Today’s digital world has provided us with a plethora of new profession options, one of which is VFX or animation. Students from any stream, such as Science, Commerce, or Arts, can enroll in animation classes after completing their 12th grade. Animation is the process of placing still images together one after another and then moving them at a fast speed to create the illusion of movement. Even though the concept of experimental animation dates back to ancient cultures, it was only in the nineteenth century that it truly took off. In this article, we will focus on the top 5 VFX courses in Bangalore.


List of top VFX courses in Bangalore

Animation Concept


Animation encompasses a wide range of mediums, including films, television, and commercials, which means there is plenty of need for good and professional animators in the industry. We owe our youth to figures like Tom & Jerry, Mickey Mouse, Scooby-Doo, Popeye the Sailor, Winnney the Phoo, Spiderman, Snow-white, Aladdin, ChotaBheem, Hanuman, and Bal Ganesh, to name a few.


Choosing the correct professional path after 12th grade is a critical decision for every student. Apart from getting assistance from parents, teachers, or seniors, one must be highly aware of his or her field of interest and select the appropriate course. Students who stay up with the latest information can eventually catch up with the different courses available to suit their professional path, as long as they have a good understanding of the course’s possibilities.


In this post, you will learn more about animation or VFX courses in Bangalore after 12th grade, as well as a list of the best institutes in India for 2021-22, as well as eligibility, career prospects, and other details. So, after the 12th, we’ll talk about animation as a career option or an animation course.


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First, let us focus on the several VFX courses in Bangalore or the animation courses available after 12th grade:


1. Animation Certification Courses:


This is an introductory course in animation that can be taken by anyone, as several organizations hire students who have only completed a certificate course. Aspiring candidates can pursue these VFX courses in Bangalore, to attain a future in this field.


After 12th grade, what are the names of animation courses that one can pursue?


  • 2D and 3D Animation Certificate
  • A certificate in game design is available.
  • Mobile Gaming Certificate
  • 2D Animation and Certificate Graphics
  • 3D Design Certificate Program
  • Graphic Designing and Digital Art Certificate
  • Advanced Web Designing & Animation Certificate
  • Visual Effects Certificate
  • Graphics and 3D Animation Certificate
  • Digital Photography Certificate
  • 3D Animation Certificate
  • 2D Animation Certificate
  • Advanced Rigging and Animation Certificate
  • Certificate in Digital Art and Visual Effects
  • Advanced Gaming Certificate
  • A certificate program in game development is available.


All courses are 6 months long.


The following is a list of the best institutes providing certification courses:


  • Zakir Hussain Institute
  • Arena Animation 
  • Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematic
  • International School of Design.




  • Passed Class 12 with a minimum of 50% marks from a recognized board or institute in any subject.
  • The minimum age criteria are 16 years.
  • Students who have completed Class 10 and received at least 50% of their marks from a recognized board or institute.


The Admissions Procedure:


Animation Courses Admission After 12th grade, it’s an easy process with no difficult exams. Some programs operate on a first-come, first-served basis, while others are merit-based. For admissions, several institutes may hold a Group Discussion and Personal Interview Round. However, the several VFX courses in Bangalore will help you prepare for the admission process.


Course Curriculum:


  • Basics of 2D and 3D Animation is a course that teaches students the fundamentals of animation in both 2D and 3D.
  • Digital Illustration and Animation are two types of digital graphics.
  • Basic and Advanced Texturing for Character Animation and Body Design in Performance Animation
  • Basic Photoshop with Corel Draft


It is important to note that the content and length of the course may vary depending on the institute.


Prospects for Work:


Students are typically hired as trainers and interns in various media firms after completing this degree, with a stipend ranging from INR 8,000 to 12,000 per month.


VFX is one of the most demanding professions. This article will provide you with the best VFX courses in Bangalore.


The following are some of the companies that hire students once they complete this course: –


  • Prana Studios is a production company based in India.
  • Visual Effects by Zee Media Makuta
  • G10 Red Chillies from NDTV
  • Colors from Firefly Creative Studio
  • Maya Digital Studios is a company that creates computer graphics.
  • Hindustan Times DQ Entertainment


Job Description and Profile with Average Starting Salary


  • Animators, both 2D and 3D: 

Create visuals of drawings and models for use in films, advertising, and games. Salary ranges from 2 to 4 LPA as a starting point.


  • Character Designer: 

For mobile apps, TV shows, websites, and video games, a character designer produces an appealing, well-rounded, and significant animated characters. 1 to 3 LPA as a starting wage


  • Background Artist: 

Background artists make a well-matched background for games, films, and websites that should blend in with the theme, color scheme, graphics, and music. 1 to 4 LPA as a starting wage


  • Layout Artists 

They are in charge of arranging various elements of the design. He or she arranges the colors, graphics, and other elements in such a way that the app/website/game becomes appealing to the user. Salary ranges from 2.4 to 3 LPA as a starting point.


  • Illustrator (both 2D and 3D)

Illustrators create illustrations, forms, and animations for use in advertisements, books, magazines, newspapers, greeting cards, and other publications. Salary ranges from 1.8 to 3.5 LPA as a starting point.


  • Lighting Designer

It’s a collaborative effort, and it’s responsible for ensuring that the animations or photographs have the right lighting effects. 1 to 3 LPA as a starting wage


  • Texturing Artists 

Apply textures to characters and components in an animated film or painting, such as giving any building in the film a natural look, adding wrinkles or blemishes on the character’s face, and fading or improving the colors of any scene. Salary ranges from 1.5 to 3.5 LPA as a starting point.


2. Diploma in animation


A diploma in Animation is another part of the VFX course that will be taught by the several VFX courses in Bangalore. This course teaches design, image manipulation, graphics design, cinematography, photography, cartoons, 2D and 3D animation, video editing, visual effects, and game creation. It also aids in the development of creativity and conceptualization skills.


This course will help you advance your career in multimedia and animation on a global scale, as well as work with blue-chip animation studios and entertainment corporations. Print media (magazines, newspapers, journals, etc.), promoting and advertising agencies, television, and the film business quickly absorb promising prospects.


After 12th grade, there are a variety of animation or VFX courses in Bangalore to choose from, including:


  • Advanced Program in Digital Media & Design Diploma in VFX Diploma in Web Designing and Programming (Visual Effects)
  • Graphic Design Diploma is a type of diploma that is awarded to students who have completed a Diploma in Game Development 3D Animation Diploma in 3D Animation & VFX Diploma in Visual Effects & 3D Animation
  • Animation and Visual Effects Diploma
  • Animation Bachelor’s Degree
  • Multimedia and Animation Diploma
  • Diploma in Game Art and Design Diploma in Graphic Design and Motion Graphics
  • Advance Diploma in Game Engineering a certificate in game development
  • Professional Diploma in 3D Animation Diploma in VFX & Cine Effects Diploma in Game Programming Diploma course in 3D Stereoscopic Diploma in Game Arts


Job Profile that one can expect from the VFX courses in Bangalore:


  • Animator:

 The job description is to produce animations for the screen. Films, ads, pop videos, PC games, and other media include their work. Salary expected: $300,000


  • Art director:

 They operate under the direction of marketing specialists and generate ideas to show to customers. Craftsmen and photographers, for example, design to offer workable promotional efforts. INR 550,00 is the expected pay.


  • Flash Animator:

A person who uses Adobe Flash to create unique animations. They use computer programmes to create websites and drawings, as well as other programming tasks to create SWF files. Salary expected: INR 330,000


  • 3D Animator: 

To bring attention to special effects, digital animation, or other visual images. INR 320,000 is the expected salary.


  • Film and video editors 

gather confirmed raw material and transform it into completed products appropriate for broadcasting. Camera film, speech, sound effects, graphics, and special effects are all used. Salary expected: INR 350,000.

After completing the 12th grade, you can pursue a degree in animation.


3. Bachelor’s Degree Animation Courses 


  • B.Sc. in Animation and Visual Graphics, Gaming, Multimedia
  • B.Sc. Animation and Film Production B.Sc. Animation and Gaming Production
  • Animation and Multimedia B.Sc
  • Animation and Multimedia B.Sc
  • B.Sc. in Game Design B.Sc. in Game Programming (Hons) B.Sc. in Gaming & Mobile App Development
  • B.S.c. Animation & Visual Effects
  • BA (Bachelor of Arts) (Hons) BA in 3D Design (Hons) Animation & Motion Graphics
  • BFA in Digital Art and Animation B.Des. in Visual Communication
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation
  • B.Graphics Design B.Graphics Design B.Graphics Design 
  • BFA in Digital Filmmaking and Visual Effects
  • Visual Effects and Animation Bachelor’s Degree
  • BFA in Media, Animation, and Design – Animation and Visual Effects


Job descriptions and profiles


  • Director of photography

Executes copywriter commands and develops ideas for the client or audience to communicate. Also provides designs and commissions specialists to create effective ad campaigns.


  • Video Editor for Films

The film/video editor puts together final items for transmission, such as dialogue, sound effects, special effects, camera footage, and graphics.


He or she is in charge of making visuals that appear to be alive on the screen.


  • Designer of video games

Characters, echelons, riddles, art, and animation are all created by them.


  • Artist for comic books

Collaboration with the writers allows them to tell stories through the graphic visuals they make.


The initial annual wage for:


  • Animator, 2D/3D: Rs. 3,00,000
  • 150,000 rupees for the background artist
  • Rs. 3,00,000 for a storyboard artist
  • 150,000 rupees for a character animator
  • 150,000 rupees for a special effects artist


4. Animation Post-Graduate Program


After graduation, one can pursue an advanced animation course. Let’s have a look at some post-graduation animation and multimedia courses that are available after 12th grade.


Name of the course:


  • MSc. in Multimedia Technology PG Diploma in Web Designing PG Diploma in Multimedia Technology
  • Graphic Designing (PGD)
  • Animation and Multimedia M.A.
  • M.A. in Graphic Design and M.Sc. in Animation and Multimedia
  • Animation Master’s Degree
  • MSc in Graphics, Animation, and Gaming M.Sc. Animation and Design
  • M.Sc. in CAD/CAM and Creative Design
  • Animation and Multimedia Ph.D.
  • M.Sc. Animation and Game M.Sc. Animation and Visual Effects
  • Master of Science in Game Technology
  • Diploma in Game Design for Post-Graduate Students
  • M.Sc in Multimedia Technology Post Graduate Diploma in Animation P.G Diploma in Game Art and Design P.G Diploma in Game Development


The classes will last two years.


The Admissions Procedure


It is carried out in two stages:


  • merit-based 
  • Based on the Entrance


PG in Animation Syllabus:


  • Traditional and digital art development
  • Creating storyboards and writing scripts
  • Enhance Your Digital Presence
  • Editing Improvements
  • Digital Art: A Practical Guide
  • Introduction and Development of Next-Generation 3D
  • 3D Design: Introduction and Advancement
  • Character Design for the Next Generation
  • UV Layouts and Texturing are introduced.
  • Advanced Character Animation & Setup
  • Character Design/UV Layouts & Texture are both practical.
  • Advanced Animation and Visual Effects
  • Advanced Texturing and Lighting Techniques
  • Lighting Production Techniques
  • Dynamics-I (Introduction)
  • Integration-Dynamics II is the second installment of the Art of Integration series.
  • Character Animation/Dynamics/Texturing & Lighting in Practice
  • Rendering (Advanced)
  • Compositing Is Introduced
  • Match Moving & 3D Tracking
  • The Last Project


Eligibility for PG Courses


  • Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field or an equivalent qualification.
  • A minimum of 45 percent to 50 percent in graduation is required.
  • To be considered for a certain institute, you must meet the cutoff score.


The average course fee at a government college is INR 35,000,  Average salary at a private college is INR 2,50,000/-.


The following is a list of the best postgraduate animation schools.


  • Ahmedabad’s National Institute of Design (NID)
  • Symbiosis Institute of Design (SID)
  • Gandhinagar Industrial Design Center (IDC IIT BOMBAY)
  •  Mumbai United World Institute of Design (UID), Gandhinagar
  • Sacred Heart College
  • Ernakulam Yeldo Mar Baselios College 
  • Ernakulam Mahatma Gandhi University
  • Kottayam Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phule University
  • Jaipur Mahatma Gandhi University
  • Kottayam Mahatma Gandhi University


Sectors of Employment


  • Web design by multimedia firms
  • Design studios for the gaming industry
  • Printing and Publishing Training Institutions Animation Studios Television Industry


Frequently Asked Questions


  • Is visual effects a degree program?


Bachelor of Science in Animation and Visual Effects (B.Sc Animation & VFX) is a three-year undergraduate degree open to anyone who has finished 10+2 or equivalent certification with at least 50% in aggregate. This course will teach you all you need to know about animation and visual effects (VFX).


  • Is VFX a decent career choice?


A career in animation and visual effects has long been undervalued and regarded as a low-paying endeavor, particularly in India. According to estimates, the animation and visual effects business would grow at a CAGR of 17.2% by 2021 and will be worth INR 131.7 billion.


  • Is math essential in the VFX courses in Bangalore?


You don’t need a math degree, but a fundamental understanding is usually beneficial. Custom expressions and equations have been used in comps (files that generate outputs) to get a highly distinctive look. Drawing is a crucial skill to have in VFX for some industries, but it is also a nice skill to have in general.


  • How many different kinds of VFX are there?


As previously said, the VFX process has many different parts, but they can all be divided into three categories: CGI, compositing, and motion capture.




Aspirants who have a strong passion for animation and strong creative skills in this area should consider animation as a viable option. Candidates should consider this article before enrolling in any of the VFX courses in Bangalore.


This post will undoubtedly assist you in gaining a broad range of ideas for various courses as well as determining the best Animation Courses After 12th. After 12th science or 12th arts, animation and visual effects (VFX) will surely be lucrative employment alternatives.