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Top 5 Content Writing Courses in Dubai with Placements

The digital world has transformed every sphere of our society. Content writing is one of the most promising careers today. But did this career choice exist a few years back? No. Digitization has changed our lives as well as our perspectives. Today you can do a lot of work in the field of writing itself. You can find some of the best Content writing courses in Dubai today.


Content writing is the act of writing for digital platforms. With the rise of the digital industry, the demand for content writers has also risen. In this article, we will learn about some of the best Content writing courses in Dubai. So, grab some munchings and read the following article to gain some useful insight!


Content writing courses in Dubai


What is Content Writing?


Content writing is the act of researching, editing, writing, and publishing articles for any online platform. To be precise, what you are reading now is an example of content writing. The article written here is published on a digital platform or site from which you are reading it, right!


Think of career choices available 10 to 15 years ago. As someone who likes writing, you could either be an author, an academic writer or work in publishing or press firm. But with digitization, today, you can work in a number of other fields related to writing. One such field is content writing. Content writing involves the work of creating engaging and exciting written content for digital media. From brands related to clothing, shoes, makeup, etc, to other educational websites to tours and travels website to press media, to the medical industry, a content writer is demanded everywhere. 


A content writer works for a particular industry and writes content under the name of that industry in an online medium. The articles are written to promote the brand or a particular industry. The content writing courses in Dubai will help you to know about this industry in greater detail.


Types of Content Writings


The term content writing is a very broad and umbrella term under which comes several kinds of writing. Here are various types of content writing:


Blog writing: A person writing blogs is called a blog writer. Complex and often uncomfortable topics are converted into intimate and warm conversations through the blog. The main focus here is to produce content that is engaging and would be read by maximum people.

Copywriting: It involves providing information about a particular product or commodity such that it can attract and be beneficial to prospective customers. Copywriters use infographics, produces press release, and write catchy descriptions for various kinds of products to attract buyers.

Technical writing: As the term suggests, technical writers write about the technical details of various commodities. Writing about software, finance, pharmaceutical products, etc, are some examples of technical writing.

SEO writing: Writing which is SEO-based or search engine optimization-based is called SEO writing. This is one of the most important kinds of content writing which is used in the field of digital marketing. Use of specific keywords, backlinks, outbound links, etc is some of the strategies used by such writers.

Ghostwriting: This type of writing is used by those who write articles for websites but the identity of the writer remains anonymous. It is a type of writing without any credit. 

Email marketing: Writers in this field, use emails to attract prospective buyers. These emails are written with catchy phrases and engaging content to attract buyers. The tone of these emails is usually friendly and polite. 

Social media marketing: With the rise in social media, it has become one of the key points for marketing. Most brands like to maintain a good social media presence through regular updates about new launches, discounts, special offers, etc. Today social media marketing plays a very important role in the field of marketing.

Skills that a Content Writer must possess


Every industry or field requires you to have certain skills needed there. You must possess certain specific skills when you are a doctor, engineer, teacher, sales executive, actor, beautician, therapist, or in any other field. Similarly, as a content writer, there are some skills that you must have or acquire to be successful in this field. They are:


  • Time Management: This is perhaps one of the most important skills needed to be a content writer. Content writing requires you to meet deadlines on a daily basis. You have to finish a certain number of articles with the required number of words on a daily basis. With the high competition around, time management becomes a very important skill here.
  • Research: Content writing is all about research. A lot of times you have to write about things you might have no idea about. Research tool of knowledge. You need to know what others are writing about, how they are writing, how you can rank your content, etc. Without research, there can be no content writing.
  • Flair for writing: As the profession, itself has written in its title, you can understand the importance of the passion for writing. This is a job where you will get paid for writing. If you are writing on a daily basis, you need to have a flair for writing. Without it, you cannot create innovative and engaging articles.
  • SEO: Search engine optimization is a very important aspect of digital writing. No matter what you write, if your writing is not SEO-based then it would not rank. The lesser your content ranks, the lesser would be its visibility. 
  • Creativity: You cannot go on writing the same kind of articles daily. You need to add innovative and creative ideas to your article to grab the attention of buyers. You need to have the ability to think differently and come up with new ideas and techniques. Creativity is a necessity in this field.
  • Originality: Your writing has to be yours solely. Plagiarism is one of the greatest weak points of any writer. Though you can research from several articles and blogs, the ultimate write-up should be yours and not a copy of someone else’s work. 


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Scope of doing Content writing courses in Dubai


Content writing courses in Dubai are job-oriented courses that teach you several techniques and tools used in the field of content writing. Since content writing happens at a digital level, it requires you to be acquainted with certain specific skills needed to succeed here.


A content writing course would introduce you to the different kinds of tools that are used in this field. SEO-based writing and the techniques used in SEO are taught during this course. As there are different kinds of content writing, you will be taught about all these kinds. From blogging to social media marketing to press releases to brochures to infographics, etc.


Doing such a course would also get you into the habit of regular writing. After each session, you would have assignments that you would need to submit. While many of you might have the habit of writing about your day in a diary, a course will teach you and make you comfortable in writing a certain fixed number of words. In the field of content writing, thin content is not appreciated. 


The certificates you receive after completing content writing courses in Dubai would help you to fetch jobs in good companies offering good salary packages. Such certificates also legitimize your credibility.


Content Writing courses in Dubai


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is known as one of the leading online education platforms providing skill-based training to the ones willing to enter the professional world. Their courses are delivered by experts who continuously change and upgrade the syllabus and style of teaching so that each student gets the most out of the course. The certificates provided by them are recognized internationally.


Course: Master Content Writing Course




  • Introduction to content writing
  • WordPress web development
  • Articles, blogging, webpage
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing collaterals
  • Email writing
  • Social media marketing
  • Video Scripts
  • Creative Writing
  • Business listing and SOP
  • Legal writing
  • Technical writing
  • SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Affiliate marketing and Adsense
  • Freelance content writing
  • Resume writing


Fees: INR 14,900+18% GST


Mode: Online


Duration: 4 weeks


Benefits of doing this course:


– The content writing master course is ranked as the number 1 content writing course in India by media houses and some of the top content writing agencies

– 3 months internship is offered to each student and the timings are flexible

– You can publish your e-book on kindle with the help of these expert trainers

– Students would be given guidance related to resume writing and how one can make it relevant and appealing to the recruiters

– Tools worth INR 35,000 are provided to each student

– Regular assignments, internship training, and internship assignments would be highly beneficial for students who desire to enter a job

– Students would be guided and helped with freelancing


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Email: [email protected]

Contact: +91 9911839503


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


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2. Edoxi Training Institute


Edoxi Training Institute aims at making each student competent in the field of content writing. The course provided by them is industry-driven and students will get in-depth knowledge about the field. Students will learn about the different kinds of formats used in content writing and thereby the most advanced techniques used in the digital field.


Course: Content Writing Course




  • Content writing
  • Copywriting vs Content marketing
  • Keywords
  • WebPage
  • Blog writing


Benefits of doing this course:


It is a short-term course that would not require a lot of time to be completed

– Flexible timings make this course student-friendly

– Top expert trainers are members of the in-house faculty providing the best training to students

– The student’s intake is limited to a very few numbers so that individual attention can be provided to each learner

– Fee of this course is budget-friendly so that maximum people can avail of its benefits


Email: [email protected]

Contact: 04 380 1666


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3. Skills Upgrader


Skills Upgrader provided students with online education which is completely skill-based. The content writing course is designed keeping in mind the industry needs of the current times. Experts give you the knowledge of the latest developments in the field of content writing. They also provide certificates to students upon completing the course.

Course: Content writing course




  • Introduction
  • Web hosting
  • Content marketing and UI/UX
  • Creating Website
  • Writing process
  • Search engine optimization
  • Keyword research
  • Freelance content marketing
  • SEO optimized content
  • Social media and content creation
  • Call to action
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Lead generation using content marketing
  • Email marketing


Fees: INR 2,999+18% GST


Mode: Online


Duration: 4 weeks


Benefits of doing this course:


– The course will give you in-depth knowledge about blogging, article writing, podcasts, social media posts, webinars, and infographics

– British and American rules of English would be taught to you

– Various tools used for content writing and content creation would be provided to you

– Practical training is a key benefit of this course

– Assignments would be provided to help each student gain better insight into the content writing industry


Email: [email protected]

Contact: +91-9034229196


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4. Digital Academy 360


This institute provides practical training to students who desire to enter the work field as competent recruits. The course is an extensive one designed to make students confident enough to work in a professional world. The trainers in charge of teaching are professionals who know the industry inside-out.


Course: Skill Diploma in content writing




  • Discover how to write, share, and publish content
  • Content writer’s writing cycle: the complete guide
  • SEO concepts
  • Website setup using WordPress


Mode: Classroom OR Online


Duration: 3 months


Benefits of doing this course:


– Tools used in the content writing industry are provided to students during this course

– 19 advanced content writing modules along with 1 specialized module are provided to help students get in-depth knowledge

– Academic projects would be provided so that you can get professional experience

– Classroom and online mode of education is available for you and you can choose the model according to your convenience

– Online bootcamps and discussion forums would be available to provide assistance to you


Email: [email protected]

Contact: +91 63644 48829 


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


5. ECT- Education and Career Times


ECT is considered a very prestigious institute providing professional courses. They provide content writing courses to those willing to enter the field of writing. Placement assistance is provided to all students along with interactive sessions to help you clear your doubts.


Course: Content writing course




  • Introducing content writing
  • Vocabulary boost
  • Writing tools, techniques, and tips
  • Creative non-fiction writing skills
  • Master the art of storytelling
  • Business writing skills
  • Technical writing
  • Academic writing
  • How to write specific pieces of content
  • Content marketing
  • Monetize your writing skills
  • Publish your book


Fees: INR 12,712+18% GST= INR 15,000


Mode: Online


Duration: 3 months


Benefits of doing this course:


– Students will receive 32 hours of live training along with 50 hours of e-learning materials

– You will be given assignments and live projects to enhance your skill application mechanism

– Each of you would be provided with 100% placement assistance

– The course will make you confident enough to publish your own book by guiding you about the techniques you could use

– You will learn to develop your own blog


Email: [email protected]

Contact: +91-7827916060


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Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Can I do content writing courses in Dubai in online mode?


A. Yes.

Based on your preference and your availability you can choose the mode in which you would want to take up the course.


Q2. Is it worth doing a content writing course in Dubai?


A. Yes, absolutely.

A content writing course is a professional industry-oriented course that would give you a complete understanding of how a content writing industry functions. This type, of course, will also give you knowledge about the various career paths that you can probably try and choose. The certificates you receive after completing the course would give a makeover to your resume.


Q3. What kind of jobs can I get into after doing content writing courses in Dubai?


A. After doing a content writing course you can enter a variety of fields like copywriting, editing, digital marketing, SEO writing, blogging, technical writing, academic write-ups, etc.

Q4. Are internship opportunities available after a content writing course?


A. Yes.

All the content writing courses come with a fixed internship period in which students can avail the benefits. For some institutes, this internship is optional and only those who wish to do the internship are allowed.


Q5. Are we given assignments during the content writing course?


A. Yes.

After each session, you would be given assignments that the institute would expect you to work on and submit in the stipulated time period. These assignments are one of the most important aspects of this course. The assignment would give you the experience needed to apply practical skills.




Today we have lots of newer opportunities to work in a field we would like to. Content writing courses are helpful in making young job aspirants self-sufficient and competent enough to land a good job.


Content writing is a job that is in high demand and anyone who does a course will know the various branches that you can opt for. If you are someone who likes writing and is well acquainted with social media, then what are you waiting for!


Take up content writing courses in Dubai and slide into a bright and marvelous career ahead of you. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. All the best for your future.


  1. ushman

    I’m a Dubai-based engineering student looking for side hustles that I can balance with my studies. content writing is one of those jobs that I can do while still studying. Your article on the top content writing courses in Dubai assisted me in selecting the right course to improve my skills and network in the industry, all while paying a reasonable price and taking benefit of the opportunely online classes.

  2. sabina

    Hi, I am a housewife.I have done library science. I love reading books and have interest in content writing. Is internship session compulsary for the joinee? I want to join the course to learn and understand content writing.

  3. Noorie

    Hello , this is Noorie. I am a housewife. I want to do work from home. On reading your article I feel being content writer can help me get Remote jobs. I have done graduation only. Will I be able to join the course?


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