A Guide To Data Analyst Course Fees in Bangalore

Imagine moving into a new apartment and having to furnish it. Whether you choose to go shopping in person or just start your search online, you will be overwhelmed by the variety of products available. To add to your confusion, nearly every product also makes lofty claims about its superior features. Detailed information on the top data analytics courses and data analytics fees in Bangalore is provided in this article. If the subject interests you, must read further. 

A complete guide to data analyst course fees in Bangalore

Data analytics plays a significant role in the market’s fierce competition, as practically all businesses from a wide range of sectors compete to meet your wants. Businesses rely on data analytics to stay competitive in today’s cutthroat, survival-of-the-fittest world.

A data analyst can assist in developing effective goods and services, reduce errors, forecast issues and sales, and more.

Despite their size, modern firms place a high value on data, and to fully utilize it, they employ data analysts. This is the reason that the term “data analyst” has been popular for a while, and there’s little doubt that demand for data analysts will continue to rise. Keep reading to learn about data analytics and data analyst course fees in Bangalore. 

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What is Data Analytics?

Have you ever wondered how Netflix recommends movies and shows off your taste? Well, Netflix documents your searches, scrolling patterns, location, date, and time, Not only that when the content is paused, fast-forwarded, rewatched, and even at which point you left the show, this becomes raw data through which they analyze and better your streaming experience which leads to customer retention and then conversion.

The process of analyzing and extracting important data using algorithms and turning it into readable and clear comprehensible visuals is data analytics. Data analytics is used in almost all industries for future predictions, faster decision-making, product planning, minimizing risk factors, and many more.

Here is a guide to Data Analytics and Data Science

Types of Data Analytics:

Descriptive Analytics:

Descriptive analytics explains “What is happening?”. Data analysts analyze past data and can tell what is happening. For example, with the help of descriptive analytics, companies can view the sales of the product in the past and present. Learn all about data, data analyst course fees in Bangalore, and more.

Various steps used in descriptive analytics:

  • Identify and locate the data  
  • Extract data
  • Cleansing and modeling data
  • Analyzing data
  • Presenting or visualization of data in the form of pie charts, line graphs, etc.

Diagnostic Analytics:

In diagnostic analysis, it asks “Why is this happening?”. After knowing what happened, diagnostic analytics dives deeper into the data to reason why it happened. It involves various processes and uses of algorithms looking for patterns from an internal and sometimes external dataset of a company. 

Use of diagnostic analysis is carried out using a number of methods, such as:

  • Data drilling
  • Data mining
  • Correlation analysis

Predictive Analytics:

It tells us “What will happen?”.

Predictive analysis is done with the help of various techniques:

  • Classification model
  • Clustering model
  • Forecasting model
  • Time series model
  • Outliers model

Prescriptive Analytics:

This analysis tells us “What to do next?”

  • Graph analysis
  • Simulation
  • Complex event processing
  • Neural networks 
  • Recommendations engines
  • Machine learning


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Role and Responsibilities of a Data Analyst

If you are interested in becoming a data analyst, make sure to read the full article and learn about data analyst course fees in Bangalore. A data analyst collects data from data warehouses, cleans the data, finds trends and patterns, analyses the data using various statistical techniques and tools, and presents a report in a penetrable way for making efficient business decisions. 

  • Collect data
  • Model data
  • Finding patterns and trends
  • Preparing a report 
  • Presenting data

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Pre-requisites To Become a Data Analyst:

What courses should one take in college to become a data analyst? You can enter the field of data analytics more easily if you have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, mathematics, statistics, or economics from a reputable university. Although qualifications for data analysts vary from company to firm and degrees are not always necessary, possessing one provides you an advantage. 

  • How Mathematics is Related to Data Analytics? 

 When it comes to math in data analytics, there is a myth that you need to be an expert in math. Certainly, expertise in math will help you but you just need to be familiar with calculus, linear algebra, and statistics. With these three concepts, you will have the understanding to get started with data analytics.

  • How is Computer Science Related to Data Analytics?

Computer science gives you the edge if you are dealing with big data. Programming languages like SQL, R, Java, Python, and Scala that both computer scientists and data analysts are familiar with. A computer scientist’s role in data analytics is immensely valuable be it a programming language, machine learning, or visualization.

  • How is Statistics Related to Data Analytics?

 It is a crucial part of scientific discoveries not only with the help of statistical data, but analysts also collect, interpret data, and solve problems based on the data.

  • How is Economics Related to Data Analytics?

 Data analysts and economists both deal with large data sets and they need to have a fair understanding of math, statics computing, coding, and knowledge of data visualization tools. Most importantly both need to make decisions based on their analyzed data.

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Technical Skill Set:

  • Advanced Excel
  • Python
  • R
  • SQL
  • Data warehousing
  • AS
  • Project management
  • Extraction Transformation and Loading
  • Oracle Database
  • Data modeling
  • Data mining
  • Data mining
  • Tableau
  • Power BI

Soft Skills:

  • Communication: Data analysts must acquire excellent communication skills. You must be able to communicate and make your colleagues, and stakeholders understand your finding.
  • Teamwork: Being a data analyst you must know how to work as a team. You have to be in sync with the data scientist and web developer to make them understand the type of data they want to capture and make company leaders understand how the insights will help and improve the company’s efficiency.
  • Time management: A marketing strategy product development and even business decisions all depend upon the insights data analysts present which eventually deal with conversion and customer retention thus time is money.

If any of the given skills match your interest, check out the given data analyst course fees in Bangalore.


Salary for a Data Analyst in India:

Entry level: Rs 507,269 annually

Junior level:  Rs 9,21,957 annually

Senior level:  Rs. 18,21,795 annually

Keep reading to learn about data analyst course fees in Bangalore

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India and the Rising Demand for Data Analysts: 

In any organization, data analysts are an integral part hence they are professionals and are indispensable. Company leaders develop profitable strategies for the organization’s growth based on data analytics performed by professionals; thus, their work is instrumental in an organization’s highest decision-making.

Data analytics and data science professionals will be in high demand in the coming years, not just in India but globally. According to estimates, there are currently a lot of open positions in data analytics in India alone per year. The need for data analytics has resulted in a significant 45%-50% increase in jobs in the Indian industry.

Due to the steep learning curve and high skill set requirements in the area, there is a growing gap between the need and supply of these individuals. The education and training required for these vocations have begun to receive more attention and impetus in India.

There are now a lot of vacancies in the Indian market for data scientists, according to statistics provided by a few top job search portals. By properly qualifying in the field of data analytics and obtaining the desired skill sets, students can get a competitive edge. 

The expansion of data analytics and data science occupations is being driven by the increasing digitization of Indian businesses and the expanding footprints of global firms.

The demand for experts who can gather, analyze, and visualize enormous amounts of data is constantly increasing exponentially. If you are interested in knowing more about data analysis and data analyst course fees in Bangalore keep reading.

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The Top Data Science and Analytics Positions That Are in High Demand Include:

Data Engineer vital component of every organization’s development team is the data engineer. For various business departments, professionals in this field gather, archive, analyze, and report various types of data. A data engineer serves as a liaison between developers who write codes and data scientists who analyze or visualize data. They are similar to messengers.

Data Scientist- Data scientists research how data affects an organization and how it may be used to address both large-scale and minor issues. To analyze data and its effects, data scientists typically employ mathematics, statistics, computer programming, and machine learning. In order to address the organization’s changing data needs, they also develop models for predictive data analysis and better algorithms.

Data Architects- Chief data officers are another name for data architects (CDOs). Utilizing technical tools like cloud computing or artificial intelligence, he or she tries to enhance the organization’s operations (AI). In order to do this, they gather, categorize, store, organize, manage, and examine enormous volumes of data.

A data scientist collaborates well with AI/ML engineers. While a machine learning engineer has learned the necessary software tools and will ensure that the algorithms fed into the models can be scaled up and work efficiently, a data scientist will create the algorithm to fit a machine learning model.

Data analyst statisticians gather data and statistics, chart them out, and analyze them to find patterns, build models, forecast outcomes, and report findings. To predict the future’s trajectory, they use derivative mathematics and analysis of future patterns based on the data they have collected. Learn more about data analyst course fees in Bangalore.

Since there is a rising demand in the field of data analytics but only a few have the skills. India ranks itself in second place in the search for excellence in the field of data. Cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai have started taking data analytics into account and started giving out courses for data analytics. Here we are specifically providing data analyst course fees in Bangalore.

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Data Analyst Course Fees in Bangalore



Want to be a professional data analyst? Then IIM SKILLS is the best platform to get professionally trained to seek a successful career as a data analyst. IIM SKILLS is the highest-ranked ed-tech company that has proved to be the best platform for professional and skill-developing courses in the world.


They have a team of the best mentors who are highly experienced and provide excellent coaching to each of their students. With a wide range of courses they have created skilled candidates in many sectors and helped them build successful careers across many industries.

IIM SKILLS is known for ranking on the top list and is offering a Data Analytics Course in Bangalore.


Course Details:

The course duration is 6 Months of online training sessions followed by 2 months of optional internship (unpaid) at a very minimum cost of INR 49900/- plus taxes.

2. ExcelR

ExcelR is a global training and consulting firm that provides industry-relevant courses in various fields such as data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital marketing, and more. They offer classroom and online training programs, as well as corporate training services to individuals and organizations across the world.

Their training programs are designed to equip participants with the practical skills and knowledge needed to excel in their respective domains. Additionally, ExcelR also provides consulting services to organizations to help them make data-driven decisions and solve business problems. 


  • 230+ Hours of Learning
  • 60+ Case Studies & Assignments
  • 18+ Industry Relevant Projects
  • 100% Placement Assistance 
  • 4 in-1 Certification 

Data Analyst Course Fees in Bangalore, ExcelR-

Classroom- INR 59999

Live virtual- INR 44999

Combo Course Fees-

Data Analyst + Data Science. ₹ 115999. ₹ 84999. 

Data Analyst + AWS. ₹ 79999. ₹ 65999.

Data Science + Data Analyst + AWS. ₹ 145998. ₹ 115999.

Data Analyst + Core Python. ₹ 65998. ₹ 45999. 

Duration: 6 months


Some of the Topics Covered

  •  Business Statistics
  •  Excel: Basics to Advanced
  •  MySQL 
  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • R Basics
  • Python Basics

Contact Details:

Phone: 096321 56744


3. Intellipaat, CCE, IIT Madras

These compact courses by CCE, IIT Madras, and Intellipaat are designed to provide participants with hands-on experience in using tools such as Python, R, and Excel for data analysis. The program is open to professionals and students with a basic understanding of mathematics and programming.

The course consists of live online classes, recorded lectures, assignments, and project work. Upon completion of the program, participants will receive a certificate from IIT Madras along with SQL and Power BI certificates.


140 Hrs Instructor Training

112 Hrs Self-paced Videos

224 Hrs Project & Exercises


Job Assistance

Flexible Schedule

Lifetime Free Upgrade

Mentor Support

Data analyst course fees in Bangalore, CCE, IIT Madras: INR 85000 +

Duration: 7 months with 50+ live classes

Some of the Topics Covered

  • Data Transformation using Ms. Excel & Python
  • Data wrangling with SQL
  • Data Science & Statistics
  • Business Problem Solving, Insights, and Storytelling
  • Optimization Techniques
  • Statistics & Machine Learning using R Programming
  • Predictive Modeling 
  • Feature Engineering
  • Advanced Machine Learning Techniques
  • Data Science Execution Strategy
  • Business Case Studies
  • Visualization using Power BI

Contact Details:

   IND : +91-7022374614    US : 1-800-216-8930 (Toll Free)


4. Analytixlabs

When it comes to data analytics courses and certifications that are applicable to the industry, AnalytixLabs is a high Data Science Institute. Since 2011, AnalytixLabs has guided thousands of aspirants to desired career opportunities in data engineering, big data, ai, and business analytics by providing a wide range of painstakingly designed curriculums for students from various backgrounds.

You can choose from a wide selection of online data analytics courses or enroll in a data science course at one of the classroom locations in Gurgaon, Bangalore, or Noida. 



In this package, you get three courses and one optional course.

Data analyst course fees in Bangalore, Analytixlabs, Data Science 360 courses: ₹ 38000/-

Optional course fee:  ₹ 4000/-

  • Self-paced blended eLearning starting at INR 38,000 + taxes
  • Interactive classroom learning starts at INR 48,000 + taxes
  • Classroom and Bootcamp starting at INR 48,000 + taxes
  • Avail of Student loans with easy EMI options to enroll in this course


  • Data Visualization & Analytics




Visualization with Power BI


  • Data Science With Python


Building Blocks 

Data Science and Predictive Modeling with Python

  • Machine Learning Course



Text Mining using NLP

Cloud Computing

Industrial and financial sessions (Domain understanding)

Optional Course:

  • Data Science using R 

Topics Covered-

Building Blocks 

R for data science

Predictive Modeling 

Machine Learning


Full Stack Applied AI Course

In this package, you get three courses and one optional course.

Data analyst course fees in Bangalore, Analytixlabs, Full stack applied for AI course-

 Course fee- ₹ 65000

 Optional course fee- ₹ 42000


  • Data Science With Python


Building Blocks

Data Science

Predictive modeling using Python

  • Machine Learning Course


           Building Blocks and Data and Analytics with Excel

           Text Mining using NLP

           Introduction to AI and Cloud Computing

            Industrial and financial sessions (Domain understanding)

  • Deep Learning With Python

           TOPICS COVERED-

Introduction to AI and Deep Learning

Computer Vision Applications, Text Mining, and Chatbox

Sequential Data, Language Models, and Text Mining

Reinforcement Learning and AI Project Deployment in the Cloud



It is a 1-year course where the whole module is divided into four terms. In the first and second terms, one needs to take mandatory modules with one optional module.

Data analyst course fees in Bangalore, Analytixlabs, Data science diploma course- 

INR 1,95,000 + GST

up to 80,000/- Scholarship available

Term 1

Orientation, Industry Landscape & How to Succeed

Basic of Statistics and Programming – Optional

Visualization using EXCEL & POWER BI


Python for Data Science

Term 2

Predictive Modelling Using Python

Machine Learning using Python

Term 3

Text Mining with Python

Marketing, Risk & Operations

Term 4

Project work – Dissertation – Final Viva

Problem-Solving (Frameworks, approaches)

Placement Preparation

Interview Preparation and Mock Interviews

Contact details:

Call – +91-9667772573


What types of data can be analyzed?

Data analysts can analyze structured data, such as data in databases, as well as unstructured data, such as social media feeds or customer reviews. 

What is the difference between a data analyst and a data scientist?

Data analysts focus on analyzing data to identify patterns and insights, while data scientists also design and develop algorithms and models to predict future trends. 

What are some skills one needs to become a data analyst?

Data analysts need strong analytical skills, proficiency in statistical software and programming languages such as SQL and Python, and the ability to communicate findings to non-technical stakeholders.