Thane itself. The duration of the course is 2 months. The curriculum of the course is presented in 16 modules in detail. The course comes with 2 weeks of project assignments which help learners to gain professional expertise in SEO practices.



IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


9. Compufield


Compufield, an educational institution, offers one of the best SEO Courses in Thane, namely “Advanced Search Engine Optimization – On Page & Off Page Optimization”. The curriculum of the course includes 20 sessions in individual-based classroom training led by expert mentors. As this institution believes in excellent personal training, one student can learn on a single computer without sharing it with anyone else guided by a specific mentor designated to him. The fee for the course is INR 10,000. A certificate is awarded by Pebble Hills University (USA) after the completion of the course.


Course Duration: 20 hours



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10. Operating Media


Operating Media, a digital marketing training institute, with a motto to “digitize your career” offers one of the best SEO courses in Thane. The institution is located in Mumbai. The SEO Training, SEO Courses & Classes Mumbai is the SEO course offered by Operating Media. The course fee is INR 12,000. The course is of both beginner and advanced level and can be useful for learners from beginner to advanced level. The course is bilingual, it is available in both English and Hindi. The course curriculum has 26 lesson plans. A certificate is offered after completion of the course.


Course Duration: 15 hours





1. What are the SEO tools?

There are many SEO tools that carry out different tasks. They are

  • Google Analytics
  • SEO Software
  • Google search console
  • Keyword research tools
  • Keyword Density Checker
  • KWFinder
  • Ubersuggest
  • Plagiarism Checker


For speed test the tool

  • GTmetrix
  • Pingdom


For performance checking the tools

  • SEMrush
  • Small SEO Tools
  • Backlink Checker


These are the most commonly used SEO Tools.


2. What is the Salary in the SEO industry?

SEO specialists’ salaries vary based on their experience and designation. From entry-level to the highest level of designation with experience period it varies between 2-18 L.


3. What is the scope of SEO freelancing after SEO courses in Thane?

One can easily make one’s end meet by SEO freelancing after taking up SEO courses in Thane. With booming online businesses and entrepreneurship, everyone wants more visibility and attracts more customers in this competitive industry. One with knowledge of SEO techniques can surpass many others in various ways while working independently. Companies are looking for more talented SEO experts to get their websites ranked. So for an SEO freelancer, one has a great opportunity to thrive and bloom using their professional expertise in SEO.


4. Who can enroll in SEO courses in Thane?

  • Freshers
  • Content writers
  • Digital and Content Marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Performance Marketers




This article provides information about both online and offline SEO courses in Thane. We have tried to cover the courses that can help you decide and choose the best SEO course that can fulfill your needs and help you upskill. In today’s competitive industry either as an employee or freelancer, having a skill like SEO is going to offer you a better professional identity in the digital world.