The city of Mumbai is known as the “Dream Capital of the World.” Students from India and other nations, without a doubt, come to realize their aspirations. Mumbai is a city in India where the majority of people achieve success, whether they be dancers, singers, comedians, or fashion designers. There are many opportunities in this city to be taken advantage of. You have a significant amount of work to complete. People here are incredibly excited about their work. Everything is possible and accessible in this city. Well, there are a plethora of UX/UI Design Courses in Mumbai, and Designing in Mumbai has a broad scope.


List of the best UX/UI design courses in Mumbai


Let us first define UX/UI design before moving on to the finest training institute for UX/UI design courses in Mumbai. UI design and UX design are two of the most commonly misunderstood terms in web and app design. It’s also understandable.


On the surface, they appear to describe the same thing, and they’re frequently combined into a single word, UI/UX design. It can be tough to get clear descriptions of the two that aren’t jargon-ridden. But don’t be concerned!


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What exactly is UID (User Interface Design)?


In UI design, “UI” stands for “user interface.” The user interface of a program is its graphical layout. The buttons that users press, the text that they read, the visuals, sliders, text entry boxes, and all other elements with which the user interacts are all included.


This comprises everything from the screen layout to the transitions and interface animations to every micro-interaction. Every visual element, interaction, and animation must be designed from scratch.


UI designers are in charge of this task. They are in charge of the application’s design. They must choose color palettes, button forms, line widths, and text typefaces, among other things. UI designers develop the look and feel of an application’s user interface.


UI designers are graphic designers. They place a high value on aesthetics. They must guarantee that the app’s interface is engaging, aesthetically fascinating, and appropriately fashioned to suit the app’s purpose and/or personality. They must also ensure that each visual element is both aesthetically and functionally consistent.


What is User Experience Design (UXD) and how does it work?


“User experience” is an abbreviation for “user experience.” A user’s overall perception of an app is determined by how they engage with it. Is the interaction smooth and intuitive or awkward and confusing? Is it easier to navigate the app logically or at random? Is it easy to connect with the app and feel like you’re making progress, or is it a challenge?


As a result, UX designers are equally concerned with the user interface of an application, which is why some consumers are confused. UX designers are responsible for defining how the user interface will operate, whereas UI designers are in charge of deciding how the user interface will look.


They determine the interface’s structure and operation. How the various components interact and how it’s laid out. To put it another way, they design the user interface. If it runs smoothly and appears to be seamless, the user will have a favorable experience.


The user experience will be poor if navigation is difficult or unintuitive. The second scenario is something that UX designers try to avoid at all costs.


How They Collaborate

As a result, a UX designer decides how the user interface works, whereas a UI designer decides how the user interface looks. This is a very collaborative approach, with the two design teams working closely together most of the time.


The UI team is working on how all of these interface pieces will appear on the screen while the UX team is working on the app’s flow, how all of the buttons guide you through your duties, and how the user interface swiftly provides the information they require.


Let’s pretend that new buttons should be added to a particular screen at some point throughout the design process. This will necessitate a change in the structure of the buttons, as well as a change in their shape or size.


The UX team would decide on the ideal button arrangement, while the UI teams would adjust their designs to meet the new layout. The final stoner interface looks as good as it possibly can while still functioning efficiently and intimately because of constant communication and collaboration between UI and UX designers.


UI vs. UX: Two Distinctive Disciplines That Collaborate


Although the skill sets required for UI and UX design are extremely distinct, they are both important to the success of the other. A gorgeous design can’t redeem a clumsy, difficult-to-navigate interface, and a fantastic, perfectly-suited user experience can be ruined by a lousy visual interface design that makes using the app unpleasantly.


To develop a good user interface/experience, both UI and UX designs must be beautifully executed and completely linked with pre-existing user expectations. And when all of the stars align, the effects can be spectacular.


The Top 5 UX/UI Design Courses in Mumbai are as follows:


  1. EDIT


  • EDIT (Experience Design and Interface Technology) was founded in 1990 and offers Design Courses for mobile apps and websites, including Graphic Designing, Web Designing, UX Design, and UI Design. This is one of Mumbai’s best UX/UI Design Courses.


  • This institute has over 30 years of expertise, and over 9000 students have achieved success as a result of taking this course.


  • They have a well-trained and experienced workforce. Furthermore, all of the instructors work tirelessly to ensure that their pupils pass with flying colors.


  • In Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, and Bangalore, EDIT has 16 centers.


  • The full course lasts four months and has a total of 34 sessions.


  • Job placement and help will be provided.


  • Classes will be held online, and students will be able to ask questions and receive answers using the LMS (Learning Management System)


Syllabus & Methodology for the Entire Course

The entire course is broken down into seven units.


  • How to design mobile apps: This section will teach you the entire UX process for creating mobile apps. Stakeholder interviews, competitive analysis, customer journey, user flowchart, and user journey are all included in this module.


  • Website redesign: You will learn how to revamp a website using Figma in this module. You’ll also learn how to create responsive websites that can be utilized on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices in the future.


  • Experts conduct portfolio sessions: This module has been divided into eight sessions and will be completed concurrently with your course. In addition, you will participate in a webinar where industry professionals will teach you about important themes.


  • Learning Management System (LMS): All of the classroom sessions are available on the LMS, where you may get answers to all of your questions. Apart from that, you can effortlessly create projects from the comfort of your own home.


  • User Interface Design for Mobile Apps: In this lesson, you will learn about Style Guides and how to create them for mobile app design. You’ll also learn about design principles for Android and iOS mobile apps.


  • Interview: In this session, you will practice interviewing skills by conducting mock interviews. You will learn how to get a career in the sector in the future.


  • Portfolio: You’ll learn how to make one for mobile apps (Android and iOS) Aside from that, learn how to redesign a website for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.


  1. Freelancers Academy


  • Is taking a UX/UI Design course difficult? NOPES. Why? Because Freelancers Academy, which is the greatest and offers all services, is here.


  • They provide well-organized online access to the training material, which includes concept-based films.


  • They provide a welcoming environment, and you will be taught by outstanding instructors with at least three years of expertise.


  • They have proper learning, comprehending, and working environment.


  • The only institute with an in-house design agency is Freelancers Academy.


  • It is regarded as Mumbai’s best UX/UI Design Institute.


  • This program is 4 months long, with 2 months of lessons and 2 months of internship. This is one of Mumbai’s best UX/UI Design Courses.


What is the mechanism behind it?


They provide a total of 15 different types of programs.


  • UXD Principles
  • UXD Ecosystem
  • Proposal Preparation
  • How to Approach a Project
  • Business objectives
  • User research
  • Content strategy
  • User experience design principles
  • How to make content malleable
  • Transition to design
  • Annotating
  • Moving from design to development
  • Sitemaps and flow work
  • User strategy design
  • Model prototyping


They collaborate with the following organizations:


  • Interactive Avenues
  • DDBmudragroup
  • Bcwebwise
  • net
  • Dentsu
  • Social Beat
  • Glitch
  • Blink Digital
  • Perform
  • Indigo Consulting
  • Schbang


  1. ImaginXP


  • This institute is a design pioneer, offering credentials in UX/UI design to undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs.


  • They have taught over 2000 students at 18+ partner universities to date.


  • They teach students the relevant component of branding and its strategy, as well as how to enhance their attitude and flourish in their talents, with the correct learning.


  • The training is called UX Jumpstarter 2.0 Course. The course has a total period of 12 weeks and a total number of lectures of 24.


  • Their previous students are working as designers at Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Accenture, and other companies. UI Design and Tools is another course they offer. The total number of lectures in this course is 14, and the duration is 42 hours. This is one of Mumbai’s best UX/UI Design Courses.


Why should you enroll in ImaginXP UX/UI Design Courses in Mumbai?


  • Taking a UX/UI Design course from the beginning to the end.


  • You’ll have the opportunity to learn from some of Mumbai’s greatest instructors.


  • Take an in-depth look at everything with enthusiasm and ease.


  • Obtain employment with top firms such as Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and others with ease.


  • Create a portfolio and resume.


  • Learn from them and gain experience and expertise.


  • Make a living as a breadwinner for your family.


More information on ImaginXP


  • They provide alluring placements and job assistance.


  • Minimum Salary: 6.5 Lakhs per annum.


  • Maximum Salary: 12.5 Lakhs per annum.


  • They provide each student individual attention;


  • Their entire course is well-structured and well-planned;


  • They teach students how to think beyond the box in their lectures.


  • The faculties are well educated, experienced, and cooperative.


  • They place a high priority on the assignments they give their students.


  1. IIDE


  • It was founded in 2016. Karan Shah is the institute’s CEO, and Hari Mundra is the chairperson. It is without a doubt one of the leading colleges in Mumbai that offers digital marketing courses. It is also well-known for its UX/UI design courses in Mumbai


  • The course will take you 11 months to complete and will turn you into a computer designer.


  • This course also includes a two-month internship that will assist you to gain proficiency in skills.


  • After taking this course, you will have a wealth of information. Teachers here are not just kind, but also hardworking.


  • They place their students in appropriate jobs.


  • Trainers are available to answer students’ questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


  • You’ll have the ability to create mobile apps and websites.


  • IIDE teaches its students everything in a practical manner.


  • You will be able to develop logos, social media posts, and visuals in this field after joining IIDE.


  • IIDE aspires to transform learners by boosting their talents and transforming them into who they want to be. This is deserving of consideration as one of the best UX/UI Design Courses in Mumbai


The following are the topics that will be covered in the UX course:


  • Thinking of Design
  • Research
  • Defining problems
  • User persona
  • Idea techniques
  • Informative architecture


The following are the topics that will be covered in the UI course:


  • Wireframing
  • Prototype- Lo-fi
  • Prototype- Hi-fi


Placement partners are:


  • Gozoop
  • Togglehead
  • Schbang
  • Kinnect
  • Coditas
  • Iconscout
  • Webonise


Reason to join IIDE


  • Doubts Session: IIDE teachers are always willing to listen to their students’ concerns. They are never careless. You can send your questions at any time, and you will get a response within a few hours.


  • Interview Preparation: If you apply for a job, you will undoubtedly be interviewed by several companies. As a result, IIDE prepares you for your interview. They prepare their pupils for mock tests and fake interviews so that they do not fall behind.


  • Individual attention: One of the best aspects of IIDE is that they provide individual attention to their students, which is something that very few institutes do.


  • Compulsory Internship: If you are a student at IIDE, you must complete an internship as part of your program. Internships often aid in the development of portfolios and resumes.


  • Placement Opportunities: They give their students a wide range of opportunities. Don’t worry if you don’t want to start your own business. You’ll find the best career possibilities if you look hard enough. IIDE includes a placement cell that makes sure you’re working with the best.


  1. Design Mortals


  • This is one of Mumbai’s most prestigious institutes. It’s a location where you can learn new talents. You will learn and create new things here at this institute.


  • Master User Experience and User Interface is the title of this course.


  • The duration of the course is four months, and the course price is Rs 55000. 15000 are for registration and 40000 are for the course.


  • They believe that teaching with real-life examples engages pupils more effectively.


  • They will also assist pupils in honing their thoughts and boosting their portfolios.


Merits of joining this course:


  • They offer real-world industry tasks.
  • Classes will only be held on weekends so that you may focus on your other responsibilities.
  • Upon completion of the course, you will be qualified for employment.
  • This is a course that offers in-depth and extensive knowledge, making it one of the best UX/UI Design Courses in Mumbai.


What sets them apart from others?


  • Online Classes: They provide their students the option of taking classes online from anywhere. They are not required to relocate from one location to another. This saves both time and energy.


  • Appropriate career counseling: Following the end of the course, Design Mortals Institute offers individual counseling sessions to help students determine the best job route for them in the future.


  • Learn from the best: The faculty at this institute is amazing and helpful. When it comes to teaching, they don’t leave any stone untouched.


  • Sector knowledge: After taking this course, you’ll be able to learn more about the industry. Get the chance to learn tips and tactics for achieving your goals in life.


  • Portfolio: Without a doubt, the portfolio is the most significant factor. The majority of employers want you to have a portfolio. It is critical to have a well-rounded portfolio. As a result, this institute contributes to that.


  • Practical Teaching: They practically teach all ideas so that students do not have any difficulty understanding them and can relate to them.


  • Placements: They place their pupils in fantastic jobs. They work with major companies from all over the world.


Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. What does UX/UI stand for?


Ans: UX stands for User Experience. It is the process of developing a product to meet the expectations, needs, and aspirations of the target market. The term “user interface” refers to the way a computer interacts with the user It refers to the object with which the user can make touch and engage.


  1. What employment may someone undertake after completing a Design Course?


Ans: Art Director, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Multimedia Artist and Animator, Advertising and Promotion Manager, Fashion Designer, Film and Video Editor are just a few of the positions that can be obtained after completing a Design Course.


  1. Is a Design Course a Good Career Option?


Ans: Nowadays, a Design Course is very popular. In India, designers are in high demand right now. This is a large stream with a bright future ahead of it.




The post gives users a thorough understanding of the best UX/UI Design Courses in Mumbai. Learners who enroll in these courses will have access to a variety of job prospects. These are the best available UX/UI Design courses in Mumbai.