Top 6 Data Analytics Courses in Masai With Placements

We live in an all-conducive world where a man drives down the path of excellence and has reached the zenith of transformation. Humans have evolved into the most powerful beings and everything has been taken into control by technology. The creatures that function on control, today’s era is embarked with the digitization and industrialization of every specter of life we see. The invention of the dotcom has emerged a new realm of unfathomable possibilities a few decades ago. If you are looking for data analytics courses in Masai, this article is for you.

List of best data analytics courses in Masai

With the advent of the internet, the world is now connected to an unsalable network. We know and communicate with people who live miles away from us in the comfort of our homes. The online world has led to information being available at the click of a button.

The daily lives of people are submerged in the helm of an information paradox. Companies today are investing in the analysis of information available. The analytics of information whether raw or organized for gathering insights about a particular subject or field of study is called data analytics.

This article discusses in-depth data analytics, its types, and how one can learn more about it and is primarily focused on the data analytics courses in Masai.

What is Data Analytics and Why is Becoming So Popular?

Data analytics is a scientific technique for analyzing data. It involves gathering, processing, scrutinizing, and concluding the observations of the recorded information to suggest measures and execute the thesis derived. The data collected whether raw or quantitative is monitored and tested before the conclusions are drawn.

The data analytics courses in Masai help us understand the relevant insights and trends in the market that a company can implement in the future. The techniques involved in the analysis reveal metrics and insights that can otherwise be lost in manual scrutiny.

They provide practical solutions which can be easily applied. Data analytics is often helpful in shedding the counterfeited fallacy of hard work deriving the yielded results and accepting that smart work and strategizing lead to efficient outputs.

For example – A digital marketing agency can monitor its engagement and online presence by analyzing the statistics of the website and the campaigns they have run. The tool of web analytics uses online data to examine the performance of the company in the online realm.

Data analysis courses in Masai can help companies understand the brinks of blunders that can lead to a potential loss. Manufacturing companies use data analytics to monitor the time taken by the machines to produce a certain amount of raw material, record the time taken, and accordingly assign specific tasks to each machine.

Content companies use online data to analyze and summarise their performance each year. They reorganize, restructure, and place their data to get more clicks and then analyze the traffic the website has drawn. This helps companies recognize loopholes in their methods and suggest methods that can optimize their working procedures and deliver coherent results.

A firm or an enterprise can utilize data analytics to enforce strategic decision making which can yield better relationships with customers and customer satisfaction.  Data analytics is the need of the hour and let us understand why it is so popular. The practice of storing, organizing, and analyzing data for commercial objectives is known as data analytics.

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Key decision-makers are informed through this process, which enables them to base crucial strategic judgments on facts rather than intuition. Data analysts in contemporary firms are accountable for assisting with the direction of fundamental company units and practices, including critically crucial procedures like Information technology marketing, and accounting for Human Resources, Sales, and Business Development.

As you might expect, this procedure and the crucial role played by expert data analysts have made them extremely significant members of practically every organization working in any sector of the economy. The data analytics courses in Masai help you create the right plan of action that drives your business to achieve the next milestone.

Today investing in data analytics is as important as investing in any other key functional areas of your business. In fact, every aspect of commercial activities involves data analysis. The correct implementation of data can help you increase the sales of your company tenfold.

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How Can You Learn Data Analytics?

After learning how useful data analytics can be, you must be wondering how can you learn and implement it for your company, it is not unusual to wonder about the technical skills involved in the nuances of data analytics. Data analysis usually involves conducting SQL database queries, R or Python programming, and statistical analysis.

Though learning these skills is not an easy task, anything can be achieved with the right mindset. Here are certain tips that you can keep in mind before plunging into learning the basics of it.

Remember that it is an investment for your future– Learning data analytics can help you stay in touch with the trends of the market. The statics show companies are hiring data analysts with high salaries and they are entrusted with the growth of the company. This is an ever-growing industry that can help you get a job across various fields. Learning new skills takes time and energy, and investing that time in learning this skill will be an investment in your future self.

Set aside time each day to learn– Consistency is the key to achieving anything in life. If you wish to learn data analytics ask yourself this question- When time I can dedicate to this course in the entire day?

Build your foundation with online courses. – Before you want to pursue it as a full-time career or execute it practically in your business, learn its basic functionalities. Starting with a structured course that covers the fundamentals and exposes you to some of the data analytics tools can be helpful if you are new to data analysis:

  • Data structures and kinds
  • Data preparation and processing
  • Techniques for analyzing data
  • Data narrative and visualization
  • Using data to provide answers

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Why Should You Opt for Certification in the Data Analysis Courses in Masai?

There are a lot of people who do not feel the need to opt for data analysis courses in Masai, here’s why you should go for a certification in data analysis,

A plethora of opportunities to explore – Data analytics courses in Masai offer chances to grow and expand. Opportunities are therefore expanding quickly as more businesses seek to integrate data analysis into their fundamental operations. If you are certified, you may have an advantage over the competition and be given the chance to work with some well-known individuals.

Necessity for qualified personnel- Although there may be a lot of changes in data analysis, there are not enough qualified professionals to match the demands of the organizations. As a result, if you possess a certification, you might be counted among those highly skilled individuals and excel in all interviews.

High salary growth – Compared to non-certified individuals, data analysts typically see higher income growth. According to a survey conducted by Recruiters, 67% of recruiters said they prefer certified applicants and are willing to pay more. As a result, you might anticipate greater career progress.

Social security – With the knowledge of data analysis and certification, you hold an awareness of not only the current trends but also the crimes and cyber frauds that take place in today’s era. You are well acquainted with the happenings of the world and safeguard your data from online fishing.

Marketing, sales, and advertising – Conducting thorough research of the market before engaging in any of these activities is vital for their success. Data analytics courses in Masai help the company drive its actions of promotion and creating awareness about its brand stemming from firm foundations of market research.

A large consumer or customer data set is beneficial, but it is useless if you are unable to extract any actionable information from it. Data analysis is used in this situation. With the aid of data analysis, you may learn a lot about consumer behavior and purchasing habits.

With the use of consumer insights, you can promote services or market goods that they are very likely to purchase, which will increase sales.

Fraud and risk detection – Without a method to monitor fraud and defaulters, banks risk suffering significant losses. These financial institutions can utilize the data they currently have on their clients to determine which ones are likely to default on their debts or even whether there is a chance of fraud.

Education- Data analytics courses in Masai can be quite useful in the field of education. Each student has a unique learning style, and no two are alike. Educational institutions can design courses that are tailored to a class with the aid of data analysis, where the curriculum takes into account the skills of each student.

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What Abilities Do You Need to Excel at Data Analytics

Data analytics is an ever-booming industry that keeps growing each year with tons of opportunities. One can grow in this realm with the right skills. Earlier in the article, we discussed tips to keep in mind for learning data analytics, here are the technical aspects that you need to master to exercise efficient analysis of data.  Let’s examine them in more detail, along with the steps you may take to begin learning them.


The preferred language for interacting with databases is SQL, often known as Structured Query Language. Knowing SQL enables you to change data structures and query, organize, and update data stored in relational databases (schema).

The most crucial skill to learn to land a job is probably SQL because practically all data analysts will need to utilize it to retrieve data from a company’s database. In reality, a technical SQL screening is frequently included in data analyst interviews.

Programming in statistics

You can run complex analyses in ways Excel is unable to, thanks to statistical programming languages like R or Python. It would be wise to learn at least one of the two open-source languages. Similar data science tasks can be completed using either language. While Python is the more widely used of the two and is typically a simpler language to learn (especially if it’s your first), R was created specifically for a data analytics course.

The first programming language you should learn is Python for Everybody from the University of Michigan can be used if you’ve never written computer code.

Machine Learning

The recent buzzword and one of the most talked about advancements in data science is artificial intelligence (AI). In general, data analysts are not required to have machine learning knowledge. However, studying machine learning strategies could provide you with a competitive advantage and lead you to a career as a data scientist.

Statistics and probability

Statistics and probability yield results that mimic what a data analyst performs, which could sound familiar. If you have a strong background in probability and statistics, you’ll be better able to: Recognize patterns and trends in the data; avoid biases, fallacies, and logical mistakes in your research; and produce accurate and reliable results.

Visualizing statistics

Analyzing the data and interpreting the results is one function. Developing a plan of action is a different story altogether. Data visualization can help with it. As a data analyst, you can understandably communicate your findings by using charts, graphs, maps, and other visual representations of data. You may turn your analysis into dashboards, data models, visualizations, and business intelligence reports using this widely used piece of software.

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Top 6 Data Analytics Courses in Masai



IIM SKILLS is listed at the top position of the best ed-tech companies that are highly recommended for data analytics courses in Masai. IIM SKILLS is a globally recognized educational company that is known to offer a wide range of courses that are skill-developing and professional courses.


If you are the one who is seeking to get trained professionally and upgrade your skills then your top-notch choice has to be IIM SKILLS. IIM SKILLS is owned by Vaibhav Kakkar who started this educational company back in the year 2015 and content writing was their first course.

In these many years, they have introduced many professional & skill developing courses which are offered through online platforms across the globe. Though they are headquartered in Delhi they have gained popularity worldwide and have the highest ranking for almost all their courses.


The Data Analytics Course is one of their highest-ranking course which is top-rated worldwide. The course duration is 6 months + 2 months of internship. The course offers 100% practical and tool-oriented training at a very minimum cost. This course has proved to be the best online learning platform who are looking to seek a career as a data analyst.

Along with the most recommended platform for taking the course, they also have the additional benefit of 24*7 support and guidance for portfolio building who are freshers. Their helplines have the best team that provides great guidance and extended help in career building for beginners.

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The Types Of Data Analytics Tools Covered:

  • Python 1 & 2
  • R
  • Basic & Advance Excel
  • VBA
  • Tableau
  • Alteryx
  • SQL
  • Power BI


Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact Details:

+919580740740, [email protected]

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2. Coursera

Google offers 222 courses altogether on Coursera, covering a wide range of subjects and technological abilities. Beginner-level students with no prior expertise in data analytics or similar IT sectors are the target audience for their data analytics courses in Masai.

It is broken down into eight phases that address the use, preparation, cleaning, analysis, and presentation of data as useful insights to support business choices. This course teaches R, an open-source programming language, rather than Python.

The data analytics courses in Masai’s last module discuss case studies, portfolios, and pointers for navigating the competitive job market for data analysts. Students can also choose to complete a case study for their portfolio. This is a self-study course that is completed entirely online and at the student’s own pace.

Best for -This course is suitable for those people who are in a time crunch for setting a time across in their routine. It offers video-on-demand lectures that you can access anytime, good for those people who do not want personal mentoring.

Duration- The course module is flexible and demands a commitment of 10 hours per week. However, the course structure is designed in a way that allows completion of the course as per the schedule of working professionals.

Price– The normal monthly subscription fee for the Google Data Analytics course is $39 per month. If students follow the recommended schedule, they can finish the course in six months and pay less than $300 for the whole thing.


3. Career Foundry’s Data

The goal of Career Foundry’s Data Analytics Courses in Masai is to give students who have no prior expertise in data analytics the necessary abilities to secure an analyst position after graduation. Students who enroll in the course have access to a 1:1 mentor and professional career coaching to help them set their career objectives and gain practical insight into the life of a data analyst.

The data analytics courses in Masai offer complete flexibility and can be completed either full-time or part-time, with a third flexible option that allows students to transition between the two as needed.

The program places a strong emphasis on practical projects that let students hone their problem-solving abilities and showcase them in their professional portfolios once they graduate. There are available examples of portfolios made by program alumni.

Ideal For

This course is appropriate for anyone who can dedicate at least 15-20 hours per week to study because of the flexible scheduling.


The course should take about five months to finish for full-time students and up to eight months for part-time students. There are roughly 420 hours of content in the entire course.

Prices Beginning With

The course has an upfront fee of $6,555, and there are financing and monthly payment alternatives.


4. Brain Station

The cutting-edge online learning environment created specifically by BrainStation is used to deliver all of its courses. Students will work together on real-world projects during live classes taught by knowledgeable tutors who are presently employed in the field.

Students can master the programming skills necessary for the analysis process while simultaneously developing a portfolio to present to potential employers after graduation by emphasizing practical skills and projects.

Ideal For- Due to the live nature of the classes, students must commit to a regular schedule on weeknight nights or weekends. For individuals who require flexible scheduling, it’s perfect.


Depending on whether you attend evening or weekend classes, the course takes 5–10 weeks to complete.

Prices Beginning With

The entire course costs $3,250 upfront, but there are also monthly payment plans available. Although there are no prerequisites for data analytics courses in Masai, it is strongly advised that students have a solid grasp of Microsoft Excel because it is one of the primary tools they will utilize in conjunction with Tableau.


5. Simplilearn

With a joint venture with IBM, Simplilearn offers data analytics courses in Masai. The students will be taught how to use Tableau and Power BI for data visualization. Python, Pandas, NumPy, Scipy, Power BI, R, and Tableau are the tools covered in this curriculum.

Access to the IBM Cloud Lite account and the industry-recognized Master program on Data analytics courses in Masai from Simplilearn are additions to the course. It also has job assistance that will get you job-ready by preparing you for the job.

Approximately 120 hours total.

Candidates must be qualified and have a background in things like math, engineering, and business management.

44999 INR in fees

Career options include data scientist, consultant, and analyst.


6. Wharton Business School

The Wharton Company Analytics program seeks to provide executives and business leaders with the skills necessary to understand and use their data to inform choices, increase productivity, and achieve success. Four live lectures by University of Pennsylvania academics are included in the program, while the other material is covered through video lectures using examples and data from actual problems.

Students will study subjects like descriptive analytics, predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics, and the use of data analytics for business throughout the data analytics courses in Masai of nine units.

Ideal For

Business professionals who need data analysis skills but lack expertise are the target audience for this program. The course seeks to give them the knowledge they can use to improve their teams once they return from it.



When students dedicate 6–8 hours each week to the course, it should take about three months.

Prices Beginning With

The program has a $2,337 upfront cost, flexible payment plans, and discounted rates for enrolling in groups.


Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why are data analytics courses in Masai so popular?

– Simply explained the data analysts are the drivers of any campaign or activity that a company invests in as they perform market research and examine the data available which helps the companies understand the loopholes and practically implement the measures suggested for an efficient working system.

2) When did data analytics become so popular?

-In the late 1960s, the due course of data analytics started gaining attention as computers forged to become the supporting systems of organizations. With the advent of big data, cloud computing, data warehousing, and various software and hardware systems, data analytics has accelerated its growth in recent times.

3) Why is data analytics the future of everything?

Analytical and business intelligence technologies will develop further in the future. Data analytics will be required in business and allow people to gather data and produce reports. Overall productivity will rise, which will assist in lowering human-related constraints.

4) What are the four types of data?

Big data analytics can be divided into four categories: diagnostic, descriptive, prescriptive, and predictive.


Data analytics is the need of the hour. Any company that invests in the technologies of data analytics course will yield favorable results. To be the absolute authority in any area of life, market research can strengthen the foundation and prepare you for becoming the best version of yourself. Must enroll in one of these data analysis courses in Masai.