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The Learning Catalyst Digital Marketing Course Review

All about the Learning Catalyst Digital Marketing Program – A Review


Today, we will review yet another digital marketing program. At Advisor Uncle, it is our earnest effort to provide you with valuable information on various job-oriented topics, be it about top content writing workshops, top Tally with GST courses, or even top digital marketing courses in India. We will review the digital marketing program at Learning Catalyst today. But before that, let us go over the importance of digital marketing.


True, a lot has been spoken and written about how vital digital marketing is, but believe me, it is one skill/NEED worth your time and effort. Even if you are an entrepreneur, it will do you good to understand how digital marketing works and its various aspects.


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In a situation of chaos, uncertainty, and challenges, digital marketing appears to be the one excellent opportunity that people are embracing and how! A rapid transition to all things digital is the current norm. Change is the only thing constant in an ever dynamic world. Businesses world over are rethinking their entire business models. They are tweaking, scaling up or down, or even making radical shifts to fit and adjust to the changing times. In such a scenario, every individual needs to realize the importance of this all-powerful tool called digital marketing.


Digital marketing is an amalgamation of various elements. An individual looking at taking up a digital marketing program is sure to come across the terms of search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, web analytics, content marketing, video marketing, paid advertising, digital marketing campaigns, and so on.


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How does digital marketing work?


Digital marketing works with a carefully coordinated, omnichannel approach. Just like traditional digital marketing uses various offline channels, digital marketing uses multiple online channels. What billboards, brochures, radio ads, and print media do for traditional marketing is what social media, blogs, and emails do for digital marketing.


Digital marketing works both for B2B (business-to-business) and business-to-consumer (B2C) models. Of course, there is no single formula, and you need a customized digital marketing strategy for every business. Irrespective of the business/industry size, target audience, established, or startup, digital marketing provides positive results when done right.


Different elements of digital marketing have different goals, but the outcome of all digital marketing efforts is brand awareness, capturing leads, and converting them to sales.


Here are some ways to leverage the digital marketing tool for your business:


A content marketing strategy to improve website traffic:


Content marketing has immense potential to increase or even double website conversion rates. A lot of insights go into making a content marketing strategy. Research and analysis are of prime importance in creating a perfect content marketing strategy.


A good content marketing strategy is specific and answers the what, why, who, and where. Keep the goals measurable, achievable, and realistic. Most importantly, set a deadline or checkpoints to evaluate the process and progress.


Other factors that go into making an excellent content marketing strategy are:

  • Creating a user persona
  • Getting the demographic information of the user persona, their habits, their preferred online hangout, their likes and dislikes, and problems for which they are searching solutions.


Content marketing is vital in striking a chord with your customer base and building trust. You provide the information that the customers seek to make informed purchase decisions. Blogs, ebooks, infographics, videos, and even social media posts are all-inclusive in content marketing.


Another trend to leverage is the trust factor with influencers. If your audience resonates with a specific influencer, it pays to partner with that particular influencer to increase brand awareness.


Once there is brand awareness, build on trust, and then keep the audience engaged and gradually lead them down the sales funnel. Leading brands and businesses rely on content marketing to drive profitable customer action.


In a nutshell, consistent creation and distribution of valuable and relevant content make for an excellent content strategy.


Brand awareness through social media campaigns:


Social media marketing is very, very effective-no in two ways. As of 2020, there are 2.7 billion monthly active Facebook users, 112.5 million Instagram users, and 330 million monthly active users on Twitter. These statistics speak loud and clear about the outreach through social media.


The sheer number of active users on each of these social media platforms makes them a fantastic tool for digital marketing. There is increasing spending on social media advertising across the world.


With people logging into their social media handles when travelling, for entertainment, to reach out to friends, even business is booming on these platforms. Many small businesses run exclusively on Facebook and Instagram. There are even job searches in job groups on Facebook. That is the power of social media for you.


Some valuable ways of setting about your social media marketing include using engaging visual content, infographics, sharing great content, following influencers, blogging and guest blogging, contests, and the most popular and most vita is the #Hashtags.


The lovely thing about social media is the instant feedback. The comments, shares, likes are all metrics to measure the quality of your content and the popularity of your brand. The comments in themselves reveal a lot about your user persona.


The one thing to remember, however, is to stay as far away as you can from posts and comments on politics and religion. It really does not bode well for brands to indulge in either.


Using GIFs and having a sense of humour, taking feedback seriously, being active, and asking questions to start conversations and discussions are some tricks to stay on top of the social media marketing campaign game.


Improve search results with SEO strategy:


As per research, almost 75% of users find the answer to what they are searching right on the first page. It means if you are not there on the first page of the online search results for your sector/business, you are losing out on valuable traffic.


In a world where all kinds of queries and searches are now online and seldom through any other source, it is crucial to stay visible on the first page. SEO or search engine optimization is your saviour here. While it is impossible to cover SEO essentials in a few words, some vital elements, if taken care of, yield a better search result.


As the number of internet users increases, and with changes in technology, there are changes in the search pattern. Earlier, people would search with one or two words, but now with voice search becoming more straightforward, the search pattern is changing.


Today, a search is more long-form and more specific. Hence long-tail keywords play a significant role. Integrating the right long-tail keywords helps your website appear in relevant search results. Similarly, quality content and in-depth rather than thin content boosts your site up the ranking ladder.


Again, content creation and SEO go hand-in-hand. Selecting a keyword, finding topics, finding the search volume, and creating and distributing content, are all SEO practices rather than merely writing information without the necessary keywords and writing content with no value.


Some other elements that come under the SEO practices to optimize a website’s visibility include:

  • The page loading speed
  • A friendly and user-focused design
  • Responsive design that adapts to any device
  • Local SEO for reaching out to valuable local leads
  • SEO analytics
  • Last but not least, optimizing for voice search.


Pay-per-click marketing and paid search marketing to generate leads:


While all the content marketing and SEO strategy are for organic search, PPC, or the pay-per-click is a paid form of advertising. In other words, you are buying visits to your site. It is an aggressive form of advertising that allows you to target your audience and reach them where they are looking. They are the sponsored ads we see on top of the search page.


A custom PPC campaign helps increase conversions and revenue. By connecting with searchers, you increase your customer base. It is a low-cost way to generate leads. The pay-per-click model of advertising works for any business, whether products, e-commerce, or services.


As the name suggests, there is a fee to pay each time someone clicks on your ad and visits your website through the paid ads. What you must understand is, it is not payment for the ad placement as one does with print media-rather only paying when a user clicks on the ad and visits the site.


The three major platforms that work well for the pay-per-click campaigns are Google Ads (the primary pay-per-click advertising platform), Microsoft advertising or Bing Ads, and Amazon advertising. Of these, the Amazon advertising platform is the fastest-emerging platform for e-commerce retailers.


For a business that can accommodate PPC in their budget, pay-per-click is a powerful promotional tool to grow online visibility, drive traffic, generate leads, and increase sales.


Digital Marketing Metrics:


The beauty of digital marketing is metrics. Every step, every effort is measurable. It is not a blind trial and error but an evidence-based effort. With digital marketing metrics, it is easy to conclude whether you are putting in your efforts in the right place and whether your efforts are yielding results.


The downside to digital marketing metrics is the availability of too many metrics. These digital marketing metrics or KPIs (key performance indicators) are quantifiable values to measure the impact of your efforts.


Some of the standard digital marketing metrics include:

  • Website traffic to indicate the number of users visiting your site.
  • The bounce rate shows the percentage of visitors who bounce off your website after a single page view.
  • Conversion rate and the formula to calculate this is:
    • Conversion rate = (conversions/total visitors) x 100
  • Click through rate with a calculation formula of:
    • Total clicks on ad/total impressions
  • Return on Investment or ROI, which is the revenue generated by a particular strategy minus its cost.


The above are just a few ways that digital marketing helps a business/organization. It is highly impossible to cover the length and breadth of this topic in a single article.


If you want to learn digital marketing, taking up a digital marketing program is the only way to go forward. Free resources are aplenty, but without expert guidance, it is highly unlikely you can understand any concept in-depth, leave alone how to use it to help your business.


For those interested in a career in digital marketing too, taking up a digital marketing program is the only way forward. If you understand all concepts from basic to advance with clarity, you can implement them in your role as a digital marketer.


Digital Marketing Program:


So, let us explore the digital marketing program at Learning Catalyst in detail today.


Digital marketing program review at Learning Catalyst


A Brief Introduction to Learning Catalyst:


Learning Catalyst is a digital marketing institute in Mumbai. This institute is a specialist in niche digital programs that cater to various segments such as marketing, design, technology, and mobile app development. In fact, they have extensive experience in delivering niche courses.


Customized corporate training for companies like ICICI and IBM are feathers in their hat. Learning Catalyst has working professionals from many big companies as their students. Another significant feature of the Learning Catalyst is its webinar series, where renowned people discuss various relevant issues.


Learning Catalyst has more than nine years of experience in digital marketing, AI, and IoT platforms. The institute offers programs customized to job roles, preparing them for specific industries.


Courses at Learning Catalyst:


Currently, Learning Catalyst is offering courses across the cities of Mumbai, Vashi, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, and Hyderabad. The programs on offer at these cities include:

  • Web Marketing
  • Website design and development
  • Big data and cloud
  • Mobile app development


Learning Catalyst also has an exclusive course for kids, which they call the Junior Tech Squad Program.


Digital marketing is a course that is available online at Learning Catalyst. Also, the institute has special digital marketing programs for the pharmaceuticals and healthcare industry. The courses under the special category include those of:

  • Advance SEO and SMO workshop for publishers for one week at INR 3500/-
  • Three-day online Digital marketing workshop for pharma and healthcare professionals at INR 750/-
  • Going digital for doctors, a detailed workshop at INR 4500/-
  • Digital marketing workshop for teachers.


Moving on to a review of the digital marketing program at Learning Catalyst:


Program Overview:


A review of the digital marketing program at Learning Catalyst reveals an extensive program complete with internship and live client exposure. The course entails faculty-led live interactive sessions with pre and post-assessment tests.


The course delivery is online through Google Hangouts. Since mentors are all working professionals themselves, the live sessions are on weekends. Participants are privy to the rich experience of the faculty, in sync with industry requirements.


For the rest of the week, participants have access to recorded videos to learn anywhere at any time. An industry-relevant syllabus with constant updates helps participants be in tune with the latest skillset.




The digital marketing program is open to people from any background and requires no prior knowledge or digital skill.


Course Duration:


The digital marketing program takes approximately three months to complete. All sessions are on weekends, and on weekdays, the candidates have access to the online learning platform of Studymate. On Studymate, the participants can test their understanding of concepts and submit queries. The clarifications and doubt resolutions take place during the live sessions on weekends.


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The panel of online instructors includes accomplished and experienced mentors who believe in learning through discussions and not sermons. During the weekly mentor sessions, the mentors assess candidates, define goals, and set a learning path. With constant feedback, there is barely a concept that any participant does not understand.




The comprehensive digital marketing program at Learning Catalyst includes eight modules. These are:

  • Basics of Google Adwords: It includes setting up an account, campaign, budgets, landing pages, and pointers to work on.
  • Optimizing Adwords: This module includes the elements of quality score, allocating budgets between search and content, and tracking the campaign performance.
  • Competition analysis: In this module, participants learn how and what to observe in competitor websites and learn about the best practices.
  • Understanding search engines: Digital marketing is incomplete without understanding how crawlers to index web pages and rank them.
  • SEO tools and tech issues: It includes webmaster tools and issues one comes across with SEO.
  • Main SEO toolset: Here, participants learn in-depth about Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, and Pinterest.
  • Optimizing a website for search engines: SEO friendliness solves more than half the issue with a website. Learn marketing strategy, keyword research, on-page, and off-page SEO optimization in this module.
  • Basics of paid search: Finally, learn all about paid search, when it is useful, basics of targeting, keywords, landing pages, and all about bidding.


The course delivery is in the form of quiz sets, assessments, and even live case studies. Secondly, the internships and live project experience help further consolidate all the learning at Learning Catalyst. A differentiator factor here, are the three sessions a week for live case studies discussions.


Additional Benefits:


A digital marketing program at Learning Catalyst offers lifetime access to the online course material, practical experience with assignments, summer and winter internships, and job placement assistance.


Student Reviews:


Testimonials of the digital marketing program at Learning Catalyst reveal that the course is precise, up to the mark, polite and pleasant mentors, great fun with a professional touch, very well managed, and excellent teaching quality. Students also mention that the doubt solving sessions are helpful, batch timing is flexible, and overall the course is invaluable.


With such testimonials and reviews, one can easily consider taking up the online digital marketing program at Learning Catalyst.


Career Assistance/Internship:


Learning Catalyst firmly believes that the right talent and profiles attract the right placement. To this end, they provide participants with the best training, but ultimately it is the efficiency of the participants that dictate placement.


Nonetheless, the institute does provide paid internships to help participants practice their learning in live situations. There is what the Learning Catalyst puts as on-the-job learning. The mentors offer specific activities and continuously monitor even during the live project and internship, providing valuable feedback.


The final capstone project and the live internship add value to your resume. Also, participants can mention the name of the mentor to add weightage to the training received. Also, the mentors dive into their network to provide job opportunities to participants.




Learning Catalyst has not just an integrated online digital marketing program but also special courses for specific individuals, as they specialize in niche courses. For individuals from a publishing or pharma background, these niche courses are of great value, whereas those looking at the entire program can take up the online course.


Benefits of Digital Marketing:

The benefits of digital marketing are manifold. The most important benefit is cost-effectiveness. Especially for smaller businesses, it is the most economical form of marketing that allows a maximum outreach


The only significant cost in digital marketing is time itself. It takes time to understand metrics, analyze the data, and interpret it in a way that furthers revenue. Time is what it takes to conceptualize the perfect strategy, time to execute, and then get results. It also takes time to review and analyze the efforts. But at the end of it, when you see the magnificent ROI, it is well worth your time.


As aforementioned, there are digital marketing metrics that make measuring an effortless task. Measurable results make for better strategies going forward. Through digital marketing, one can target a custom or ideal set of customers and reach out to the audience at the very start of their buying journey.


Yet another benefit is digital marketing allows for changes as and when required. That is an impossible task to achieve in traditional marketing. Think flyers, billboards, and pamphlets, once printed and distributed, there is hardly anything you can do to make any changes. With digital marketing, you can make changes as and when you deem necessary.


With the pros outweighing the cons, no individual or business would not want to embrace digital marketing. When will you take that step forward and start your swim into the ocean of digital marketing?

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