Tally Course Eligibility, Duration, Fees, And Syllabus

Tally is a popular ERP accounting software package that can help your business automate and integrate its day-to-day business operations. Tally certification programs are available so that you can quickly become an expert in the program. You’ll learn how to track your sales, expenses, and inventory, automate invoicing and billing, integrate with other financial applications, file GST returns or TDS returns, subscribe to services such as ERP data extraction and ETL capabilities, etc. This article will guide you through the Tally course eligibility, duration, syllabus, etc.


A guide to tally course eligibility, duration, fees, and syllabus


Tally courses can last anywhere from one month to two years, with Tally Certification and Diploma options available. Tally Course teaches students GST, TDS, inventory management, and accounting. There are no undergraduate or postgraduate tally courses; however, students in the BBA, BCom, MCom, and MBA Finance or Banking programs receive a brief introduction to tally as part of their curriculum.

Tally is a low-cost software platform that many small and medium-sized businesses use because they cannot afford to invest in more expensive software platforms like SAP or Oracle. As a result, Tally is regarded as the go-to tool for any aspiring accountant. Tally has been and continues to be used as a stepping stone in the careers of the majority of chartered accountants (CAs).

A lot of companies will continue to use tally for their book-keeping along with SAP or Microsoft Dynamics or other such accounting software platforms because of its ability to handle accounting more efficiently per the Indian tax guidelines and statutory requirements.

Tally, was developed by The Goenkas in 1986 and since then, like all other software, Tally has seen multiple versions from time to time to stay abreast with the fast-changing technology and business needs of organizations. Currently, TallyPrime has replaced the company’s flagship product Tally.ERP9.

There are numerous courses available to teach the software’s efficient use. This article will help you understand all aspects of Tally Courses, including the following:


Table of Contents        

1.      Everything You Want to Know About Tally Course

1.1 What is Tally Course – Highlights?

1.2 Versions of Tally Course

2.      Tally Course Eligibility Criteria

3.      Top online Tally Courses

4.      Tally Course Syllabus:

4.1      Some Quick Facts

4.2      Tally Course Syllabus – Basic Topics

5.      Top Tally Courses after XII Standard

6.      Top online Tally Courses

7.      Top Institutions/Colleges for Tally Course

8. Online Certificate Course for Tally

8.1       Tally Course Training for Beginners

8.2     Colleges that provide Tally Certification Courses

8.3     Colleges Providing UG Diploma in Tally Courses

8.4 Tally Course: Certificate Vs Diploma Course  

9.      Tally Course Syllabus:

9.1      Some Quick Facts

9.2 Tally Course Syllabus – Basic Topics

10.  Tally or SAP?

11.  Career Prospects after Tally Course

12.  Jobs & Salaries After Tally Courses 

13.  Top Companies that Hire Tally Graduates & Salaries 

  1. Tally Course: FAQs


Everything You Want to Know About Tally Course

  • Tally Certificate and Diploma courses are available both offline and online
  • Certificate courses – 2-4 months
  • diplomas -1-2 years
  • Course fees range from INR 3,000 to INR 10,000, but may vary by university
  • To do a Tally course, you must have completed at least 10+2 or an equivalent level of education. Basic knowledge of business management is also required
  • Various private and state-owned enterprises in various industries such as Industrial Houses, Accounting Firms, Foreign Trade, Banking, Budget Control, Inventory Control, and Merchant Banking are looking for skilled Tally professionals 
  • Graduates of the Tally Course earn INR 15,000 – INR 25,000 per month depending on the type of tally certification you choose (an entry-level tally certification pays less than an intermediate or advanced tally certification, or a tally diploma after completing an accounting, finance, or business course) 


What is Tally Course – Highlights?

Tally is one of the most popular and sought-after computer courses and 12th-standard commerce students can immediately enroll in a course in Tally. Having said that, given below are the details regarding the same. 


Versions of Tally Course

The business solution’s name is derived from the word “tally,” which means to count and keep a record. Tally Accounting is financial software that aids in the financial management of businesses. It is used to keep track of a company’s daily business data. Tally Prime, which was released in November 2020, and Tally ERP 9, which was released in 2009, are the most recent versions of the software. This version includes an acclaimed financial accounting system as well as an inventory management system, as well as a powerful computer.


  • TallyPrime is an improved and smarter version of Tally.ERP 9. ERP 9 software provides significantly enhanced features that assist you in improving various operations, resulting in a more seamless workflow and increased productivity. There are primarily three types of products available.
  • Tally.ERP 9 or Tally Prime is Tally Solutions’ main accounting software. It’s available in two versions: Silver (single user) and Gold (multiple users) (multi-user). If necessary, you can upgrade your single-user version to a multi-user version
  • Tally.Server 9 or TallyPrime Server is a server-based application designed for medium and large businesses. This is expensive because it serves a different purpose.
  •  Shopper 9 is a POS-based application that is best suited for retail.
  • Apart from these, there is a software called Tally. Developer 9 which is used to develop modules for Tally, mainly for developers.


Tally Course Eligibility Criteria

Accounting is an obvious and essential part of any business, and Tally courses provide you with a solid foundation for your accounting career. Undergraduates and graduates aspiring to enter the accounting domain with an understanding of Tally and IT awareness with basic communication skills should enroll in Tally’s most popular courses to learn and hone your skills to gain a thorough understanding of how a business operates. The following are the requirements for taking Tally courses:


  • You must have completed (10+2 or equivalent), preferably in the Commerce in class XI and XII, though candidates from any stream can apply
  • A basic understanding of business management and accounting
  • Graduates and/or working professionals are also welcome to apply for this course
  • It will give you an advantage if you are looking for work in the accounting field. Tally is ideal for students studying Finance, Accounting, and Business, as well as Business Management.
  • After graduation, students who want to pursue a Tally Accounting Course should have some business experience.


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Tally Course Eligibility: Duration & Fees

Tally full course prices average between INR 5,000 and 20,000, but this varies greatly depending on the type of tally course or college/institution you choose. The fees and duration of the tally course are shown in the table below: 


1Aditya College1 Year
2Ahimsa Women Polytechnic, New Delhi3 Years
3Bhopal School of Social Science40 HoursINR 5,000
4EMG Yadava Women’s College, Madurai
5Gramin Shiksha1 yearINR 10,000
6Indian Institute of Skill Development TrainingINR 2,000
7Madras Christian College3 MonthsINR 5,000
8Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University3 Months
9St. Teresa’s College6 MonthsINR 5,000
10YMCA Institute of Office Management3 MonthsINR 17,000


Tally Course Syllabus: Some Quick Facts

  • Tally Courses are available at the Certificate and Diploma levels and cover a wide range of financial topics.
  • Tally Training covers GST, TDS, inventory management, and accounting.
  •  Accounting, Billing, Payroll, Banking, Taxation, and Inventory are the most important topics/subjects studied in Tally courses.
  • The course curriculum of every top-rated Tally Course includes Billing, Banking, and Taxation topics.
  • Beginners can choose from a variety of top Tally Courses covering these topics to refresh their knowledge and skills.
  • A basic understanding of business management and accounting is required.
  • Tally Essentials 1, 2, and 3 are some of the best books published by Tally Education Pvt. Ltd.  


Tally Course Syllabus: Topics Covered

Tally is a well-known course that teaches students about GST, TDS, stock management, and accounting. There are no undergraduate or postgraduate tally courses; but as part of their curriculum, students in the BBA, BCom, MCom, and MBA Finance or Banking programs receive a brief introduction to tally. The Tally Course covers a wide range of finance and banking topics.


The basic topics covered in Tally Courses are listed below:


Accounting FundamentalsPrinciples of TaxationGoods and Services TaxTDS and its Calculation
Company FormationData SynchronizationBalance SheetCost Categories and Centers
LedgersStock Analysis and TransferPrinting of ChequeUnderstanding VAT and Excise Duty
Bank ReconciliationSales and Purchase Order ProcessingCredit LimitContra, Journal, and Manufacturing Voucher


Tally Syllabus: Generic Topics covered in Tally Course

The syllabus is different for different Tally courses. The sections below give an overview of top Tally Courses by various providers.


TDS Using Tally
Level 1 (Recording & Reporting)
Fundamentals of AccountingIntroduction to TallyPrime
Maintaining Chart of AccountsRecording and Maintaining Accounting Transactions
BankingGenerating Financial Statements and MIS Reports
Data SecurityCompany Data Management
Level 2  (Accounts Payable And Receivable)
Storage and Classification of InventoryAccounts Receivable and Payable Management
Purchase and Sales Order ManagementTracking Additional Costs of Purchase
Cost/ Profit Centres ManagementBudgets and Scenarios
Generating and Printing Reports
Level 3 (Taxation And Compliance)
Goods and Services TaxTax Deducted at Source
Management of Business DataMoving to the Next Financial Year

Top Tally Courses Syllabus 

The syllabus is different for different Tally courses. 

Tally Essential | TDS Using Tally
Introduction to TDSFundamentals of TDS
Introducing Capital to Business
Configuring TDS at Different LevelsHow to activate TDS
Creation of TDS Masters
Defining TDS at Group & Ledger
Basic TDS TransactionsBooking of Expenses
Deducting TDS on Multiple Expenses
Advanced TDS Transactions – Part ABooking Advanced Expenses
Reversal of Expenses
Advanced TDS Transactions – Part BTDS on Works Contract attracting GST
TDS on Interest Paid
TDS Payment to DepartmentBasic TDS Transactions
TDS Payment to Government & other transactions
TDS ReportsGenerating TDS Challan
Generating TDS Reports


 Tally Simplified

Volume 1A
Creating Masters in TallyVoucher Entry
Invoicing Cost Centres & Cost CategoriesAccounting & Inventory Management
Getting started with TallyFundamental Features Of Tally
Basics Of Banking Interest CalculationSimple Interest Calculation
Point of saleDifferent, Actual, and Billed quantities
Volume 2A
Essentials of TaxationService Tax Excise (dealer and manufacturer)
Advanced FeaturesTDS
Tally Comprehensive
Volume IFundamentals Of Accounts & Inventory
Volume IIAdvance Inventory & Technological Capabilities
Volume IIIFundamentals Of Taxation
Volume IVAdvanced Taxation
Volume VPayroll & Advanced Features


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Online Certificate Course for Tally

Tally is a popular short-term professional course for recent graduates and working professionals. The course is designed to help students become proficient in accounting, bookkeeping, taxes, inventory management, billing, and other related fields. The most recent version of tally software is the Tally ERP Course.


Here are a few websites that offer Tally-related certificate courses online:


1. Skillshare:

Skillshare offers a variety of tally programs for beginners, professionals who want to learn Tally courses with GST, and intermediate-level tally. These courses are reasonably priced, and students receive a certificate of completion upon completion.


2. Udemy:

Udemy is another popular online learning platform. Among the courses available are TallyPrime with GST, Training in Tally, Tally ERP 9: A Complete Guide, and GST Returns 2022. All of these courses are under INR 500 and are available from anywhere in the world.


3. National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIELIT):

Kohima is a government agency that provides both short-term and long-term certificate courses in a variety of fields. For high school graduates, graduates, and professionals, the organization offers a two-month tally training program.


4. Coursera:

This online learning platform offers online accounting courses from prestigious universities such as the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Virginia, the University of California, Irvine, and others.


Tally Course Training for Beginners

Online short-term tally courses are available online. The short-term online courses are ideal for professionals as well as those who want to work in management or finance with organizations or start their own businesses. Beginners can select from a wide range of tally courses, with prices available both online and offline via various platforms and institutions.


Course Name Providers Tally course fees (INR)
Tally ERP 9 Basic to Advanced Training Course 2021Udemy Rs.1,280
Tally ERP 9: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners to Advanced UsersUdemyRs. 3,499
Tally Prime for BeginnersUdemyRs. 1,280
Tally Course OnlineTallySchoolFree
Tally ERP 9 for BeginnersApna CourseFree
Tally ERP 9 Beginner to Advanced Online Course – HindiLetsutateFree
Tally Prime Basic With AccountingTally Brains Free Enrollment
Tally Erp 9 Expert CourseTallyTraining.inFree
Accounting with Tally ERP9.NIITNA


Tally Course Eligibility: Certificate Vs Diploma Course

The comparison between a certificate tally full course and a diploma tally full course using the chart presented below:

Points of DifferentiationCertificate Tally CourseDiploma Tally Course
Duration2-4 months1-2 years 
Level Certificate/ Certification LevelHigher Secondary Certificate (HSC)
Background StreamCommerceCommerce
Tally Course Eligibility 10+2 Commerce 10+2 with a minimum of 50 percent in commerce
FocusThe focus here is on accounting, accounting methods, and problem-solving analytical abilities.The focus here is much more on accounting as a sector in large organizations, banks, and MNCs.


Tally Course or SAP – Comparison

It could be said with certainty, you must have a solid understanding of taxation, financial accounting, accounting standards, and cost accounting. Aside from that, you should be aware of the actual obstacles that a company is concerned about. Cash crunch, inventory stock out, labor shortage, low sales order, supplier bargaining power, tax scrutiny, company affairs, low asset turnover, high investment in stock or debtor, bad debt, shareholder agony, and a slew of other issues.

Tally, SAP, and other software are merely tools. Many times, Tally is sufficient to deal with a large number of problems. However, if you want to excel in business and have a competitive advantage, you must have good tools. SAP is a useful but expensive tool. Not only does it have a high price, but it also has a high human resource.

The distinction between Tally and SAP is that Tally is appropriate for startups and small businesses where operation specialization is not an immediate requirement, whereas SAP provides solutions for more advanced, medium-sized, or large businesses with a large amount of data to process and a large number of operations to perform.


Listed below are some parameters for comparison between Tally and SAP FICO:


Parameters for ComparisonTallySAP FICO
Full FormTransactions Allowed in a Linear Line YardsSAP Finance and Controlling
Tally Course Eligibility10+2 commerce streamGraduation or post-graduation in commerce
Educational LevelCertificate or DiplomaCertificate
FeeRanges from INR 2,000 – 20,000Ranges from INR 10,000 to INR 4,00,000
Top CollegesWomen’s Christian College, St Teresa’s College, Madras Christian College, etcDelphi Computech Pvt Ltd, Victoria University, Lithan Genovate, SMEClabs, etc
In-demand skillsAccounting, Finance, Taxation, Interpersonal Skills Business Process, Master Data, Copa, Profitability Analysis
ScopeAccountant, Finance Manager, Chartered Accountant, Executive Assistant, Operations ManagerSAP Functional Consultant, Project Leader, SAP FICO Consultant, Process Developer, and Manager Costing
Average SalaryINR 5,00,000 – 10,00,000. INR 2,00,000 – 6,00,000.
Suitable IndustrySuitable for startups and very small companies.Suitable for medium-sized, and large companies.
Data Handlingcan only handle a small amount of data.SAP can handle large data amounts without any difficulty.


Career Prospects after Tally Course

  • Tally course graduates can expect to earn between INR 5 and 10 lakhs per year
  • Tally job salary is heavily influenced by the type of tally certification you choose
  • Those who pursue a basic tally course or certification earn INR 15,000 per month, while those who pursue advanced tally certification earn more than INR 25,000 per month
  • Whether you are a small business, a hospital, a school, or a large multinational corporation, you must keep your accounting books in order


Jobs & Salaries After Tally Courses 

There are numerous opportunities available, each with a different salary. Some of the positions available after completing a Tally course are listed below, along with job descriptions:


Job ProfileAverage Annual Salary
Accounts ExecutiveINR 2.1 – INR 7 lakhs
Junior AccountantINR 0.2 – INR 3.8 lakhs
Data Entry OperatorINR 0.2 – INR 3.0 lakhs
Accounts AssistantINR 0.5 – INR 4.0 lakhs
Tally OperatorINR 0.1 – INR 3.2 lakhs


Top Companies that Hire Tally Graduates & Salaries

Some of the top companies or organizations that hire Tally course graduates are listed below along with the average salary and job positions they typically hold.

CompanyJob ProfileAverage CTC
Vodafone IdeaTally OperatorINR 1.2 – INR 4.0 lakhs
Surya RoshniTally OperatorINR 1.8 lakhs
Infosys BPMAccounts AssistantINR 2.1 – INR 3.3 lakhs
DXC TechnologyAccounts AssistantINR 2.0 – INR 3.0 lakhs
FlipkartData Entry OperatorINR 0.1 – INR 2.5 lakhs
EKart LogisticsData Entry OperatorINR 0.2 – INR 2.4 lakhs


Tally Course Eligibility: FAQs


Q. What exactly are the criteria for Tally Course Eligibility?

Ans: The Tally Course eligibility criteria is a candidate to be a 10+2 pass out in the commerce stream with a qualified aggregate, have a basic knowledge of business management, and be a graduate from the commerce field.


Q.  Is Tally a good tool for the future?

Ans: Using a tool like Tally is an excellent solution for efficiently tracking the business. A tally is a popular software for record-keeping and accounting that is used by thousands of small and medium-sized businesses. As a result, Tally has become one of the most popular computer courses after 12th Commerce!


Q Is a Tally required for CAs?

Ans: Because Chartered Accountants work with and monitor a company’s financial health regularly, Tally will be extremely useful to them because it provides a complete business management solution. It will assist Charted Accountants (CA) in monitoring and managing all compliance requirements of their clients, such as audit, return filing, and so on.


Q Which industries are open to graduates of the Tally course eligibility?

Ans. There are numerous opportunities in both the private and public sectors. Accounting is required in all businesses like retail, banking, and financial institutions, commerce, manufacturing, and distribution, IT/ITES industries, BPO, KPO, human resources, insurance, sales & marketing, etc.


Q How much do Tally training courses cost?

Ans. The first course costs around Rs 4,000. Prices range between Rs 70K and Rs 7 LPA, depending on the college and length of the course.


Q How much money can I expect to make after completing the Tally course eligibility?

Ans. After completing the tally training, you will be able to earn between Rs 18,000 and Rs 23,000 per month. However, this is only the beginning of compensation, which will grow over time and with experience. A thorough understanding of the subject may assist you in obtaining an excellent package from the start.


Q What are the main benefits of taking the Tally course?

Ans. Tally helps in the management of the day-to-day business process. It helps to easily understand the importance and use of job readiness and costing. After completing Tally courses successfully, one has several employment options. Accounting students earn industry-recognized certifications that help them advance in management and their careers.


Q How easy is it to learn Tally?

 Ans. Tally is easy to learn. It is a simple accounting software that efficiently helps in the management of accounts.


Conclusion On Tally Course Eligibility

Tally is a beginner’s course that will teach you the accounting and bookkeeping methods used in today’s business world. You only need a 10+2 in commerce and a passion for numbers to be eligible for the Tally Course. The Tally course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of business accounting and bookkeeping. It provides a comprehensive overview of all relevant accounting standards in use today. The Tally course will assist you in gaining a thorough understanding of business accounting and bookkeeping at the most affordable and comprehensive accounting, bookkeeping, and tax services in the region. So here we come to an end to the guide to Tally course eligibility.