Top 9 Digital Marketing Courses in Alaska With Placement

In a world that is digitalizing very fast, where people spent more time on their phones, laptops, or tabs, no one notices the big colorful billboard advertisements as they used to in the past. Even while traveling, we would be busy on our phones, no one really looks out the window. If you are starting a business or want to help spread the business, online advertisements should be your go-to option at the present. Digital marketing courses in Alaska are the answer to that.


List of best digital marketing courses in Alaska


Wondering what digital marketing is, how it can help your business, and which are the best institutes offering Digital Marketing Courses in Alaska? Read on to find out!


Digital Marketing in a Nutshell

When we use digital or online channels to promote our work or use them to advertise our businesses or connect with our customers, then that process is referred to as Digital Marketing. The vast majority of people are using the internet for many things, from communicating to looking up options of sellers to buy something from; they compare the amount and read reviews before buying anything. Anything anyone wants, the first thing to do is online research. They would research using:

  • Search engines
  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • Social Media
  • Web-based advertisements, etc.


So our marketing strategy should also focus on being online to bring more customers in.


Let’s Dive Deep: Understanding Digital Marketing

Marketing is when a company or brand promotes its products or services to help improve its overall sales and values in the market. All successful companies will have a dedicated team who is responsible for this, those who have a combination of skills in advertising, and sales, and are able to deliver goods to end-users.

Traditionally these promotions used to happen via print – through newspapers, flyers, magazine advertisements, billboards, etc., broadcasting through television and radio. These are still an option today, but they are not the only option.

They are not where people spend most of their time on. Internet, apps, websites, and social media have taken the front wheel in our lives and as such, the ways of marketing have also spread out. Digital marketing uses various strategies:


A vast majority of people are on social media, no matter which platform, so it’s almost a must-have that your company needs to be active on several different platforms. When handled properly and efficiently, more people will be attracted to your content and the products and services that you put out and provide.


SEM is a strategy used by companies to make their websites more visible in search engines, these can be through paid advertisements that appear on search results pages. The two most common SEM professional targets are Google ads and Bing Ads.


SEO is a digital marketing strategy that helps to increase the reach of your website. This will help to optimize your content and the technical setup of your website so that your pages will appear at the top of a relevant search engine result page. The traffic earned through SEO is very organic and has a relevant influence on search rankings and thereby the reach of your site to more people. By effectively using certain keywords and phrases, you can increase the visibility of your content.


PPC also known as Paid Search advertising, are the ads that appear on top or side of the search engine results. These sponsored ads will charge you for every click on the ad but can be tailored to appear when certain keywords are used.


Good content marketing is not only used as a promotional tool but also as a medium to educate people on what your product or service is. It helps customers look for specific details they might not have been aware of before. When your content is relevant and informative, it makes the customer think of you as a reliable source of information. Also, you get more leads from blogs, videos, informational posts, or any other type of content, than the leads you get from paid advertising.


Affiliate marketing is like a paid collaboration between people or brands. Famous people or influencers endorse companies and brands and get a commission every time a product is sold.


Even with all the new contact points for customers, email is still widely used for passing information. What people expect from email marketing is:

  • Relevant
  • Conversational
  • Strategic
  • Coordinated across different channels
  • Trustworthy


The time and occasion to send a mail are also important as you don’t want to irritate the customer with a million emails for anything.


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Is It Worth It to Do Digital Marketing Courses in Alaska?

Digital Marketing can help a lot for the growth of a business which includes:


  • Know your audience: Digital marketing is the best way to connect with your audience and figure out potential customers. You can get an idea about what time is the peak time they visit your website, and whether they have clicked on offers and messages you have sent out. Knowing your customers and catering to them specifically can build your business more.


  • Reach out to more people: Unlike traditional offline marketing, with digital marketing, you can market and advertise your business to anyone around the world. The market to reach out to is the whole world and not just your locality or country.


  • It doesn’t cost much: Digital marketing is cheaper when compared to offline traditional marketing. You can create a professional website for a small cost, create accounts on social media for free, and have a partnership with any email newsletter provider for a more competitive cost.


  • Personalize by channel: With cross-channel functionality from people with multiple skill sets, you can engage customers more. This is especially true for social media platforms that have different audiences and expectations, so marketing strategy should be catered in such a way that keeps in mind the people on a specific social media platform, the tone, images, offers, and scheduling of your posts are all included in this.


  • It is more adaptable: You can try different ways of approaches, try different strategies and assess the results within a short amount of time. You can get access to the real-time data of customers to make educated decisions for your business.


  • Measure campaigns and set KPIs: With digital marketing, you can use a variety of metrics to determine the effectiveness of your marketing. Set goals for channels in different social media and choose metrics you want to see for each. You can track the number of people who visited your site, had any kind of engagement with the site, number of leads, etc., which gives you valuable insight to grow your business.


So, What Do You Learn in a Digital Marketing Course?


  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing: Definition and principles of digital marketing, channels of digital marketing, competitor research tools, website analysis tools, etc.
  2. Planning and Designing a Website: How to create a website, user-centered design, website optimization, use of website analytics, and develop insights from the results.
  3. Content Marketing: Content marketing concepts & strategies, how to create content that promotes the business goals, product, and user intent, webpage optimization, etc.
  4. Search Engine Optimization: Techniques that allow your website to have more visibility and bring in more traffic and leads.
  5. Search Engine Marketing: Introduction to SEM, usage of Google Ads, Google Keyword Planner, search traffic, cost-per-click, etc. are covered in this.
  6. Social Media Marketing: Using different platforms, how to develop a data-driven audience and campaign insights, creating and optimizing social media campaigns, etc.
  7. Web Analytics: How to analyze data reports of traffic source, website, page views, etc. to infer the customer mentality, practical knowledge on Google Analytics tools and other web analytics tools.
  8. E-Commerce Management: How to do keyword research, write product pricing, post good reviews, maintain an online product listing website, etc.
  9. Email Marketing: How to make efficient e-mail campaigns, email marketing campaign analysis, creating and sending product-based emails, etc. are covered in this.
  10. Affiliate Marketing: A paid collaboration with another company or brand to create traffic, practical knowledge of AdSense, etc.


Now that you know, you would like to take this course, let’s see the top institutes offering Digital Marketing Courses in Alaska:




IIM SKILLS is one of the top online educational institutes. They have designed the Master Digital Marketing Course in a way that gives complete hands-on learning. All students will have weekly assignments that are reviewed by the trainer. Students also work on real-time projects during the course which makes this one of the best Digital Marketing Courses in Alaska, not just in India.


The Main Features Covered in Their Syllabus Are:

  • Web development (15 hours)
  • Social Media Marketing (15 hours)
  • Micro Video Marketing (10 hours)
  • Google AdWords (SEM) (10 hours)
  • Affiliate Marketing (10 hours)
  • Email Marketing (15 hours)
  • SEO (25 hours)
  • Content Writing (30 hours)
  • Hands-on assignment (120 hours)


Other Course Features Include:

  • Multiple options to attend special classes covering certain modules on Wednesdays & Fridays, 8 pm to 9 pm.
  • 2-month guaranteed paid internship.
  • You’ll receive a letter of recommendation.
  • Lifetime access to all videos, training materials, etc.
  • Certified course completion certificate.
  • The three-month course costs USD 429.



IIM SKILLS digital marketing course is a full-fledged pack that includes multiple assignments and projects that will be performed by the enrolled students so that they can have an immense learning experience while developing needed skills. This institute has transformed thousands of careers who have been placed in the well-renowned organization.

The expert trainers here make sure to focus on each participant, give timely feedback, and keep a record of the knowledge gathered by the students so that they can work on the needed areas. You can build a strong command of your skills by enrolling in the IIM SKILLS digital marketing course that promises highly rewarding careers for its students in the long run.

They truly value the student’s time and money, hence, they conduct a free demo class for the aspires who are in a queue. In the session, they make sure to conclude all the necessary information about the course they provide, what will the students earn, and the criteria of the whole training.

Not only this, but they also promise students satisfaction, therefore, they are bold enough to give a money-back guarantee in case a student doesn’t find them valuable after enrolling in the course.  Looking at these, there is no reason left not to enroll in the IIM SKILLS course. This is a highly recommended place for anyone looking for advanced training for career upliftment.


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2. Indian Institute of Digital School –


IIDE, awarded the “Best Digital Marketing Institute” by the World Education Congress Awards in 2021, is one of the top institutes for digital marketing. IIDE has put forth one of the most comprehensive online Digital Marketing Courses in Alaska with 12+ certifications and a cutting-edge teaching methodology. These are self-paced video lectures handpicked by industry toppers and experts.


Their Curriculum is Spread Into Three Terms:

  • Term 1 – Focuses on search marketing, campaign planning, and e-commerce. The main modules covered in this are:
    • Introduction to Digital Marketing
    • SEO
    • Key performance marketing jargon
    • SEM
    • Campaign planning
    • Presentation making
    • E-commerce
    • Also a live project on Search Marketing


  • Term 2 – Focuses on social media marketing and content strategy. The modules covered in this term are:
    • Content strategy
    • Copywriting
    • Canva
    • Social media marketing organic
    • ORM
    • Influencer marketing
    • Resume making
    • Interview skills
    • Also a live project on Social Media Content Strategy


  • Term 3 – The last term focuses on ads, analytics, and a final in-class project presentation to the jury
    • Social media marketing paid
    • Social Analytics
    • Google Analytics
    • Also a live project on Social Media Advertising and a Final Project.


This is a 4-month course, with live classes on all Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm (IST). The cost of this course is USD 1095. They have placement interview opportunities, resume and interview training, and a certified course completion certificate.


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IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


3. Webster University


Webster University offers an 18-hour certificate program in Digital Marketing Management for students with background knowledge in marketing and survey of economics. The course syllabus is:

  • Digital economy (3 hours)
  • Introduction to Data Science (3 hours)
  • Management of Integrated Marketing Communications (3 hours)
  • Digital marketing (3 hours)
  • Social Media Content and Development (3 hours)
  • With an internship in Digital Marketing (1-6 hours)


4. Duke University Continuing Studies


Another one of the top Digital Marketing courses in Alaska includes the Digital Media and Marketing course offered by Duke University Continuing Studies, which is an online self-paced program designed for students who want to grow their digital marketing skills and pursue careers in the ever-growing digital marketing industry.

This is a non-credit course that helps students prepare for the OMCP and OMCA certification tests. The institute also allows students to take extra courses like Pinterest marketing, holiday PPC, Twitter advertising, etc. along with training with tools like Google Ads, Meta advertising, Mailchimp, Hootsuite, etc.


The Course Curriculum is:

  • Digital Marketing Certified Associate (DMCA)
  • Advanced SEO
  • Advanced Content Marketing
  • Advanced Social Media
  • Advanced Pay per click (PPC)
  • Advanced Website Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Advanced Web Analytics
  • Advanced Email Marketing


Students who complete six out of eight advanced modules are eligible to earn a course completion certificate. This 350-hour course costs USD 3195 and needs to be completed within 12 months for the course completion course.


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5. American Graphics Institute (AGI)


Next on the list of top Digital Marketing Courses in Alaska is the Digital Marketing Classes offered by AGI, the institute which has been teaching digital marketing online for over a decade now. These classes are taught by experienced professionals from the industry. They also offer a multi-course training program at the end of which you’ll get a Digital Marketing Certificate.


This Course Includes Training on:

  • Google Analytics Training course
  • HTML Email class
  • Responsive HTML Email class
  • InDesign Class – Introduction
  • Photoshop class – Introduction
  • Adobe Illustrator class – Introduction
  • Premiere Pro class – Introduction
  • Apple Keynote Training class
  • HTML Course – Introduction


The cost of the courses ranges from USD 495 to USD 795.


6. The University of Southern Indiana


Another one of the best digital marketing courses in Alaska is the Digital Marketing Certificate program from the University of Southern Indiana. Students need to complete three courses, with 70% or above on each for the finals to receive the course completion certificate. You can select the order in which course to do first however you like.


The Three Courses Are:

  • Marketing Your Business on the Internet
  • Using Social Media in Business
  • Achieving Top Search Engine Positions

This is a 72-hour course that costs USD 345 (USD 115 for each course)


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7. Simplilearn


The next on the list of top digital marketing courses in Alaska is the Digital Marketing Certification course from Simplilearn. Simplilearn is the #1 Digital Marketing Course as rated by Search Engine Journal. This course provides an in-depth understanding of the advancements in the digital marketing domains, including real-life projects for gaining practical experience. Students will also have exposure to 30 digital marketing tools as this is mostly a tool-based learning course.


The Course Curriculum is:

  • Mastering SEO, Content Marketing, PPC, and Digital Analytics
  • Mastering Social Media, Mobile Marketing,
  • Advanced Web Analytics
  • Advanced SEO
  • Advanced PPC program
  • Advanced Social Media
  • Digital Marketing Capstone


This 3-month course cost USD 790.10


8. Upgrad


Next on the list of top digital marketing courses in Alaska is the Digital Marketing Placement Guarantee Bootcamp. The classes are provided by top trainers and industry experts with years of experience and knowledge.


The Course Curriculum Includes:

  • Digital marketing fundamentals
  • Building a web presence
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing
  • SEO
  • Performance marketing
  • Email basics and programmatic advertising
  • Digital marketing analytics
  • Integrated marketing communications


They also include real-world projects on digital marketing tools with live-run marketing campaigns. You’ll be certified by Meta and MICA. They also provide resume development and query sessions along with mock interviews conducted by recruiting managers. This is a 6-month course that costs USD 1218.38.


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IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


9. Coursera University of Illinois


Up next on the list is the Digital Marketing Specialization course offered by the University of Illinois. This is an online specialization that helps you gain credits that count towards a Master of Business Administration (iMBA) from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

This Digital marketing course certificate was the top coveted certificate in 2015, on Coursera. There are hands-on projects in each course and every time you complete one course and its attached projects, you’ll get a certified certificate that can be shared with HRs and prospective employers.


The 7 Courses in This 8-month Specialization Are:

  • The Digital Marketing Revolution
  • Marketing in a Digital World
  • Digital Marketing Analytics in Theory
  • Digital Marketing Analytics in Practice
  • Digital Media and Marketing Principles
  • Digital Media and Marketing Strategies
  • Digital Marketing Capstone


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. How much does a digital marketer earn?

On average, a digital marketer earns around USD50K per year.


2. What are the eligibility criteria to apply for digital marketing courses in Alaska?

Most digital marketing courses in Alaska are open to anyone who has completed their 10+2 school education. For doing a postgraduate digital marketing course, you need a graduation degree certificate from any recognized university or college, or institute.


3. What are the careers available after completing any digital marketing courses?

The career opportunities after a digital marketing course can be:

  • SEO Executive
  • SEM Executive
  • Social Media Marketing Executive
  • Content Marketing Executive
  • Web Development Executive
  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Email Marketing Executive



If you’re still feeling overwhelmed about the digital marketing courses in Alaska, don’t be. It’s not very difficult. As with any other course, the digital marketing courses are also easy, so long as you choose the right course and mentor. In this ever-digitalizing era, the digital marketing industry is booming and thriving with growth. It needs more people passionate about promoting works and services online, it needs more people like you. It is a very job-oriented course that will give you a good income with the right knowledge and skill set. So why wait any longer? Choose from any of the digital marketing courses in Alaska given above and start your journey now!