Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses In Ghana With Placements

That digital marketing in the present scenario is an integral part of any business is a fact. Another fact that most people are oblivious to is the lack of skilled professionals in the digital marketing domain. Most organizations face this dilemma, and it hinders their ability to leverage the many benefits of digital marketing. The situation is not localized to any country but persists globally. Owing to this, there are many organizations and training providers even in Ghana, the Western African country, that provide digital marketing courses. Today, we will explore the top 10 digital marketing courses in Ghana for the benefit of aspiring digital marketers of Ghana.



Digital Marketing Courses in Ghana



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When it comes to job-oriented and in-demand courses like content writing and digital marketing, IIM SKILLS is one name that stands out and has a stellar reputation. Intending to train ambitious individuals and transform them into professionals, IIM SKILLS has over the past five years trained more than 15k professionals across 30+ countries. They are a famous institute in Ghana and have also offered Digital Marketing Courses in India for the last half a decade.


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To allow students across the globe easy access to its high-quality and affordable courses, all the training courses on IIM SKILLS are exclusively online. So, it is easily one of the best digital marketing courses in Ghana as well.


With digital transforming the way we live and work, IIM SKILLS has the best-in-class digital marketing course to bridge the digital skills gap. It has the best industry expert as a mentor, the best training methodology, and an up-to-date course curriculum.


The digital marketing course at IIM SKILLS is practical, relevant, and industry-validated. The mentors with their rich experience incorporate into the training, market insights, industry knowledge, and globally recommended methodologies. The result is exceptionally engaging and germane virtual sessions that perfectly blend theory and hands-on projects.



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Salient Features:

  • Course Name: Master Digital Marketing Course
  • Duration of the course/Mode: The MDMC takes about three months for completion. It includes 180 hours of comprehensive digital marketing training through live interactive online classrooms. There are weekend and weekday options.
  • Course Curriculum: The master course has a master syllabus that involves 40 modules encompassing every aspect of digital marketing.
  • The essential modules are:
    • Introduction to digital marketing
    • Web development
    • Search engine optimization
    • Search engine marketing
    • Email marketing
    • Inbound marketing
    • Social media marketing
    • Web analytics
    • Online reputation management
    • Content writing and advanced blogging
    • Media buying and planning
    • Video marketing
    • Marketing automation
    • Integrated digital marketing strategy
    • Digital infographics resume creation.
  • Missed classes are no longer an issue as the institute provides recordings of the sessions as well.
  • The mentor at IIM SKILLS knows how to make the topics engaging and create a memorable and valuable learning experience.
  • The institute takes only a limited number of students per batch to give individual attention to every student.
  • As opposed to most self-paced online learning courses, digital marketing training at IIM SKILLS is interactive with immediate doubt clearing and query resolution.
  • The course is tool-driven, and candidates learn about the latest digital marketing tools in use, along with the benefit of free tools worth 79K.
  • Certification: Candidates not just get the Master certification from the institute but also receive guidance on obtaining the globally relevant digital certifications from Google, HubSpot, and Facebook.
  • The institute also offers post-course support to students, assisting them with job placement and resume building. Deserving candidates can also avail themselves of a three-month internship.


Address and Contact Information:

Email: [email protected]


Other Professional Courses offered by IIM SKILLS:

  1. Content Writing Course
  2. Technical Writing Course
  3. GST Course
  4. CAT Coaching






Certified Learning Company is a leading training institute offering a wide range of IT courses and resources, including digital marketing courses in Ghana. At Certified Ghana, the training is positive and productive with clear objectives, helping trainees enhance their professional skills.


The institute focuses on providing relevant programs, products as well as services that cater to the demands out there. Certified Ghana also offers corporate training and e-learning courses. They have expertise in sectors like networking, database, programming, web development, and social media.


The institute has accreditation with various examination bodies and a partnership with international subject matter experts. To date, the institute has trained 1850 students. Certified Ghana has around 55 courses on offer with 20 certified trainers.


Salient Features:

  • Course Name: Digital Marketing Professional
  • Duration of the course: 1 month (only on Saturdays).
  • Course Fee: GHC 1,200.00
  • There is a separate student portal.
  • Course Curriculum: The core focus of the syllabus is on planning, implementation, and measurement of the digital marketing strategy. The modules include:
    • Introduction to Digital Marketing
    • Search Marketing (SEO)
    • Search Marketing (PPC)
    • Digital Display Advertising
    • Email Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Mobile Marketing
    • Analytics
    • Strategy & Planning
  • Certification: Candidates have to get through a formal computer-based examination of 180 minutes upon course completion.


Address and Contact Information:

Plot 2, 103 Adjiringano,

First Block Factory Junction,

East Legon, Accra, Ghana

Phone: +233246718771 or +233548131314


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The Knowledge Academy for digital marketing course in Ghana


The Knowledge Academy is the world’s largest provider of online and classroom courses. The academy has a jaw-dropping 30,000 courses in 1200 locations across 200 countries. The academy offers quality-infused training solutions and courses.


Thus far, the academy has trained over one million delegates. Renowned exam institutions accredit the courses on this platform. They not only inspire the trainees to learn valuable skills but also invest their time in every participant, preparing them to be an active and responsive contributor in the digital domain.


The academy offers in-house, on-site, and classroom training and personalized programs to suit individual and corporate needs. The Knowledge Academy also provides consultancy services for various organizations. It offers digital marketing courses in Ghana with multiple delivery modes.


Salient Features:

  • Course Name: Digital Marketing Masterclass
  • Course Fee: USD 295 for the online self-paced course and USD 495-USD 695 for the online instructor-led course.
  • Batch/Mode: Online self-paced, online instructor-led, and company in-house.
  • Duration of the course: The online self-paced course is for eight hours, and you can complete it in a day.
  • Course Curriculum: The masterclass includes all essential components of digital marketing such as:
    • Digital marketing
    • Planning, Strategy, and Testing
    • Customer Experience and Usability
    • Mobile Marketing
    • Content Strategy
    • Social Media
    • Email Marketing
    • Search Engine Marketing: SEO and PPC Defined
    • Integrating Your Marketing Communications for Maximum ROI.
  • The self-paced course has an incredibly easy to use interface with amazing audio and video quality of the videos.
  • The course learning portal is compatible with all devices, and you can revisit what you learn at any time.
  • For the self-paced course, candidates have 90 days to complete the course.
  • The training involves case studies, scenario-based learning, exercise files, and personal performance tools.
  • The trainers are subject matter experts with plentiful industrial knowledge. The sessions are live and interactive with instructors with access to share documents.
  • Certification: Candidates get a course completion certification.


Address and Contact Information:

Kumasi City, Rain Tree Road,

Kumasi, Ghana

Phone#: +44 1344 203 999




IPMC IT Training for digital marketing course in Ghana


IPMC is a leader in professional IT training since 1992. It is West Africa’s largest IT conglomerate delivering recognized IT courses. Over three decades, the institute has assisted two million-plus students in developing their skills.


The broad categories of courses come under professional, corporate, and undergrad. It has various in-demand, globally recognized certification courses in subjects like web designing, graphic designing, software engineering, cybersecurity, big data, and so on. IPMC provides digital marketing courses in Ghana, as well.


IPMC is a known name in Ghana for career advancement and has various globally renowned accreditations. With a philosophy of customers first, the institute has a team that is dynamic and passionate about teaching. The institute has its presence across seven countries.


Salient Features:

  • Course Name: IPMC Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing Course
  • Duration of the course: The course is for six weeks.
  • Batch/Mode: The course is available as classroom training.
  • Course Curriculum: The syllabus includes modules like:
    • Email Marketing
    • Web Development
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Search Engine Marketing
    • Web Analytics
  • The modern labs and excellent mentors ensure students get hands-on practical training. Industry visits, networking with peers are additional benefits.
  • By the end of the course, candidates can work as digital marketing experts, digital marketing consultants, or even digital marketing freelancers.
  • Certification: Candidates get an IPMC Certificate upon course completion.


Address and Contact Information:

AN 7617, Kwame Nkrumah Avenue,

Accra, Ghana

Phone#: +233-(0)55-555-2222


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CliQAfrica digital marketing institute in Ghana


CliQAfrica provides integrated online advertising solutions, responsive web design services, inbound SEO services, and social media services as well. The company also offers digital marketing courses in Ghana.


The founders of CliQAfrica are a team of AdWords professionals with a mission to grow African businesses online. Driven by passion, creativity, and excellence, they offer all digital marketing solutions. The team at CliQAfrica believes in the metrics of listening, tracking, analyzing, and optimizing to achieve desired results in various industry verticals.


The digital marketing course at CliQAfrica is an initiative to educate the corporate world, start-ups, and individuals about the digital marketing domain.


Salient Features:

  • Course Name: Digital Marketing Course
  • Course Curriculum:
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Email Marketing Campaigns
    • Content Strategy and Copy Process
    • Ad Campaigns
    • Internal Launch Events and many more.
  • The company offers practitioner-led group workshops on-site or off-site.
  • All the trainers are working experts and bring their up-to-date working knowledge to add value to the training program.
  • Candidates can access 160 hours of content with video lectures by industry experts, step-by-step presentations, helpful handouts, and practical exercises.
  • Certification: Candidates get globally recognized and accredited independent professional accreditation. You can get professional and specialist certifications after completing a two-hour examination.


Address and Contact Information:

6th Floor East Wing

Ghana Multimedia Center

Accra High Street

Phone: +233 24 158 0222

+233 24 770 2240




Edureka for digital marketing course


Edureka is the fastest growing online education marketplace with the highest course completion rate. Committed to every student who signs up for a course, Edureka goes all the way to ensure students do not lose out on motivation or lose focus. They provide 24 x 7 online support and help students gain knowledge from the comfort of their homes.


The company has partnerships with various renowned corporates and academia and is an alternate platform for students to learn online through a dedicated team of subject experts. Edureka provides numerous courses that help professionals advance their careers to the next level.


Edureka has a vast number of certifications and master courses. Some of the more popular courses are in programming, robotic process automation, software testing, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, mobile development, etc. Edureka provides digital marketing courses in Ghana and other places worldwide.


Salient Features:

  • Course Name: Digital Marketing Professional
  • Duration of the course: This is a weekend course on Saturdays and Sundays for six weeks.
  • Course Fee: USD 350
  • Batch/Mode: online
  • Course Curriculum:
    • Introduction to Digital Marketing
    • SEO-Keyword Planning, on-page and off-page
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Search Engine Marketing-Google Adwords
    • Email Marketing
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Understanding and mastering Google Analytics
  • The course covers all essential aspects of creating a digital marketing strategy such as planning, budgeting, reporting, and tracking.
  • The training is instructor-led and includes real-life case studies and assignments.
  • Candidates get lifetime access to the learning management system and 24 x 7 expert support along with access to a global community forum.
  • Candidates get to implement their knowledge on live projects while working through the training. They will create and implement a digital marketing strategy for a B2B or B2C product.
  • Certification: Candidates get Edureka’s Digital Marketing Professional Certificate upon course completion.


Contact Information:

The toll-Free number for US and ROW:  +1 1415 697 0520


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Simon Page College of Marketing Ghana


Simon Page College of Marketing is an international private provider of professional and academic qualifications. The college has a commitment to quality in terms of resources, mentors, services, and programs.


With operations currently in Accra, Lagos, and Kenya, they have CIM, DMI, and CIPR courses. The college offers online digital marketing courses in Ghana.


Salient Features:

  • Course Name: Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing
  • Duration of the course: The course is for ten weeks.
  • Course Fee: 2000 GHC.
  • Batch/Mode: The course is online through Zoom sessions.
  • Course Curriculum: The syllabus includes the following modules:
    • Digital Marketing Strategy And Integration
    • Social Media Optimization
    • Search Engine Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Reputation Management
    • Brand Engagement
    • Social Media Optimization
    • Marketing with Analytics
    • Customer Engagement tips and tactics, among others.
  • Certification: The DMI accredits the digital marketing course at Simon Page, and the accreditation after a three-hour exam is globally recognized.
  • Thus far, the DMI has certified over 20,000 professionals across 1000 cities globally. Also, students receive an internationally recognized badge upon course completion that they can display on their LinkedIn profile.


Address and Contact Information:

2nd Floor, 8 Blohum Road

Dzorwulu, Accra, Ghana

Phone#: +233 24 864 5767




Pitman Training in Ghana


Pitman Training is yet another renowned training provider that offers digital marketing courses in Ghana. They have in-centre training, online training, as well as blended training programs. In the industry for over a spectacular 180 years, the institute has evolved and adapted to changing times.


The key focus of Pitman Training is to provide students with the skills they need to learn to get better careers. The broad range of courses at Pitman Training encompasses courses in Microsoft office, secretarial training, bookkeeping, accounts, IT, and other courses. With experienced course advisors always available, students receive all the support and guidance to enhance their learning.


Salient Features:

  • Course Name: Professional Certification in Digital Marketing
  • Duration of the course: The course itself takes 35 hours to complete, but candidates have a timeframe of six months to complete it.
  • Batch/Mode: The course is available on online and offline modes.
  • Course Curriculum: The syllabus includes the modules of:
    • Digital Marketing Foundation
    • Website Optimisation
    • Content Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • SEO
    • Paid Search
    • Display and Video Advertising
    • Email Marketing
    • Analytics
    • Digital Strategy
  • Certification: Candidates get the Pitman Training certificate upon completion of the course without writing an exam and a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing certification if they finish the exam.


Address and Contact Information:

7 Dzorwulu Crescent, Dzorwulu, Accra

Phone: +233 302904283

+233 302791483




Digital Marketing Institute


The Digital Marketing Institute helps digital marketers around the globe. With their insightful courses, the DMI helps address the shortage in digital skills, help people advance their careers, and increase their employability through professional certifications.


The Digital Marketing Institute community comprises 75K members worldwide, and the institute has 92 employees. In 2009, DMI held its first classroom training for a professional diploma in digital marketing.


Over the many years, DMI has accomplished various milestones and now has a partnership with the American Marketing Association offering dual certification in core courses.


It is a platform that is popular for digital marketing courses in Ghana since all the courses are online and self-paced.


Salient Features:

  • Course Name:
    • DMI Expert
    • The most popular is the DMI Pro.
    • DMI Master
  • Duration of the course/Mode: All the courses have a flexible online mode of learning and self-paced.
  • Course Fee: While the DMI Expert is for USD 3787, the DMI Pro is for USD 1368, and the Master course is for USD 11515.
  • Course Curriculum: The modules under the DMI Pro course include:
    • Introduction to digital marketing
    • Content marketing
    • Social media marketing
    • Search engine optimization
    • Display and video advertising
    • Paid search using Google ads
    • Email marketing
    • Website optimization
    • Google analytics
    • Digital marketing strategy
  • This course is a 360-degree learning experience, and candidates master all the essential tools through the interactive learning system.
  • Students through this course have access to HD video lectures, downloadable course material, and resources to help, including self-directed practical exercises, recommended reading, a content library, etc.
  • Another benefit is access to the DMI Power Membership for 12 months after course completion.
  • Certification: Upon course completion, candidates get the world’s most recognized digital accreditation.


Contact Information:

Phone#: +353 1 531 1200




GetSmarter for Digital Marketing in Ghana


GetSmarter partners with leading universities to deliver premium online short courses globally. It provides training programs in industry-relevant skills. GetSmarter has partnerships with various reputed academic institutions and top universities.


The course content is continuously updated and reviewed to keep it industry-relevant.  GetSmarter equips students with the skills, tools, and techniques required to stay ahead in their careers


With its inception in 2008 in Africa, the platform has courses in arts and designs, entrepreneurship, law, hospitality, project management, writing, and so on. It provides digital marketing courses in Ghana as well.


Salient Features:

  • Course Name: Digital Marketing Online Short Course (University of Cape Town).
  • Duration of the course: 10 weeks, including orientation. The course requires 7-10 hours a week, self-paced online learning.
  • Course Fee: ZAR R13,900
  • Batch/Mode: The course is online and self-paced.
  • Course Curriculum: The syllabus includes modules such as:
    • Orientation to the online campus and introduction to digital marketing
    • Website design and development
    • Web analytics
    • Search engine optimization
    • Online copywriting
    • Online advertising and PPC
    • Social media and web PR
    • Email marketing
    • Mobile marketing
    • Digital marketing strategy.
  • Every module has a practical component that is business relevant. The coursework is in weekly manageable modules with incremental deadlines helping students complete it at a pace that suits them.
  • All students get lectures, notes, and assignments at the beginning of each week.
  • The students have access to their success advisor/mentor who guides them set goals, track key milestones, or any other queries that they might have.
  • Certification: Candidates earn the UCT certification upon completion of the course.


Address and Contact Information:

Global:  +27 21 447 7565



Question: Which One is Ranked 1 Institute To Learn Digital Marketing.

According to many recommendations, we have ranked 1 to IIM SKILLS, they are well-known institute offering Digital Marketing Courses for half a decade now.

Question: What is the Scope of Digital Marketing in Ghana?

After Asian countries, the highest demand for learning digital marketing is from Ghana nowadays. The scope is very promising for a sustainable career.

Question: What is the eligibility criteria to learn Digital Marketing?

There is no prerequisite to learn digital marketing and as such there are no eligibility criteria.




Ghana, a West African country is majorly into the manufacture and export of digital technology goods, automotive, and ship construction. Ghana is also the second-biggest gold and cocoa producer. Due to tremendous growth in the industrial sector, Ghana is an ideal place for aspiring digital marketers.


The list mentioned above is research-based and has in-depth information on the modules, course duration, course fee, and certifications. Enrolling on a digital marketing course is always a better option than learning from free resources online.


For one, there is no mentor to guide you during your journey, and there are specific tips and nuances that only an experienced mentor can help with. In the setting of learning from free resources, there is no motivation, no doubt clearing, no handholding through some obstacles, and no clarity of concepts. Also, you do not get live case studies or projects to work on.


When you take up a course, all these obstacles get eliminated, and the journey to becoming a professional digital marketer is indeed very engaging and enriching. Most valuable additional benefits, of course, include working on live projects that make you job-ready.


So, if you think you have it in you to ace the role of a digital marketer, choose an institute and start learning. Happy learning!

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    IIM SKILLS is known to be one of the best institutes for a content writing course in India. It allows all the students to learn about this course in a very comprehensive manner and also understand the vital aspects of the content writing industry in a detailed manner. This also plays a very role in the entire process of writing and marketing. Approximately 6 years ago IIM skills created their existence in a very great manner in the industry. Its presence is almost around 23 cities which is also a huge number.

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    Digital marketing is something that will help you communicate and engage with your customers directly via various platforms such as website comments, messages, reviews, and social media posts. It allows you to gather the information that is valuable to customers’ preferences and different reactions.

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    Hi. The tools that most of these courses mention are paid if we don’t purchase them through the courses? I am very fascinated by the content of some of these courses. However, I am doubtful because of my past experience. Can you please shed more light on these? And where can I book demo classes for them?

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    Hi. I have been looking for some good digital marketing courses and even attended some demo classes by a few in my area, but I didn’t like them. Luckily, I found this beautiful blog and got in touch with some good institutes in Ghana, and decided to go for demo classes. I got enrolled in two because I like the courses very much. This is a very educational and helpful blog. Thanks 🙂

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    I am a small business owner. I want to take up my business online. I want to take up this course and learn more about this.
    Thank you.

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    Hello, I was looking for new aptitudes to develop when I came across this article, and I must say that it is comprehensive and interesting. This post not only introduces me to digital marketing and its applications but also to the best digital marketing courses in Ghana. This post has made me realize the importance of digital marketing. I’m definitely going to give it a shot. thank you.

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    Hello, I am Kosi. I am doing part time job as an accountant. I am looking for a short part time course with certifications that also provides internship. On visiting your page I found digital marketing is suitable for me to join. The salient features of the IIM skills learning program and the three months internship program is very much to consider it as the best choice.

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    I am Eric. Hi. This article helped me decide on selecting one of the top digital marketing institute in Ghana,that is IIM skills. I have been working in an outsourcing firm. Noticing the benefits of digital marketing I am reluctant to acquire this novel skill. Employing digital marketing strategy , is the best way to be seen by your target market. This enables very strong online presence aiding in customer acquisition and fostering customer loyalty for the brand owners. I as a newbie is unsure about where to start, so going through a learning program that could offer guidance and practical training is what I am seeking for. This article served it purpose,thanks


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