Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses In Greece With Placements

In a globalized world where businesses work relentlessly to adapt to the fast-changing digital trends, marketing strategies and practices are also undergoing a radical transformation. Greece, located in Southeast Europe, famous for its ancient history, Olympic Games, and magnificent temples, does not lag in the digital space. It is witnessing a technological revolution and a drive to digitize the country. Given these facts, there is a surge in demand for skilled digital marketing professionals. We bring you today a list of the top 10 digital marketing courses in Greece. 



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IIM SKILLS is a leading institute in the ed-tech space globally, providing various job-oriented courses online. With a base in New Delhi, India, the institute is best known for the practicality of its courses. Not just India, IIM SKILLS provides excellent digital marketing courses in Greece and the rest of the world as well.


With a journey from a blog to being a leading online education provider, IIM SKILLS has grown exponentially. The institute is passionate about guiding people, motivating them, and bringing out their best potential. Thus far, the institute has trained and transformed the lives of over 5000+ participants across the globe.


The digital marketing training program at IIM SKILLS has an exceptional syllabus. It includes core concepts of digital and social media marketing channels, campaigns, best practices, tools, metrics, strategies, and key performance indicators.



The course design is in keeping with the latest trends and updates in the digital and social media marketing industry. The structure of the course complies with the modern professional requirements of the corporate digital world, helping participants become industry-ready in a short period.


Salient Features:

  • Course Name: Master Digital Marketing Course
  • Duration of the course: The course is for three months.
  • Batch/Mode: Online through interactive virtual sessions.
  • Course Curriculum: The syllabus includes the following modules:
    • Basics of digital marketing
    • Web development
    • Search engine optimization and marketing
    • E-mail marketing
    • Inbound marketing
    • Social Media Marketing and optimization
    • Web analytics
    • Online reputation management
    • Content writing and blogging
    • Media buying and planning
    • Affiliate marketing
    • Integrated digital marketing strategy
    • Video marketing
    • Marketing automation
    • A module on digital infographics and resume creation
  • The complete course is for 180 hours, of which 60+ hours are live sessions while the remaining 120+ hours are for hands-on assignments and case studies.
  • A tool-driven course, following the learning by doing methodology, with mentors who have 10+ years of experience to guide you through every step, this course is a holistic package to get participants job-ready.
  • The institute provides excellent post-course support in the form of exclusive Facebook groups and also by way of offering free lifetime access to the LMS.
  • Certification: Participants get a Master certification from the institute and guidance to receive global certificates from Google, HubSpot, and Facebook.


Address and Contact Information:

E-mail: [email protected]

Other Courses offered by IIM SKILLS:




The American College of Greece for digital marketing course


The American College of Greece is the largest private college and the oldest American accredited college in Europe. With a base in Athens, it is an independent, not for profit academic institution.


The college has over 1000 undergraduate courses and 28 major degree programs. It offers programs in various subjects, including business and arts. The American College of Greece also provides digital marketing courses in Greece. A low faculty-to-student ratio, experiential learning, competitive projects, and experiential learning are what to expect from any course at this college.


A spectacular campus, international faculty, artistic and cultural offerings, diversity and community, are what make up the American College of Greece.


Salient Features:

  • Course Name: Professional Diploma in Digital And Social Media
  • Batch/Mode: In-class.
  • Course Duration: Three months course with four-hour sessions on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and some Fridays. Total of 136 hours of learning.
  • Course fee: The course fee is €1750.
  • Course Curriculum: The course design includes all the core topics and consists of the following modules:
    • The digital marketing mindset
    • Websites and landing pages
    • Google Analytics
    • Social media platforms
    • Digital marketing legal issues
    • Use of links and UTMs in digital marketing
    • Content production, content marketing, and a content marketing strategy workshop
    • The on-site and off-site search engine optimization
    • Social media marketing strategy and a workshop on the same
    • Digital advertising channels and strategy and a workshop
    • E-mail and mobile marketing
    • Influencer marketing
    • Digital reputation and public relations
    • Monitoring and evaluation, reports, and a workshop
    • Growth hacking tactics, digital marketing funnel tactics
    • Digital and social media marketing strategy and workshop
    • Digital marketing services
  • The course provides students with access to all valuable material and presentations. Students get four months of free access to 110 hours of e-learning.
  • Students also benefit from career opportunities as the alumni get priority notifications on job offers.
  • Alumni also get free tickets for monthly mix and match meet-ups, access to free recap events, and free online support during and after learning.
  • Finally, there is an exam and then the graduation ceremony upon course completion.


Address and Contact Information:

6-8 Xenias Street GR-115 28

Athens, Greece

Tel: +30 210 896 4531-8








Athens university of Economics and Business for digital marketing course


Dating back to 1919, the Athens University of Economics and Business, with its adaptability and dynamism, is easily one of the best universities for economics, management, and the modern sciences of decision making and informatics.


It is a leading university in Europe and one of the best in the world. The university is in tune with the latest developments and easily adapts to the changing needs of education imparting practical courses.


The university aces in the departments of economics, business administration, science and information technology, postgraduate studies, lifelong learning, and foreign languages. AUEB also provides digital marketing courses in Greece as a part of the marketing and communications postgraduate program.


Salient Features:

  • Course Name: MSc in Marketing and Communications.
  • Course fee: The course fee is 6250 Euros.
  • Duration of the course: The minimum time for the completion of one module is 21 hours, and the curriculum consists of eight modules.
  • Batch/Mode: This is an in-class, on-campus program.
  • Course Curriculum: The curriculum includes eight modules and a master thesis. The modules are:
    • International marketing
    • Consumer behaviour
    • International marketing research
    • Web and marketing analytics
    • Advertising and integrated marketing communications
    • Business strategy
    • Digital marketing and social media
    • Entrepreneurship and innovation
  • The course helps students fully understand the impact of digital media on marketing, making students familiar with various digital marketing tools.
  • The topics that come under the digital marketing module include:
    • Digital Strategy
    • e-business models
    • consumer behaviour
    • digital media
    • content marketing
    • omnichannel retailing
    • social media
    • e‑media mix
    • Use of data and analytics to make better decisions and strategies.


Address and Contact Information:

Evelpidon 47Α and Lefkados 33,

8th floor, Room 806

GR-113 62, Athens,

Phone#: +210 8203 665




digital Marketing course at IHU, Greece


The IHU, re-established in 2019, comprises of nine schools with 34 departments. The University Center of International Programmes of Studies or UCIPS of the IHU offers programs based on modern learning methods.


The virtual classrooms, e-library, IT labs, molecular biology labs, and other state-of-the-art facilities create an environment conducive for higher studies.


The university provides courses in the streams of humanities, social sciences, economics, science and technology, and has postgraduate as well as bachelor programs. Among the various courses, it also provides digital marketing courses in Greece.


Salient Features:

  • Course Name: MSc in e-Business and Digital Marketing
  • Course fee: The course fee is 3700 Euros.
  • Duration of the course: This is a 14-month course spread over three terms. For candidates who cannot commit to full-time, the course is available in a part-time format as well, over 26 months.
  • Batch/Mode: The candidate can choose between online and offline modes of learning.
  • Course Curriculum: While term one includes core courses, term two includes two elective courses as well, and term three is for the dissertation. The modules include:
    • ICT Management
    • Digital Marketing
    • Web Analytics
    • Data Science for Business: Theory and Practice
    • ICT Essentials
    • Digital Entrepreneurship, developing and financing an e-Business
    • Social Media and Online Community Management
    • Digital Organisations: eCommerce and eGovernment
  • The elective courses are:
    • Big Data and Cloud Computing
    • Digital Business Strategy
    • Data Mining
    • Human Computer Interaction, Design and User Experience
    • Market Research and Analysis
    • Consulting Project
  • Upon course completion, the students have a deep understanding of the technological and business aspects of digital entrepreneurship.
  • Students also learn about communication skills, interview skills, CV writing, etc.


Address and Contact Information:

University Center of International Programmes of Studies

14th km Thessaloniki-Nea Moudania 570 01 Thermi,

Thessaloniki, Greece

Tel: +30 2310 807 526/529




Digital marketing course at Regeneration Academy in Greece


ReGeneration Academy, in its own words, is restless to create new opportunities for young graduates. With its inception in 2018, it has two targeted training cycles, that of digital marketing and data science. It provides one of the best digital marketing courses in Greece.


The completed training cycles at ReGeneration Academy include of coding, data science and data engineering, Java4Web, hospitality front office, data science lab, and food innovation. Its upcoming training cycles are those in mobile apps development, data and decision sciences, supply chain management, and digital marketing.


The digital marketing program at ReGeneration Academy is powered by Excelixi, offering comprehensive training and internship. The course combines theory and practical exercises through various case studies and workshops.


Salient Features:

  • Course Name: ReGeneration Academy of Digital Marketing Young Practitioners
  • Duration of the course: The course has two phases, 75 hours of classroom training and 25 hours of e-learning.
  • Batch/Mode: The course combines online and offline modes of training.
  • Course Curriculum: The classroom sessions include the modules of:
    • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
    • Online Branding
    • Digital Publishing
    • e-Mail Marketing
    • SEO
    • Selecting an agency for your website
    • Growth Hacking
    • e-Legal for Digital Marketing
    • Social Media
    • Mobile Marketing
    • Pay Per Click
    • Content Marketing
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Web Analytics
    • Conversion Rate Optimization
    • e-Commerce
    • Online Competition Analysis
    • Business Plan for an e-Business
  • The e-learning phase includes the following modules:
    • SEO
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Conversion Optimization
    • Web Analytics
    • PPC Advertising
    • Mobile Marketing
    • Content Marketing
    • E-mail Marketing
  • The innovative two-day Digicamp helps participants learn about digital marketing tools and techniques.
  • Participants get an opportunity to present their project to a committee who provide valuable feedback.




Digital Marketing Course at IDEC, Greece


IDEC is a training centre that organizes training sessions on a wide range of topics. There are national and transnational training sessions, and the centre provides in-class as well as e-learning courses. All of their training courses are complementary to the consulting services of IDEC S.A., the consultancy company in Greece.


Among the various in-demand courses, IDEC also offers digital marketing courses in Greece. All of the courses have a constructive approach, working on real situations and problems with case studies. The learning methodologies incorporate active participation from the students helping them take responsibility and have a better conceptual understanding.


Some of the popular courses at IDEC include game-based learning, project management, education for sustainable development, drama in education, STEM through robotics, and many more.


Salient Features:

  • Course Name: Digital Marketing using Gamification.
  • Duration of the course: The course is for eight hours.
  • Course Fee: € 80.00.
  • Batch/Mode: The course is in a seminar format from 9 am to 5 pm.
  • Course Curriculum: The modules include:
    • Basic principles of digital marketing
    • Websites and digital marketing
    • Applications
    • Social media
  • The gamification part of the course includes:
    • Marketing and entertainment
    • How gamification can help strengthen the digital marketing strategy
    • Development of business skills through gamification
    • Gamification applications
    • Modern technologies in gamification
    • Problems and obstacles in the gamification technique
  • Finally, there is a discussion and reflection on the seminar with an evaluation.
  • The seminar includes short presentations intertwined with practical exercises for the active involvement of the participants.
  • Certification: Participants receive a certificate of training in new digital marketing methods.


Address and Contact Information:

96, Iroon Polytechniou Avenue,

18536 Piraeus, Greece

Telephone: (+30) 210 428 6227





BCA College for digital marketing course in Greece


The educational group of BCA operating for more than 40 years now provides a high-quality education at levels from kindergarten to masters. It is one of the most prestigious institutions in the private sector that also offers digital marketing courses in Greece.


The principal streams for the bachelor’s and master’s courses are business management, maritime studies, hotel management, and psychology. BCA has collaborated with various premier UK higher educational institutions as well.


BCA has a balanced mix of theory and practical in its curriculum with mentorship from successful industry professionals.


Salient Features:

  • Course Name: MSc Digital Marketing
  • Duration of the course:  The term of the course is one year (full-time) or two years (part-time).
  • Batch/Mode: It is an in-class program from Monday to Friday evenings.
  • Course Curriculum: The course has a personal development module followed by other modules which are:
  • Strategic Marketing in the Digital Environment
  • Marketing and Digital Branding Communications
  • e-Commerce & Digital Marketing Fundamentals
  • Consumer Behaviour in the Digital Environment
  • Digital Marketing Tools
  • Digital Marketing Research
  • Web Marketing and Analytics
  • Web Marketing and Analytics
  • Finally, there is a digital marketing dissertation and a digital communication project.
  • The advantages of this program are the prominent speakers from leading companies, a focus on digital tools and channels, and also an emphasis on practical experience, creating an actual digital marketing consulting project with a client organization.


Address and Contact Information:


Alexandras Avenue 205

P.C. 115 23

Tel- +30 210 7253 783-6




Digital marketing course at Mediterranean College in Greece


With its inception in 1977 and the first Anglophone college in Greece, the quality of education at the Mediterranean College is at par with the higher education in the United States and the United Kingdom.


Today, it has a partnership with various reputed UK universities and awarding bodies. It has a vast array of postgraduate and undergraduate CPD courses and also offers digital marketing courses in Greece. The courses have the flexibility of timing and include streams like health and sport science, shipping, tourism and hospitality, engineering, computing, and business studies.


With a student-centric approach, it helps students develop their strengths and capabilities, offering personal tutoring, counseling, career services, and scholarships.


Salient Features:

  • Course Name: Executive Diploma Digital and Social Media Marketing
  • Duration of the course: This is a one-year course.
  • Batch/Mode: On-campus.
  • Course Curriculum: It is a specialization program that includes modules of:
  • Marketing Communications
  • Fundamentals of digital marketing
  • Advanced digital marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Successful social media strategy
  • Digital marketing metrics of Google Analytics and SEO
  • Finally, participants have to submit an integrated digital and social media campaign either individually or in groups.
  • It is a course that combines marketing strategy with e-business and digital marketing.
  • Participants have the advantage of professional networking and connections with 120+ companies.
  • The course provides experiential learning with case studies and workshops.
  • Assessment is on the basis of written assignments and short tests. Participants receive academic support and feedback throughout the program.
  • Certification: Participants receive a certificate of attendance from the Center for Lifelong Learning Mediterranean Professional Studies.
  • They also receive an Executive Diploma in Digital & Social Media Marketing certification from European International University (Paris).


Address and Contact Information:

13 Kodrigktonos 13 & 94 Patision Ave, 112 51 (Admissions Office)

8 Pellinis & 107 Patision Ave, 112 51

Tel: 2108899600




Digital marketing course at Future Business School in Greece


Future Business School is a leading executive training platform active since 2000. Thus far, it has trained more than 10,000 students and also trained corporates of more than 500 of the largest Greek companies.


With a license from the National Organization for Certification of Qualifications & Vocational Guidance, the Future Business School offers a complete range of study programs. The course structure is in collaboration with leading industry professionals. The courses are in-line with the demands of the international labor market.


Enriched with modern tools and technologies, the Future Business School imparts education through seminars, e-learning study programs, and also offers diplomas and training programs for executives. Of the various subjects, it also provides in-demand digital marketing courses in Greece.


Salient Features:

  • Course Name: Diploma In Digital Marketing & Social Media
  • Course fee: The course fee is 800 Euros.
  • Duration of the course: The duration of the course is 80 hours.
  • Batch/Mode: The mode of learning is online.
  • Course Curriculum: The course covers the following modules:
    • Digital Marketing
    • Digital Content Marketing
    • SEO
    • Local SEO Google My Business
    • E-mail Marketing
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Adwords
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Social Media Strategy
    • Facebook – Facebook Ads & Statistics
    • Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Twitter
    • YouTube & YouTube Advertising
    • Online Video Marketing
  • Students receive support material in the form of video lessons, case studies, bibliography, etc.
  • Certification: Upon successful completion of the course, the candidates receive a diploma certificate from TUV Austria Academy Hellas.


Address and Contact Information:

Vassileos Alexandrou 41

PC 121 31

Peristeri (Metro Station: Agios Antonios)

Phone#: 2105782931




Digital marketing course at Leader School in Greece


Leader School is a premium training school that offers marketing seminars with a focus on professional training in the field of digital marketing in Greece. It provides one of the best digital marketing courses in Greece with options of group seminars, via e-learning, individual seminars, as well as corporate intra-business seminars.


With 12 years of experience, it has trained over 7781 people across 135 countries.


The exclusive Leader School methodology uses tools and strategies that help participants achieve their goals. The training center creates leaders in social media and internet marketing through their efficient training.


Some of their most popular seminars include those of social media marketing, Google Adwords, SEO, Facebook marketing, etc.


Salient Features:

  • Course Name: Digital Marketing Professional Diploma 2020 Seminar
  • Duration of the course: The duration of the course is 112 hours in three stages.
  • Batch/Mode: The candidate can choose between attending the class physically and learning online.
  • Course Curriculum: The three stages of the course curriculum include an initial step-by-step education, a repeat and knowledge check stage, and finally, application in case studies. The modules of the course are:
    • Digital Marketing & Internet Sales Strategy-exclusive section.
    • Google Analytics, Google Webmaster & Tracking Tools Seminar
    • E-mail marketing seminar & successful campaigns
    • SEO Tutorial & Success in Google Search Engine
    • Seminar on Google Ads
    • Google Adwords Display
    • Tutorial on YouTube & Video Advertising
    • Workshop on Internet Advertising, Affiliate Marketing
    • Seminar on various social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram.
    • Selling and Designing a complete digital marketing program.
  • Certification: At the end of the course, participants receive a certificate of attendance.


Address and Contact Information:

Aetideon 14, Cholargos

Tel: 2106545634



Question: Which One is Ranked 1 Institute To Learn Digital Marketing.

According to many recommendations, we have ranked 1 to IIM SKILLS, they are well-known institute offering Digital Marketing Courses for half a decade now.

Question: What is the Scope of Digital Marketing in Greece?

After Asian countries, the highest demand for learning digital marketing is from Greece nowadays. The scope is very promising for a sustainable career.

Question: What is the eligibility criteria to learn Digital Marketing?

There is no prerequisite to learn digital marketing and as such there are no eligibility criteria.



You can use the above research-based list of the top digital marketing courses in Greece as a ready reckoner to get started. A skilled digital marketer plays a pivotal role in the growth and internationalization of a company. This is one skill that helps bridge the gap between emerging technologies and business goals. In fact, digital marketing opens up a multitude of employment opportunities. It is indeed an opportune time to dive into the world of digital marketing.

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