Are you in the habit of penning your thoughts, secretly longing to become a writer? Do you belong to Pune, the city with deep roots in culture, art, music, theatre, and everything creative and academic? Well, here is good news. A career in content writing can satisfy the writer in you, and Pune has a demand for good content writers. Our list of the top 7 institutes offering a content writing course in Pune will help you get started on this journey.


The job market is ripe with opportunities for content writers. Does the question arise in your mind as to how to make your content stand out from the rest?


At the time of writing this article, as per Internet Live Stats, there are:

  • 4,541,214,999+ internet users in the world
  • 1,766,096280+ websites, and
  • 3,821,599+ blog posts written.


Those are some mindboggling stats.


With such information overload and massive additions daily, is it possible to create unique content? Is it possible to write content that is engaging yet informative? Of course yes, it is very much possible.


Actionable Tips for Unique Content Writing:


Let us explore some simple, actionable tips to give your writing a unique voice and personality.


The number one tip is to use a conversational tone.


This tip is perhaps the most simple yet overlooked aspect of content writing. True, we have learned about the difference in the way we speak and write, but that does not hold for the current scenario.


Long words, complex sentences, impeccable grammar, and comprehensive vocabulary. These are not indicators of good content writing. It is the simple no-fuss conversational tone with simple words that give a natural flow to the content. A conversational tone makes content instantly engaging.


The second tip is creating the target audience or buyer persona (in content marketing).


To be able to write for any product/service/reader, you need to understand in-depth the audience. The buyer persona information that benefits you:

  • You have an understanding of who the reader/buyer is.
  • What age group do they belong to?
  • What is the information/service that they are seeking?


With the above information, the writing part is simple. Your writing will automatically have a compelling voice, be more fluent and relevant.


Compelling and Persuasive Content:


The aspect of making content compelling and persuasive cannot be emphasized enough. Even storytelling adds to making content engaging. Any content that has an emotional quotient is likely to get higher rankings. Again, the buyer persona plays a significant role in creating compelling content. Once the buyer persona is in place, it is easy to understand how to persuade the buyer.


As per Aristotle, Ethos, pathos, and logos are the three modes of persuasion. Ethos is convincing the audience of your credibility. Pathos is persuading the audience by appealing to their emotions. Logos uses the appeal to logic or reason to convince the audience. Employ these three modes of persuasion in your writing and see the magic unfold.


Formatting and Grammar:


Finally, all your content writing is in vain if you do not follow formatting and have the grammar in place. Most readers will not read through an entire article. To top it, most internet users have a minimal and small attention span. So make your content scannable to make it read-worthy.


Short paragraphs, uncomplicated sentences, eye-catching headlines, and subheadings. These break the monotony and are super tips for formatting your content.


Further tips include:

  • Ensuring the content is free of grammatical errors.
  • Not using passive voice.
  • Highlighting essential words and phrases.


The above attributes add to the ease of readability and delight the reader.


These are just some of the tips for beginners getting started in the content writing industry.


Moving on, we will enlist the top institutes offering content writing courses in Pune. The below list has complete information on the course details, fee, curriculum, etc.




IIM SKILLS is famous in the eduspace for its job-oriented courses. It aims at filling the void due to a lack of talent in companies through various training courses.


It is an institute that transforms its students into a talented workforce, capable of being industry-relevant and meeting the demands of the global digital market head-on. The institute also provides its students with professional certifications that propel their careers.


IIM SKILLS constantly attempts at identifying the skills gap and designing courses to fill those gaps. Currently, it offers courses in Digital Marketing, CAT Coaching, and Content Writing. IIM SKILLS creates its courses in-keeping with the current and latest trends. Hence, one can expect up-to-date course content that is practical and actionable.


The faculty at IIM SKILLS has abundant experience and is an amiable lot. They extend support to the students even upon course completion. IIM SKILLS follows a student-centric approach, keeping the interest of the students foremost.


Their Content Writing Master Course is the crown jewel. It is the most comprehensive content writing program. It is undeniably one of the top content writing courses in Pune.


Highlights of the Content Writing Course at IIM SKILLS:

  • Students, business people, digital marketers, homemakers, bloggers, or existing content writers; this course is suitable for all.
  • There is no pre-set eligibility factor to take up the course.
  • The course duration is one month, with four weeks of live online classes via Zoom.
  • The Content Writing Master Course is for a fee of INR 11,900 + GST. All candidates get 35K worth of tools free.
  • This course offers an excellent mix of theory and practicals with almost 60 hours of practical assignments.
  • It is inclusive of two certifications, one from IIM SKILLS and one from HubSpot for Content Marketing. The HubSpot certification is globally renowned and value addition in the resume.
  • The mentors hold highly interactive sessions with on-the-spot doubt clarification and hands-on training. They make understanding of concepts a breeze.
  • Other significant features that make this course unique are:
    • 100% money back if you are not satisfied post the first session.
    • Free lifetime access to the course content.
    • An internship opportunity for three months which will give students a chance to implement all that they learned.
    • Dedicated placement cell that helps with interviews, resume, and placements.


The content writing course syllabus includes:

  • Setting up a WordPress website and understanding all the technicalities involved therein.
  • An understanding of web traffic, landing pages, accelerated mobile pages, and UI and UX of the blog.
  • Introduction to content writing, its various types, content publication, and distribution channels.
  • The content keyword research module explores all about keywords, their types and selection, and comparison with the competition.
  • Module five is about starting the writing process, selecting a segment/niche, learning the importance of storytelling, compelling content, and so on.
  • Alongside learning about content, participants also learn how to use various content writing tools.
  • Module seven is about duplicate content, how to check, what are the cons to writing duplicate content.
  • Email automation and content distribution.
  • Google local page set-up.
  • The role of social media in content writing, do’s, and don’ts.
  • Learning about social media tools in extensive use.
  • Freelance content writing module is the final module of this extensive content writing course.


Location and Contact Information:



H B Twin Tower 8th Floor, Max Hospital Building,

Netaji Subhash Place,

Pitampura, New Delhi-110034

Phone: 99 11 839503




Living Bridge is one of the top institute providing content writing courses in Pune.


It is a platform that provides wings to talent. The institute offers training in the spheres of film, photography, and writing.


It aims at creating happy individuals by providing them with learning opportunities. At Living Bridge, the belief is that talent and passion should never suffer for the paucity of time or money.


The modules of training at Living Bridge cover intensive and extensive aspects, leading to holistic improvement of skills. With the establishment in 2012, in Pune, it is an open learning platform. It offers various courses under its main fortes of filmmaking, photography, and writing.


Under the writing segment, Living Bridge caters to creative writing, story writing, blog and content writing, food and travel writing, and creative writing for kids.


Highlights of the Content Writing Course at Living Bridge:

  • The Blog and Content Writing Workshop at Living Bridge aims at transforming the aspiring writers into famous bloggers and successful content writers.
  • The mentor, Kalyani Sardesai, is a freelance journalist and copywriter herself, with 17+ years in mixed media.
  • Over the years, she has impressive work experience with renowned national dailies, business magazines, and websites to her credit.
  • The workshop is for two days and a fee of INR 4100. The total batch size is just 12, so you can expect individual attention during the training.
  • The Blog and Content Writing Workshop contents are as follows:
    • What is a blog, and how it differs from other genres of writing?
    • Defining your focus and getting started.
    • Blogging as an interest
    • Monetizing a blog
    • How to attract readership?
    • The importance of visuals, formatting, and fonts
    • Discussion of popular blogs
    • Writing exercises
    • Feedback
    • Content writing
    • The qualities that make a good content writer
    • Various tips and tools to become a good content writer
    • Finally, writing exercises with feedback


Location and Contact Information:

18, Runanubandh Society,

Kotbagi Hospital Road, Near Delhi Kitchen,

Aundh, Pune, Maharashtra-411007

Phone: 98900-00587





Digital TITA is a digital marketing institute charting out a path for aspiring digital marketing professionals. Content Creation is one of the many courses they offer under the digital marketing domain. It is also one of the top institutes providing a content writing course in Pune.


The courses offered by Digital TITA train students in all aspects, including current trends. The ambitious trainers encourage the trainees to be creative and think differently.


Digital TITA has certified trainers, having trained 500+ students in 100+ batches, with certifications and 100% job placement. For aspiring writers who need some guidance before taking up the course, there is an option of talking to a career advisor or attending a demo session.


Highlights of the Content Writing Course at Living Bridge:

  • The content marketing course is up-to-date and helps in gaining a competitive advantage.
  • With this course, you can improve writing skills, have a basic SEO understanding, and learn different types of content for various purposes.
  • The course will help advertising and marketing professionals wanting to explore their knowledge base.
  • Students and freshers can build a career out of the content marketing course.
  • The institute has various programs and seminars for a better understanding of content creation concepts.
  • The trainers are highly skilled, and there is an opportunity for internships on live projects for two to three months.
  • The course on live projects helps students learn the use of various tools and techniques in real-time and adds to their resume.
  • Guidance for placement is an additional bonus.


Location and Contact Information:

Flat 404, Karan Muktangan

Kashid Park, Near Kalpataru,

Pimple Gurav, Pune-411061

Phone: 91303-19944




Digital Skills prides itself on transforming skills of digital India. Primarily a digital marketing services and training institute, Digital Skills is one of the best courses in content writing in Pune. The focus at Digital Skills is on designing industry-relevant programs. The institute creates learning experiences that help build competencies of the trainees.


Since it is a digital marketing institute, digital is in its DNA. It thrives on technology transformation and its impact on marketing and sales. The courses here are relevant and up-to-date, incorporating lessons, tips, and techniques learned from their client cases.


The content marketing course at Digital Skills educates on how to generate content that satisfies the target audience. It provides the HubSpot’s content marketing course, which has international value.


Highlights of the Content Writing Course at Digital Skills:

  • The content marketing course is a part-time course of a total duration of 30 hours.
  • The course is available online and as a classroom course.
  • With this course, one can learn how to generate useful customer-centric content.
  • The course curriculum involves:
    • Introduction: Definition and meaning of content marketing and learning about content intent.
    • Business objective and user-centric content: Understanding business objectives is of paramount importance to content creation to align content strategies with business goals.
    • Storytelling and branding: Learning the role of compelling storytelling and its role in brand building.
    • Content marketing for different channels: Understanding the various channels and purpose of content in each.
    • Marketing Strategy of content: Learning about SEO and optimizing content for the same.
    • Challenges in content marketing: Resource inadequacy, coordination between departments, etc.
    • Measure success: Measure content ROI and key performance indicators.
  • The content marketing course at Digital Skills comes with a certification.


Location and Contact Information:


Office No. 303, Third floor,

Kolte Patil City Space, Next to CTR,

Above Mahindra Showroom,

Nagar Road, Pune-411014

Phone: 9595347484




Digital Knowledge Factory is an institute catering to basic and advanced digital marketing studies. The faculty includes expert digital gurus and online pundits.


DKF is an offspring of the I Knowledge Factory, the media giant. It has an impressive portfolio of 950+ clients.


The syllabus of courses at DKF reflects its core values of crafting, caring & amplifying brand identities. Belonging to the IKF is in itself a credential enough for the courses on offer at DKF. It is one of the top institutes offering content writing courses in Pune.


Highlights of the Content Writing Course at Digital Knowledge Factory:

  • The content marketing course at DKF teaches you to write great content that engages the audience.
  • It provides an in-depth understanding and thorough research skills.
  • The content marketing expert trainers teach you how to explore a topic and write compelling pieces.
  • The training is practical and fast-paced.
  • There is an opportunity for an internship as well as placement assistance.


Location and Contact Information:


2nd Floor, Manohar Building

Taware Colony, Pune-411009

Phone: 88888-66114


The next two institutes cater to creative writing, and aspiring creative writers should surely consider these options.




The Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning offers a diploma in creative writing in English (DCWE). SCDL has since its inception in 2001, been providing quality education to students. It is one of the most sought after institutes for plenty of courses of various disciplines.


Symbiosis University needs no introduction. Desirous candidates can enroll for this course without a thought. A certification from Symbiosis is irrefutably a value addition to one’s resume or profile. It is one of the largest autonomous distance learning education institutes in India and offers eighteen courses across six streams.


Hence, the creative writing course by SCDL is one of the best in Pune. Since it is distance learning, students from all around the country can avail of the course and certification.


The DCWE from SCDL helps learners to get exposure to different forms of writing and stimulate their creative thinking and writing abilities. It also introduces them to the lives and views of prominent writers.


Highlights of the Creative Writing Course at SCDL:

  • The career opportunities for the DCWE include a career in journalism, communication, and media, public relations, professional writing, publishing, etc.
  • The duration of the program is one year, and the registration period is valid for two academic years.
  • The course fee is INR 35,000. This fee is not inclusive of the application fee and exam fee.
  • It is an autonomous program with two semesters. Semester one deals with the expressive self, experiencing the word, and creative lives. The second-semester deals with sources of creativity, preparatory practices, and an introduction to forms of writing.
  • The program curriculum in detail involves:
    • The Expressive Self: Your physical self, thinking self, feeling self, aspirations, family, friends, responding to the environment, and other issues and concerns.
    • Experiencing the word: Reliving and recording spoken words, living stories, interviews, news, big stories, and visual stimulants.
    • Creative Lives: Travelling storyteller, restless play, inside the magic, cutting edge, tales from beyond, reflecting on life, and romance of life.
    • Sources of Creativity: The right approach, experience of hearing, touch, sight, smell, taste encounters, magic of dream and memory, and emotions.
    • Preparatory Practices: Language and reading, reflective reading, clarity in writing, cohesion and color, poetry, and dialogue writing.
    • Introduction to creative forms of writing: Qualities of excellent writing, drama, short fiction, and more.


Though much in-depth, this course has an equally significant certification that holds great value.


Location and Contact Information:

Symbiosis Bhavan

1065 B, Gokhale Cross Road, Model Colony,

Pune-411016, Maharashtra, India.

Phone: +91-20-66211000




The Callidus Academy imparts knowledge and on the job training to all of its trainees. The training prepares the students to meet industry standards and demands. The courses are in keeping with the latest trends in the industry.


The Callidus Academy offers courses in Radio, Television, Anchoring, Theater, Digital Media, and Writing. Their mission is to provide a safe learning environment, nurture creativity to the full potential of every individual student while maintaining ethical standards.


Through its industry-relevant training and trendsetting courses, it transforms lives, creating future-ready media professionals. They believe that people with proper work experience make fruitful educators, and hence all of their faculty have a rich background within their respective domains.


The Academy is responsible for training 1000+ students, now into successful careers. In the writing domain, they have creative writing training as well as training for screenplay and dialogue writing.


Highlights of the Creative Writing Course at Callidus Academy:

  • The creative writing course trains aspirants in different writing styles.
  • It helps students fine-tune their writing skills, making it unique.
  • The course duration is two months, twice a week.
  • One can pursue a career as a professional writer upon completion of this course.
  • The course tutor is Mr. Shivraj Gorle, a writer/orator with extensive experience.
  • The course content includes:
    • Creativity and Idea Generation.
    • News Story.
    • Advertising Copy.
    • Feature and Column Writing.
    • Writing, Basics of Screenplay Writing.


Location and Contact Information:

Rachana Avenue, Beside Sagar Arcade,

Near Goodluck Chowk, F.C. Road,

Deccan, Pune 411004

Phone: 91670-59079




Whether it is creative writing, general content writing, travelogues, financial writing, academic writing, fiction, ghostwriting, or technical writing, the options within the content writing industry itself are aplenty.


Depending on your aptitude and interest, you can choose any niche area. A general content writing course will help you learn the current trends and give you an insight into the actual job. After that, you can choose a specialization and delve deeper into courses offering specialized writing courses.


Whether you aspire to be a niche writer or a general content writer, let go off your apprehensions. The content writer career is such that even a newbie can learn the ropes soon enough. So, let the closet writer out into the open and transform your life.


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    Content writing institute’s in Pune are very less, it is advisable to take up an online content writing course in Pune instead of traveling and wasting your hours in travel.

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  • June 10, 2020 at 8:05 pm

    Good evening sir. I am a mass communication student from SCMC. I enrolled in this course at Udemy, but I am not at all satisfied with it. They do teach well, but it’s mostly all about writing and nothing practical that could help someone land a job. I got my certification, but for the last few months, I am still struggling to land a good job as a part-timer, or freelancer.

    I came across your blog a few days ago and I am very keen to know more about the course syllabus from IIMSkills. Also there’s another thing I would like to ask; since I have already completed the course, would it be ppossible to apply for an internship at your institute? Or do I have to a student from your institute to apply for it? Additionally, I also have completed a course on copy-writing and creative writing from Udemy.

  • June 16, 2020 at 10:33 pm

    Hello sir. Good day. Thank you for this wonderful post. I found it quite knowledgeable. Specially the internship programs and the help with job placements. It’s quite enticing in this regard. I suppose all these institutes offer these opportunities. If it’s not, I would request you to note the institutes that does offer such opportunities. There’s also another thing I wanted to ask, even if one does get their certificates, not necessarily they get hired. Mostly because of the reason that they are not experienced. It happens with freelancing jobs the most. I have been a freelancer for five years as an editor and it was quite difficult to land my first job. So in this regard how will these institutes help us securing a job? Do we get a letter of recommendation if we do internships after the training program?

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    It’s been a wonderful experience to learn content writing courses at IIMSkills. Contents writers are so in-demand in today’s industry. Especially when everything is going digital. Today classes are held online and so is working from home.
    Content writers are mostly having it easy. I am from Pune and I did my schooling and university from here. I haven’t been too much out of Pune. So learning this course online was my first step in the outside world. After completing the internship, I joined a publishing company, currently working as an editor.
    IIMSkills offer the best internship programs and guidance too. The faculty is amazing and if you ever have doubts, they are there to help you 24/7. I would recommend everyone to join this course. Of course look for other institutes. As said earlier, it depends on what one is looking for after completing the course. All the best for the aspiring content writers out there.

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    Hi I am a trainee at TCS. I enrolled in this course a few months ago at an organization WritingsOnline, but I was very much disappointed with the experience. They promised us so much more but delivered the completely the opposite things. There were many who were upset and quit the course halfway. We enrolled as that organization was offering discounts on course fees. Later when I checked their reviews I saw the worst of complaints. The funny part is now when I look for that institute I don’t find it on google whatsoever. There are so many fraud organizations out there to confuse newbies like us. I really learned not to compromise on the quality of the training. Then I saw IIMSkills review at quora and looked through the institute and I am very intrigued to join this institute. I believe my fellow batchmates from that organization would also love to join IIMSkills.


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