Top 7 Content Writing Courses in Kolkata in 2021 (Updated)

Top 7 Content Writing Courses In Kolkata


If you are a resident of Kolkata aspiring to be a content writer and looking for a professional content writing course, look no further. Today, we list out the top 7 content writing courses in Kolkata. A lot of students, homemakers, and professionals even are taking up content writing as a side hustle or even a primary career today.


Content writing is an “in-demand” profession, not just in India but globally. With a boom in digital marketing across industries, the demand for content writers is going to grow exponentially. The value of content marketing in brand building is undisputable. Consequentially, the need for best talents in the content writing domain is on the rise.


A great deal of brainstorming, aligning with company goals, innovation, thinking out of the box and ahead of the curve, and in-depth SEO guidelines make for exceptional content. Content that resonates with customers ranks high. The main aim of good content is to provide solutions and information to people’s search queries.


Content Creation Steps:


A good content writer is undoubtedly an asset to an organization. Take a look at the brief outline of what content creation entails:

  • Knowing who the target audience is and catering to their needs is the first step in developing content with intent.
  • The next step is, of course, aligning the content as per SEO guidelines, for visibility and ranking.
  • Blending of copywriting in content writing, adapting to the style and type of content matters next. There are different tones, styles, and guidelines for different types of content. The different content types include blogs, white papers, social media posts, or web content.
  • Then comes the technical aspects of content creation, which involve page loading speed, image attributes, and the likes.
  • Content distribution and publishing channels are next.
  • Finally, comes content marketing. Sharing your content on social media handles reaches out to a broader audience.
  • Even email marketing automation is an essential step in getting your content out there.
  • Content creation is a whole department in itself with sub-specialties. It is not a one-person task. Thus a content writer’s role is not just writing but multi-dimensional and more challenging than ever.


IIM SKILLS Kolkata Content Writing Course invite



Some mind-boggling statistics about content writing/marketing:

  • 70% of marketers believe in better results with investment in content marketing (HubSpot, 2020).
  • 55% of marketers give priority to blog creation as their top inbound marketing strategy (HubSpot, 2018).
  • In 2020, in the U.S., over 31 million people will have become bloggers. (Quoracreative, 2019).
  • Marketers create content for multiple audiences, a minimum of three audience segments. (HubSpot, 2020).




Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, is, in essence, a city of literary excellence. With its rich literary tradition and numerous educational institutions, it has churned out many great writers.


Our very own Rabindranath Tagore, the first Asian to win the Nobel Prize for literature, was from Kolkata. In the modern-day, it is content writing though that is ruling the roost.




IIM SKILLS is a top-of-the-line institute in the online educational service industry. Driven by ideas, knowledge, and technology, IIM SKILLS is a new-age one-stop institute for up-skilling. At IIM SKILLS, the emphasis and focus is on its students. The institute offers highly in-demand courses. The structure and design of the courses are such that candidates are industry-ready and financially independent.


Through 1000+ trainings, IIM SKILLS has engendered the confidence of more than 5000+ students. It has been training students and professionals and empowering them with employable skills. The institute provides excellent courses for digital marketing, content writing and CAT coaching. Of these, the Content Writing Master Course is their flagship course that has garnered a lot of applause.


The content writing course at IIM SKILLS enables aspirants to write alluring content that captivates viewers. Through the course, the candidates can improve on their vocabulary, methods of strategizing content, research procedure, information collection before content development, and logical thinking. Foremost is the ability to create lucid content for the target audience.


The trainers are industry experts with 10+ years of experience. The learning management system, or LMS, is quite simple and easy to use. Moreover, access to the LMS at IIM SKILLS is free for a lifetime once you enroll for the content writing course. IIM SKILLS is undoubtedly the best institute for a content writing course in Kolkata.


Salient Features of the Content Writing Course at IIM SKILLS:

  • The Content Writing Master Course at IIM SKILLS is for one month (four weeks of live online training).
  • The course fee is INR 11,900 + GST.
  • The training is more practical and less of a theory to allow students to have hands-on experience in all that they learn.
  • The classes are online. The batches may be weekend or weekday and as per the convenience of the candidates.
  • The instructor-led virtual sessions are highly interactive, encouraging on-the-spot doubt clearing.
  • A small number of students per batch ensure better individual interaction and attention.
  • The course modules included are:
    • Web development.
    • UI, UX Interface (blog creation).
    • Introduction to content writing. This includes types of content, exploring publication channels, as well as the distribution of content.
    • Content keyword research.
    • Start writing content.
    • Content writing tools.
    • Duplicate content detector.
    • Content distribution using email.
    • Google local pages set up.
    • Content marketing using social media.
    • Exploring social media tools.
    • Freelance content writing.
  • The Content Writing Master Course comes with a certification from IIM SKILLS, as well as a global certification in content marketing from HubSpot. Both of these hold immense value for aspiring content writers.
  • IIM SKILLS also provides an opportunity for all participants in the form of an internship. The internship is a means to improvise before getting into the job market and also is a value addition on the resume. Deserving candidates get placement assistance as well.
  • In addition to learning how to use various tools for content writing, all participants get free tools worth INR 35,000.
  • The Content Writing Master Course at IIM SKILLS is a complete course with a holistic approach to all aspects of content creation.


Address and Contact Information:


H B Twin Tower 8th Floor, Max Hospital Building,

Netaji Subhash Place,

Pitampura, New Delhi-110034

Phone: 99 11 839503





Compete Infotech Academy aims at enabling students to become entrepreneurs through their industry-recognized courses. They provide students with the best professional knowledge and train them to make a living out of their skills. Some of their major professional courses include digital marketing training, social media training, SEO training, PPC training, internet marketing training, and content writing training.


The main aim of Compete Infotech Academy is to enable people to learn skills and start their ventures. Their courses are all under the digital marketing domain, with industry experts as trainers. They have flexible training programs with global certification. Most of their classes are available online. This feature makes it feasible for a more significant number of people to access the course and benefit from it.


Compete Infotech Academy is one of the top content writing courses in Kolkata. You can schedule a free demo class to know more about the content writing course before enrolling.


Salient Features of the Content Writing Course at Compete Infotech Academy:

  • Advance Level Content Writing Certification Course is the course for content writing. It focuses on the learn-implement-earn pathway.
  • The academy uses a combination of case studies, project activities, audio, and video clips with PowerPoint presentations to make the learning process 90% experimental.
  • Their course module covers earning as a freelancer, work from home (creative writing, affiliate marketing, blogging), and starting your own business.
  • The curriculum focuses on advanced knowledge and earning scope.
  • Syllabus for the Advance Level Content Writing Certification Course includes:
  1. Introduction to technical writing.
  2. Importance of writing effective web content.
  3. Effective web content writing techniques.
  4. Different types of writing.
  5. The writing process.
  6. Assessing your audience.
  7. Covering the knowledge domain.
  8. Creativity in web writing.
  9. Ensuring clarity and readability.
  10. Architecting sentences that communicate.
  11. The mechanics of writing.
  12. Writing in the right style.
  13. Editing for quality.
  14. Usability testing.
  15. Maintaining document structure.
  16. Methods of explanation.
  17. Designing content for the human mind.
  18. Building documents.
  19. Prototyping the document.
  20. Developing the look of your document.
  21. Conveying information with graphics.
  • The advanced content writing course prepares students with all aspects of content creation. Also, it focuses on the earning scope in terms of starting your own business or freelancing and client management.
  • The course comes with a certification from the institute, which will help in job procurement as well.


Address and Contact Information:

City Center 1, CD 271, Saltlake Sector 1

Opposite Seva Hospital, Near Saltlake,

Kolkata, West Bengal-700064

Mobile: 94333-65039



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Indus Net Academy is a premier internet consulting company. They provide a range of services under the web design, web development, internet marketing, and mobile applications segments. Digital marketing and content writing come under their basic courses.


Set up by a software company, Indus Net Academy has first-hand knowledge when it comes to training. A professional environment, expert trainers, and industry collaborations for guaranteed placements are some of the perks of joining the Indus Net Academy for a content writing course. Learning here is by asking questions, constructive debate, and experiment. It is one of the top content writing courses in Kolkata.


Salient Features of the Content Writing Course at Indus Net Academy:

  • Indus Net Academy provides professional content writing training.
  • The eligibility criteria is to have excellent English writing skills.
  • The course duration is four months, and experts from their web development company design the course modules.
  • The faculty is professional with experience in training.
  • There are real-time concepts for each topic.
  • Indus Net Academy has the best lab facility with lab assistance and 100% placement assistance as well.
  • The syllabus includes:
  1. Introduction and types of web content.
  2. Ethical issues/quality maintenance and plagiarism tools.
  3. Article writing.
  4. Link bait articles.
  5. Proofreading, editing, and common errors.
  6. Press releases.
  7. Introduction and basics of persuasive content writing.
  8. Basic SEO and optimizing content for search engines.
  9. Basics and types of newsletters.
  10. Sales letters and mailers.
  11. Understanding web visitors, basics of web conversion.
  12. Social media marketing basics.
  13. Real-time projects.


Address and Contact Information:

Module 636, 5th Floor,

SDF Building, Sector V

Salt Lake Electronic Complex,


West Bengal, India

Phone: 81005-38214



IIM SKILLS Kolkata Content Writing Course invite




Dimensions is a one-stop content service provider in Kolkata. From ideating, co-creating, and strategizing content to mentoring aspiring content writers and encouraging the bloggers in their teens, Dimensions does it all. Along with this, Dimensions aims at transforming aspiring content writers into professionals.


Being in the content industry themselves, Dimensions sure offers one of the top content writing courses in Kolkata. Apart from content services and content writing training, they provide blogging courses for children in the 8-15 age group. The content writing course is available both as a classroom course as well as on the online platform. Dimensions also have a corporate mentorship program for which they conduct content writing/marketing workshops. They provide comprehensive training to upskill the content marketing teams of corporates as well.


Salient Features of the Content Writing Course at Dimensions:

  • Dimensions offer a Professional Content Writing Training Program.
  • The course duration is three months or 12 classes, which, if need be, can extend to 16 classes.
  • The fee for the course is INR 6,000.
  • The course curriculum is an 80:20 mix of theory and practical, a mix of class/online and home assignments.
  • The curriculum includes:
    • Communication and research.
    • The relation between content writing and content marketing.
    • Role of content in marketing.
    • Content writing and consumer behaviour.
    • Basics of the role of content in promotion and advertising.
    • SEO, on-site, off-site, and social media optimization.
    • Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and directory submission.
    • Different types of digital content such as website, promotional, press release, white papers, and reports, email marketing and flyers, advertorials, newsletters, social media content, and blog.
    • Content for marketing communication, such as brochures, PPT, and leaflets.
    • Industry-based content writing, such as lifestyle, sports, academics, etc.
    • Technical writing by guest faculty.
    • Introduction to affiliate marketing.
  • You can schedule a free demo class on their website.
  • There is no eligibility criterion.
  • Upon course completion, you can be a freelance content writer, apply for corporate jobs, start blogging, or do content marketing yourself.


Address and Contact Information:

137A, Brojen Mukherjee Road

Behala, Kolkata-700034




The Vision Upliftment Academy is an independent institute in Kolkata, teaching digital marketing and content writing. Every course concludes with sessions on job interview preparation, creating a portfolio, and making candidates job-ready. With a pleasant and comfortable ambiance and owner and mentor themselves with Google certifications, Vision Upliftment Academy also finds its name as a top institute offering content writing courses in Kolkata.


Vision Upliftment Academy offers courses in digital marketing, SEO, content writing, social media marketing, PPC training, E-commerce marketing, web design and development, and cybersecurity. The content writing and digital marketing courses have a free demo. Vision Upliftment Academy aims at training students in skills that can land them a job, and they have flexible course timings to facilitate the same.


Salient Features of the Content Writing Course at Vision Upliftment Academy:

  • The duration of the content writing course is one and a half months and, if need be, can extend.
  • The classes are twice a week. A fast track course is also available.
  • The fee for the content writing course is INR 10,000.
  • Timings for the course are flexible with Saturday and Sunday classes available for professionals.
  • It is a comprehensive course with a small number of students per batch.
  • The course modules are 100% industry-specific with 100% job placement assistance.
  • With Vision Upliftment Academy, candidates get lifetime support on all writing issues.
  • There is an opportunity to work on live projects and also learn about other modes of earning from content writing, such as freelance and blogging.
  • The syllabus includes article writing, blogging, website content writing, press release writing, guest posting, product reviews, and also E-book writing.
  • The course comes with a course completion certificate to boost your chances of landing a job.


Address and Contact Information:

RDB Boulevard, Regus, 8th Floor,

Plot -K1, Sector V, Block-EP & GP,

Salt, Lake, Kolkata, West Bengal-700091

Phone: 98303-67183




One India Training Academy is a unit of the Institute of International Teachers Training. With an ISO 9001:2015 certification, it provides a wide range of career-oriented courses. The Academy has some of the best teachers to train aspiring students. The academy adopts advanced teaching methods and has all-inclusive classroom material.


One India Training Academy offers training in various segments such as foreign languages, yoga, spa and beauty, and IT courses such as web design, graphic design, SEO, content writing, digital marketing, and PHP training. With its robust infrastructure, One India Training Academy is one of the more popular institutes offering a content writing course in Kolkata.


Salient Features of the content writing course at One India Training Academy:

  • One India Training Academy offers a Professional Diploma in Content Writing.
  • The course duration is three months, and the course fee is INR 12,000.
  • The various course modules include cover creative content writing, technical content writing, web content writing, proofreading, and editing, as well as SEO content writing.
  • The benefits of this course include lucrative career opportunities wherein candidates learn on how to work as a freelancer or as a full-time content writer.
  • The course will teach the candidates how to research information and structure the content.
  • Good quality teaching, live project training, and placement assistance are the benefits of joining the content writing course at One India Training Academy.


Address and Contact Information:

238 B, Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Road,

Sreepally, Bhowanipore,

Kolkata, West Bengal-700020

Phone: 89109-22063





IIM SKILLS Kolkata Content Writing Course invite


Kolkata Web Academy is a premier institute in Kolkata, providing training in several courses under the digital marketing domain. The Academy does not just train candidates but offers ample opportunities for them to work with industry professionals on live projects and hone their skills. They design their courses keeping in mind various vital components.


Kolkata Web Academy offers certificate courses in digital marketing, SEO, Google Adwords, Social media, WordPress, Google Analytics, video marketing, affiliate marketing, content marketing, Facebook marketing, internet marketing, etc. It is one of the top institutes offering a content writing course in Kolkata.


Salient Features of the Content Writing Course at Kolkata Web Academy:

  • The Certificate Course in Content Marketing (CCCM) is for one month (once a week). The course fee is INR 6,000.
  • The eligibility criterion is basic internet knowledge and MS-Word.
  • The training can be online, classroom, corporate, or on-campus.
  • The CCCM course educates the candidates on the tips and tricks of content marketing and building a strong content marketing strategy.
  • The course modules include:
    • Introduction to content marketing.
    • Creating a foundation for content marketing.
    • Create a content plan.
    • Creating content, including writing, editing, design, and curating content.
    • Content promotion through blogs, social media, websites, email, and syndicating content.
    • Measuring content goals and tracking.
    • Conclusion with learning how to earn from content marketing.
  • Upon course completion, candidates get a certificate and also assistance in placement.


Address and Contact Information:

Grihashree, Ground Floor, 455, Dum Dum Park

South Dum Dum, Kolkata-700055

Phone: 97488-13455



1. Which Is the Best Content Writing Institute In Kolkata?

Considering all the important criteria like faculty members, Job-support, training methodology, curriculum, post-placement support, student reviews, and testimonials, we rank IIM SKILLS in Position 1 for Content Writing Courses.


2. Will there be 100% Placement Assistance Once I complete the content writing course?

Several institutes offer placement guarantees, interview assistance, soft skills development, and resume preparation. We recommend you to check with the institutes regarding the same. 


3. What Is The Average Fee for Content Writing Courses? 

The Average Fee for Content Writing courses both online and offline is anywhere between Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000 for a duration of 1 month to 3 months (4 weeks-12 weeks).  


4. What is the best way to start a content writing career? 

The best way to start your content writing career would be to sign-up for an intensive content writing training course. Thereafter, create your own website and create content. With relevant and good-quality write-ups, you will get visibility.


5. Are online content writing courses worth it?

Online Content Writing Courses are just as effective and benefits are multitudinous. You get the advantage of learning from anywhere in the world. There is flexibility in batch timings as well as in the learning approach. You also save the time required for commuting. All important concepts are covered thoroughly, making online courses one of the most beneficial ways of garnering knowledge today.




In your quest to become a content writer, it is of immense help to enroll in a professional course to understand the nuances of writing, the technicalities, and how content creation works on the digital platform. Once you have a basic understanding, you can even choose a sub-specialty and further strengthen that skill. The sub-specialties could include being a website content writer, a blogger, a technical writer, SEO writer, editor, ghost writer, marketing and communication writers, etc.


Apart from sub-specialty segments in content writing, there are also niche contents. For someone adept in the medical field, becoming a medical content writer is a dream job. Likewise, for someone who is urbane with extensive travel history, travelogues, or the niche industry of travel and tourism works best. There are niches like fashion, yoga, interiors, education and academics, politics and news, sports, finance, stock markets, and so on. The options are unlimited, and the sky is the limit for a content writer. Follow through your dreams and take it step-by-step to become a successful content writer.

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    I have completed a course in this topic and now I am working as a freelancer. I am a housewife and I tried this course to start my career once again. And I am so grateful for this course. I want to thank the professor for giving me a chance to restart my life and also to bloggers who have encouraged me throughout my journey. I read your blog too and I want to thank you for that. all of your blogs have encouraged me a lot. There were blogs on this topic on other sites where they mostly focused on the topic summarized version unlike concentrating on the institute list like your blog. These helped me and motivated me. I got the chance to choose the best institute after reading and collecting data from a few blog. I want to tell everyone that this is a very challenging line, those who are dedicated and truly love creating contents can stay in this career otherwise they will feel that this job is a bit taxing on them. and instead of enjoying this they will feel burdened, many students are hovering over this course and joining them like crazy, mostly because of the lockdown. So think it through and read articles related to this course before deciding.

  • August 8, 2020 at 9:25 pm

    Hi there. I am graduate at history. I was hoping to join this course. but I am not sure if I am eligible and if I can enroll online for this. Do you need any qualifications for this? Till now I have heard so many contradictory points for this topic that I am confused. So I thought it would be best to ask someone here at this platform, then to get confused further. Although I may be from a different stream I think I will be able to perform well in this course. I thought of taking this chance and try to learn more about content writing. I was hoping to build up my resume and apply for jobs directly, but I really need the qualification to do my job well. so before trying further, I want to learn all there is about this subject. I found all sorts of online platforms very well in regards for this training course. that’s why I was so lost when it came to choosing a particular institute. I was looking through various sites and landed on yours. I thought you can answer my questions. I see many interested students gathered here too. It all makes the journey all the more exciting. Hope to hear from you soon.

  • August 14, 2020 at 8:03 pm

    Sir I want to enroll in this course. I have completed post graduation and currently preparing for SSC. I would like to join this course. I want to go freelancing in this field. I was looking for different freelancing jobs but I understood that before anything else I need to have adequate training in that particular subject. I have completed graduation in management. I have already completed a short course online in animation too. I am too exploring other educational fields. While I have managed to found my interest in a few fields, there batches have already been full. Glad I could find this article. I love this article. All the institutes listed here are top institutes in the internet. And mostly many students go for these institutes. Specially some of them are pretty famous as they provided both online and offline classes in Kolkata. I wanted to enroll at an institute where I can both intern with and they can also provide job placements. I read this list and I already have a few institutes in mind. Let’s see how it all goes. It would be great if I could still enroll and start classes from this month. Do you know about any institute that is still accepting students?

  • August 19, 2020 at 8:33 pm

    Hi there. Nice article I must say. Well written truly. I am looking for content writing institutes and I am so glad I came across your article. I had a wonderful time while reading it. Some of these institutes are no dobutedly well known institutes for this training program here. I wasn’t sure which one to choose from. institutes from here or outside of Kolkata. It’s mostly because I can easily access and reach out to them if needed. It’s one of the advantages of enrolling in institutes here. Well I haven’t decided on any institute here, but I got to know of a few interesting institutes that would really like to check out before making a decision. Thanks for this article. I found a few interesting things to take note of and learn from. otherwise mostly all articles had kind of similar institutes noted. I was looking for something new and I got that from your article. Thanks a lot.

  • August 31, 2020 at 2:43 am

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  • September 4, 2020 at 3:01 pm

    Only a few bloggers would discuss this topic the way you do.

  • September 4, 2020 at 4:34 pm

    Sir I work at tcs and I have completed graduation in English last year. I have searched about this course before too when I was in second year probably, but due to my studies and job preparations I wasn’t able to join this course. Much less was there a chance to go for a classroom based training. I was looking for online institutes recently when I came across your article. The points and institutes you have noted down are well known to me. some of the institutes based here also provide both offline and online classes too. I would like to enroll at an institute whose certificate later on can be recognized elsewhere out of here too. I am planning to move out and start my career from then on. So I would like to use this training and learn this course and later apply for jobs. In the mean time I would like to apply for this course as soon as possible. You have made my work easier by putting this list. Thank you so much.

  • July 30, 2021 at 5:38 pm

    Hi, I am Soumya. Right now, I am doing my graduation at St Xavier’s. I am very passionate about writing and I want to take it professionally. I want to start with freelancing. For that, I have completed some online courses from online platforms like Udemy and Coursera. However, I am unable to get clients. I was hoping if you could suggest to me some courses that focus on writing and freelancing all together?

  • August 16, 2021 at 8:49 pm

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  • August 18, 2021 at 5:34 pm

    Are there any good courses for copywriting as well? I am a blogger, thinking to gain more traffic with the help of copywriting, but I am confused. I couldn’t find any good. Can u please suggest some courses for the same? Or you can also tell me which of these cover copywriting in detail. That would be very helpful

  • September 7, 2021 at 5:45 pm

    Hi. I am a medical student, but I am very passionate about content creation, especially writing. The growing demand and Internet penetration have led to so many opportunities. I want to start a blog educating people about various diseases and how to develop a healthy lifestyle. Please suggest some good courses on Video Content Creation.

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