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Top 10 Digital Marketing Experts in India

Digital Marketing experts in India are the people who have achieved success in the digital domain through their consistent dedication, and hard work to provide marketing solutions to individuals and businesses. They are the inspirational figures who have redefined success and have made it possible for several others to dream of a successful career in the digital world by putting their skills to work.

Digital Marketing Experts In India



Digital Marketing is paramount for the successful running of a business today. It provides a business with brand awareness, visibility, and comprehensive data to gauge your consumers’ needs and preferences. 


Add to that, most of your consumers are found online in one or some other digital platform. Therefore, you have to tap into the potential of these several digital channels to be able to identify your target consumers and provide relevant information that will turn them into staunch brand advocates of your business. Digital Marketing experts help you in your journey of becoming the top name in the minds of consumers. 


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Before we move on to the Digital Marketing experts in India, let’s explore a little about the qualities that should be present in a digital marketing professional for them to be a part of the higher echelons of the digital marketing industry. 


  1. Adaptability

It is important for a digital marketer to be adaptable to the different changes happening in the online domain. The marketing industry is prone to frequent changes to provide better services to the target consumer. It is more so in the case of digital marketing because the digital medium itself is very flexible. Continuous upgrades to provide more focused services and content to online users is the norm and the objective. Hence, it is absolutely essential for Digital marketers to embrace the changes happening in the digital ecosphere. 


  1. Self Motivated

Digital marketers have to be self-motivated in order to keep abreast with the changing trends and the development happening in the online world. In order to achieve that, you have to be driven and feel the passion for Digital Marketing. 


All Digital marketing experts are extremely focused, honest about their work, and passionate about their niche and work. They are dedicated and never cut corners to achieve their dreams. This is the reason why they can leverage the immense advantages of the digital world successfully.


  1. Innovative

Digital marketing experts have to be innovative because their job demands them to think out of the box and strategize digital campaigns that are unique and capture the target consumers’ attention.  It is all the more essential in the context of India because India still is an emerging economy and there is plenty of potentials to excel in the digital domain for digital marketing professionals.


They have to continuously evolve, garner knowledge, and implement all that they learn to thrive in this ever-competitive digital world. 


It also requires digital marketing experts to be observant and circumspect. Inspiration can come from daily life and can only happen when people pay attention to what is happening around them and take into consideration the tastes and needs of people after a thorough study of consumer behaviour. 



  1. Communication Skills

It is important for a marketing professional to communicate effectively to the community, the target readers and the people they work with. It is more so in the case of digital marketing experts since most of the work today is carried out online. Effective Communication skills are required to put forth your points. This will also help you develop your personal brand. Effective communication skills also help to mitigate any ambiguity and it helps you to forge a bond with people relevant to your industry.


  1. Perseverance 

Just like any other profession, most digital marketing experts have had to strive hard to reach where they are today. It is through perseverance, determination, and experimentation that they have come to realize what works for the target groups and what doesn’t. Sometimes digital campaigns will not yield the results we expect but seasoned digital marketing experts are not bogged down by it. You have to identify the challenges and eliminate the weaknesses creating better strategies through a combination of your acumen and persistence. 


  1. Management Capabilities

Digital Marketing experts invariably should have impeccable management capabilities. You have to exude confidence and instil a sense of trust in your capabilities with the people you work with. 


It is also important to be optimistic and have a pleasant disposition to be able to make it as a reliable digital marketing expert. No one will want to work with someone who is an uncooperative, contentious and indisciplined person even if they show spurts of excellence in their work. 


A strong understanding of fundamental and advanced aspects of online marketing, as well as an amiable personality, are traits absolutely essential. This makes one more approachable and can be great for the overall personal brand of the digital marketing expert. 


  1. Patience

This is a corollary of the above points. You have to be patient to enjoy the fruits of your success. You need to understand that any strategy or campaign takes time and your efforts will fructify only when you have done your research well and have carried out a campaign taking into account all aspects. But some campaigns take time to show results. You cannot get despondent and will have to be patient to see the results and gain from them. That is what separates ace digital marketing experts from the rest.


  1. Analytical Mind

Today data is one of the most important factors before conceptualizing and implementing a digital strategy. You have to possess an analytical bent of mind to be able to decipher the reports and data presented to you relating to your consumers. 


The helps to better gauge your consumers’ reaction to your products and services. When you understand your consumer the more focus will be on tailored content which will help in a better customer experience. You have to understand the different glossary, measurements, of the data analysis process to interpret data correctly. 


  1. Team Player

A digital marketing expert has to be affable with impeccable ability to work in and with a team. They are dependable and inevitable team players. When you want to have a successful career in the online domain, you have to collaborate, co-ordinate, and work with different people of diverse nature. 


You have to make sure that you consolidate the positive attributes of your team and formulate a campaign that incorporates the strength of all your team members. You have to possess the power of perception to be able to bring together a team and work in tandem with the different people in the team. This is how you become a digital marketing expert and are able to leverage the distinctive qualities of your team members effectively to create a strong Digital campaign for your clients. 


In situations where a digital marketing expert works with the in-house team of a client, they have to possess all the qualities required to be a team player to be able to optimize campaigns for the clients. 


  1. Networking

An important quality of a digital marketing expert is to have the ability to network well. A strong professional network opens up many avenues for Digital Marketing experts to showcase their skills. It can help you find the right clients and the kind of job that you want to be in. 


Networking is a time-consuming process, we have to research the clients you want to work with and the kind of jobs that you want to do along with exploring a variety of other factors. The digital marketing expert has to invest time and dedication to creating a strong professional network that will give them the clients they deserve and the jobs they want. 



With the mushrooming of the online medium and different digital channels today we see several eminent Digital marketing experts in India. Their sheer dedication and hard work have helped them to a name for themselves in an industry that is rife with competition. 


Here is the list of the top Digital Marketing Experts In India are as follows: 


  1. Bhavik Sarkhedi

Bhavik Sarkhedi is one of the young digital marketing experts in India who has made a name for himself because of his deep insight into the digital marketing industry and his impeccable knowledge of everything related to content writing and marketing. 


He is amongst the finest digital marketing experts in India who also has several books to his credit. Most renowned of his books are the Weak Point Dealer published in 2015, Will you Walk a Mile and the C To T of Content marketing. 


He is also an astute entrepreneur who has founded one of the most popular content services in India called Write Right. Other than this, he is also the founder of Estorytellers, Dad of Ad, and Taletel. He has been consistent in creating blogs and the majority of them have worked wonders with search engines.  


  1. Vaibhav Kakkar

Vaibhav Kakkar is one of the renowned digital marketing consultants and entrepreneurs who has successfully established one of the leading ed-tech institutes IIM SKILLS. 


He is also the founder of Course Dekho, Advisor Uncle, Vaibhavk.com One of the finest digital marketing experts in India with an exemplary reputation, Vaibhav Kakkar is a mentor to career aspirants in the digital marketing sector, and budding content writers and marketers. His incisive knowledge of the digital marketing industry has helped his institute to provide career-focused training as well as information on career development to students and professionals alike. He has trained more than 5000 students in a short period and offers a variety of courses to upskills and strengthen the skillsets of people.


He has written several blogs and has penned books on content marketing and online businesses. Some of his popular books are Becoming a Content Marketer with Vaibhav Kakar, Word Castle, and the Secret of Online Businesses. 


  1. Deepak Kanakaraju

Deepak Kanakaraju is widely known as Digital Deepak and is one of the top digital marketing experts in India. His inspirational journey started when he created his first ever blog on motorcycles.


Soon his website started gaining momentum and that was the beginning of his journey to becoming one of the most popular names in the digital marketing domain. 


Deepak Kanakaraju is a civil engineer who decided to make a career switch to digital marketing after realizing its true potential. He is one of the most knowledgeable digital marketers not just in India but globally and has successfully made his blog digitaldeepak.com one of the most visited websites in India. 


He is the author of Edge of Sanity, a book that speaks about the journey as an entrepreneur and life choices that make for a better version of yourself. It clearly delineates the things you need to do to be a successful entrepreneur without losing your sleep, sanity, and health. 


Deepak Kanakaraju helps new digital marketing professionals by mentoring them and wants to create several digital marketers in India who can leverage the benefits of this exceptional online medium and become enormously successful themselves. 


  1. Prateek Shah

Another of the well-known digital marketing experts in India, Prateek Shah is also the founder of Digital Defynd. Digital Defynd is a digital marketplace that offers information on a variety of courses both free and paid. 


Prateek Shah was also an esteemed faculty member of Digital Vidya and he is also an excellent content creator. His blogs on diverse topics can be of great help to professionals in the industry. 


He consistently conducts seminars, training sessions on different digital marketing concepts. He works with different businesses and helps entrepreneurs find the different challenges in their marketing initiatives and resolve them for better results. 


  1. Jitendra Vaswani

Jitendra Vaswani has been in the digital marketing domain for a decade now and is an expert on all things SEO and digital marketing. He is is a digital marketing practitioner and regarded as one of the finest digital marketing experts in India with knowledge on a variety of components of the digital marketing sector.


A Keynote speaker and author of A Hustler’s Brain, Jitendra Vaswani has so far taught more than 3000 professionals and regularly conducts online marketing workshops for students and professionals to upskill themselves for the future. 


He also is actively involved in consultancy work with different business organizations and brands for them to excel in the online market. His Mantra is to pursue what you are passionate about and what you absolutely love. Then your job will cease to be a job and you will get everything you desire from your life. 


He is the founder of Schema Ninja, which helps implement the correct schema for your website to increase ranking on SERP. 


  1. Ankita Gaba

Ankita Gaba is a leading entrepreneur who definitely deserves to be on the list of the top 10 digital marketing experts in India. A Social media consultant, trainer, and strategist who specializes in providing marketing solutions to startups and SMBs. She has also co-founded Social Samosa.


Ankita has won several accolades for her excellent work as a social media strategist. She is also a mentor to professionals wanting to make a career in social media. Alumni of the Welingkar Institute of Management, Ankita has extensive knowledge of operations, project management, managing media, digital reputation and public relations.


Whether it is social media, digital media, Facebook, Twitter or blogging Ankita has you covered. Currently, the head of marketing at Moneyfront and has worked with several enterprises including Orowealth, iGenero, and others. 


  1. Sorav Jain

Sorav Jain is another leading name who is a businessman, a digital marketing consultant, author, motivational speaker, and trainer. He is known for creating exemplary digital strategies for businesses of all sizes,, as well as mentoring professionals to become competent digital marketers. 


He conducts a variety of free and paid digital marketing courses and has been featured in The Deccan Chronicles, Economic Times, The Indian Express among others. 


Additionally, he has conducted more than 3000 workshops and his courses have more than 100000 graduates. He has in-depth knowledge of social media campaigns, content creation, website development, personal branding, career development, and training. He is the author of SoldOut, and Become a Brand. 


  1. Avinash Kaushik

Avinash Kaushik is a distinguished digital marketing expert in India with two of the most enlightening books on Web Analytics and how it can help in transforming a business and making it successful. 


He is also the co-founder of Market Motive which is a digital education platform to educate anyone interested in understanding analytics, statistics, and digital marketing. 


His journey began in 2006 when he created his blog and since then has written two best-selling books Web Analytics An Hour a Day, and Web Analytics 2.0. 


He has also been involved with Google to simplify complex marketing concepts. He has won a lot of accolades from various arenas.


Some of the prestigious awards include the Statistical Advocate of the Year from the ASA in 2009. He has won the Rising Star Award in 2010 by Direct Marketing Educational Foundation. 


Avinash was featured in the pioneers of digital books in 2012. He was recognized for his immense contribution to the digital marketing domain by the Web Analytics Association in 2011 as the Most Influential Industry Contributor. 


He has conducted several sessions and has spoken in important conferences universities that include Stanford, University of Utah. He has also been actively involved in creating digital strategies for big corporate brands like Unilever, Time Warner, Autodesk, IBM, Toyota, Google, and many more. 


  1. Lakshmipathy Bhat

The list of the best digital marketing experts in India is incomplete without including Lakshmipathy Bhat who is marketing communications professional and VP of Robosoft.


He has several years of experience working in the advertising sector and specializes in brand building. He possesses an incisive understanding of digital and new media and helps to create sound and creative digital strategies. 


His penchant for creative concepts has enabled him to innovate in his work and provide unique solutions to the problems faced by entrepreneurs and eminent businesses. 


He is also an ace writer who regularly contributes to publications that Financial Express, Economic Times among others. He is a Guest blogger for different important websites in marketing and communications.


Other than Robosoft, he has also worked for Code Conclave and was the Vice President of FCB Ulka which is one of the top advertising agencies. He has been a Faculty member for IFM Business school and helps aspiring students with the needed tips and strategies to excel in the advertising and marketing department. 


  1. Harsh Agarwal

Harsh Agarwal is an eminent blogger and entrepreneur who started his very popular blogging site ShoutMeLoud that grew to unprecedented success.


His blogs are all about creating opportunities, making money through new marketing initiatives and digital marketing channels. He is an ace content creator who creates vlogs and blogs which provide insight into the nitty-gritty of a blogging career and what it entails. You get tips on how you can monetize your blog and make a successful career out of blogging. 


Whether it is WordPress, social media marketing, SEO techniques, basic and advanced blogging, all the information is available on his website and it is a place for like-minded individuals who have an innate passion for blogging. 


Several articles at ShoutMeLoud helps you to understand just how powerful blogging is and how you can leverage its qualities to become a successful blogger and a thought leader in your niche.


His contribution to the world of blogging is outstanding and his expertise makes it possible for students, professionals, homemakers, and even retired individuals to understand how crucial blogging is and how it can give you the career of your dreams when you implement it correctly. 



So, here you have the top 10 digital marketing experts in India who have made it big in the digital domain with their hard work and diligence. Most of these digital marketing experts offer a plethora of services for different businesses including consultancy and training. Their Websites are great resources and the blogs help people from diverse professional and academic backgrounds to pursue a career in online and web marketing.


It benefits career aspirations, new job seekers, and anyone and everyone interested in starting a career in digital marketing. Two things that all eminent digital marketing experts in India and the world swear by is the power of content, and the efficacy of implementing what you learn in practical projects. That is the only way you will be able to carry out digital marketing activities confidently. That will invariably turn you into a digital marketing expert yourself.


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