Top 8 Technical Writing Courses in UK With Placements

As the world is moving faster and the usage of technology is touching the sky, technical writing courses in UK have become one of the most demanded courses around the world. Ever since the pandemic, people have started experimenting with different career fields and writing technical documents is one of them. Technical writing is not just about simplifying technical jargon, it’s more than that. It includes manuals financial reports, structural reports, etc.

List of best technical writing courses in UK

What is Technical Writing?

Periodically, Technical writing is documenting instructions, information, handbooks, etc. There is no precise definition of technical writing. But it is way more than that. They explain complicated technical items in easy-to-understand terms to help end-users understand how to utilize products and services.

Usually, these professionals have technical degrees in fields such as engineering, computer science, or information technology. They require special writing skills, especially translating complex topics into simple terms. This includes transforming graphs, charts, or some sort of dataset into words for the customer or end-users.

Before writing an assignment, the tech writers analyze the target audience to determine what they’ll need. Documents are classified according to the type of audience the writers are targeting. By analyzing the audience, they determine the document’s presentation, design, and content and if it will be humorous, casual, formal, or professional.

Nowadays, tech writing is part of a broader content management strategy that includes the creation of technical content. To create technical papers, tech writers work with other members of the team, such as visual designers, content writers, document specialists, and industry experts.

We all know how digital change is sweeping the world and technology has gained much importance in our day-to-day lives. Not everyone is tech-savvy or tech-comfortable, yet we all want to simplify our lives as much as possible with the help of technology. This is where tech writers come into play, who translate technical jargon for commoners like us.

Reasons To Hire a Technical Writer:

  • Simple and Concise Message – Professionals’ documentation can contain technical jargon and short terminologies that may be confusing to non-technical audiences. Because of this, marketing teams cannot provide the level of detail required for technical publications. The best way to create a clear and informative paper is to hire a skilled tech writer.
  • Affordability – Tech writers are typically far more efficient writers. They can finish papers in a quick period. Experience and skill set may pay off significantly in terms of efficiency and cost-efficiency. When compared to hiring other personnel to prepare documentation, working with tech writers can help you save money. This is due in part to the fact that tech writers may be less expensive than other staff, mainly engineers.
  • Adaptability- Hired contract writers are there when you need them. This feature not only aids in cost containment but also aids in the opposite problem of quickly increasing requirements. There’s only so much you can accomplish when you have a tech writer on staff, whether it’s a full-time employee or someone on another team. However, contract writers and writing services can scale up their writing capacity within a short timeframe.
  • Dedicated Writers – Sometimes you need a piece of content written quickly. Your technical and marketing teams, on the other hand, already have a lot on their plates. On the other hand, a professional writer is completely focused on writing. He or she can set priorities according to which important documents are completed first.

Professional tech writers can quickly pinpoint the tone and voice that is appropriate for your brand. He or she is only concerned with producing great technical writing. Therefore, a writer doesn’t need to master the basics of write-up creation while keeping other obligations in mind.

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What Is The Difference Between Technical Writing And Content Writing?

Technical Writing Content Writing
What do they do – API documentation, Instruction, User Manual, Product Description, Legal documentation, etc.What do they do – Blog posts, Product Description, Web pages, E-books, Social Media Posts, etc
Skillset – Research Skills, Strong Grammar, and Basic technical knowledge like coding for API documentation.Skillset- Strong Grammar, writing skills, vocabulary, fluency in writing, interpreting storyline.
They collaborate with different departments within the organization for a clearer perspective of the required document.They do not need to collaborate with large teams, in an organization they are assigned keywords and if they are independent, they can write whatever they want
The tech writers may have exceptional technical skills and be able to work in a variety of fields.They do not need technical skills.
Can be hired, work as a freelancer, own a businessCan also work as a freelancer or as a full-time employee
Planning and time managementPlanning management and content engagement are required
It follows a rigid format and has a more professional tone.They are leaned over casual tone.

What Is The Difference Between Technical Writing And Business Writing?

Business writing is a way of presenting documents to communicate with both internal and external audiences such as reports, emails, business reports, bids, etc.

Below Are The Few Goals Of Business Writing:

1. To share official information around the office such as reports memorandums etc.

2. To convey recent events outside or inside the firm.

3. Professional writer may utilize their business writing talents to deliver diverse directions to their staff.

4. Business writing may persuade others to act, such as influencing client purchasing decisions.

Business writing should be clear and easy to comprehend. The tone of the communication is determined by the target audience and the message’s aim. For example, in letters and emails, you may use a conversational style, in contracts, you can use a legalistic style, and in an internal memorandum, you can use a formal style.

It is well understood that business communication should be short and simple to understand but it can also be considered inappropriate, if you use never-ending strings of short and choppy sentences, it might seem rude to the readers. It would be nice to provide a little more information in and around the important facts.

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Whereas technical writing’s main purpose is to reduce complex information and present a set of information clearly and effectively. User manuals, user guides, and release notes are a few examples of technical writing. Technical writing covers a wide range of topics, including technology, product description, and topics related to engineering.

The documents are impersonal and straightforward so that the targeted audience can easily understand them. Technical materials vary in complexity depending on the audience for which they are intended.

If technical documentation is produced for specialists, it may include jargon and phrases that are difficult to understand. Or if it’s a user manual for people who don’t have the necessary expertise. As a result, a tech writer either clarifies the terminology or avoids using them altogether.


Top 8 Technical Writing Courses in UK


Rank# 1. Technical Writing Courses in UK


IIM SKILLS is one of the most preferred institutes for Technical Writing Courses in UK. It is a live lecture course with a one-month internship after the end of the course. The lectures are live and interactive, with attendees having the opportunity to ask questions as they are in the live session.

Though this course is ideally suited for information technology professionals, anybody who wants to switch fields is welcomed and will be given adequate care and guidance so that they can learn efficiently.


IIM Skills provides several relevant tools which are required for technical writing. It will provide you with the solid understanding needed to simplify complex concepts and translate them into user-friendly papers that are simple to comprehend.

The trainers are highly skilled and have an extensive understanding of this subject. Students get unlimited access to the course, and the lectures are user-friendly. After completing the course, you will be given a certificate that will allow you to apply for internships.

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Rank# 2. Technical Writing Courses in UK

2. Emphasis Training Limited UK

This in-house training will help tech writers convey their subjects to a broader audience of non-tech writers. Technical teams are a useful source of expertise, but much of it can be lost if its members are unable to convey it effectively. It is one of the most widely attended technical writing courses in UK.

In this course, tech writers learn how to create technical and non-technical writing that is both accessible and accurate through activities and case studies from the workplace. The course’s real-world activities and examples teach tech writers how to write for both technical and non-technical audiences.

Whether it’s technical reports, instruction manuals, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), research reports, or financial papers, this course will teach delegates how to communicate information simply and effectively.

Participants will be given the assistance they need to make the most of their writing by working on practical activities in small groups. Each delegate has its own unique set of strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots when it comes to writing.


Therefore, their one-of-a-kind, personalized writing analysis is such an essential part of their education. After every session, the student will be assigned a trainer for one-to-one interaction in which the trainer will help clear queries regarding topics and give tasks accordingly.

Objectives Of The Course:

  • The precise and simple approach to writing confidently.
  • Building a logical structure for the required writeup
  • Manage and present complex information
  • Tailor content according to targeted readers.
  • Avoid poor grammar and punctuation which means you will be able to construct correct and meaningful sentences.


Rank# 3. Technical Writing Courses in UK

3. Symbiosis Centre

This curriculum aims to educate and train students in both academic and practical elements of technical writing. The program’s goal is to produce effective tech writers who are proactive and ethical in their work at all levels of the profession.

Students’ creativity, attention to detail, and procedural discipline are all encouraged in this course. It equips students with appropriate topic knowledge, which is why it is regarded as one of the best technical writing courses in  UK.

This is a PGD diploma program consisting of four semesters and offers a wide range of modules. The duration of the course is 2 years. After this course, you can apply for a business writer information designer, online tech writer, technical web writer, tech writer, and usability tester.

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Rank# 4. Technical Writing Courses in UK

4. Udemy

There is no doubt that Udemy is a well-known name when it comes to online learning across a wide range of industries and enterprises. You will have free lifetime access to all course content in Udemy’s technical writing courses in UK.

Udemy’s courses also feature great downloadable materials. As a result, you’ll get a certificate of completion and access to everything you need on all your smart devices. There are various forms of certificates and courses. You must review the curriculum and select a course that fits your needs.


Here Are Some of the Bestsellers technical writing courses in UK on Udemy:

Technical Writing and Business Writing Immersion by Starweaver Team and Paul Siegal

This course is guided by a seasoned author, editor, business leader, and twitterer with years of hands-on, in-the-field editing and writing experience. Starweaver oversaw the design, production, and delivery of the course. Starweaver is one of the most well-acclaimed and well-established training providers in the world, offering courses to many of the world’s largest financial institutions and technological firms.

Who’s it for:

This course is appropriate for anybody, from a fresh college graduate to a seasoned CEO, and everyone in between. It may be considered an immersion training program or a refresher course. Anyone who wants to communicate clearly and efficiently, whether it’s through an email, a proposal, a technical paper, or something else.

Technical writing: How to write software documentation by JPDocu School Of Technical Writing

Here’s what you need to know to start documenting an app’s software.

  • You’ll learn how to use Markdown to create GitHub Wiki documentation.
  • Check out tools and infrastructure that will allow you to begin writing your help material as quickly as possible.
  • Learn how to collect, organize, and generate data that will help people utilize your product more effectively.
  • Learn to write methodically.
  • Recognize the usefulness of metadata and taxonomy to improve asset findability for your users.
  • Use the Oxygen Author tool to create sample documentation utilizing DITA maps and DITA topics.
  • Learn how to make visuals for your product documentation using SmartArt in Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides.

Who’s it for:

  • Software engineers who wish to learn how to assist users of software products on a basic level.
  • Students who are working on software development projects and are currently having difficulty delivering documentation for their app
  • If you want to work as a tech writer, developer, architect, manager, or product owner, here are some resources to help you get started.
  • Business analysts who need to brush up on their skills
  • Information developers and tech writers


Rank# 5. Technical Writing Courses in UK

5. Coursera

Coursera has grown to popularity as one of the most popular online learning platforms and institutions offering technical writing courses in UK. They provide a diverse range of professional courses for students of all ages and backgrounds.

They also provide some of the most comprehensive courses on the market, including options for beginners, intermediates, and seasoned professionals. The course is called Technical Writing by the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Elena Bazanova’s course on Coursera is well-praised.

It is regarded as one of the most effective courses for gaining in-depth information. This course teaches you the skills necessary to write research papers, feasibility studies, progress reports, consultations, and laboratory reports.

The course will teach you how to distinguish different sorts of structures and how to generate immaculate reports that are both high in quality and information.


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Rank# 6. Technical Writing Courses in UK

6. University of Kentucky

This flexible online graduate degree, designed for working professionals, can help you refine your writing abilities, whether you want to write stronger grants or more appealing policy arguments.

You’ll be prepared to write in a range of professional contexts after graduating from our program, including engineering, health professions, pharmaceuticals, software development, the military, and other businesses and organizations that use tech writers.

After the Certification course you’ll be able to:

  • Produce technical and professional documents that are structurally accurate in print and digital media.
  • Legal briefs, technical manuals, policy, documentation, grant applications, visual presentations, and organizational copy are examples of genres for which you should write.
  • In professional and technical writing, analyze social, legal, and rhetorical concerns.
  • Create visual communication tools such as document and presentation design, video editing, and infographics.
  • Style, format, grammar, and punctuation should all be considered while editing


Rank# 7. Technical Writing Courses in UK

7. University of Limerick

Communication has become more prevalent, and technology has become more complicated, also technical communication is a rapidly rising field throughout the world.

In 1995, the University of Limerick was the first to offer a full-time technical program. Since September 2001, UL has provided a distance-learning Graduate Certificate in Technical Writing.

The school emphasizes that a tech writer’s profession requires more than just writing; graphics, cultural concerns, layout, and design all play a role, and students are taught about all of them.

A Few Objectives Are:

  • To offer distance learning students a solid foundation in technical communication theory and practice.
  • To equip students for successful careers as tech writers in the industry.
  • To give distant learning certification to persons who do not have technical communication qualifications.


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Rank# 8. Technical Writing Courses in UK

8. Henry Harvin Academy 

The course develops specialist composition skills that are necessary for communicating information obtained through a cycle of specialized or test work. The components that determine the amount of information in the language and concepts covered in the course are provided in the course.

You’ll learn how to write different specialty reports, such as lab reports, research reports, plan and progress reports, and counseling reports, among others. The course also covers a few linguistic, design, style, and content challenges that you may encounter while presenting the results of your research.

What You’ll Get in Their Technical Writing Courses in UK

  • Training – 36 hours of live online interactive sessions.
  • Projects – You will be given hands-on projects.
  • Internship- You will be assisted with an internship for industrial experience
  • Certificate- Get certification of certified tech writers after successful completion of the course
  • Placements- 100% placement support up to 1 year after completion of the course

This course will teach you how to effectively communicate information obtained through a technical or scientific approach. The course stresses the sophistication of language and concepts. Language, style, and substance are the focus of these classes. The Henry Harvin course will teach you the fundamentals.

Reasons to Take Technical Writing Courses in UK

Over the past few years, the demand for tech writers has increased due to the advancement of the digital world. This is not the only reason why professional tech writers are in demand. Here are some reasons why people are opting for technical writing as a career.

•  Independence – This profession is freelance friendly which means you get to be your own boss. Over the past few years, you must have been observing how a large amount of the working population is shifting from being corporate buddies to self-employed professionals because of lifestyle flexibility. Therefore, It is the most demanding career option for those who are looking for a great work-life balance.

• Side Hustle – Many of us like to have a passive source of income. This profession fits right into this category. Nowadays people have started understanding the importance of multiple incomes due to horrific pandemic memories. Taking up tech writing as a side hustle might as well improve the financial situation for some people but can also be pursued because of interest.

• Scope of Growth– Whether you work for a software firm or a manufacturing organization, you will develop a unique set of skills as a tech writer. You will build analytical thinking, researching abilities, hearing ability, and interpersonal skills as you work alongside engineers, scientists, SMEs, and product owners. With practice, you will be able to successfully manage your workload.

You Love to Teach – There’s nothing that can give you as much as the joy of having geeky followers who love to learn discuss and grow with you. You can run websites where you can teach and discuss with your comrades it’s like having your cult. Hence, spread love through knowledge, not hate.


• There Is No Requirement for a Professional Degree- To work in this sector, you do not need a specialized degree. However, understanding difficult concepts and converting them into easily understandable material is a must-have trait for a tech writer. You should have a thorough understanding of the sector as well as excellent communication abilities.

To get a complete grasp of the product and service and effectively convey the information to end-users, you must be able to think critically, study and evaluate material, and interact with subject matter experts.

• You Dislike Uncertainty and Confusion – It worries you when you see content structures that are foggy and chaotic. You want the information you’re reading to be well-structured and appealing. Tech writers create layers and hierarchies of information by using headers, lists, bullets, diagrams, charts, and other images to supplement the text. They also use an order of importance pattern, in which the most significant issue or topic is addressed first, then the rest.

How Much Do Tech Writers Earn?

Well, it depends on an individual but for a fresher, the average earning might differ depending on if you are working as a freelancer or in an organization. In the United Kingdom, the average income for a tech writer is £43,465 per year. In the London, United Kingdom Area, the average additional monetary compensation for tech writers is £1,432, with a range of £468 to £4,377.

Day-to-day Responsibilities of a Tech Writer

  • Produce high-quality documents for your targeted audience.
  • Check papers for uniformity in style.
  • Sort through product operational procedures, manuals, and documentation, then edit and modify them.
  • Conduct research and write a document using a variety of methods.
  • Develop and execute style guides that reflect the company’s brand and provide consistency across all publications.
  • Use charts, graphs, photos, animation, and sketching to help you comprehend documents better.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the tips and tricks tech writers can use to get readers for their posts/blogs?

The keywords in a post are matched to the search terms supplied, and the results are ranked appropriately. Thus, tech writers must make sure their content includes a relevant term and that it is repeated a particular number of times. This is known as maintaining the keyword density. It’s also tough to get a good grade if the text utilizes the same word too many times.

2. What should be the content delivery time of the document?

Know who your target market is. You should use formal language if your audience consists of highly qualified professionals. You may use a more relaxed tone if your target audience is young. To entice its audience, kid-friendly material often uses bright colors and story-like content. All material should be written in the active voice unless otherwise specified.

3. What is the requirement for being a tech writer?

An undergraduate degree is usually required for technical writing. It is also necessary to know a technical subject, such as computer science, web design, or engineering, but if you are one of them you are a learner or a tech geek then the sky is the limit for you.