Top 10 GST Practitioner Courses in Patna with Placements

 The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is one of the most progressive reforms in the history of taxation in India. Ever since its inception, it has had multiple positive effects on the GDP and the economy of the nation as a whole. In this article, we intend to walk you through the top 10 GST practitioner courses in Patna to help you on your journey to becoming a certified GST practitioner.

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What is GST?

  Goods and Services Tax or GST is an indirect tax levied on the consumption of goods and services in India. Passed as the Goods and Services Tax Act in the Parliament on March 27, 2017, and introduced on July 1 the same year, GST is levied upon each stage of value addition along the supply chain.   Under the old tax regime, there used to be several different indirect taxes with different rates imposed on the consumption of a single product or service. GST has replaced all other forms of indirect taxes such as VAT, excise duty, luxury tax, etc., thus removing taxes’ cascading effects.   The enforcement of GST has simplified the complexities prevalent in the previous taxation system. But along with the onset of a new tax regime arises the need for expert GST practitioners.  

How Does GST Work?

  GST is a multi-stage, destination-based process. Let’s explain it with the help of an example for better understanding.   Suppose a manufacturer of furniture procures wood and nails as raw materials. The value of these materials increases once they are carved into chairs and tables. The manufacturer then sells this furniture to a wholesaler who brands the furniture, adding more value to the product. The wholesaler now sells the furniture to the retailer.   The retailer further adds value by spending on the marketing of the product. GST is levied on each stage of consumption of this value chain, where it can be set off with the amount of tax already paid on the procurement of the product.   Under GST, both businesses and consumers get benefitted as they have to pay much less tax.  

Benefits of GST Over Old Tax System

  Following are some benefits of GST
  • Eliminates the cascading effect of tax.
  • Enforces the ideology of “One Nation, One Tax,” where the Central Government decides rates and policies.
  • Increases the number of tax-payers by enclosing unorganized sectors under the tax net.
  • Promotes Consumption-based taxation instead of manufacturing.
  • Improving the efficiency of the logistics and distribution system.
  • Reduces tax evasion and avoidance.

Who Is A GST Practitioner?

  A GST practitioner is a certified professional who has expert knowledge on all the aspects of GST and is authorized by the government to carry out tax-related functions on behalf of a business or individual. They are responsible for filing monthly, quarterly, and yearly returns on behalf of the business or person and thereby liable for all legal proceedings of the entity.   To become a GST practitioner, one must be certified by a government-recognized institute and clear the GSTP exam conducted by NACIN (National Academy of Customs, Indirect Taxes and Narcotics).   You can also have a look at the options for Online GST courses in India  

Qualification Required to Become A GST Practitioner

  Any citizen of India with a sound mind, not adjudged as an insolvent and not convicted of any criminal offence, can become a GST practitioner. However, some additional eligibility criteria have to be met to become a GST practitioner.
  • A retired officer of the Commercial Tax Department of any State Government or the CBEC who has worked in a position of Grade-B or above for a minimum of 2 years.
  • A sales tax practitioner or tax return preparer registered for a minimum of 5 years.
  • A graduate or postgraduate in the disciplines of law, commerce, audit, and business administration
  • A cost accountant, a chartered accountant, or a company secretary.

Now, let us address the main question. Where can you enrol for a GST certification course? Following are the top 10 GST practitioner courses in Patna.


1. IIM Skills

  First on our list of top 10 GST practitioner courses in Patna is IIM Skills. IIM Skills is amongst the leading names that provide some of India’s best online GST practitioner certification courses. Moreover, since they are an online space, their courses can be accessed from practically anywhere in the world.   The GST Practitioner course at IIM Skills follows an all-embracing approach and provides comprehensive knowledge on various aspects of GST. It is an exhaustive curriculum, which covers the most basic to the most complex applications of GST.   The course includes various modules targeted towards gaining practical knowledge. It intends to equip the students with expertise to understand the impact and implement GST for various businesses.   Upon registration, you will get access to live classes carried out by expert trainers. You will also get lifetime access to their Learning Management System that stores all the information related to your course, including recorded classes, case studies, study materials, and tool recommendations.   The course also gets you accustomed to many tools and applications required for the effortless implementation of GS. Upon completion of the program, you will get a GST Master Certification from IIM Skills. This all-in-one course is one of the best GST practitioner courses in Patna.   Course Name: GST Practitioner Certification Course Course Fee: INR 9900 + GST Duration: 4 Weeks Course Syllabus
  • Module 1: The Origin and Concept of GST
  • Module 2: Structure of GST
  • Module 3: Registration Under GST-Criteria and Processes Explained
  • Module 4: Invoicing in GST-Rules and Regulations
  • Module 5: GST Returns Filling
  • Module 6: Composition Scheme Under GST
  • Module 7: Reverse Charge Mechanism
  • Module 8: E-way Bill Under GST
  • Module 9: Payments in GST
  Key Takeaways
  • Master GST certification from government registered institute
  • Lifetime access to recorded lectures and study materials
  • Practical learning
  • 24/7 Online support
  • Interactive Live Classes
  • 100% money-back Guarantee
  Contact Details: 99 11 839503, [email protected]   You can visit their website for more information on their GST certification course and other professional certification courses.  

Other Courses offered by IIM SKILLS:


2. ICAI Patna

  Previously known as ICWAI, the Institute of Cost Accountants of India (now ICAI) is a professional organization of management accounts in India. Unlike others on this list, ICAI conducts a workshop on GST rather than a course.  Nevertheless, their workshop on GST is considered amongst the best GST practitioner courses in Patna.   Course Name: GST Workshop Duration: 5 days Course Cost: INR 4000 + material cost   Course Syllabus:
  • Taxation & GST Basics
  • GST Administration
  • GST Registration
  • GST payment
  • GSTAccounting and Record-Keeping
  • GST & Law
  • IGST
  • GST in other countries
  Key Takeaways
  • Government certification
  • No minimum education required
  • Open up job opportunities
  • Valuable, industry-approved certification
  Contact Details: 09304625188/08709713707   Also, check out the Top 10 GST Courses in Pune  

3. Bihar Skill Development Mission

  Bihar Skill Development Mission (BSDM) envisions bridging the gap between talent requirement and skill deficit by providing necessary training to increase capabilities, thus assisting the youth to become employable.   BSDM offers a BS-CFA course (Bihar State-Certificate In Financial Accounting) to youths from all corners. Students fresh out of their class 12th standard are given more importance. The course intends to impart comprehensive knowledge on GST to make them job-ready. It is an online course delivered through their e-learning management system and is one of the top GST practitioner courses in Patna.   Course Name: BS-CFA (Bihar State-Certificate In Financial Accounting) Duration: 120 Hours Course Cost: The course is free of cost.   Course Syllabus
  • Introduction to Fundamental Accounting
  • Tally History and Journey
  • Introduction to GST
  • Tally with GST
  • Financial Accounting Basics
  • Maintaining Company Data
  • Incorporation of various laws under GST
  • Creating Master
  • Voucher Entry
  • Constitutional Amendment in GST
  • Inventory
  • An economic survey regarding GST
  • Payroll
  • TDS
  • Reports
  • Tally Software Services
  • Data Management
  Key Takeaways
  • Learn from real-life examples and scenarios
  • Case studies on different industries
  • 200+ assessments to check the progress of learning
  • 50+ assignments to further cement concepts
  • Takeaway materials for future reference
  • Interview preparation
  Contact Details: Call center no 1800 123 6525  

4. ICA Edu Skills-Kankarbagh

  Counted amongst the best accounts training institutes, ICA Edu Skills, Kankarbagh offers one of the best, 100% job-oriented GST practitioner courses in Patna. Through its practical courses, ICA targets to reduce unemployment amongst the youth of the nation. The course takes you through a practical learning process. You get to strengthen valuable concepts of GST such as input tax credit valuation, registration and compliance, GST return filing, e-way bills and invoicing, etc.   Course name: Goods and Services Tax (Short-term Course) Duration: 27 Hours Course Cost: Contact ICA for their course details   Course Syllabus
  • Lecture 1 Basic concepts of GST
  • Lecture 2 Implementation & Collection of Tax
  • Lecture 3 Valuation
  • Lecture 4 Payment of Tax
  • Lecture 5 Returns
  • Lecture 6 GST using Tally
  • Lecture 7 Practice on GSTN
  • Lecture 8 Project on GST
  Key Takeaways
  • Learn important terminologies under the Goods and Services Tax act
  • Learn how GST is paid to the government
  • Learn how to pass entries relating to Goods and Services Tax
  • Computation of taxable value of services
  • Calculation of Goods and Services Tax
  Contact: +91-8335069981  

5. Tally Brains

  As the name suggests, Tally Brains is an organization formed by Tally experts who boast of working with the Tally software for over 5 years. In addition, Tally Brains conduct several practical skill development programs to upskill the youth and make them ready for employment.   Amongst other accounting courses, Tally Brains offers the GST-Tally with Accounting courses, which makes it to our list of top 10 GST practitioner courses in Patna. This course has a free demo class that you can attend before committing to the program. You need to have passed your 10th standard examination to take this course.   Course Name: GST-Tally with Accounting Duration: 40 hours Course Cost: Contact Tally Brains for cost information   Course Syllabus   Tally Prime Basic with Accounting
  • Basics of Accounting
  • Installation of Tally
  • Inventory
  • Masters
  • Data Entry with Tally – Receipts, Sales, purchase, etc.
  • Advance Reports
  • Printing and Backup
  • Banking & Related Terms
  • Assignments and Projects
  Tally Prime GST
  • Introduction to GST
  • The GST Act
  • Practical Invoicing of GST using Tally
  • HSN, Registration, Supply, E-way Bill, etc.
  • Reports – GSTR1, GST R2 ,GSTR3
  • GST returns
  • GST services
  Key Takeaways
  • Training by expert trainers and tally professionals
  • Practical course
  • Job placement and assistance
  • Get certified from an ISO recognized institute
  Contact Details: +91-8349333666, [email protected]  


  NIIT is one of the most reputed names in skill development programs, offering a wide range of practical courses in various sectors such as Digital Marketing, Advanced Excel, Programming. It has a presence in many important cities in the country, including Patna. In addition, NIIT offers an “Introduction to GST,” a classroom-based course, which aims to train students on concepts of GST with the help of Tally ERP9.   You need to be a student of the Commerce stream and have some experience in working with Tally ERP9 to enrol in the program, which is considered one of the best GST practitioner courses in Patna.   Course Name: Introduction to GST Duration: 44 Hours + practical Tally ERP9 lessons Course Cost: Contact on the toll-free number to know about course fee   Course Syllabus
  • Concepts on GST
  • GST registration process
  • Books of Accounts Maintenance
  • Implementation of GST in different situations
  • Advanced Entries
  • Adjustments under GST and filing returns
  • Migrating to the latest release of Tally ERP9
  Key Takeaways
  • Learn from expert faculty
  • Get access to quality study material generated by Tally
  • Get dedicated machine room hours to practice Tally along with practical classroom lessons
  • Get dual certifications- NIIT participation certificate and E-Certificate from Tally upon clearing the online Tally exam.
Contact Details: 180030006448, [email protected]  

7. Tally Academy

  Tally brains is a leading brand name in the field of skill development. Not only one, but Tally Academy offers two topmost GST practitioner courses in Patna: Certified GST Professional With Tally ERP9 and Certified GST Professional With E-filing   Course Name: Certified GST Professional With Tally ERP9 This course aims at teaching the basics of GST, its applicability, and its impact on various businesses. It includes practical training based on real-life projects and equips students with using Tally for GST calculations. Minimum eligibility for the course is higher secondary appeared or passed. Duration: 3 Months Course Cost: INR 5000   Course Syllabus
  • Taxation and GST Basics
  • GST Administration
  • Accounting and Record-Keeping
  • GST Registration
  • Payments under GST
  • GST and the Law
  Key Takeaways
  • Learn how to use GST with Tally
  • Practical Projects
  • Real-Life Cases
  • Free e-books as study materials
Course Name: Certified GST Professional With E-filing this course is targeted towards professionals including ca and cs, legal consultants, ICWA, lawyers and tax experts, indirect tax consultants. Duration: 2 months Course Cost: INR 3000   Course Syllabus
  • Introduction to GST E-Filing
  • GST Rules
  • Last updated rates in GST Form
  • New GST Registration
  • GST Return-GSTR-1, GSTR-2, GSTR-3B, GSTR-4
  • GST Tax Download, Fill-up, and upload
  Key Takeaways
  • Learn GST filing in both Hindi and English
  • Learn error handling during filing returns
  • Learn from expert CAs and GST professionals

 8. ICSI

  Headquartered in Delhi, The Institute of Company Secretaries of India is a professional body that currently has 62000 members and 3.5 Lacs students on roll. Like other courses offered by ICSI, their course on GST is available for only members of ICSI and students of the ICSI Executive Program and higher.   Although exclusive to only members, the ICSI course in GST has achieved a designated spot on the top 10 GST practitioner courses in Patna.   Here are some of the program’s highlights ranked amongst the best GST practitioner courses in the country. Duration: 60 hours Course Cost: INR 7500 + GST   Key Takeaways
  • Online classes on weekends for convenience
  • Study material upon registration
  • Joint Certificate by ICSI and BSE
  • Online Examination

9.Tally Education

  Tally Education Pvt. Ltd is an initiative of the makers of the Tally software, Tally  Solutions. Tally Education is a dedicated organization that aims at providing the best solutions to businesses in GST transactions. In addition, it offers Tally-based accounting certifications as well as certification on GST using Tally. Last but not least, the GST course by Tally Education is ranked amongst the best GST practitioner courses in Patna.   Course Name: GST Using Tally   Course Syllabus
  • Introduction to GST
  • Getting Started with GST (Goods)
  • Getting Started with GST (Services)
  • Recording Advanced and adjustment entries
  • E-way Bill
  • Generating GST Reports
  • Filing of error-free returns

10. Henry Harvin

  Henry Harvin is a popular institute that offers a wide catalogue of professional courses, including one of the best GST practitioner courses in Patna. Their courses are highly ranked by both students and prestigious companies like India Today.   At Henry Harvin, lessons are carried by trainers who are award-winner industry experts, often featured in media agencies such as Aaj Tak and Hindustan Times. You can choose a batch at your convenience and enrol in either self-paced or live classroom sessions.   There are two online GST certification courses that you can choose from:
  • Gst Practitioner Certification
  • Postgraduate in GST
GST Practitioner Certification Course Fee There are two options available for candidates. First, you can choose the one which best suits your budget and convenience.
  • Self Paced Course – INR 11250
  • Live Online Classroom – INR 12500
Duration: Course duration is 32 hours, with classes held once every week.   Course Syllabus
  • Module 1: Supply or Levy, Place and Value of supply, Exort& Import, E-way Bills
  • Module 2: Registrations, Input Tax, Credit& ITC04, Transactional Provisions, Job Work
  • Module 3: Accounts & Records, Invoice, Tax payments, Time of Supply, Returns, and Refunds
  • Module 4: Litigation Management, Audit & Assessments, Offenses & Penalties, Demand, and Recovery
  • Complimentary Module 1- Soft Skills
  • Complimentary Module 2 – Resume Writing
  Postgraduate in GST Course Fee: You can choose from the following options
  • Self Pace Learning – INR 35100
  • Live Online Classroom –INR 39000
Duration: The duration of this course is 12 months, including an internship upon completion Course Syllabus
  • Course 1: GST Practitioner
  • Course 2: Advanced Excel for Accounting
  • Course 3: Tally ERP9
  • Course 4: SAP FICO
  • Course 5: Simulated GST Projects
  • Elective 1– Power BI
  • Elective 2-Ways to Earn Online
  • Complimentary Module 1: Soft Skills
  • Complimentary Resume Writing
  Key Takeaways
  • Amongst the top-ranked GST courses in India
  • Practical training covering key aspects of GST
  • Award-winning trainers
  • 24×7 lifetime support and access
  • 100% placement support
  • 9-in-one courses including training, projects, internship, certification, placement, e-learning access, hackathons, and one-year membership of Henry Harvin Accounts Academy
  Contact Information: +91-9015266266  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I become a certified GST practitioner? There are numerous ways to get certified as a GST practitioner in India. To begin with, you must have a professional certification, which you can get from any of the top 10 sources mentioned above. Furthermore, you may also find a good, government-registered training institute in your city. The only thing you need to do is do a little bit of research on the course and the institute you are looking to enrol in.   2. How to register as a GST Practitioner? The first towards becoming a certified practitioner is to join a course under a recognized institute, registered under The Department of MSME, Government of India. Then, once you are certified, you need to register yourself as a GST Practitioner on the GST portal. You can follow this guide on the GST practitioner enrollment procedure for a step-by-step explanation.   3. Which course is best for GST practitioners? One should always look for a course that provides an industry-recognized certificate upon completion of the program. A certification course gives you an advantage in this world of competition and improves your chances of employability. Also, check out the top 10 GST certification courses in Patna mentioned in this article if you belong to the city.   4. What is the salary of a GST practitioner? Depending upon individual skills and the company one is working for, the average salary of a GST practitioner can range from INR 4.6 Lacs to 6.4 Lacs and maybe even more.  


  GST practitioner is one of the most sought-after professions in recent times. Businesses are often on the lookout for GST experts who are skilled and talented. A professional equipped with an industry-recognized certificate can look forward to various employment and entrepreneurship opportunities. We hope that our list of top 10 GST practitioner courses in Patna helps you take the 1st step towards becoming a certified GST practitioner.