Top 10 Courses To Earn Decent Data Analyst Salary

Data analysis is a quite popular and well-known profession because of its relevance in today’s work market. Data analysis is now a core skill set that must be in every digital marketer’s toolbox. Data analysts have received immense attention for their critical role in real-time intelligence, predictive analytics, and customer insight. Data analysts are considered the brains of any organization that wants to benefit from significant data insights. What is a Data Analyst? It is a common query among modern professionals, along with questions related to Data Analyst Salary, what does a Data Analyst do? And a lot more. This article today will answer all your doubts about data analysis. List of best courses to take to earn decent data analyst salary

What is a Data Analyst

Data progressively shapes the systems we engage in now and daily. You are simultaneously consuming and creating data whether you use Google to search, use chat apps, or see your Instagram feed. Today we live in an era where we generate 2.5 quintillion bytes of it daily.

There is a plethora of data here, so figuring out what to do with it is where data analysts come into play. Data analysts are professionals that many different kinds of businesses rely on. By gathering data on particular subjects, interpreting it, doing in-depth analysis, and presenting the results in thorough reports, a data analyst adds value to businesses.

To conduct competitive research and pinpoint industry trends, data analysts are frequently asked to apply their talents and resources. To put it simply, utilizing the data to aid businesses in making wiser business decisions is the responsibility of a data analyst.

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Data Analyst Salary

Now that we are aware of what a data analyst is, here comes the answer to the most important question i.e., the salary of a data analyst. Given the circumstances, data analysts constantly have intriguing opportunities at work, and as a result, their pay is fairly generous.

A salary varies according to education, industry, geographical location, and experience. The average salary range for data experts is between 5.2 to 11.4 lakhs rupees per year. However, senior data analysts receive substantial amounts in the range of 12 to 24 lakhs per year as their income.

An increase in freshers in data analysis is a great sign that the field is growing. Therefore, it is anticipated that your career as a Data Analyst will continue to advance if you have the necessary skill set and are willing to keep yourself up to date.

Why Data Analyst

The need for a data analyst is increasing perpetually in the current world. Professional data analysts are essential for businesses since they can assist them in better understanding consumer patterns and marketing tactics. Data analysts assist in the interpretation of information gathered by various business processes.

They use statistical techniques and tools to extract information from raw data for decision-making purposes. It helps businesses improve their marketing strategy accordingly.


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The Following Reasons Further Illustrate the Significance of Data Analysts:

Exceedingly In-Demand Sector

One of the most in-demand jobs is data analysis. It will increase in the coming future as companies become more reliant on data analysts.

Generous Salary & Numerous Opportunities

Data analysts are essential in many companies and organizations, which open up a wide range of industries for you. It is another reason why the salary of a data analyst is so significant.

Scale Down the Operational Cost

Data analysis identifies the sections of your company that require additional funding and resources and those that are not generating and should be reduced or completely removed.

Focus Customer Targeting 

Data analysis lets you determine where to concentrate your advertising efforts.


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Skills Required to Become a Data Analyst

There are numerous skills you should learn and tools you should use to start your career in data analysis. The kind of skill set one possesses is one of the reasons why a data analyst’s salary is high. To be paid well, it is essential to have specific skills.

Machine Learning

One of the most significant advancements in data science has been the creation of machine learning, a subfield of artificial intelligence (AI). This competency focuses on creating algorithms intended to discover patterns in large data sets, gradually increasing their precision. Data analysts are typically not expected to have machine learning capabilities. 


R and Python are the two languages most frequently employed in data analyst positions. Statistical and scripting are divided into two types according to the compilation required before execution.

Application of Econometrics

For data analysts aiming for positions in the financial sector, especially at investment banks and hedge funds, having a solid understanding of econometrics is essential as analysts use econometrics, which applies statistical and mathematical data models to the study of economics, in order to estimate future trends based on historical data.

Mathematics and Statistics

Basic arithmetic abilities, particularly in statistics, are needed for careers as data analysts. Microsoft Excel’s statistical features can handle smaller datasets while utilizing a robust programming language like R for larger ones is preferable.

Data Management

The techniques of gathering, organizing, and keeping data in a way that is effective, secure, and economical are referred to as data management. A thorough understanding of how databases operate in physical and cloud contexts can be beneficial while building your skill set.

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Responsibilities of Data Analyst 

The responsibilities of a data analyst differ depending on the type of organization and the degree to which a company has embraced data-driven decision-making techniques. However, data analysts must carry out daily duties typically consisting of the following.:

Identifying Patterns and Trends

To help firms make strategic decisions, data analysts must foresee and forecast what may happen in the future. A data analyst must identify the historical trends in this case. To make specific recommendations, he must also examine the trends.

Designing and Delivering Data Reports

The primary requirement for a company’s decision-making process is the reports that a data analyst provides. The data report must be prepared so the decision-maker can readily grasp it. There are numerous ways to show data, including pie charts, graphs, charts, diagrams, and many more. Depending on the type of data to be exhibited, reporting of data may also be done in the form of a table.

Extracting Relevant Knowledge from the Data

To provide some benefits to the companies, the Data Analysts must extract practical and significant insights from the data set. These valuable and distinctive insights will enable the organization to decide what course of action is ideal for developing its business.

Analysis, Synthesis, and Data Gathering

A data analyst must first get the data, process it using the necessary tools, and then sum up the results. Hence, they are clear to the reader. The condensed data can provide a wealth of information regarding the trends and patterns used in forecasting and prediction. In India, the pay for data analysts is based on how well they handle their duties.

Assurance of Quality

For their daily operations, the majority of enterprises rely on their data. To increase the company’s efficiency, it is vital to obtain high-quality data. Data analysts ensure the relevance of the data gathered from various sources.

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Certification in Data Analysis



IIM SKILLS is an online training platform that offers skill development and professional courses in sectors like banking, finance, digital & data science. They rank globally for providing the best-certified courses that have global recognition.

IIM SKILLS courses have the highest recommendations and undoubtedly they offer the best data analytics courses in the world. Their data analytics course syllabus covers the latest tools. In a data analytics course with IIM SKILLS, the students learn and master the tools their functions, and an in-depth understanding of how the tools are used professionally in different industries.


During the course periods, the students are given live projects for weekly assignments that help them gain practical knowledge. The course is conducted on a digital platform with live training sessions and each session is live recorded to share with their students and given lifetime free access.

The training is 100% tool-based and practical. To enhance their knowledge the students are also given case studies. They offer assured internship which is optional for those who choose to extend their learnings for practical and professional exposure.


IIM SKILLS has the best mentors who share their professional experiences and also guide the students to support their professional goals and career building. Their 24*7 helpline has trained customer executives who are a dedicated team of people who answer all the course-related queries.

The fees are within the budget and have the most flexible mode of payment. Those who wish can also avail of the EMI payment facilities that are with no interest charged. An additional 10% is offered to those who want to make group registrations for the course.

The Types Of Data Analytics Tools Covered:

  • Python 1 & 2
  • R
  • Basic & Advance Excel
  • VBA
  • Tableau
  • Alteryx
  • SQL
  • Power BI


Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Course Details:

Name: Data Analytics Course

Duration: 6 months + 2 Months Internship (optional).

Fees: INR 49900 + Taxes.

Contact Information:

+919580740740, [email protected]


2. Scaler

This online forum will assist you in gaining real-world experience and studying through videos, PDFs, handbooks, and other resources. It will also help you work with actual data sets on projects developed in partnership with top companies.

It also contains features that allow you to get all of your questions and worries cleared up, establish your professional path, participate in mock interviews, and receive thorough feedback.

Companies wish to hire good data analysts who are certified and skilled and have a deep understanding of business. It helps data analyst salary to be top-tier. Thus, you develop the best skill set, which enables you to obtain employment offers from renowned businesses.


3. UpGrad

It is a platform for online higher education that offers rigorous programs relevant to the industry, developed and delivered in cooperation with top teachers and businesses. They don’t only help you in learning the course but also promise to provide – a career boot camp, exclusive job interview opportunities portal, Just-in-Time interview sessions, personalized industry sessions, and many other facilities to help you build a prolific career as a data analyst.

The course also offers you industry projects. Through this, you can engage in collaborative projects with student-mentor interaction. After completing the course, you will have the edge over others and can certainly go for a high-end data analyst salary.


4. Udemy

It is an online forum where you can begin your journey in data analysis. It is a self-paced course and offers various things that will ultimately build your career as a data analyst. The program provides comprehensive training for anyone seeking to become a data analyst for a fraction of the price of other programs.

Not only the certificate but there will be coding exercises and final capstone projects, which also help you in learning how to obtain real-time information from an API and many more.

It will undoubtedly boost your chances of pursuing a career as a data analyst, as employers seek applicants with solid subject-matter expertise—one of the factors contributing to the high data analyst salary—as well as solid core knowledge.


5. Coursera

The best universities in the world offer another popular online learning for Data Analysts. It functions nearly like a free public library of knowledge since it allows people the chance and flexibility to explore different areas of expertise. Topics are covered thoroughly, with some best professors assigned to help you at any time.

Coursera also offers access to top employers and receives Google-designed professional training.

Additionally, the programs have many practice-based assessments that will enable you to simulate the real-world data analytics scenarios necessary for professional success. Learning from this platform will certainly help to build a career as a Data Analyst.


6. Harvard University

This, too, is an online program that offers data analysis for beginners and professionals looking to upskill. It is an 8-week course with 5-6 hours per week, a manageable task. There will be various case studies to be solved and practical exercises to be completed, which will help you get the certificate.

The best part is that one does not have to pass any exam to enroll in this course; you need to pay a minimal fee, and you are ready to go. As a fresher, when you get certified from an institute like Harvard, you don’t need to worry about your career, and your data analyst salary will grow, as the institute’s reputation is known to all.


7. Excel

They provide live virtual classes where you can clear your doubts then and there only. The program will cover different skills like – database concepts, pivot tables, data visualization, and others; along with this, they also provide learnings of tools and technologies like – SQL, Power BI, Python, and many more.

They have a dedicated placement cell for the participants who completed the course, not just this. They are tied up with 150+ companies to provide jobs to the students. These organizations have a good reputation, and the data analyst salary structure over there is something to be proud of. 


8. MIT Solan School of Management

The MIT course offers the study of Data analysis and commercial applications. The curriculum seeks to teach enrolled students how to choose the best data sets, formulate the best questions, and carry out research in an efficient manner to transform unused data into valuable analytical insights.

A combination of live negotiation scenarios and video lectures presents the modules. Case studies of actual applications from prominent companies like Netflix and Twitter are taught in the course. For those who enroll and complete it, this course will unquestionably increase the data analyst salary.


9. Wharton Business

This course is designed for business professionals who require data analysis skills but need more experience in that area. The program seeks to provide executives and business leaders with the skills necessary to understand and use their data to inform choices, increase productivity, and achieve success.


Students will learn about topics including prescriptive analytics, predictive analytics, and the use of analytics in business throughout the nine sessions. The study aims to provide students with the knowledge they can apply immediately in their teams to produce analytical findings that can be put to use.


10. Google

Google provides several courses on various topics and technical skills. Their data analyst course is designed for students who have never studied data analytics or other fields of technology before and are at the primary level.

It is divided into eight parts covering different aspects of using, preparing, cleaning, analyzing, and presenting data as valuable insights to support business choices.

The course’s last module discusses portfolios, case studies, and advice on navigating the job market for data analysts. After completing this course, one need not worry about their data analyst salary because earning a Google certification would undoubtedly open doors for them in significant corporations.

What Are the Duties of a Data Analyst?

A data analyst is responsible for compiling information on sales figures, market studies, logistics, languages, and other behaviors. They are in charge of acquiring data from primary and secondary sources, installing and maintaining databases, and discovering, evaluating, and interpreting trends from the data.

They also analyze data using statistical techniques. After that, data is processed, organized, and presented in a way that helps people, companies, and organizations make better choices.

What Are the Basic Academics Required to Become a Data Analyst?

A bachelor’s degree is typically necessary for entry-level data analyst jobs. Mathematics, finance, economics, computer science, and data analysis are possible academic specialties. Possibilities for new, better-paying employment may arise from earning a master’s degree in data analysis, data science, or business analytics.


Possessing data analyst skills gives you a methodical technique to develop your abilities and build a network of industry experts. You will have an advantage over the competition if you have a degree in the appropriate discipline, and your data analyst salary will also be high.

Does Data Analyst Require Coding?

As a data analyst, you won’t always need to know how to code. To clean, analyze, and visualize data, you can benefit from a basic understanding of Python or R and SQL (Structured Query Language).

Although some fundamental data analysis tasks may be carried out without writing code, such as understanding Google Analytics data, the emergence of big data has increased the technological complexity of the Data Analyst’s job. Coding is far more likely to be mentioned, and if you want to become a Data Analyst, having those technical skills will be rewarded.

How to Get a Data Analyst Job as a Fresher?

Even job postings for junior data analysts occasionally request prior experience. Fortunately, even if you’ve never held a position as an analyst, you can still obtain knowledge dealing with data. Practical data projects are a common feature of degree programs, certification programs, and online education. On the internet, you can obtain free data sets that you can use to start gaining experience if you’re learning independently (and building your portfolio).


Below ar the FAQs about Data Analyst Salary.

Q1. What is the duration of the course to be a Data Analyst?

The time it takes to acquire the abilities you need to work as a data analyst will vary depending on your prior knowledge, how you want to acquire new knowledge and the position you’re looking for. You could obtain your professional certificate in Google Data Analytics or IBM Data Analyst in less than six months. However, it might take less time than you anticipate.

Q2. Is a Data Analyst a hard job?

The job of a data analyst is neither complex nor simple; instead, it combines both. Understanding Excel and Tableau, as well as programming languages like Python, is sometimes challenging.

Q3. Do Data Analysts have a good salary?

Data Analyst Salary depends upon various factors. They generally have excellent pay, a field requiring much expertise, and employers are frequently prepared to pay well to them well.

Q4. How to become a good Data Analyst?

An excellent data analyst is curious, focused on strategy, and able to develop original ideas. They must be capable of systematic, scalable operation and possess extraordinary communication abilities.

Q5. Most asked Questions during Data Analyst interview?

What are the best ways to cleanse data? What is the significance of exploratory data analysis (EDA), and what other similar inquiries are common in data analyst interviews? Which technological tools did you employ for analysis and presentation? Describe descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics, among other techniques.


Data analysts assist people and businesses in ensuring the accuracy of their data in a world that is relying more and more on information and statistics collection. The ability to acquire higher quality data is becoming easier as technology develops and more of our lives are spent online, motivating more firms to give opportunities to data analysts.

Data analyst salary is also one reason this sector is proliferating: it offers a lucrative pay scale to the employees. The future for this position seems bright as this sector has much promise in terms of revenue as well. With knowledge in the field of data analysis, you’ll have the chance to enter a subject that is expanding and start down a rewarding career path.