Top 12 Data Analytics Courses In Bulgaria With Placements

Data Analytics is a bough of a wider term – Data Science. Data Analytics has its numerous advantages to a business such as detecting trends and drawing conclusions from the data. This field will continue to flourish in the upcoming decade, increasing demand for Data Analysts worldwide. Multiple institutes globally provide top-notch data analytics training. Bulgaria is one such hot spot. Bulgaria, a European Country, popular for its scenic diversity is recognized as the Silicon Valley of Europe because of the many and varied technoparks and IT hubs established there. To gain a clear understanding of data analytics and to check out the best courses available to build a career in this IT industry, proceed with this read – top 12 data analytics courses in Bulgaria with placements.



But, before we move toward the list of top data analytics courses in Bulgaria let us first understand the term data analytics.


Meaning of Data Analytics

Data Analytics extracts action-oriented observations from raw data with the help of several processes, tools, and technologies to comprehend various aspects of a business and enhance decision-making.


Meaning of Big Data Analytics

Searching correlations and tendencies in a vast and diverse database is known as Big Data Analytics. Terabytes [1 terabyte (TB) = 1,000 gigabytes (GB)] or Petabytes [1 petabyte (PB) = 1,000 TB] are the measurement units used for big data. Collection, Storage, Processing, Cleansing, and Analysis of Data are the 5 most common steps in big data analysis.


Types of Data Analytics

The 4 types of data analytics are as follows-

Descriptive Analytics

Descriptive analytics is a summary of the past and present happenings of the data under analysis. It describes the properties of the data with the help of visual aids like charts, graphs, tables, and diagrams to understand the nature of the data in a simplified manner.

Diagnostic Analytics

Diagnostic analytics elaborates on why the happenings found under descriptive analytics occurred. It applies techniques like data mining, discovery, and drill-down to determine trends and patterns.

Predictive Analytics

As the name suggests, predictive analytics predicts future trends based on past data. It uses predictive modeling, pattern matching, machine learning, and forecasting for analysis.

Prescriptive Analytics

Prescriptive Analytics presents the best course of action from various optimization options available to manage the predicted outcomes. It uses simulation, neural networks, graph analysis, recommendation engines, and complex event processing to achieve the organization’s goals.

For better results, follow the sequence mentioned above for data analysis.


Pathway to Becoming an Excellent Data Analyst

  1. Obtain foundational education.
  2. Learn soft, technical, and analytical skills.
  3. Work on hands-on live projects.
  4. Build a strong portfolio.
  5. Practice presentation of findings discovered during data analytics.
  6. Earn an entry-level job as a data analyst.
  7. Obtain more certifications to brush up on your skills.


Proficient Skills Required in a Data Analyst

Soft Skills:

  • Time Management.

 Technical Skills:

  • Machine Learning.
  • Data Visualization.
  • Statistical Analysis.
  • Database Management.

 Analytical Skills:

  • Problem-solving.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Critical Thinking.


Top 12 Data Analytics Courses In Bulgaria With Placements



IIM SKILLS is the most trusted data analytics institute in Bulgaria. Over the years, this institute has proven to keep its promise of imparting theoretical and practical knowledge with the help of industry experts.

IIM SKILLS’ Data Analytics Master Course is recognized as one of the top data analytics courses in Bulgaria because it provides trainees with a clear path forward.

Course Details:

Name:  Data Analytics Course

Duration: 6 Months Of Training + 2 Months Internship (optional)

EMI: Interest Free

Certification: Yes

Fees:1067.46 Bulgarian Lev + Taxes

The course curriculum, practical assignments, and hands-on live projects cover learning and application of the following tools-

For Data Analytics:

  • Advance Excel.
  • Power BI.

Course Duration: 6 months.

Course Fee: BGN 1080.47 + Taxes.

Additional Features of This Course:

  • Flexible batches for the weekdays and weekends are offered.
  • Every lecture is recorded and sent to the trainees so that they don’t lag.
  • Lifetime access to the session recordings, and reading material.
  • Guaranteed internship with IIM SKILLS.
  • 100% assured interview opportunities as IIM SKILLS have 500+ hiring partners.
  • Payment is allowed in 7 Interest-Free EMI.
  • Group Discounts are available.

List of other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact Details:

Phone Number- + 919580740740

Email id- [email protected]



2. Simplilearn

Simplilearn’s data analytics training in Bulgaria is offered in partnership with Purdue University, the top institute of West Lafayette, and in collaboration with IBM, a tech company.

This institute’s Post-Graduation Program in Data Analytics, Sofia (Capital of Bulgaria), is ranked as one of the top data analytics courses in Bulgaria allowing prospective candidates to register for this course only if they have a Bachelor’s Degree with an average mark of 50% or more.

Course Curriculum:

Interactive live online sessions on the following topics-

  • Generative and Explainable AI.
  • Prompt Engineering.
  • Practical application of Tableau, Python, and SQL for Data Analytics.
  • Excel for Business Analytics.
  • R for Data Analytics and Data Science.

Course Duration: 8 months.

Course Fee: BGN 5459.49/-

Key Features of This Course:

  • Certification from Simplilearn, Purdue University, and IBM.
  • 14+ hands-on projects based on real-world issues faced by Google Play Store, World Bank, and many more.
  • Capstone projects from 3 domains.

Contact no.: +44 20 3627 9615

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3. Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics

Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics is a division of physics and mathematics in St. Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia.

This institute’s Bachelor of Science Degree in Data Analytics is one of the top full-time data analytics courses in Bulgaria. The primary goal of this course is to create professionals who can effectively work in the fields that require the application of mathematics, statistics, informatics, and software tools for data analytics.

Course Curriculum:

  1. Mathematics:
  • Numerical methods.
  1. Informatics:
  • Data structure.
  • Intelligence software systems.
  • Different structures and algorithms.
  • Database and database management systems.
  1. Data Science:
  • Machine learning.
  • Big data analytics.
  • Data mining.
  • Statistical modeling.
  1. Various Software Tools for:
  • Statistical analysis.
  • Data visualization.
  • Data storage.
  • Data transfer.

Course Duration: 8 semesters.

Contact no.: +359 2 8161 500

Explore more about the in-demand:


4. Udacity

Udacity’s Data Analyst Nanodegree Program is one of the top online data analytics courses in Bulgaria as it believes in imparting skills that help organize complex and confusing data, detect trends, and effectively communicate the findings discovered during data analytics with the help of required processes, tools, and techniques.

Prerequisites to The Course:

Good English communication skills.

Course Curriculum:

  • Data analysis using Python with the help of Pandas and NumPy libraries.
  • Phases of data wrangling in detail.
  • Data visualization using Seaborn and Matplotlib.
  • Optimization of GitHub profile and Improvement of LinkedIn profile. (Optional)

Course Duration: 3 months.

Course Fee:

The average time to earn any nanodegree of Udacity is 4 months.

The fee payment can be done in any of the following ways-

  • Monthly subscription: BGN 221.28/-
  • One-time 4 months subscription: BGN 752.37/-

The fee payment unlocks access to not one but all the courses provided by this institute.


5. Learnbay

Learnbay’s Data Analytics Certification Program is one of the top data analytics courses in Bulgaria for non-tech professionals. This institute provides data analytics training in Bulgaria in collaboration with IBM.

Prerequisites to The Course:

  • Bachelor’s degree with steady grades.
  • Minimum 6 months of work experience – IT/Non-IT.
  • Beginner to mid-level professionals keen on learning data analytics.

Course Curriculum:

  • Fundamentals of programming and statistics.
  • Basic and advanced Python using NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, and Seaborn.
  • Statistics and machine learning in detail.
  • Tools like Excel, SQL, MongoDB, Tableau, Power BI, and Time Series. Generative AI, Big Data & Sparks Analytics.

Course Duration: 6 months.

Course Fee: BGN 1841.33 + Taxes.

Other Features of This Course:

  • One-on-one doubt-clearing sessions.
  • Practical assignments and real-world projects.
  • Portfolio-building.
  • Interview opportunities with top companies.

Contact no.: +917795687988


6. Coursera

Coursera is recognized as one of the top data analytics institutes in Bulgaria because of the multiple good quality data analytics certifications provided by it at a reasonable rate.

2 million+ candidates have earned a Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate offered online by Coursera making it one of the top self-paced data analytics courses in Bulgaria for beginners with no degree or working experience.

This course is taught in English but is available in 9 different languages. The certificate earned post-training can be directly shared on LinkedIn. The degree credit earned is also eligible at selected U.S. colleges, institutes, and universities.

This Course Makes Candidates Job-Ready for The Position of-

  • Junior Data Analyst.
  • Associate Data Analyst.
  • Data Analyst.

Skills Taught During This Course:

  • Data Analysis.
  • Data Visualization.
  • Data Cleansing.
  • Data Collection.
  • Data Ethics.
  • Data Aggregation.
  • Data Calculations.

Course Curriculum:

The curriculum is a combination of an 8-course series which covers the following topics, respectively-

  • Foundation of data (18 hours)
  • Making data-driven decisions (21 hours)
  • Preparation of data for exploration (25 hours)
  • Process of data cleansing (26 hours)
  • Data analysis (32 hours)
  • Sharing of data with the help of visual aids (25 hours)
  • R programming (34 hours)
  • Capstone project (13 hours)

Course Duration: 6 months.

Course Fee: BGN 25.31/month.

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7. London Business School

As per Financial Times Ranking, London Business School (LBS) is ranked no. 2 business school in Europe. LBS’s Business Analytics in the Age of Generative AI online program is one of the top data analytics courses in Bulgaria.

This Course Is Suitable For-

Mid-senior executives with management experience of 5 or more years, namely:

  • Senior Business Leaders.
  • Marketing Directors.
  • Chief Information Officers.
  • Project Managers.

Benefits of Undertaking This Course:

To Candidates:

  • Learn efficient analysis of business data,
  • Draw instant actionable insights followed by prompt decision-making,
  • Master the art of storytelling with the help of visual aids to convince the stakeholders,
  • Learn additional skills boost your career, and
  • Work on real-world projects

Through the latest GenAI tools.

To Organisations:

  • Encourage independent decision-making by individuals rather than relying on teams,
  • Eliminate time-consuming data, and
  • Engage stakeholders

By application of the latest GenAI tools.

Course Duration: 6 weeks.

Course Fee: BGN 4617.57/-

Contact no.: +44 (0)20 7000 7092


8. Udemy

Udemy’s The Data Analyst Course: Complete Data Analyst Bootcamp is one of the top data analytics courses in Bulgaria providing 20.5 hours of video lectures on-demand.

This course bridges the gap between the abilities required in data analytics-related jobs and the skills learned during data analytics training by working on real-world datasets that are messier.

Course Curriculum:

  • Theory About The Data Analytics Field:

Covering the who, what, and how of data analytics.

  • Basic Python:

This course majorly revolves around this number one programming language, so learning the basics of Python can help candidates enjoy the full benefits of the data-rich world around them.

  • Advanced Python:

Deals with in-depth study of relevant Python tools.

  • NumPy:

Understanding Python’s core tool used for mathematical and statistical computations.

  • Pandas:

This library is a popular Python tool for learning data manipulation and analysis for all sorts of content, whether tables, time series, or text.

  • Working With Text Files:

Usage of the tools mentioned above for converting raw data from external files into Python format.

  • Data Collection:

Using tools for the collection of data from external sources.

  • Data Cleaning:

Applying Pandas for data cleansing.

  • Data Preprocessing:

Learning how to choose the right statistical tool so that the data is ready for visualization.

  • Data Visualization:

Preparing good visualizations helps understand data better and results in beneficial actionable insights.

  • Practical Examples:

Practising multiple examples makes you ready for your data career.

Course Fee:

You can choose either one of the below-mentioned payment options available to undertake this course-

  • On a monthly subscription basis that unlocks access to Udemy’s 11,000+ top-rated courses: BGN 18.33 per month, or
  • Total course fee: BGN 75.44/-


9. Coursera

Coursera is recognized as one of the top data analytics institutes in Bulgaria because of the multiple good quality data analytics certifications provided by it at a reasonable rate.

Coursera’s IBM Data Analyst Professional Certificate program is one of the top data analytics courses in Bulgaria for beginners with basic computer knowledge, and comfort with numbers and mathematics.

Skills Taught During This Course:

  • Data analysis, data generation, data augmenting, data science, and data visualization.
  • Tools like Generative AI, Python, Pandas, NumPy, Jupyter, Matplotlib, Excel, Tableau, IBM Cognos Analytics, SQL, and RDBMS.

Course Curriculum:

This program is divided into an 11-course series that covers the following topics, respectively-

  • Intro to data analytics (10 hours)
  • Basics of Excel for analysis of data (12 hours)
  • Excel and Cognos for data visualization and dashboards (15 hours)
  • AI, development, and data science with Python (25 hours)
  • Data science-related project with Python (8 hours)
  • SQL and Databases for data science with Python (20 hours)
  • Python for data analysis (15 hours)
  • Python for data visualization (20 hours)
  • Capstone project (18 hours)
  • Generative AI (14 hours)
  • Career guide and preparation for interview (10 hours)

Course Outcome:

Become accustomed to-

  • The latest practical skills required in data analytics or related fields,
  • Python programming language with the help of libraries like Pandas and NumPy,
  • Data visualization and communication of findings using various tools and techniques,
  • Technical experience by doing practical assignments,
  • Portfolio-building.

Course Duration: 5 months.


10. Varna University of Management (VUM)

Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Programme (BIP) is hosted by a popular data analytics institute in Bulgaria, VUM. VUM’s Advanced Data Analytics is one of the top data analytics courses in Bulgaria, offering a combination of physical and virtual training.

Course Curriculum:

  • Significance of data analytics.
  • Application of data analytics in business.
  • Big data analytics and life cycle of big data.
  • Online Transaction Processing (OLTP).
  • Data lake, warehousing, mart.
  • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP).
  • Data mining and data visualization.
  • Data science and financial analysis.
  • Data science and human resource management.
  • Digital marketing and marketing analytics.

Course Outcome:

  • Good grasp of all the topics covered under the course curriculum.
  • Better understanding of different data sources and application of relevant analytics techniques for effective decision-making.
  • Application of various data analytics methods for examining business, finance, and other issues in an organization.
  • Effective communication of findings discovered during data analytics procedure.

Telephone no.: +359 58 65 56 38


11. edX

edX offers one of the top self-paced data analytics courses in Bulgaria – IBM’s Data Analyst Professional Certificate.

Course Curriculum:

This program is a combination of 9 different skill-based courses which cover the following topics-

  • Basics of Data Analytics (5 weeks):

Understanding the functioning of the data ecosystem. The fundamentals, process, and life cycle of data analytics. Job opportunities and various learning paths to becoming a data analyst.

  • Excel for Data Analytics (5 weeks):

The fundamentals of Excel for performing data analysis.

  • Excel and Cognos for Data Visualization and Dashboard-Building (4 weeks):

The fundamentals of IBM Cognos Analytics and Excel are used for the creation of data visualizations and dashboards to share actionable insights.

  • Python for Data Science (3 weeks):

Practical exercises for new Python users so that they can create their first Python scripts.

  • Python Project for Data Science (1 week):

Practical application of Python skills on data provided.

  • SQL for Data Science (4 weeks):

Usage and application of SQL for better communication of findings discovered and extraction of data from datasets.

  • Python for Data Analytics (5 weeks):

Data Analysis in Python using libraries like NumPy for multi-dimensional arrays, Pandas for data manipulation, and SciPy for mathematics.

  • Python for Data Visualization (5 weeks):

Usage of visual aids like charts and graphs for sharing insights with the stakeholders.

  • Capstone Project (6 weeks):

Use the knowledge gained in the above-mentioned courses on real-world databases to achieve the goals assuming you are an associate data analyst.

Tools Learned During This Course:

  • Excel and IBM Cognos Analytics for building charts, plots, and dashboards.
  • SQL and Python for accessing data in cloud databases.
  • Python language for data analysis using Pandas and NumPy.
  • Jupyter notebooks and Excel spreadsheets for data mining as well as data wrangling.
  • Folium, Seaborn, and Matplotlib for data visualization.

Course Duration: 10 months.

Course Fee: BGN 1409.39/-


12. American University in Bulgaria

This institute’s Big Data Analytics INF 4080 program is considered one of the top data analytics courses in Bulgaria.

Key Features of This Course:

  • This course presents a computer applications class designed specifically for data collection from various sources with the help of data analytical tools and techniques.
  • The extract-transform-load (ETL) process is the major focus of this course for building online analytical processing, algorithms, data cube modeling, data warehousing, and data visualization for informed decision-making.
  • This course includes skills to evaluate an organization’s readiness to take advantage of business intelligence tools.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What are the most commonly used data analytics techniques?

  • Text Mining for sorting and identifying trends in text data.
  • Sensor Data Analysis for scrutinizing data generated with the help of sensor detectors by machines.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) for training an electronic device to comprehend and revert to oral and written human language.
  • Outlier Analysis for highlighting the abnormal/different parts of the data.

Q2. Is it possible to automate or/and outsource data analytics?

Yes, data analysts can optimize electronic devices so that almost no human intervention is required for data analytics procedures, and businesses can also obtain outsider’s help for conducting data analytics.

Q3. What are the top 5 career opportunities available after undergoing data analytics training in Bulgaria?

The top 5 job opportunities post data analytics courses in Bulgaria are as follows-

  • Data Analyst.
  • Data Scientist.
  • Data Engineer.
  • Business Analyst.
  • Business Intelligence Analyst.

Q4. What is the average salary of a data analyst in Bulgaria?

The average salary of a data analyst in Bulgaria is BGN 2517 per month.

Q5. How to know whether data analytics is a good career choice for you or not?

If you possess few or all of the below-mentioned qualities, then data analytics is a good career choice for you-

  • Inquisitive nature.
  • Analytical mindset.
  • Logical thinking.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Interest in numbers and statistics.



The ongoing and upcoming growth in data science and related fields like data analytics is no secret. These IT industries have a bright future ahead of them and so do the candidates who seek to enter any of these fields.

The future highlights of opting for data analytics training in Bulgaria today are as follows-

  • Competitive salary.
  • Variety of work available.
  • Freedom to build own strategy and uniquely help a business.

If you decide to go ahead and study data analytics, then choose wisely from the above-listed data analytics institutes in Bulgaria that suit you the most.

Happy Learning!

Top 7 Data Science Courses In Bareilly With Placements

Do you wish to kick-start your career as a Data Scientist? Well, look no further because this article covers all the answers to your queries related to data science. The rapid growth of artificial intelligence and enormous transformation in machine learning have turned data science into a booming industry due to their swift data processing properties. India provides the best online and offline courses for data science. Moreover, Bareilly, a city in Uttar Pradesh, India, which acts as a medical and educational hub has several well-established educational institutes providing numerous courses. To learn in detail about the Top 7 Data Science Courses in Bareilly read this article further. This read is not limited to the location-specific institutes, it also covers online courses, so go ahead and give it a shot.



Let us know the top data science courses in Bareilly with a brief introduction to data science.


Introduction to Data Science

Data Science is a thorough study and interpretation of the data in question, followed by the creation or/and utilization of required tools and techniques for achieving desired solutions/better results.

It is an interdisciplinary passage that integrates various areas of artificial intelligence, statistics, computer engineering, and mathematics to analyze the data. In other words, Data Science assists in figuring out answers to various questions related to data collection, data analysis, and application of the solution found after the analysis.

Though used interchangeably, the terms data science and data analytics are quite different from each other. Imagine, Data Science as a tree that contains complete data processing, whereas Data Analytics is just a branch of this tree with only one focal point – data analysis.


Data Science Serves as an Aid to a Business

Data Science can help a business in the following ways-

By Tracking Mistakes of the Past:

It can reveal previously hidden patterns that can further be broken by a business for its advantage.

By Being Diligent in the Present:

It can discover new problems which can result in out-of-the-box solutions by the business.

By Predicting Changes Likely to Happen in the Future:

It can also help a business become ready for future circumstances by forecasting changes that are coming its way.

Explore These In-demand Data Science Courses Near You:


Data Science as a Career

The Data Science industry has a lot of potential and money. A Data Science Professional can excel in this field by learning technical skills, developing soft skills, and staying updated. The increased data flow in business(es) has resulted in higher demand for data scientists.

Various employment opportunities are opening up for the Data Science Degree/Certification holders.

The Career Opportunities in This Field Are Not Restricted to Becoming a:

  • Data Scientist,
  • Machine Learning Engineer,
  • Data Analyst,
  • Data Engineer,
  • Data Architect, etc.


Qualifications Required for Becoming a Data Scientist

Any 1 or more of the following is essential to be obtained to become a data scientist-

  • Bachelor’s Degree, or/and
  • Master’s Degree, or/and
  • Certification Course


Top 7 Data Science Courses In Bareilly With Placements



About the institute:

IIM SKILLS is an Ed-Tech Company providing live online and self-paced courses since 2015. It started with a Content Writing Master Course but it later expanded to various skill-based programs like Digital Marketing, Advanced SEO, Business Accounting and Taxation, Data Analytics, and many more.

IIM SKILLS strongly believes in the practical implementation of the theoretical knowledge gained. The teachers make sure that virtual classrooms are interactive. This institute ensures the growth of its students by assigning tasks periodically along with the deadlines to submit those tasks, followed by detailed feedback from IIM SKILLS team members.

Furthermore, IIM SKILLS has trained 45,000+ students globally in a mere 8-year time span.

About the Course:

IIM SKILLS’s Data Science Master Course is recognized as one of the top data science courses in Bareilly because of its 160+ hours of sessions with experienced trainer(s), 100+ hours of practical tasks, 16+ hands-on live projects with the use of tools like Jupyter, Flask, ChatGPT, R, Python, Alteryx, SQL, Power BI, Tableau and AI.

Most courses fail to bridge the gap between theory and application of the same in practical life, which leads to individuals being unsuccessful in landing a job even after spending an ample amount of time and money on earning a certification from an established institution. However, this course skips this error by primarily focusing on the impartation of skills in a manner that by the end of the training the trainees are job-ready.

The course curriculum takes a deep dive into the concepts of Statistics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning.

Course Duration: 11 months.

Course Fee: INR 99,900/- + 18% GST.

The Additional Appealing Features of IIM SKILL’s Data Science Course Are as Follows-

  • Choose weekday and weekend batches as per preferences.
  • Guaranteed Internship.
  • Definite Placement opportunities.
  • Lifetime access to reading material and lecture recordings.
  • Interest-free EMI is available.
  • Group discounts are accessible on 3 or more registrations.

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact Details:

Phone number: +919580740740

Email address: [email protected]



2. UnCodemy

About the institute:

UnCodemy is a Noida-based IT training institute serving online as well as offline. It is one of India’s top IT training institutes with 54,000+ students trained by 145+ industry experts. This institute majorly focuses on practical training so that the trainees are prepared for the real world.

UnCodemy imparts offline training in multiple Indian cities. It offers various IT courses like Data Science, Software Testing, Python, Java, Data Analytics, Full stack development, and many more.

About the Course:

UnCodemy’s Data Science Course is considered one of the top data science courses in Bareilly, due to tons of efforts put in by their team members in teaching this course making it a specialty course of this institute. This institute begins multiple batches for this course every month. The course comprises 150+ hours of syllabus and live lectures of 90+ hours. The practical part of the training helps trainees understand and use 15+ tools such as Jupyter, Python, Tableau, etc.

Special characteristics of this course include special batches with flexible timings considering the working crowd, 100% placement guarantee, experience letter, mock interview, 3-6 months internship certificate, and no biases between offline and online students.

The Course Curriculum Covers-

  • Fundamentals of Data Science.
  • Usage of Python, SQL, Excel, Tableau, and Power BI in Data Science.
  • Elements and Tools of Data Visualization.
  • Various Machine Learning Methods.
  • Basics of Natural Language Processing.

For further information like course fee, duration, or any other query, contact  +91 7701928515.


3. Simplilearn

About the Institute:

Simplilearn has helped transform the careers of 5 million+ professionals with the help of a variety of courses and certifications provided by them since 2010.

About the Course:

Simplilearn offers one of the top data science courses in Bareilly in collaboration with International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation, a multinational IT company. This course provides students with interactive online sessions, lifetime access to study material, and certification by IBM.

Furthermore, Generative, Explainable, Conversational AI, and ChatGPT are some of the skills taught during this course. The functioning and practical application of 14+ tools are also covered in this course. Moreover, 25+ hands-on projects are assigned to the trainees to gain real-world experience.

Knowing the fundamentals of mathematics, statistics, and any programming language are listed as the preconditions to take full advantage of this course. The course curriculum is loaded with basic to advanced knowledge about Data Science and related topics.

Course Duration: 11 months.

Course Fee: INR 57,000/- (inclusive of all taxes).

For a detailed curriculum and a clear way forward, contact toll-free no. +1800-212-7688.

A Few More Data Science Courses That You Should Explore Near You:


4. Future Group of Institutions

About the Institute:

Future Group of Institutions is based in Bareilly itself. This institution is one of the top 10 colleges in the Indian State of Uttar Pradesh. This institute also has a collaboration with IBM.

About the Course:

Future Group of Institutions’ Bachelor of Technology in AI and Data Science Course is one of the best data science courses in Bareilly for receiving the finest offline data science training in Bareilly. If the students aspire to enter the field of data science at an early age, then aspiring candidates can opt for this degree course directly after clearing 12th std.

Precondition: 12th pass with PCM (Minimum 45% for General/OBC and 40% for SC in PCM).

Course Duration: 4 years.

Course Fee: INR 90,000/- per year.

A lot of candidates could hesitate before investing 4 crucial years of their life in a degree course for learning AI and Data Science, whereas they can just earn certifications from other online institutes in just a matter of 3-12 months for the same course covering the same topics.

However, the students need to understand that earning those certifications in a short span doesn’t ensure speedy success. The short-term course certificate(s) will be of no use if a person isn’t willing to put enough hours into practising the skill. In skill-based courses, only practice and experience can help a person accomplish goals.

Moreover, starting a career in data science at such an early age, and 4 years of detailed studies and practical training can work wonders for a student’s career.

The course curriculum incorporates all aspects of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Deep Learning (DL). They provide 100% placement assistance by bringing various companies including MNCs to their campus itself.

For a better understanding of the complete four-year plan and other queries related to admission, contact +91 9917480040.


5. Learnbay

About the Institute:

It offers interactive online sessions and also has a placement cell to help its trainees land a job. This institute provides an opportunity for desiring candidates to choose from a plethora of options and caters to the requirements of a broader audience.

About the Course:

Learnbay presents 8 different courses for training in data science and related topics, which ranks their data science courses as the top data science courses in Bareilly.

List of Learnbay’s Data Science Courses-

  • For Freshers: Data Science and AI Program.
  • For Data Science Enthusiasts: Data Science Foundation Program.
  • For becoming Job ready: Certification in Advanced Data Science and AI.

For Professionals:

  • Tech: Certification in Advanced AI and ML.
  • Non-Tech: Certification in Data Analytics.
  • Working: Master Certification in Data Science and AI.
  • Working: Master Certification in Business Analytics.

Bonus Module: Advanced Certification in Generative AI.

The above-mentioned courses majorly cover math, statistics, programming, and the functioning of SQL, Python, Power BI, Tableau, and AI tools. These courses also propose several choices to their trainees about domain specialization. These courses also differ from each other concerning curriculum, duration, fee structure, and eligibility criteria.

Course Duration: 4 – 13 months.

Course Fee: INR 75,000/- to 1,35,000/-

For detailed information about any course of your choice from the above-mentioned list, contact- +91 7795687988.

Also, read Digital Marketing Courses in Bareilly


6. Edureka

About the Institute:

Edureka has successfully trained 1 million+ trainees via online sessions. This institute’s course completion rate ranks highest in the training industry.

About the Course:

Edureka’s Data Science Master Course is identified as one of the top data science courses in Bareilly because it covers 13 different courses about data science under one umbrella. This course includes 250+ hours of interactive live sessions, followed by 50+ tasks and 6+ hands-on projects. Easy switch to another batch is one of the USPs of this course.

The course curriculum is gigantic, inclusion of Big Data Hadoop and Spark distinguishes this institute from other data science institutes in Bareilly. This course embraces Statistical Analysis, Python, Tableau, Big Data Hadoop, Spark, and Artificial Intelligence from end to end.

Course Duration: 34 weeks (As it is a self-paced course, the duration might differ from trainee to trainee).

Course Fee: INR 89,999/-

For resolution of any further doubts, contact +91 8951755412.


7. Udacity

About the Institute:

Udacity’s founder, a Stanford Professor came up with an innovative idea to teach an AI course online for free and that was the birth of Udacity, a tech training institute. It has a team of 700+ trainers.

About the Course:

Udacity’s Data Science Nanodegree is listed as one of the top data science courses in Bareilly because of its interesting course curriculum. The number of diversified and quality topics clubbed together for such a brief course is quite astounding.

This Course Incorporates the Subject Matters Mentioned as Follows-

  • Meaning of Data Science and its process, and Communication with the Stakeholders to share the findings with them.
  • Best Software Writing Practices to sharpen students’ software skills.
  • Data Pipelines such as Machine Learning, ETL, and NLP.
  • Experimental Design, Recommendation Engines, and A/B testing.
  • Optional course topics include- Neural Networks, Essentials of a Command Line, Git and Github, Linear Algebra, Practical Statistics, Data Visualization, Python, SQL, and Spark.

The potential candidates are requested to check the list of matters on the official website of this institute, the basic knowledge of which is mentioned as a prerequisite to enter this course.

Course Duration: 4 months.

Course Fee: Udacity works on a subscription basis – monthly membership at INR 20,500/-, or one-time 4-month membership which is considered by them as an average time to earn a nano degree at INR 69,700/- (Discount applicable). The fascinating part is that the subscription not only gives access to this one course but also to the complete list of courses, skills, and projects provided by this institute.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to be sure to choose data science as a career or not?

By understanding the fact that if you truly believe you possess basic knowledge of machine learning or databases, powerful analytical, programming, or problem-solving skills, or any interest in math, statistics, or new tools and technologies, then now is the time to enter this industry.

Many reports on the data science industry by various Indian and International sources only show an upward curve for the upcoming years. Even the websites of the above-mentioned institutes teaching top data science courses in Bareilly mention increased job opportunities in this field.

Hence, if you are keen on taking up data science as a career, then give it a chance now so that you can make the most of this booming industry when it reaches its peak in the following years.

Q. How to choose one out of many data science courses in Bareilly?

Initially, shortlist a few courses according to your preference(s) depending on the course duration, course fee, session timings, etc. Furthermore, request a demo class from your preferred choice of institutes.

Moreover, request a counselling session, in case you have any doubts regarding joining the course or if you are confused between two or more courses provided by the same institution. Additionally, call and ask queries, if any.

Finally, don’t forget to read reviews about the institute and the course offered by them on Quora, Reddit, and LinkedIn before joining the course because you can find some genuine personal experiences shared on these sites, which can help you make your decision.

Q. What is the right choice between online and offline data science courses in Bareilly?

Nowadays, online institutes are breaking age-old stereotypes regarding the lack of attention on online students by delivering interactive live sessions effectively. There is no difference left between online and offline studies anymore.

However, you can always have a preference of your own but all I am saying is that the presumption that studying offline assures better training is not true anymore. Hence, choose offline courses because they are genuinely worth it and not because they are offline.

To conclude, the only correct choice amongst the above-listed data science institutes in Bareilly is the one that suits your needs at the moment.

Q. Which are the top 10 institutes for data science in India?

The institutes covered under the above-mentioned list of top 7 data science courses in Bareilly in addition to the below-mentioned 3 institutes will illuminate the top 10 data science institutes in India.

The 3 additional data science institutes in India to enlarge the list of options for you to choose from are as follows-

  1. Great Learning
  2. 360DigiTMG
  3. ExcelR

Q. Is it possible for people all over the world to gain benefits of the top data science courses in Bareilly?

Yes, the majority of courses recommended in this article can be accessed through online platforms which makes it possible for anyone to learn from the best data science institutions in Bareilly from any part of the world.



Data Science is a broad term that assists an entity in reading data which can further influence its decision-making by revealing patterns and behaviors with the help of various principles, tools, and techniques.

Due to the strong and unique characteristics of data science and its advantages to a business, various body corporates including MNCs are in search of hiring professionals from data science and related fields.

The increased demand for data scientists has also inspired multiple institutes especially IT Training institutes to include data science training in their list of courses.

These institutes have acknowledged the fact that companies all over the world are going to need professionals from data science and related fields in the next decade. The top data science institutes in Bareilly are waiting to train you but are you ready to learn from them?

Happy Learning!