Top 4 Technical Writing Courses in Thane With Placements

In the post-pandemic world, freelance writing or professional writing has emerged to be one of the top career choices due to its flexibility of working hours and substantially large packages that experienced writers have acquired. Apart from content and copywriting, which seem to be hot favorites, technical writing has also emerged to be a highly lucrative and specialized writing profession, having high demand in corners of the industry. In this article, we will explore what technical writing is and if it is the right choice for you. We will also brief you about the technical writing courses in thane you can opt for building your foundation as a technical writer.

List of best technical writing courses in Thane

What is Technical Writing?

Technical Writing is a formal type of writing used in technical industries such as Information Technology, Medical Science, Computer Science, Pharmaceutical Industry, etc.

It means any industry based on technical concepts uses different types of documentation that require technical writing directed for the benefit of the readers of the document. 

There are different types of documentation such as White Papers, Research Papers, Product Manuals, Scientific Papers, End-User Guides, and many more. The style of writing in these documents is more formal and the writers tend to avoid personal opinions in the document.

The content written in these documents is based on the factual information provided to the writer by the client. Today technical writers are in higher demand as companies have realized the benefit of hiring a technical expert who can take care of their technical documentation that engages their employees for a small fee.

The technical writer in this case can combine his writing ability and technical knowledge to create a document that pleases and inspires the reader and achieves the purpose of the company in creating the document. A lot of students have enquired about technical writing courses in Thane and hence, this article addresses their concerns.


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Is Technical Writing for You?

Before choosing technical writing as a career, I think you should first evaluate if you have the aptitude for it. So here I am making my contribution of nudging you in the right direction. 

As a technical writer, you would have to work with people involved in technically complex projects, and although you may not need their expertise, you would be expected to know a bit about the domain of the work.

For example, a company providing financial software to banks may want you to use your knowledge to write a paper on the benefits of the product to the banking industry.

You are not expected to understand the code that goes into the software but you should know the financial jargon and the technical concepts which would make the software more appealing to the banks who are the target readers of the company.

To assess, if this career is for you, write down the educational background and the experience you have gathered over time. If you are a fresher, write about the technical topic you like or dislike, books, articles, or blogs you have read on technical topics.

Once you are finished, review it. It will not only give you a complete picture of your aptitude for technical writing but will also help you to find the right niche within technical writing you can target and build expertise in that very niche. 

What are the Career Prospects for a Technical Writer?

Due to the incredible speed of technological development across the sectors, technical writers are in great demand. If you already have experience in a particular technical field such as Information Technology, or Computer Science, you can use it to write technical documents for a company.

As a technical writer, you can either look for a stable job at a company or start your freelancing business and offer your services to clients for a fee. Depending on your expertise, skill level, and marketing strategy, you can make more than six figures as a freelance technical writer as you build a sustainable business and continuously build value for your clients through the high-quality documents that you create.

On the other hand, if you are a fresher and don’t know where to start you can build a foundational skill level and join as a junior technical writer or assistant technical writer as per the position available at the company.

Although the pay would be less and you would have to work more at the start, a job would give you the ultimate on-the-job training to build your skills as a technical writer.

You can start your freelancing business after a few years of experience and can get higher pay since companies tend to offer better packages to experienced and skilled technical writers

A career in technical writing would be a long and rewarding one, especially in a developing country like India which is just entering the phase of rapid technological development in multiple sectors.

As a technical writer, you would be expected to be constantly updated on new emerging technologies in your sector. Continuous upskilling and delivering on your promise as a content writer would help you reach the zenith of your career goals.


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What are the Skills Required for a Technical Writer?

To enroll in institutes offering technical writing courses in Thane or anywhere else in the country, the following skills are important for a technical writer.

Communication Skills: As a technical writer, you need to have excellent communication skills to present your point across with ease. Your main task is to understand your end reader and write the document so that the end reader would be able to understand the document and make an informed decision based on it. The writing needs to be precise and to the point.

The communication should be simple enough for anyone reading to understand the subject matter. As a technical writer, you would shoulder the responsibility of converting a highly technical document or subject matter and presenting it in a simple way for the reader to understand.

Domain Understanding: You need to have a very good understanding of the domain you are working in. For example, if you are working on a particular database, you need to have detailed knowledge about it so that you can understand the technicalities when the domain expert speaks to you. No one would hand-hold you through the process because you are finding it difficult. You need to have certain foundational expertise before you begin.

Conducting Research: Once you receive a project, you will be given information on the requirements of the document by the technical team. Still, there would be instances where the available information is not enough and would need you to conduct research and find that missing information. Your expertise in researching on your own may be the deciding factor in you getting the job as a freelancer.

Writing, Proofreading, and Editing: As a writer, it is a primary requirement that you need to be a very good proofreader. Finding mistakes in your writing and correcting them can be troubling. The best way to go about it is to take a break after the first draft is ready and then with fresh eyes start the proofreading and editing process. Efficiently editing documents is a time-consuming but necessary skill any technical writer needs to possess.

Documentation Software: Today a lot of technical writing software is available that helps writers create documents in a particular format such that the content is easy to modify and has improved readability for the end-users of the document. Having mastery over such software is a key skill that can propel you ahead of your fellow technical writers in getting a crucial job. Some of the highly used technical writing software include Madcap Flare, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe RoboHelp, and so on.

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The Technical Writing Courses in Thane for Aspiring Students

Currently, there are no institutes that offer technical writing courses in thane in offline mode. There are a lot of prestigious institutes, but they offer either SEO training or software training which may help you to become a good technical writer in the longer run.

We have curated a list of the top technical writing courses that are available online and hence can be attended by students looking for technical writing courses in Thane. 



IIM SKILLS is one of the most trusted names in India offering professional courses. With a presence in more than 20 countries and having trained more than 15000 students through its courses, IIM SKILLS has made its name as a premium training institute in the country.

It is one of the best choices for students searching for technical writing courses in thane. They offer courses such as Technical Writing Course, Content Writing Course, Digital Marketing Course, SEO Course, etc.


 The technical writing course offered by the institute is a unique course that is designed to be held online over 5 weeks. With highly experienced staff, having actual industry experience, the students not only learn the theoretical aspects of technical writing but are also exposed to the practical tips and ideas shared by the trainers.

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The Main Benefits of the Course Are:

  • Lectures for more than 20 hours
  • Practical Assignments for 60 hours
  • Training provided using technical writing tools such as MS Visio, Scribus, MS Project, Git, etc.
  • Actual technical writing exposure through assignments and live projects.
  • Learning different document types such as API documentation, white papers, research papers, and medical and conversational writing.
  • Placement assistance to all the students.


The fee charged by IIM SKILLS: INR 14900 + 18% GST


2. Symbiosis Center of Distance Learning

Symbiosis Center of Distance Learning SCDL is one of the best institutes offering a wide range of distance learning courses in India. It has been awarded various ranks and accolades for the quality of its distance learning programs. They have provided these courses to corporate companies such as Airtel, Cipla, Cognizant, Walmart, etc.

SCDL provides a 2-year distance learning course in Post Graduate Diploma in Technical Writing in Business Management. Although SCDL is not located in Thane but is a very good option for aspirants looking for technical writing courses in Thane.

It is an AICTE-approved course and aims at developing professional technical communicators by teaching the students theory of Technical Writing and helping them learn through practical assignments.

The eligibility criteria for the students are graduation in any discipline from an approved university or the student must at least have appeared for the final exam and is waiting for results. The features of the technical writing course at SCDL are:

  •  It is a four-semester course spanning over 2 years.
  •  Practical project-based learning
  •  Exposure to technical writing tools such as RoboHelp, and DITA toolkit.
  •  Students can learn different research methodologies important for a technical writer.
  •  100% placement assistance
  •  Highly experienced staff with more than a decade of industrial experience.


Fee for the course: INR 50,000/-

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3. Ibrik

If you can go out a bit further to look for technical writing courses in thane, look no further than Andheri. Ibrik, founded in 2007, is one of the most established names in the country when it comes to technical writing. It’s a consulting company offering services such as technical writing and training services.

They have launched training courses such as certification in technical writing, and instructional design. It is one of the best choices for participants trying to find technical writing courses in Thane.

The technical writing course offered by them is an online course of one-month duration conducted on weekends. The course design reflects the industry experience of 20 odd years of the course designers.


The major features of this course offered by ibrik are:

  •  Trainers with actual industry experience
  •  Hands-on application of concepts for practical learning
  •  Training on documentation tools such as Adobe RoboHelp, and Microsoft Word.
  •  100% training and internship support.
  •  Live online support and feedback


The fee for the course is: INR 30,000 + 18% GST

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4. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin Writing Academy has been offering courses in technical and content writing for more than 7 years now. The institute has trained more than 3 lakh students till today and has corporate tie-ups with more than 180 corporate companies all over the world.

They are also highly recognized globally with recognition from the American Association of EFL, Content Writing Association of India, UK Cert, and MSME. The company has also received the Top Corporate Training Award which says a lot about its training program.

Students looking for technical writing courses in thane can enroll in this course to master concepts of this field. The certification process follows the registration of the students, online learning classes for technical writing, submission of projects and assignments and finally obtaining the certification from Henry Harvin Institute.

The major features of the technical writing courses in Thane offered by the institute are:

  • Online training sessions for 36 hours.
  • Internship assistance 
  • Practical experience through assignments and projects.
  • Placement assistance and practical guidance.
  • Learning the writing processes for scientific proposals, research drafts, literature reviews, and research papers.
  • Tutorials offering guidance in documentation software such as MS Word, Google Docs, and Notepad.


The Moolah You Can Make as a Technical Writer

If we look at the technical writer profession from the earnings point of view, it is as lucrative as it is rewarding. An experienced technical writer can make more than $70,000 annually. Well, that does not mean you have to move to the US to be a successful technical writer.

As per Glassdoor, the average salary for a technical writer in India is around Rs 6,00,000 per annum. You may be offered less as a fresher with no experience and passable technical skills.

As you move up the ladder, the pay goes up to more than 11,00,000 per annum for highly experienced and proficient technical writers.

As a freelancer, you can charge different rates based on the industry you are working in, your technical expertise, and your experience in the area. This field is highly lucrative for students and by learning from the technical writing courses in Thane they can update their skill set right where they live.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Technical Writing Courses in Thane

1. What are the entry criteria set by institutes for technical writing courses in Thane?

There are no specific entry criteria set by any of the institutes listed above. Although they will ask for your technical background and knowledge to help better place you either in the job market or as a freelancer.

2. I do not have a technical education background. Can I be a technical writer?

Yes, you can. But be aware that it would not be a smooth ride. You would have to apply yourself and build that profile, knowledge, and skillset which would help you to stand out from the competition. Working hard in a smart way will propel you to be a successful technical writer 

3. What are the various roles for which jobs are available as a technical writer?

Various roles offered to freshers and experienced technical writers are junior technical writer, senior technical writer, assistant technical writer, head technical writer, etc. These positions and roles vary as per the company structure and the management systems adopted by the company.

4. Why don’t the companies do technical writing themselves if they have technical personnel on the team?

Almost all the companies indeed have staff who could write the technical documents for which you would be hired. The problem is majorly cost-related. By assigning their employees which are normally the technicians or scientists working in the company, a lot of their time is wasted in writing these technical documents which would otherwise be used for the company. Moreover, apart from technical knowledge, writing skills are also key when developing technical documents. As a technical writer, you would combine both these skill sets which would be something the company is looking for in a technical writer. 


A career as a technical writer can be one of the most challenging jobs you will do as a writing professional. At least 35,000 technical writers will be required in the next 5 years in India alone. The demand for technical writers is only going to increase. With a decent technical background, you can hone your skills, and knowledge and fill the gap by offering services or joining a technical team and writing technical documents for the company. As a technical writer, your mantra would be developing your knowledge and skills as a writer and consistently delivering high-quality technical documents for your target readers.