Top 6 Technical Writing Courses in Vadodara

Ever wondered who writes those super detailed and technical descriptions, manuals, and white papers that are technical yet understandable and crisp? Well! the answer is quite simple – well-informed and knowledgeable tech-savvy individuals from any field like science, commerce, finance, or sometimes even Arts. If you are a well-informed person, have deep knowledge about the subject, have done a great amount of research on the same, and wish to know about the technical writing courses in Vadodara, then this is the place for you.

List of best technical writing courses in Vadodara

For someone with a technical background who loves researching and knowing in-depth information about the same, and can present it understandably without missing the vital information, then maybe technical writing is your field. This article will help you know more about the technical writing courses in Vadodara.

What is Technical Writing?

Every kind of writing needs special knowledge, skills, and scientific know-how about the subject. Technical writing is the form of writing where one writes about user manuals, reports, software documentation, white or research papers, API documentation, annual or semi-annual reports, regulations, or any other practical form of technical writing. 

Earlier it was expected that one who can use fancy jargon and write complicated manuals is what technical write, but with the change of era, this traditional expectation has changed too.

Now the understanding of the audience is also the key factor, and we no longer only include thick manuals but also policy writing, reports, and instructions in the technical writing, and because of that, an increase in the scope of the definition opportunities also increased in the real world for the technical writers.

Keep up with the post to learn about technical writing courses in Vadodara. There are various skills that the technical writing courses in Vadodara will train you for like technical communication, research skills, technical software tools, and many more.

Must have a look at some other best courses in Vadodara



The roots of technical writing can be traced to our long-lost past as Aristotle and Leonardo da Vinci used this skill of technical writing to keep accounts of their inventions but they were written in such a complex way that only they could understand. These documents were about how to make that invention work.

But post World War I, they became more relevant as technical writing skills were used to document advanced technologies and nuclear science which was at that time needed by the nations.

The two world wars changed the world entirely and with the new upcoming inventions and technologies, people started finding it difficult to survive without the proper description of the use of technology.

Hence, the need and importance of technical writers increased which made them the mediator between the inventors and the end users. 

Several societies were formed during the 1950s and 1960s like the Societies of technical writing and the Association of technical writers and these societies still exist under the name of the Society of Technical Communication. Since then the need for technical writers has skyrocketed. 


Several Courses Are Available to Learn Technical Writing Courses in Vadodara. Some of the Best Options Are:



It is one of the best places to learn technical writing as this course will teach you all forms of technical writing like technical reports, white papers, journals, API documents, scientific research, and medical writing, covering all the aspects of the said with great details.

They make the candidate job-ready till the completion of the course as the course is tailor-made according to the industry.

The course will have thirteen classes starting with an introduction, moving ahead with how to write, content creation, technical reports, white paper journals, conversational writings, DDCL, and versioning, Reviewing and publishing, effective and manual writing, and more.


They also have a prodigious placement cell and they provide the learners with amazing internship opportunities. The certificate they provide also holds industrial value and will be helpful in your future endeavors.

The course is aligned with Google and has the top MNC recruiters like Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle, Amazon, and Cisco. This course will provide you with complete tool-driven training along with lifetime access to the course.

More than theoretical learning, the course will focus on practical learning to help the students in the best possible way. You will gain various skills along the way, like creating compelling and concise documents according to industry standards.


Technical communication is also one of the needed skills of the current times, this course will train you with that as well. Presentation of the text to make it reader-friendly, and make the document more appealing by adding graphics and design elements will also be taught. 

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There Are Various Tools That the Students of This Course Will Master Like: 

  • MS Visio
  • MS Project
  • Git
  • Scribus
  • Canva, PowerPoint

Their Technical Writing Course is More Useful for People Who Are Engaged in Professions Like 

  • Content writing
  • Marketing executives
  • Technical Documentation Engineer
  • Configuration and control engineer
  • Development Engineer
  • Hardware or software engineer
  • Existing technical writers

This Course Has Various Salient Features Like

  • Interactive session
  • Flexible scheduling                                
  • Exceptional Faculty
  • Master Certificate
  • Learning resources

Alumni of this course are working at various places like Samsung, Tata, Bata, Wipro, Infotech, L&T, Genpact, Times of India, and many more.


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2. Udemy

Udemy is one of the largest online learning platforms with more than ten thousand courses, largely aimed at working and young professionals. It has several courses for all types of fields be it Science, Arts, IT, Mathematics, language, Personality development, and any other field. Students can choose any such to learn technical writing courses in Vadodara 

They Also Have Different Technical Writing Courses Based on the Choice and Preferences of the Learners Like:

  • Business Writing and Technical Writing Immersion

You will learn how to understand and communicate the outcome to the readers and your audience. You will also learn the effective organization of the information so that readers don’t get confused and understand the meaning better. Drafting of well-planned organized documents to ensure that the readability is according to their needs.

One of the main challenges that one faces is coping with the speed and communication in the digital world. This course deals with both those aspects. This critical aspect is finding out the foolproof formula that you know will work every time, well the good news is that this course will help you develop that formula as well.

It has almost 25000 students and over 3500 plus reviews which backs up the credibility of the institute. The course is detailed, practical as well as concise. The only requirement of the course is fluency in the English language, and the fee is 3300 INR to learn technical writing courses in Vadodara.

One of the other highlights of the course is that star wearers leading the course are authors, editors, business executives, and technical writers with many years of experience with one of the best financial and technical institutions, some of them are Ahi United Bank, American Express, Bank of America, Bank of American global market, BMO financial bank, BMO financial services, HCL, HLBC, Royal bank of Scotland, Bank of Canada, tata consultancies services, union bank, royals Fargo, and many such prestigious institutes.


This course is for both novice and experienced professionals whether you wish to get a job or you just want to brush your skills.

  • Learn API Technical Writing: 

 JSON and XML for writers: This course is mostly for working professionals as many companies offer this course to their existing employees. This course will help you read, and understand the data in the XML and JSON format. Students also get to understand writing certification for XML and JSON. The fee for the course is 1000 INR.

  • Tech Writers Masterclass:

This is again one of their technical writing courses in Vadodara that covers client-based writing more effectively, it will also teach you about word selection and how to write more powerful words with more confidence. This course will teach you how to write different technical styles to write more professionally. This course has a certain advantage over the otters as this one will help you explore how to use different graphics and conduct usability studies. The fee for the course is 3500 INR.

  • Technical Writing: Master Your Writing Career:

This course will help you understand the basics of technical writing from the beginning, set the goals for technical writing, know your competition, create writing schedules, and many more. The difference between this and others is that this helps the writers with writing about the various forms of technical writing. This also helps the writers know about the technical books and how to write, edit, and set the content tables and marketing, and other aspects of the same.

  •   Technical Writing: How to Write Software Documentation: 

This course will help the students to understand working on the software documentation for the app, using tools to immediately start working on the consent, metadata and testimonies, oxygen author, DITA maps, and DITA topics.

This is just the list of some sources, there are many others that one can use to learn or to brush up on the writing journey.


3. ECT

It is the only training-based government-recognized startup, it will provide you with several short-term courses that can help you grow a little more in your career. ECT offers four different types of courses: content writing, technical writing, digital marketing, and personality development. 

It Provides Two Technical Writing Courses in Vadodara Which Are as Follows: 

  • Technical Writing Course:

 The duration of this technical writing course is around three months where there will be thirty-two hours of live training and fifty hours of e-learning via videos. This course comprises 6 assignments, 6 live projects, and 12 Quizzes with one certification.

This course will begin with an introduction to technical writing, grammar and technical vocabulary and writing patterns, Information Architecture, XML, JSON, DITA, oxygen authoring tool, MADCAD, API documentation, and many more. 


Not only that, but this course also talks about the different career options present and how they can enter and choose their perfect fit. The fee for this course is 20000 INR including GST.

  • Technical Writing Course With Java, HTML, and CSS: 

While the first one has a time limit of 3 months, this one can take up to 6 months to finish. This one will provide more detailed and advanced knowledge of the course. This also includes detailed knowledge of Java, HTML, and CSS.  It has ninety-six hours of classroom training and also more than a hundred hours of e-learning via videos.

This course is a little more hectic than the previous one as this course has eighteen assignments, eighteen projects, and thirty-six quizzes. This course will need a little extra time and effort from the students; as a result, this course will benefit you with four certificates.

In this technical writing course, the first thirteen modules remain the same as the previous course and the additional modules include web development fundamentals, setting up Dev environment, HTML structure, tables, format, elements and forms, semantics, JAVA, CSS, DOM events, and JAVA scripts.


4. Technical Writer HQ

This course is made for professionals, especially to support them in their journeys and help them know about the various new software and advances. The course begins by teaching students about the foundation of the technical writing course, the skills needed, and how to earn more as a writer.   

This is an expert-led video course with no bounds, it provides its students with all the instructions that are needed to work as technical writing professionals. This course will focus on teaching students smart and new-age skills that one needs to thrive in the industry.  

The course is designed in various sections and access to all the courses is provided at the same time so that students can learn different sections according to their needs and requirements. This course has several quizzes and assignments to increase the engagement and practice of the students. 

It Has Four Technical Writing Courses in Vadodara According to the requirements of the Participants :

  • Technical Writing Certification Course: 

This course will save a lot of your time as it will help you get the background of the documentation process. One of the problems that beginners face is that they do not understand the jargon and find it difficult to cope with those technical words, this course fixes that problem as it is specially designed for the novice.

So, if you are a beginner searching for any technical writing courses in Vadodara, this is the one for you. This will save a lot of their time as it is made with the guidance and feedback of the industry leaders. A lot of effort and hard work has been put into the course.

This course has more than seventy lectures and access to many templates. The key highlight of the course is the exclusive interviews with industry professionals like Airbnb, Playstation, Spotify, and Oracle helping them with insider tips on how to break into the industry. This interview will give them some gist into the minds of the interviewer.


  • UX Writing Certification Course: 

This course is created for people who are struggling with their UX journey to help them save up some time by teaching them all the important needed skills. Some of these include the writing of microcopy, in-depth knowledge of the subject, interactions with industry professionals, help in finding placements, and many other things.

  • Grant Writing Certification Course: 

Just like the others, this one is also an online self-paced course having ninety-five video lessons curated well with the quizzes and assignments to make the course more interactive. This course also has more than seventy recorded lectures along with ten assignments and guidance from industry professionals to know more. 

At the end of the course, you will get a certificate and also full-time access to the course. Students get access to the classes and interviews that happen after the completion of their tenure.

  • Proposal Writing Certification Course:

This course will help the students to make the most prestigious, concise yet clear proposals and how to land a job as a proposal writer. Along with theoretical knowledge, this course also focuses on the practical aspects of writing by providing you with the instructor’s feedback on every assignment.

These assignments also help the students develop a strong portfolio as these assignments can work as the sample work that they can pitch forward. This course is also self-paced and can be completed within 10 weeks, providing you with full-time access to the course including the newly added classes.

This course has sixty-five classes along with the extra self-learning classes, with multiple assignments and quizzes to make it more interactive.

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5. Google

These are completely free courses provided by Google for engineers to improve their documentation skills. Google has three different courses for different requirements:

  • Study technical writing
  • Review technical writing resources
  • Learn about the technical writing roles

All three courses are for professionals from technical fields or engineering students. Another criterion is some basic knowledge of the English language, people with some understanding of coding will be benefited from the course a little better. 


6. Henry Harvin

This course will help you learn to compose all the data distinctively and make it the most user-friendly. How to use the jargon most properly and how to create specialized reports during the training period will also be taught.

The learners of this course also get a huge amount of industry exposure because they provide a month-long internship. Students in this guided internship get to understand the needs and requirements of the industry.


They also have a 100% placement guarantee and 1-year support until they find a job. Certification that one gets after the completion of the course is the government of India which increases its value in the industry.

The presence of fifteen-plus hours of training is also one of the key highlights of the course. Not just that, they are offering more than fifty-two courses imbibed in the course to improve soft skills and personality development. This institute can prove to be a good option to learn technical writing courses in Vadodara.

Course Covers

  • Scientific communication
  • Research proposal
  • Literature review
  • Communication of the technical details
  • Thesis writing
  • English expression
  • Research paper
  • Perfect citation 

Technical writing is the need of the hour. Before the world wars, the job of technical writers used to be limited to only inventors who used to make technical documentation of their inventions to make them more accessible to the normal public, which is no longer the case.

There are a lot of different types of documentation that come under technical writing these days varying from white papers to making guides, manuals, and guidebooks.

Over the years, this has become one of the fastest-growing industries for writers, this is also one of the reasons why more and more people are choosing this as a career choice. This article has guided you through all the best technical writing courses in Vadodara. 



1. Which are the best technical writing courses?

Ans ) There are various technical writing courses in Vadodara available for technical writers according to the preferences and needs of the students. Students can choose among various courses based on the type of technical writing they wish to pursue in their careers. One can choose various courses from various online platforms like IIM Skills, Google, Coursera, Udemy, and Technical Writing HQ.

2. What are the skills that technical writers need?

One needs to have fantastic research skills, communication skills, command of the language, patience, perseverance, curiosity to learn new subjects, audience understanding, and many more.

3. Is a technical writing certificate worth it?

Having a certificate shows that you have in-depth knowledge about the industry and you have been trained in the right manner. These days many courses offer internships as well to give you more industry perspective. So, yes, having a certificate is worth it. 


Over time the, job of technical writers evolved a lot, and so did the pressure and the competition in the industry. To keep up with the running pace of these changes, one needs to learn technical writing. Listed above are some of the best options that will help students know all the places to learn technical writing courses in Vadodara.