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Top 8 Advanced Data Analytics Courses With Placements

Advanced data analytics courses are now emerging as a vital career option in a data-driven world where profoundly seamless businesses are run by skilled data analysts who have vivid knowledge of the processes of machine learning and analysis of data patterns to derive accurate, predictable insights beyond traditional business intelligence. Enterprises ranging from HSBC to PepsiCo, Amazon to Netflix, Paytm, and others demonstrate how to effectively harness the potential of analytics. In an era of employment crisis where AI is predicted to replace the careers of numerous people, the job of a data analyst remains evergreen, as it solely depends on human insights. Thus, taking advanced data analytics courses is a great way to advance your career and possibly land a well-paying job.

List of best advanced data analytics courses

Advantages of Advanced Data Analytics Courses

An organization or business can benefit from having a lot of data, but its strength and expansion can be enhanced by analysis. Advanced data analytics enables one to comprehend customer behavior, social media trends for improved audience connectivity, and sales targets through accurate interpretation of demographic attributes. These are a few more benefits of taking advanced data analytics courses.

  • Improvise Decision makings

For impromptu decision making many companies inculcate their data with artificial intelligence(AI), data mining, and machine learning for accurate predictions. For instance, predictive analysis forecasts future recommendations in reaction to business developments, while prescriptive analysis recommends how an organization should react to those changes. These studies identify the choices that might alter an organization’s or company’s success rate.

  • Provides diversity in jobs and opens up new opportunities.

Advanced data analytics courses are now considered to be the new “IT girl” in the corporate world. It is the new paradigm in the upcoming work culture. Many Tech giants like Google and retail outlets like Walmart are consistently focused on employing data-focused roles.

Learning advanced data analytics courses opens up the opportunity to work across various sectors. Even the best employee roles in finance, and healthcare, want them to inhibit some data skills and not be imprudent to the upcoming advances in technology.

Specialization in a variety of fields, including operations, sales, marketing, and other areas that most interest you, is also available with this course. The average pay for a data analyst in Canada is $62,000, but many up-and-coming experts are making $80,000 or more.

If you’re feeling just stuck in your current job roles or are confined to low-paying jobs with a minimum stipend and want to begin with a new challenge, joining data analytics courses can be an ideal opportunity that can help you both within your company and provide some relief from your monotonous job roles.

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  • Improves marketing tactics

Data analysts are capable of conducting a thorough analysis of the market and advising businesses on how best to launch their products or services to maximize profits and sales. Advanced data analysts’ research into consumer trends provides your business with the crucial knowledge it needs to develop marketing campaigns that are focused, successful, and well-targeted.

  • streamlined operations

A data analyst can optimize its processes and increase its revenue by streamlining its operations. It helps in the identification of potentially important issues and tries to reduce them accordingly. These help the firms and enterprises to purchase their best performance in any market situation or a suitable market condition.

  • Reducing fraudulent activities

A sufficient understanding of data analytics can aid in the mitigation of fraudulent activities by safeguarding your organization with data approaches that guarantee threat detection, preventing drive-fast reactions, and automatically issuing alerts.


Why Should You Choose Data Analytics Courses?

Data Analytics as a career can update you to modern standards of requirement for the corporate world, and provide you with the following career benefits.

  • A Secure Career

As per the World Economic Forum’s 2023 Future of Jobs Report, data analytics technology is expected to be adopted by 80% of enterprises, ranging from small to high-tech companies, by 2027, making it the third most prevalent technology in the digital world.

Therefore, if you’re considering making the move to data analytics as your career, you can be confident that you’ll have job security and a stable career path in the years to come.

  • Open Up to New Possibilities

Choosing a profession in data analytics can expose you to a wide range of opportunities since many prominent businesses, including business services, electronics, automotive and aerospace, chemicals, IT, and more, have integrated data analytics into their work processes.

It could result in a large number of jobs and displace work across numerous industries. It is anticipated to produce 59% of all jobs in the US market.  Therefore, advanced data analytics courses are said to have broadened their scope and allowed organizations to investigate more and more potential paths to success and growth.

  • Provide With High Earning Possibilities

One of the renowned and well-compensated tech careers in the world is data analytics. With the advent of digitalization of the industries and the introduction of Big Data, companies have started to rely on Data Analysts for their major decisions. Hence this job is now quite in demand.

The average yearly package for experienced analysts in the United States is approximately $126,442, except for rookies who make more than $83,067. The average annual package in India is ₹7,60,000, plus an additional ₹60,000 in cash compensation, which can range from ₹36,000 to ₹2,76,000. Hence, an overall good income with long-term security.

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  • Derive Away a Monotonous Work Environment

Collecting and extracting large volumes of data and analyzing them with valuable insights for the growth of the business is a tough job, but interesting too as it provides a dynamic workspace and gives you a break, unlike many other monotonous regular job roles.

Being a data analyst you also know that your strategic decision-making can decide the fate of the company and will help to monitor its growth, hence a sense of importance and priority takes place. Therefore before taking up a career in data analytics, you must be prepared to take up challenges and prepare yourself for any time of emergency or crisis.


Top 8 Advanced Data Analytics Courses



IIM SKILLS provides a six-month live online advanced data analytics course, along with an optional two-month unpaid internship program to help you gain some real-world experience. It is one of the top listed tech-based companies which includes a wide range of skill development and finance-related courses.

They provide flexible learning hours without compromising your professional and personal commitments. In this integrated course they provide an overall understanding of tools like Excel, Python, Power BI, Tableau, SQL, Alteryx, and R and divide their course into 8 different modules.

They also provide you with lifetime access to learning materials and free demo classes with 24*7 support and career guidance.

Course Name: Data Analytics Master Course

Course Fees: Rs. 49,900 + GST

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With modules covering data mining, statistics, and mathematics for business analytics, machine learning, big data, cloud computing, data visualization, descriptive analytics, operations analytics, and others, the Executive Program on Business Analytics (EPBA), IIM Calcutta is a one-year distance learning program.

Despite the hefty price tag, these courses contribute to the overall development of a solid foundation for data analysts. Sessions are held once a week on Sundays and also include AI and Ethics in Analytics. They also provide alumni benefits of using the IIM portal in different ways and engage with each other to leverage the platform in a meaningful way.


3. Upgrad

UpGrad has designed its curriculum with the current expansion of data science in mind. This 12-month executive postgraduate program in data science, which is in collaboration with IIT-B, offers specialization in six fields: data science generalist, deep learning, natural language processing, business intelligence or data, business analytics, and data engineering.

With the support of 60+ industry projects, 20+ live learning sessions, and more than 400 hours of study material, UpGrad helps you develop your practical skills. In addition, they provide free Python programming boot camps and other career-related courses, which are perfect for recent graduates, as well as other career-focused options.

Big Data, machine learning, natural language processing, predictive analysis with Python, and data visualization are mostly covered in this course.

They also offer specialization in learning, such as business analytics or deep learning, where candidates just need to have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 50% passing marks and no coding experience. 25 professional coaching sessions are also offered to learners as a perk to improve comprehension and expedite their path.

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4. (ISB)

ISB provides this career-oriented program with theoretical frameworks and practical training. They include two core models as their essential projects:

FOUNDATION PROJECT●       Solve various business problems. through the integration of classroom learnings from various courses.
CAPSTONE PROJECT●       Application of numerous tools and techniques.

●       Develop leadership skills

●       Proper integration of theory and practice by faculty members.

Through these projects, every alumnus will have the following takeaways:

  • Master the language of data science
  • Intricate the ability of decision-making
  • Essential data-analysis abilities to propel strategy and creativity
  • Solid understanding of cutting-edge technology like Blockchain and AI
  • Capacity to implement taught principles in practical settings


5. IIM Lucknow

The executive program in data science at IIM Lucknow offers numerous curriculums that focus mainly on data handling with proper management, analysis, and interpretation of tools and techniques. It is a 9-month course that includes a 3-day on-campus session and provides access to Emeritus Career Services.

Program Benefits

  • This course provides you with an opportunity and receive a certificate for completion from one of India’s Top B-Schools (NIRF, 2023)
  • You experience a three-day on-campus immersion at the IIM Lucknow campus.
  • You Receive hands-on exposure and learning and can effectively make data-driven business decisions
  • You become prone to corporate life and industry work by involving in real-world case studies and using tools like Excel
  • It gives you a global outlook and provides you with insights from IIM Lucknow faculty and industry experts
  • It provides you with an opportunity to expand your professional networking and build proper interaction with experienced peers.


6. Simplilearn

Together with data sciences, Simplilearn offers advanced data analytics courses in partnership with IBM. Students can prepare for a future in data analytics by working with IBM. It is a prominent university that invests mostly in research and development.

In the advanced data analytics courses, you will gain a thorough understanding of regression analysis, hypothesis testing, data blending, data extraction, descriptive and inferential statistics, and forecasting by enrolling in the Data Analyst Master Course.

With the application and study of numerous tools that have been recognized by the industry, the Simplilearn Master program offers certification along with access to an IBM Cloud Lite account.


7. SP Jain School of Global Management.

For undergrads, SP Jain offers a three-year, full-time curriculum in data science that is structured to enable data-driven research, precise visualizations, and sophisticated analytics through appropriate handling of all kinds of data.

Graduates of these programs gain a thorough understanding of data science and methods for both qualitative and quantitative data for accurate solution analysis through accurate pattern recognition and trend prediction through analysis from a variety of industries, including manufacturing, banking and finance, retail, and healthcare

PROGRAMAustralian undergraduate degree program(accredited:TEQSA)
PROGRAM DURATION3 years full time
LOCATIONOn campus in Mumbai- 1 year

Sydney – 2 years

On campus Sydney- 3 years

ADMISSION BEGINSSeptember 2024 onwards


8. Imarticus Learning

Imarticus Learning works in partnership with big MNCs like Deloitte, Accenture, Genpact, etc along with IBM and Cognizant. They also provide a 100% job assurance program for recent graduates and professionals who want to develop their careers in data analytics.

Benefits of advanced  Data analytics courses:

  • Provides you with job assurance along with 10 guaranteed interviews at over 500 top-tier organizations hiring data science analytics.
  • Learning practical applications of data analytics through programming like Python, SQL, data analytics, power BI, and Tableau to gain expertise.
  • Live learning modules with hands-on training methods to prepare you for data science roles.
  • 25 Real-world projects and case studies formulated by industry experts for training
  • Dedicated career service that includes resume development, profile upgradation, job assurance, and better career counseling.
  • KPMG India COE organized by Hackathons provides you a platform to outcast your coding skill in national level competition.


  • Learn the fundamentals of programming by answering more than 20 coding problems.
  • Learning the fundamentals and advanced concepts of Excel, SQL, Python programming, statistics, and machine learning in the core track For data science, machine learning, and Tableau and Power BI data visualization.
  • Advanced Machine Learning track, Capstone Project, and Career Services are all part of this specialty program.



1.  What are the eligibility criteria to join advanced data analytics courses?

ANS. A bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as statistics, computer science, mathematics, finance, economics, or business information systems, with a minimum of 60% in graduation, is required for those who want to work as data analysts. In addition to certification and certificate programs, postgraduate degrees in computer science and mathematics provide a Data Analyst specialization.

This eligibility requirement is essential since many businesses look for applicants who have a strong foundational understanding, particularly in quantitative skills. Even yet, if you are unable to complete the bachelor’s degree programs listed above, you still need to develop your skills through alternate means, such as university courses or certificate programs.

2. What is the duration of the advanced data analyst course?

ANS. The duration of the Advanced Data Analytics courses varies based on the certification type and course you wish to enroll in; it can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Some programs are offered part-time over a few months, while others require more advanced and time-consuming coursework and are offered full-time over a few months. The length of the course, however, is not very significant until the learner obtains a thorough grasp of advanced data analysis methods and instruments for drawing conclusions from intricate datasets and becomes capable of understanding judgments that are driven by data.

3. Is it necessary to join an organization to learn data analysis?

ANS. No, if you are passionate about taking advanced data analytics courses but lack the funds or time to do so, joining an organization is not actually necessary. Many readily available internet resources are available to you in the form of notes, materials, and YouTube videos. Additionally, Google Analytics Academy offers free access, which you may use to improve your proficiency with Google Analytics tools. Joining an organization, on the other hand, would be preferable since it will give you access to structured programs that build a well-versed environment around you, as well as real-world experience and important insight from the teaching staff. Anyway, the choice is always yours.

4. What are the career options that are available in this field?

ANS.  There are numerous career options that is available in the Data analyst career path, which include:

  • Business analyst: who analyses the business temperament of the current market and helps you take essential steps to survive the competition.
  • Corporate Strategist Analyses: This role is focused on merger and acquisition through strategic management of the company.
  • Compensation Analyst: This position focuses on the Human Resources department by analyzing profit through employee benefits and staff compensation.
  • Budget Analyst: Focuses on analyzing and reporting on the required budget set by the organization.
  • Insurance underwriting analyst: It analyses individual, company, and industry requirements, and helps in deciding insurance plans.
  • Sales Analytics: Analyses sales data that improves and optimizes the targeted sales.
  • Web Analytics: Professionals analyze dashboards of specific pages, topics, or websites.
  • Fraud Analytics: Manages fraudulent activities.
  • Credit Analytics: Credit monitoring along with lended approvals, risks, and lending analysis.
  • Social Media Analyst: Big tech companies now rely on social media platforms to build and monitor advanced technology and circulate data for profit maximization.
  • Actuary: Generates probability tables, risks, forecasts, and liability planning for insurance companies by analyzing data on retirees’ rates, accidents, deaths, and impairments.

5. What is the required skill set taught in advanced data analytics courses?

ANS. The job of a data analyst is an emerging career in the fast-paced world of generative AI(Artificial Intelligence), where large data needs proper skill for accurate analysis. A data analyst must possess strong analytical and numerical skills. Apart from this thorough understanding of computer software like SQL, Hive, and Pig is required, as scripting languages like Python, and statistical languages like (R, SPSS), and Excel are required that can imbibe a good interpretational and problem-solving skill in a professional, that will help in the detail explanation of the data patterns and its possible outcomes.

6. Which institution is best for this course?

ANS.   For this course, there is no such thing as a top institute. It is entirely dependent upon your superior intelligence and expertise, as well as how successfully you are able to instill these qualities in your workspace. Besides, this course is offered both online and offline by a large number of IIMs, private organizations, and institutions. Institutions with approved status from reputable authorities, such as Iimskills and Upgrade, offer courses focused on the workplace.


The job of a data analyst is indispensable for employees who want to excel in the dynamic field of data science. This course provides us with enough practical skills and adequate knowledge required to extract the right datasets with the correct information for the tools used in the analyzing processes. The variations offered in this course to suit every requirement of learners’ needs and career aspirations make it universally approved and in demand.

By enrolling in advanced data analytics courses, you can foster your growth and development in problem-solving skills and improve your technical proficiency. The diverse range of courses offers you the ability to customize your learning journey based on your interests and goals and also provides you with networking and collaboration with expertise and peers, which ultimately helps in expanding your knowledge globally. This collaborative environment ultimately drives advancements in the field of data science. Your added expertise in this field will add a star to your career and help you master your journey in work life.

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